Why are 'So You Think You Can Dance' ratings dropping so fast?


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Only a few summers ago, Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance was unstoppable in the ratings, strong enough for the network to give the reality competition a run during the ultra-competitive fall.

This summer, bolstered by the return of judge Mary Murphy, the show debuted as strong as ever with its most-watched premiere in four years — 9.1 million viewers and a 3.2 adult demo rating. Since, the show has dropped sharply and Thursday’s episode hit an all-time summer low — 5 million viewers and 1.6 rating, down 20 percent from last week.

Some fans say the show is as great as ever this season. Could it just be the show’s age? But then why was the premiere so high? More likely, most of the biggest drops occurred after SYTYCD‘s Wednesday edition faced NBC’s The Voice the past couple weeks, though last night’s show certainly didn’t have any unique competition. That we’re approaching the holiday weekend likely didn’t help either…

Anyway: The second week of ABC’s Expedition Impossible (6.1 million, 1.8) took a knock too, down 25 percent. Wipeout (6.5 million, 1.9) was down 21 percent and Rookie Blue (5.4 million, 1.4) was down 13 percent.

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  • tjj50

    Keeping my fingers crossed that folks were watching the Voice (so was I) and prepping for the holiday weekend. I don’t even want to think about the possibitly of cancellation for this show. This season has been stellar so far!

    • Nathan

      Cancel it!

      • Tom

        The rating are correct. Nobody is watching it anymore.

      • random fan

        OMG!!!! i love SYTYCD! i say keep it on although, mary can leave she is annoying.

      • LOL

        Time to cancel this nonsense.

      • Betsy

        Nooooooooooo, I love this show. It will rebound. People need to be patient.

      • Delon

        This is what happens when you fill the show with countless 18-19 y/o contemporary female dancers whose bodies haven’t even grew into a real dancer’s. They all look and dance the same. It is supremely boring. This week’s result should’ve happened 2 weeks ago. They screwed up the flow of the show by not eliminating anyone. They quickly cut the best ballroom dancer, Iveta, the show has ever seen. Contemporary means nothing to me. I’m all for ballroom, especially Latin ballroom. This week’s episode just bored me to tears. I CANNOT stand Melanie, Ryan, Ashley, and Jordan! Get them off my screen. Miranda had the best solo last night and got eliminated. It’s all foul !

      • Riley

        The reason for the drop in ratings is because Nigel continues to save his favorites, which we ALL know are contemporary dancers, and eliminate the exciting and the Interesting. To send home the best tap and ballroom dancer the show has ever seen, to save clunky, boring contemporary dancers, for nonsensical reasons, showed this season would be No Different than any other season… which makes it Stale, Predictable and Boring. Too bad! I think many of us had such High hopes for the season!

      • Sal

        Delon, while I agree that there are too many young dancers on the show, but you really hate Melanie? I think she’s really good, so much better than Ryan or Jordan. I was really shocked that they kicked off Iveta, but my only consolation is that she’s way too good for this show.

      • Subjective

        Obviously, this IS a show for amateur dancers and if your are looking for professional ballroom, you do have the wrong program. As well, if you are bored, you can watch Dora or Barney. The show is an inspiration to dancers of all ages to live their dream and I think it’s great for them to have a venue. Will it appeal to everyone…no…but you do have the right to watch 4-500 other channels. Many of the contemporary dancers are schooled in other genres of dance. Is the wrong decision made at times, yes…welcome to reality!

    • Rachel

      That still doesn’t explain why the Thursday ratings are bad! People are tired of Uncle Nigel, Mary’s screaming, Lil C’s “vocabulary”, Cat Deely really isn’t as bomb as everybody thinks she is…the list goes on and on!

      • Ace

        I never watch the results shows because the judges really are annoying, but Cat? Cat is a goddess. Give the girl an Emmy already.

      • Rob

        Disagree about Deely. She is, in fact, the bomb. Everything else you said was right on, tho.

      • Z

        IMO, this is the strongest season yet. However, I actually hate the results show…it is Nygel’s favorite that stays and not the best dancer (i.e. that clod Ryan that somehow still “dances” each week). I think Cat Deeley is AWESOME!! Love her. I also like Mary – she gives the best constructive criticism of any judge.

