'Vampire Diaries' scoop: What the Jeremy twist means for season 3


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When Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) was suddenly able to see his dead exes, Vicki and Anna — after witch girlfriend Bonnie resurrected him in the season 2 finale of The Vampire Diaries — was crowned the Single Most Clever Twist by readers in EW.com’s annual Season Finale Awards. So where do we go from here? “When we come back to see him at the beginning of the season, we’ll see that he still hasn’t had any success figuring out what it is that they want, or understanding even what it is that they are,” exec producer Julie Plec tells EW. “We’ll see that maybe he’s been keeping this a secret, that nobody else is aware of what he’s been going through, and that his behavior has changed quite a bit and people are starting to wonder if he’s perhaps getting back into some old bad habits. When in reality, he’s just trying to figure out why the hell he’s being haunted by his dead girlfriends.” 

The mystery will continue for a handful of episodes; then we’ll get some answers in an hour that EP Kevin Williamson describes as “the climax of the haunting of Jeremy” in October. “Are they there for good? Are they there for bad? It will once again be another twisty story,” he says. “It’s gonna take a lot of turns and also involves some unlikely participants.”

Plec continues the tease. “We’re gonna have some fun with Vicki and Anna and start to really reveal the secrets of why they’re here, what they want, and who else they have access to from our past,” she says. So we may be seeing more of the show’s dearly departed? Fingers crossed. “That’s the most beautiful part of our show,” Plec says, “just because somebody faces their demise in our world, doesn’t mean we’ll never get to see them again.”

As for what Jeremy’s situation means for Bonnie, we’ll get to see her dealing with a new kind of drama. “Because of her love for Jeremy and bringing him back to life, she’s given him access to two people who were very important to him romantically and emotionally. So for the first time, we’ll get to see Bonnie trying to navigate the difficulties of a relationship,” Plec says. “It’s not about being a witch or having access to the power of a 100 witches, it’s about being a girl who loves a boy whose heart is a little bit torn in different directions. I think it will be nice for us to see Bonnie explore some good relationship stuff for a change instead of just being the witch on duty.”

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  • Smallville

    Love this show. Honestly haven’t seen a bad episode yet.

    • Daniel

      The worst episode I’ve watch to date was “The Sacrifice”, so boring…

    • Nelly

      Love this show to death but the worst episode was Daddy Issues.

    • abbey

      i just caroline and tyler together but to do think bonnie/jermery realationship is to rushed and im going 4 anna and jermery ive never liked bonnie and go delena im dying to see season 3 the things i want to see most to happen is delena = elena and damon and forwood or cyler = tyler and caroline

    • Kimba

      whoever does the writing for this show must have sold their soul or something

    • katy

      I know i totally agree loving delena and bad stefan!! :)

  • Kim

    I just wish it was September already. The wait is killing me!

  • Lori

    Please let this mean the end of Bonnie/Jermey. I much prefered his relationship with Anna, they were more suited.

    • Bec

      I completely agree. Anna & Jeremy were the best! I’m not a fan of Bonnie/Jeremy. They don’t have any chemistry compared to Anna and Jer.

      • becca

        omg yea!!! no kidding!! jeremy and ana were so much cuter than him and vicky!!

  • Andy Bluebear

    Aw, I was hoping they were both back for real, and not just ghosts. Especially Rose. Maybe they could, later on, as a surprise twist, resurrect them for good?

    • Shane

      Ugh………ANYone but Rose. She was horrible! I know we were supposed to “root” for her and Damon but she was just butt ugly and such an annoyingly inconsistent and vapid character on an otherwise exceptionally well written and well cast show. So please, no Rose!!!

      • Emeri

        AMEN! Finally someone agrees with me!

      • Ash

        I didn’t like Rose she just seemed to be wasting time. Added very little and wasn’t likeable.

      • Imani Beal

        OMG!! YES!!! I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO FELT THIS WAY… she just felt soo weak for a vampire that was soo old .. i’m sorry but i was really happy when she died . thank god! REALLY ANNOYING

  • Sheila

    So we can we FINALLY get our long awaited shirtless debut of Steven R. McQueen? You can tell he’s been working out. Come on, Kevin, you flaunt all the other guys all the time. Give us what we really want.

    • co.lor.ful

      AMEN, SISTER. Best comment here!

    • rlb237

      Jeremy had his shirt off with Anna in season one.

  • Susan

    Love TVD’s, Bonnie is my favorite. She way too sexy to be with Jeremy. She belongs with sexy Damon! Don’t get me wrong Jeremy is hot. He belongs with well someone like Anna and since she’s dead get someone similar to her for him.