      • Dan

        Cat Deeley is MORE da bomb than ever. That beautiful creature can do no wrong. Ever since she had no problem putting Twitch’s grill in her mouth, she cemented an already super-glued place in my heart. The woman is fearless. Love the hell out of her. Damn it, Emmy voters, give the girl her due!

      • Rondo

        The problem is that all the dancers are too good and every dance is almost perfect. What’s exciting about that?
        I remember the first few seasons where dancers actually had room to improve. Almost every judge review is a gushing accolade.

      • Carrie Ann

        Cat is fantastic and I really don’t mind Mary at all, but Lil’ C is truly annoying and Nigel sometimes comes off as an obnoxious jerk.

      • Hi

        I still watch…every week…without fail. I LOVE Cat, BEST reality show host…by FAR. Don’t mind Mary or Nigel but Lil C is like nails on a chalkboard to me…he’s the perfect example of saying a lot but not saying anything, it’s not impressive, it’s stupid so stop. They need to bring back some of the older choergraphers but otherwise I LOVE the show still. Def best season, if not THE best, then the best in a while!

      • Marie

        Rondo; you are absolutely correct. 4 times world champion in 10 styles of ballroom dancing gets a spot on top 20! why? this show is for rookies to be discovered not pros. She was fantastic but had no place in this show. I want to see dancers nervous, make mistake, improve, try to learn but fail. these people are ready to go pro already. No Fun At all…

    • buhbye


      • kt

        If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. I, however, would be so sad if SYTYCD gets cancelled.

      • Jethro

        The show continues to be the same thing over and over again. There is nothing new about it. The step forward, step back routine toward the 3 lowest scores is silly.

        Nigel is creepy and continues to be one of the most annoying judges in competition show history. If he could only get to the point and stop with all the foolishness, yes Nigel, we get it, your the big wig on this show, but enough is enough.

        Wait until Big Bro returns, their ratings will be even lower!

      • alex

        this show isn’t the same thing over and over again because they don’t repeat the routines over and over agin. there’s always something new/quirky/innovative and the different people bring different styles. it’s a reality tv competition so yes it gets repetitive but the same can be said for America’s Got Talent, American Idol, Wipeout, etc.

    • LiLa

      True. SYTYCD is the best dance show on TV in ANY season!

    • LAP

      The problem: dance diversity. Now it is “so you think you can be contemporary”. I think Nick’s and Iveta’s elimination hurt the diversity and the trust a lot this season…

      • Lola

        Exactly what I’ve been saying. When they got rid of Nick and Ivetta (and prior to that when they whittled it down to the remainder) they might have named it “So You Think You Can Contemporary Breakdance.” It’s all contemporary/jazz and b-boy/breakers for the most part. Boring. No dance diversity. Remember past years where we had more ballroom-ers – who then went on to DWTS? Now for the contemps, it’s “lift a leg and emote.” Like I said, boring.

      • jules

        Yep. I agree. Wall-to-wall contemporary dancers and then booting the most interesting of those (Missy and Miranda) is the kiss of death.

        Nick and Miranda were my faves and they got booted in the first few weeks, so… Not watching. Nigel has only himself to blame for the declining ratings.

      • alex

        YES!!! i was just noticing last season how there was less and less ballroom on the show. some of my fav. dances from all time are viennese waltzes/tangos/cha-chas. so sad for nigel to get rid of some of the variety

      • Gayle

        I agree completely. Far too many contemporary dancers. I was very disappointed to see Nick and Ivetta go they were both extremely talented and would have loved to see what else they could have done. Giving them that stupid Bollywood routine was the kiss of death. I have been a viewer since season 1 and I feel the show is going downhill fast. My husband and I usually pick a favourite at the beginning not this season. Where are the Travis’s, Benji’s and Twitch’s? Those guys were super talented!

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  • MaySoundRacist

    Not meant to sound racist — because I appreciate diversity. HONEST!

    But are there any white dancers left?

    Sure, no one will honestly discuss that touchy issue.

    but hmmmmmm. COULD be a factor.

    but I agree that the show’s age could be a factor too. much of the same look to dance routines from year to year. NOTHING new now.

    • Alana

      You don’t sound racist. You *are* racist.

    • Zack

      Not racist. Just facts! There are plenty of white girls on the show, but Nick was the only white guy and he got kicked off early.

      I really think the drop might be because the show savagely voted off 3 heavy audience favorites, and now the audience feels unsafe.

      • Gina

        Umm. Isn’t Jess white?

      • Jeremy

        Jess is white, but not memorable, so mistake is excusable.

      • Lia

        I think you’re right Zack! The judges are making some questionable choices when getting rid of dancers.

      • Ace

        Isn’t Chris white, too?

      • Z

        Jess is memoralbe actually. Technically, he is the best dancer this season. I can see him on Broadway winning Tony Awards. But, he needs to tone sown the schmaltz – it is a little annoying!

    • AK

      And what are Ryan, Caitlynn, Jess, Jordan and Melanie? I don’t think diversity is really this show’s problem.

      • LAP

        Disagreee. Diversity in the style of the dancers (and not in their race) IS the problem… too many contemporary dancers. The other problem: too much control by Nigel.

    • avenger

      I think because there aren’t any hot straight guy dancers that we can crush on and root for, makes a big difference when say Pascha or Neil or someone are on, hot with charisma and swoon worthy for the girls.

      • btw

        Both Tadd and Marko are crush worthy, and if you think Neil is straight you are mistaken.

      • w11

        Um, Neil is straight. Very straight. You are the one mistaken, btw.

      • C

        Tadd is gorgeous- Marko is cute. What is wrong with them. Not white enough?

      • Kimberly

        Sure, there are some that are crush worthy, but Nick, Robert, and Wadi were pretty much the cutest personality guys. SO many of the others guys are WAY too femi. I can hardly watch some of them dance since they just aren’t that mature yet. I miss Robert from last season. He’s adorable. I think the ratings will go up once it’s the top ten and the old dancers get to come back. I hate this partner voting… it makes no sense that the judges keep booting off the partner pairs – hello, the audience probably likes one and maybe not the other… why would they BOTH get booted off. You can’t even tell who the audience likes unless it’s ALL individual votes. I liked last season more.

      • Lisa

        I have to agree to some degree with this statement. It’s not so much that the guys need to be straight per se, but a lot of guys this season are extremely effeminate. There have been gay guys on the show who have been able to pull off the chemistry with their female dance partners and come of in a more masculine way. This season is problematic in that regard. The ratio of effeminate to non-effeminate guys is really off, so much so that it calls into question the masculinity of all the male dancers, gay or straight. I’m sorry but during that Samba, Mitchell and Caitlyn looked like two people competing for the attention of the same guy. Mitchell is a good dancer, but he’s not masculine at all. He has strong lines in his dancing, but his personality is feminine, and there’s no sexual tension between him and his partner. That’s a running problem in a lot of these partnerships. The audience doesn’t expect these couples to actually hook up, but we do like the illusion created by the chemistry, and there’s very little chemistry happening between the couples this season. Add that to the fact that there are in fact too many contemporary dancers, and you have a recipe for a pretty boring show.

    • C

      Ratings were very strong when Sabra won and Joshua won- so your arguement that there are not enough white people does not really hold water imo.

      The dance diversity and lack of innovative choreography is my problem.

      Although who knows- with all the complaining about the lack of cute white boys here on this board- maybe the general viewing public has become more racist and less appreciative of the various types of beauty.

      Which I think says bad things about the folks who would turn off for such a disgusting reason.

      • Gina

        I totally agree. Joshua’s season was my favorite followed by Sabra’s. I miss the simplicity of the earlier shows. I miss the earlier stage in which dances started on the stairs. I miss dancers who had passion and personality but maybe not so much training or experience who surprised you each week, e.g. Sara a b-girl who did that awesome swing number with Pasha. I miss the diversity in dances. I’m not a fan of contemporary–reach to the sky, smile, hug yourself, leap, repeat. But it was fine in seasons past because there was only one or two numbers for the night. I stopped loving this after Brandon and Jeanine’s season when Nigel decided to screw around with a good thing.