    • Liz

      I like Damon with Elena but I would LOVE to see him and Bonnie together at the end. It would be nice if they started some kind of relationship this season. Maybe not romantically but a friendship that could turn into something more.

    • soz

      Don’t know why, but I kinda want Bonnie to get with Matt. She and Jeremy just…don’t have that much chemistry. I don’t actively dislike them as a couple, but, I’m just not really feeling it in their scenes.

      • Laurin

        I did feel it when Bonnie thought her spell/invocation didn’t work and Jeremy was really dead

  • Dwayne

    This show has just continued to improve! I hope the writers are getting paid nicely because they have yet to disappoint!!

  • Kevin

    Charlie’s Angels going to beat Vampire Diaries to the curve when it premieres the week after TVD’s new season airs.

    • Andie

      Different network, different demographics, and TVD already has a loyal audience. I see no problem.

    • Katie

      Charlies angels looks stupid

    • Summer

      It’s to the curb, darling. Not the curve. Look up a colloquialism before you use it next time, would you?

  • Fan

    Beremy was the worst mistake of Season 2. Bonnie is too mature, old, intense, and conscientious for immature and childish Jeremy who is two years younger and Elena’s little brother.

    They are incompatible. They have the worst, most forced, and awkward chemistry on TVD. They just do not fit together. The pairing makes no sense. Bonnie could have had her witch scenes in s2 without Jeremy there but they made it clear that this pairing was to give Jeremy a purpose & storyline.

    Bonnie needs more character development and arcs. I want to know about her feelings. I want her to interact with Damon & Stefan more. She had a beautiful friendship with Stefan that was cut off for Beremy because they needed to isolate her bonding scenes with Jer to act like he was the only who cared about her. Also, if the show is swinging Delena, Stefonnie would have made a good possible ship.

    Their scenes are just cringe-worthy and feel contrived. They clearly crammed Bonnie and Jeremy together out of convenience, not because it was best for their characters.

    Bonnie was originally supposed to be paired with Tyler but they decided for a twist by replacing her role with Caroline. They also randomly ended the Jyler romance.

    Bonnie needs more introspection, backstory, we need to see her home, parents, and she needs more of an identity. There was no rational reason to cram her with Jeremy, her best friend’s little brother who needs a lot of growing up to do which we have hardly seen. How many girls cougar in highschool? She had way more natural chemistry with Luka, heck even with Damon, Matt, and especially Stefan! They made Bonnie look desperate and pathetic.

    It is also lame to use Anna and Vicki as plot points to make Beremy appear stronger & deeper than it is. Beremy’s “love” is immature infatuation. End that pairing now. It is driving a lot of Bonnie fans crazy. Also, Jeremy used to be interesting.

    Jeremy had way more sparks with Anna and Tyler! Give Bonnie a man!

    • Sergio

      I’m glad to know someone thinks that romance is pretty lame. Just like me. I hated it.
      They really stopped the evolving of Bonnie to have her stupid romance with Jeremy. And Jeremy became more and more like Stefan throughout the season.
      In my opinion, Jeremy should really die a fourth time and stay dead, I think there’s no more juice to squeeze out of him. :S

    • Jan

      there was never any plan to put Bonnie with Tyler. And you post this same rant everywhere. If you hate the pairing so much stop watching

      • Dee

        Thank you! I’ve seen that poster’s comments before. It’s not the first time they’ve been ranting about Bonnie and Jeremy. It’s beginning to get really creepy. I agree that there was NEVER any plan to put Bonnie and Tyler together. At all. I don’t know where some people are getting their information from. Some of them are probably watching a COMPLETELY different show. If they are this unhappy with the show and hate everything that is going on they should just stop watching. Stefonnie isn’t going to happen, Bamon most likely won’t happen. Bonnie and Tyler are laughable to think about at this moment. I’m sorry but AU ships are AU for a reason. If some people can’t handle that they should just quit watching (being unhappy with 99% of the storylines that is the vampire diaries is key to just quit watching). As for Beremy, Jeremy and Bonnie are the perfect example of a healthy, sweet and loving relationship. The best thing the writers did was putting these two together. I think they realize that too. Beremy is no mistake. I can’t wait to see more of their story next season.

    • M

      There was NEVER any plan for Tyler and Bonnie. LOL. Tyler and Caroline were together even in the books and it was obvious they were always going to do some kind of triangle with TCM even from early season 1. Bonnie and Tyler have barely even spoken.

    • Nelly

      Tyler & Bonnie were NEVER planned to be together. Kevin Williamson said he was planning Tyler/Caroline since season one and that’s why we put them together in the car accident in the season one finale.

    • soz

      Do you mean Bonnie and Matt, and not Bonnie and Tyler? Cause I’m not really seeing Bonnie and Tyler. Not sure they’ve interacted, like, ever.