    • Anne

      Uh, not sure what show you are watching but there are most definitely several white dancers left. Also, I’ve found that people who hasten to begin a statement with, “Not that I’m (fill in the blank) usually are exactly what they are denying themselves to be. When will the world stop paying attention to race? I don’t care if every dancer is the same race, nationality, etc, if they are the best 20.

    • Meenama

      I’m white and would like a white guy to crush on. Past seasons had cuties like Jakob Karr, Kent Boyd and the delicious Pasha, but this season there’s no fun guy for me.

      But the main problem I have with maintaining interest with SYTYCD is the judges playing favorites and manipulating voting.

      Best if voting is left entirely to the audience from week one.

  • Alana

    The quality of choreography has taken a sharp downturn. Sonya Tayeh is the only “auteur” choreographer they have left now that Wade and Mia are gone. And the newer stage is still terrible. The show just really needs to cut a lot of their current choreographers, though. How Tyce DiOrio even has a career is completely beyond me.

    • anon

      Agreed with everything you said (especially about Tyce’s stuff.) I do like a lot of Travis Wall’s pieces, though. I also don’t like this new weekly guest “judge”. Their feedback has useless so far. They should stick to having choreograhers or someone really knowledgable fill in the third judge seat. Also, I don’t know what it is, but I’m not feeling the dancers this year. I can’t quite put my finger on why though.

      • Aunt Sassy

        For me it’s the choreography too. While Sonya has some stellar moments and Travis is great too – I miss Wade & Mia’s choreography. It was smart and thoughtful and there doesn’t seem to be much of that these days. Case in point – that opening number last night was a massive suck-fest.

    • anony

      I am a big fan of this show but, yes, I agree. I feel like we’ve been bogged down with way, way too many contemporary dancers, all of whom look and sound and dance the same, the same choreographers with similar looking and feeling routines, and generally a lack of freshness and charm. I also feel like the judges/production are trying really hard these days to “cast” for certain types and to then force these choices at us. I like Melanie this year, but other than that I really see no breakout stars.

      The last time I was really jazzed about a collective group of dancers was season 4. There have been a few standouts since – Ade comes to mind immediately for me, but there isn’t the strength they’ve had in previous years. I think it’s because they are casting archetypes and not individuals.

      • LM

        And even when they do have dynamic, interesting, and non-contemporary dancers on the show (like Nick and Iveta), they eliminate them way too early in favor of more bland, unmemorable contemporary dancers. The show used to be about AMERICA’s favorite dancer, but now it’s about the judges’ favorite CONTEMPORARY/JAZZ dancer being shoved down our throats. And I’m so done with it.

      • Maggie

        @LM, I totally agree with you. People were really upset last week that they knocked off Iveta and Nick and I’m thinking the pushback against that decision might have something to do w/ the lower ratings.

      • LAP

        @LM, agree… Loosing Nick and Iveta not only took away Nick’s charm and Iveta’s class, but made the show all about contemporary. Coreography is another thing that is getting worse, and the show is now “so you think you can dance contemporary”…

      • thetwilightsown

        Nail on the head. My wife has taught me to love and appreciate the show and dance in all it’s forms, but I find it difficult to care unless there seems to be something truly organic happening – and lately, much of the show has the reek of some producer in a darkened room with a cigar, pushing buttons.
        Quenching any personality expressed by the dancers (it’s a popularity contest… why not let them be popular and see if their abilities can back it up?); keeping around obvious throwaways or favorites in favor of surprising, organic and refreshing stars (how else can you describe someone who has received little or no air time leading up to the actual competition?); goofy trick casting with “celebrity judges” (why?); and so on. These weird moves cannot replace the truly surprising, inspiring element that discovering dance & dancers was for me in the shows earlier years.
        Tyce may need better music, Mia might have been a condescending & pretentious dud of a judge, there may be a weird balance of styles… these last couple years have been pretty tough. But… none of it matters when the choreographers are given the opportunity to express with dancers who can honestly, organically be the vehicle of that expression – and the fans can feel like they are actually participating in the show. Fans first NOW!

      • tala

        But let’s not forget that America puts them in the bottom three to begin with. I agree the show is not as gripping as it used to be but i can’t identify why. In the early seasons I used to know the names of all the top ten contestants and now, I have no idea who any of the dancers are. They’re not interesting and i don’t care about any of them. Also, I agree with the comments that the show is attracting too many professionals who have little room to grow. Enough with the guest judges who know nothing about dance. This is not a love fest judges should have the ability to critique a performance or maybe because the dancers are experts themselves there’s no need for serious judging. Finally, some of these guys are too effeminate. You can be gay and still be masculine, but these guys they’ve got on the show out girl the girls.

    • Natalie

      I agree about the choreography. It’s the same formula every week. Oh sure, they throw in a few random routines here and there (Bollywood – which when done right is quite enjoyable), but I really miss Wade and Travis. Sonya is the best of the regular bunch, but that’s not saying much.

      • C

        Sonya is beginning to get boring imo.

        They do need Wade back- or some sort of injection.

        And they need more hard hitting hip hop. It is all “lyrical” now.

    • Anne

      I completely agree about Tyce… his routines are the most most boring, muddled mishmash ever!

  • Rachel

    I think The Voice had a lot to do with it – not only is it more popular now, but it was the end of the season, not the beginning/middle like SYTYCD, I think it’ll be fine in the next few weeks. Although Nigel is starting to really bother me.

    • Jethro

      STARTING TO BOTHER YOU! He has been a bother since the middle of the first season!

  • Tim @rural_juror

    Easy. They eliminated Nick too early. That’s why I tuned out.

    • Ncdrew

      I completely agree. Usually there is one dancer I am really drawn to at the beginning of every season who makes me want to vote. Nick was the one for me this year and I’m so disappointed that he’s gone. He’s an amazing tapper and brought some fun and energy to his performances. I like Jess’ dancing and want to see him in the top 10, but he’s not motivating me to vote multiple times. I think Melanie and Marko are great and Tadd is adorable. But, again, nothing about the show seems as compelling this summer.
      I think some of the prior comments are correct. It’s really hard to differentiate the dancers in the group numbers on such a large stage. Last night’s group number was terribly staged, the camera work was bad–or maybe the fault of the director–and the dancing wasn’t great. You could see how out of sync everyone was. Remember how amazing RamaLama was? What would that look like on this giant stage and with the current director? I don’t think it would be great at all.
      Also, think one of the problems is that there are so many contemporary dancers. Everyone is too similar and therefore very few stand out. It’s a shame bacause this has been my favorite show in the past.

      • anony

        Yep, far too many contemporary dancers. The men are all about the same size and with that same jumping leg spin thing, and the women are all the same with their costumes, song choices (for solos) and leg extensions. Where are the powerhouses? Other than Melanie, I’ve yet to see them.

      • LAP

        Nick elimination has a lot to do with it…there are too many contemporary dancers and too few good coreographers which made the show predictable and kind of boring. There has not been a wonderful routine in the last 2 weeks.

    • Jethro

      Yeah, easily that was it!

    • JANE

      Anyone notice how Nigel mentioned that some dancers have been in the bottom three before and aren’t “connecting” with audiences at home? That is why they are sent packing. Ratings. Not because they didn’t dance for their life. Or aren’t great, like Nick. They are not helping the rates.

    • Monica

      I thought Nick was exciting. I was really amazed that he was cut so soon. I looked forward to witnessing his progression and thought it a huge mistake by the judges when they cut him from the show. I think many of the other dancers are talented but I have since lost confidence in the judges .

  • Jim Ross

    First-bring back Adam Shankman. I thought he was a terrific judge and offer good advice. I think the show lost its direction which was to find some dancer who no one had heard of and bring him/her to the show. The current group it seems several have toured with shows, etc. I want to see the dancer who has been dancing in front of their mirror for the past 5 years and are getting their first national exposure.

    • Me

      Shankman is busy in Miami make what is bound to be the best movie ever… Rock of Ages.

      • Ace

        I’m glad Shankman’s off doing cool stuff, but I MISS HIM!

      • T2

        PLEASE tell me it has nothing to do with Bret Michaels?

      • Squishmar

        It’s the adaptation of the Broadway play.