    • bambi

      I so agree with you!

    • murley

      i could not disagree more. first of all i think jeremy has matured a huge amount and it has been really interesting. i can’t wait to see him regress, in a sense, next season. i really enjoy bonnie and jeremy’s chemistry and their relationship has actually turned me into a bonnie fan. i found her off putting before.

      • Dee

        I agree! I love how Bonnie acts around Jeremy. I’ve always been a fan of hers but her interactions with Jeremy make her more likeable. I think some of the people that didn’t like Bonnie before are liking her a lot more now because of Jeremy. I agree about Jeremy being mature now. For those who say he isn’t, again, are we watching the same show? Most likely not. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Jeremy next season. It will be interesting to see how people will think Jeremy will be going back to his old habits. Next season cannot come sooner.

    • bambi

      something went wrong with the cut & paste__sorry! I just wanted to say that I hate Bonnie & Jeremy & agree that they were season2s worst mistake!

    • Emma

      THANK YOU. So glad to see other people hate the Bonnie/Jeremy romance as much as I do. It was forced, rushed and completely nonsensical, with absolutely no build-up whatsoever. They barely even interacted during the first season, and suddenly partway through season two they’re all over each other? Um.
      Seriously, Jeremy really needs to die and stay dead, he is the most annoying character on the show.
      Oh, and Bonnie/Damon? Nees to happen.

    • Siti Klinkner

      I love to see both Jeremy and Bonnie together, they make a good pair & they can sell as a couple. Am sure lots of pics with them as a pair will go wild.
      I wish to see more romantic seens of them in S3. So looking forward

    • ninja skillz

      I object! First of all Tyler and Bonnie were NEVER gonna get together. Second, I LOVE Beremy, and I think they were perfect together. They could relate to each other because they were both feeling alone. Also, your calling Bonnie a “cougar???? She’s like, 2 years older than him she’s not that much older! And third, I’m pretty sure nothins gonna happen with Bonnie and Stefan. I love Delena, but I think that in the end Elena and Stefan are meant for each other. I really disagree with you.

    • Marisol

      Woah, woah, woah, woah woah. WOooOOoooOOah!
      Stefonnie?????? STEFONNIE???????? Are you kidding me?? Pleeeeease tell me you’re joking because that is ludicrous. Bonnie and Stefan are not getting together. I don’t know who she belongs with but it’s not Stefan. I too would like to see where Delena could go, but Elena and Stefan just have to much history together, they can’t break up for good. But seriously, Stefan and Bonnie is absolutely ridiculous.

  • navygirl

    Bonnie is a good charactor for the show but i wish they would re cast her. The current actress SUCKS!!!

    • Mother Nature

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so. A head tilt and watery eyes do not an actress make.

    • soz

      Purty, but not a stupendous thespian. She’s not THAT bad though. Just somewhat dull.

  • Fan

    I meant to say Jyler bromance.

    This relationship junk with Jeremy feels forced, is boring, and is stifling both Bonnie & Jeremy’s characters because it feels unnatural and ill-suited for their characters who deserve somebody better for them. Bonnie needs a man, not a boy.

    We don’t need any more triangle or quandrangle angst. They gave Bonnie the shaft and Caroline got the good scenes with Tyler, Matt, Stefan, and Elena.

    I hope Beremy ends by the end of season 3 because it is not working.
    Create another love interest for Bonnie. Or consider Tyler, Matt, or even Stefan ( if Stelena is not endgame though I hope it is).

  • Jacqueline


    • Jennifer


    • T-riz

      I don’t think they can what with Damon ripping his heart out. It’s too bad really- that guy was absolutely delicious.

    • Nelly

      I agree!

  • Michelle

    Can Anna and Vicki kill Bonnie? Cause I wouldn’t say no to that!

    • Fabian

      Agreed haha.

  • Jennifer

    That was a great twist. All I really want for next season is for Jeremy to start interacting with Tyler again; I miss their weird friendship.

    • soz

      Samesies. Now that Tyler and Caroline are close, maybe that means he’s in/will be in the *group*

  • Del

    I freaking love Jeremy&Bonnie. I disliked him with Vicki and him & Anna were okay. But Bonnie&Jeremy have known each other their whole lives. There is a real foundation there(unfortunately the writers did a real crappy job at showing it) and there is a big element of trust involved. People can talk trash all they want, but they are the closest thing to a healthy relationship on this show. And I hate the idea of freaking ghosts messing that up.

    • Elizabeth

      Jeremy and Bonnie was the best/most refreshing thing about season 2. The actors have so much chemistry and it shows every time they work together. I am looking forward to the drama for season 3 as long as it doesn’t break them up.

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