    • BB Fan

      Adam was the most annoying judge they’ve ever had. I couldn’t stand seasons six and seven, partly because of his presence. I’m so relieved he’s gone.

      • Jethro

        And Nigel is worth keeping?

    • bruno

      oh please don’t let shankman back on this show. PLEASE.

  • Dewsterling

    First, “Nappy-Tabs” routines are NOT hip-hop and I agree with previous posters that the choreography seems inconsistent.

    Second, they got rid of my presonal favorite in the 2nd episode in favor of hanging onto Robert another week after he tanked his 1st performance and solo.

    Third, a great dancer can get kicked off because they had a sup-par routine. The choreographers should get kicked off with the dancers or saved with them, IMO. The Bollywood and Viennese waltzes harken back to the Russian folk dance that ended Phillip’s chances 2 years ago.

    And, finally, it seems that contemporary dancers are saved more often than those of any other style…and tap dancers have no chance whatsoever no matter how good they are.

    • Jeremy

      People keep saying the Russian dance ruined Philip’s chances, but everyone seems to forget that his partner in that routine won the season. Philip was inconsistent, and that ruined his chances. I liked Phillip and was thrilled to see his crew win ABDC, but he wasn’t consistent enough to win SYTYCD.

      • tickles

        Phillip was all personality and little dance except for in his own style. He was kept way too long so that he could go on tour. Kind of like what they did with Jose. Legacy started out like that but you could actually see something click for him and steadily improved.

    • BB Fan

      If you don’t think “NappyTabs” are hip-hop, then you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • tickles

        I am sorry but NappyTabs is not hip hop. Even they say it is “Lyrical” hip hop. I know Shane has had a few legal problems (I don’t think he is guilty!) but I sure wish he could come back and choreograph.

    • Basil

      what makes you an expert in hip hop? nappytabs has won a number of awards for there routines. what they do is most definately hip hop and it is amazing. i have loved every routine.

  • Vivi

    This honestly should not be news or a post. It’s quite simple – “The Voice”. It came, it saw, it conquered. Word of mouth also helped with their ratings. And now that the show is over, you will see SYTYCD ratings spike again.

  • OHB

    In my opinion, I liked it better when we only had a top ten with all stars. I started watching SYTYCD last season and loved it! Now…I’m only reading EW recaps until Top Ten. Others probably feel the same way!

    • Pat @ ABlogAboutThings.com

      I agree with you about the All-Stars. For me (a super SYTYCD fan who does YouTube recaps each week) there are just TOO MANY dancers to care about at the moment. I feel the same way now that I do about ‘Idol’ in that I have to wait until the crowd gets thinner to really invest.

      • Alison

        Just curious, Pat…did you watch SYTYCD prior to the All-Stars season? Personally, I think this season has the best of both worlds: the great partnerships viewers grow to love plus the added fun of seeing past favorites come back to dance.

      • Squishmar

        Alison, I totally agree. I was thinking at first how much I loved the all-stars last season, but then, watching this season, I remembered how great it is to see a great coupling like Melanie and Marko. So, I’ll get my all-stars, but I like it now too. And, I’m sorry, but Ryan kicked A$$ in that “Addicted to Love” routine. I wasn’t sad to see her saved. I was, however, very bummed to see Miranda go. I don’t think the judges were even watching her solo. Nigel did say it wasn’t unanimous, though. I loved her.

    • debi

      yep agree- i tape the shows & fast forward through judges & commercials to just watch the dances, then read the recaps the next day! did the same with the voice & most other reality shows…

    • ksoze.

      I hated last year’s format. One of the reasons I always loved the show was that we got to see the dancers grow together as a couple. I think this year is a nice compromise. But, like many others, I miss the diversity of styles; there’s way too much contemporary and not enough ballroom, tap, etc.

  • DW

    On a superficial level, I’m saying it’s the lack of hot men. Like Tim said, they got rid of Nick, so now who do we have to ogle?

    • Alana

      It’s been a long time since they’ve had a guy as hot (or as delightfully quirky a dancer) as Mark Kanemura.

    • psyche

      I’m still watching (and will watch because I love), but I thought of that as a reason for viewers dropping this year as well. It’s a huge factor on other voting shows (AI, etc), and last year, in the all-star year the first 3 or so of 11 eliminated when people got to vote for individuals were girls: I think by top 7 it was just Lauren and Ashley.

      This year I find Alexander, Mitchell, & Ricky all dance very feminine (whether they are gay or not). Marko is cute enough, but I don’t get a lot from him in interviews – personality is very flat. Etc.

    • Mike

      Ditto for the women…..

    • Alison

      Tadd’s pretty ogle-worthy if you ask me…

      • Ace


      • caryn

        oh yes! It just might make me shallow to say he is my favorite.

    • Pammie

      Tadd is plenty drool worthy!!! He is a great dancer too!! Mark my words, he is the dark horse of the competition this year!!

      • Squishmar

        Well, at least “he’s a great dancer too!!” So, you can legitimately justify your voting for him mainly for his drool-worthiness.

    • C

      Geeze- Tadd is one of the most gorgeous guys to be on the show in all seassons. But I guess some of you only like white guys with all of the compalining about the hontess leaving after Nick.

      Thry to diversify a little bit- there is not just one type of beauty- and I say this as a straignt Anglo woman.

      • C

        Sorry for all of the typos. Lol.

        But I do actually think there are some neat and interesting kids left.

        I blame the choreography- not the kid. I have seen plenty of personality- and eye candy. But if folks have it in their head that everyone is boring without giving these kids a chance- I think that is a bit unfair.

  • motormouth

    Their ratings are dropping because the viewers are getting tired of them pimping out dancers who suck, eliminating awesome dancers to keep the sucky dancers, being so obviously set up, using choreographers the public is tired of seeing…
    Basically we’re tired of not being listened to and they’re starting to suffer!!!

    • Ncdrew

      Yes, I have to agree that certain dancers are always front and center like Ryan in the group dances. She’s not that good, there was a chance for the judges to drop her last week and yet she remains while better dancers have been eliminated.

    • AK

      Let’s be real here: Not of these dancers suck! At least, not technically. But yes, some definitely a definite “it” factor that others may be missing.

    • LM

      “Basically we’re tired of not being listened to and they’re starting to suffer!!!”
      My thoughts exactly. It feels pointless to tune in and vote now – so why bother?

  • EC

    I never got these dancing shows…really, what’s the point? What’s the winner get, a contract to some dance show where they’ll never be heard from again?

    • mscisluv

      Don’t they get $250k?

      • Ace

        And an ad campaign for Gatorade.

    • Squishmar

      First of all, EC, this is not like “these dancing shows.” Dance is not like singing. You rarely become rich or famous for being solely a dancer. You do it because you have to do it. And people watch this show because they love dance as well, even if they themselves are not dancers. SYTYCD represents the Platonic Form of DANCE. It’s more than a competition show, it can touch your soul. And yes, I know it’s a “reality show”… blah, blah, blah. It’s amazing.

  • T2

    Eliminating the interesting contestants early (YES I mean Iveta and Nick) caused anger.
    I never watch the results show, nor record it. You can tune in 7 mins. before the hour is over and learn everything you need to know.
    Or, skip altogether and read ew.com

    • James

      Bingo. That’s when I tuned out.

    • LM

      Yep, that’s why I’ve tuned out.

    • jules


    • Squishmar

      If you don’t watch the results shows at all, you miss some truly incredible performances. One of them is pictured above. That piece was incredible. At least watch it on Youtube. It’s definitely worth checking out.

  • MC

    Boring group of dancers. The judges (i.e. Nigel) makes up the rules as they (he) goes along. Crappy eliminations so far and obvious judge/choreographer bias towards certain contestants. That has all been happening for some time but it’s becoming more and more apparent this season and my household has tired of it.

  • T2

    And by the way, James Hibberd – you did a fantastic job writing the G.O.T. recaps. Enjoyably funny while showing a real appreciation for the material. Well done, sir!

    • James

      Ditto on the G.O.T. recaps. Must reads! I turned my friends on to them.

    • Ncdrew

      Help me. What is G.O.T?

      • Jill

        G.O.T. is Game of Thrones

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