Charlie Sheen shopping 'Anger Management' sitcom? Here's our pro and con list


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Seems Charlie Sheen’s new sitcom project is beginning to take shape: He’s apparently teaming with movie producer Joe Roth and Lionsgate to shop a TV-sized version of the 2003 Adam Sandler film Anger Management, says TMZ and others (Lionsgate still says no deal, by the way). The duo are hunting for a showrunner willing to get into the tiger’s den with Sheen. Deadline wondered who would be desperate enough to join a Sheen project, but there’s always somebody, right? (Heck, it’s arguably worth doing just for the lifetime’s supply of party anecdotes you’d acquire from the experience.) But what about the rumored pitch itself — Charlie Sheen in Anger Management sitcom? Could that find a network home?

Here’s some pros and cons:


– Name recognition. Everybody has heard of Sheen, he’s got a built-in fanbase and starred in the most popular sitcom on TV.

– Many have heard of Anger Management too, or at the very least the title gives you an fair idea what the show is about. And… hmm… okay…


– The elephant-sized mound of you-know-what in the room. Sheen has bragged about his drug use and reportedly refused to go to rehab. How does that attitude not cause problems, perhaps spectacular problems, for a production team and a network?

Anger Management wasn’t a good movie — 43 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. (Then again, neither was the big screen version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

– Rants: Now that Sheen has rebranded himself as the Malibu Messiah, does anybody really think he’ll go back to being a supportive team player for his new project? Remember the story of the frog and the scorpion — sooner or later you’re going to get stung, right?

What do you think?

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  • Muggy

    This is sad.

    • Kat

      Really sad.

      • Veronica Mars

        PRO: They’ll get free publicity on a daily basis from lazy unoriginal EW writers who will do anything for views.
        CON: Same.

      • Josh

        Veronica Mars burned your sorry butts!

    • Carlos

      Charlie Sheen should die already. People are sick of hearing about this drug addicted idiot. Laying in a cemetery will be the best thing for Charlie Sheen.

      • LMFAO

        Add Casey Anthony as the female lead and I’m in!

      • Bette

        Really really bad idea.
        Who would greenlight this ?

      • Liz

        carlos take a deep breathe please

      • Liz

        Hello Carlos are you ok,you don’t seem ok.

    • anonymous

      Sheen, has become a master of deceit. Take your narcissistic rage and disappear for a couple of years.

      • Sandi Hansen

        Longer than that PLEASE???

  • Player87

    You list a built in fan base as a pro because of his past success. I was a fan but after what he said and did, I’ll never be a fan again. He needs to just go away.

    • Daw Johnson

      “What he said and did?”

      What did he do (besides get victimized by a tyrant, apparently averse-to-money executive) that he hadn’t done previously? You said you’re a fan, so his past antics and drug use apparently didn’t bother you.

  • Pat

    I dont care… I like Sheen.

    • Matt

      Agreed. I like him too. And you know who else I like, Mel Gibson. You know why, because I like their WORK. I don’t get the whole “this person did something bad in their personal life so I’m going to never watch any of their work again” thing that seems to be popular amongst people. You like Tom Hanks? So do I. Do you know him personally? No. Do you know for a fact that he’s never done anything like make racist statements or any of the other things ala Mel Gibson (granted I doubt he’s ever done anything close along the lines of Sheen)? No, you don’t. You just know that he didn’t get caught. Like these actors for their work and stop dumping them for their personal shortcomings. They aren’t role models and anyone who thinks they should b/c they are in the spotlight is misinformed.

      • Char

        Well said.
        I also enjoy them, and would probably watch.

      • Brian

        Very well said, Matt. I like Mel Gibson too. Granted, I think Sheen has always been a pretty bland actor and Two and a Half Men is one of the worst sitcoms ever created. But If I really liked Sheen’s work, this wouldn’t affect whether I wanted to see something he was in. I just think he sucks at acting.

  • tvfan43j

    His work speaks for itself. He was the best part of 2 1/2. Looking forward to this for sure. Can’t wait to see how it takes shape.

  • Diane

    I suspect that no matter how repulsive Charlie can be, the show would be hysterical. But right now, if Charlie wants to work at all, he needs to do small movie roles or guest staring roles and see if he can regain everyone’s trust

    • anonymous

      He will never get that trust back again, ever !

  • Scott

    If Lionsgate actually goes through with this and hires this buffoon, I’ll question their integrity and throw away all of my “Will & Grace” DVDs! Who would want to work with this joke?

    • Scott hater

      i think people are gonna question your integrity after you just admitted owning will and grace dvd’s you saddo!!!!!!!

      • Brian

        I have the Will & Grace sets too. FYI, that series had around 18 million viewers at its peak. That’s way more than the average for Two and a Half Men. Just because some people like actual intelligent humor and not just fart jokes or women jokes doesn’t mean you need to insult them. Granted, I don’t think someone should judge an actor for their personal life – but his work sucked too. Just look at the garbage he “starred” in (with the exception of Platoon).

      • lilirose_74

        Wall Street, Hot Shots,….was definitely not garbage.

  • Dominic

    Who is that haggard old man in the photo?

    • BG 17

      I was going to say the same thing – is his upcoming roast also a celebration of his 70th birthday?

  • George

    The biggest con (besides the obvious fact that he is a ranting, drug-addled lunatic) is that if the program is picked up for a series he could be dead before filming begins. I seriously doubt he can live much longer with his hedonistic lifestyle.

  • Elenna V

    You people are haters! Who are you to Judge? Only GOD can Judge! I know Charlie and he is a good man not what the media makes him to be. Get a Life and let him live his. He is drug free btw..And I am proud to say I am his friend 1st and fan 2nd! Go Charlie You Rock!!

    • Javadude54

      Yeah, 7 gram rock.

    • mark

      Elenna, by saying I’m a hater, you are judging me and as you say, “only GOD can judge.” You thing Sheen’s a great man, I think he’s a joke. Tomato – Tomoto. His ranks and raves are funny an entertaining, but beyond that he doesn’t do that much for me. In fact, before his meltdown he was never on my radar.


    I do not care how talented Sheen is, he still needs professional health care management. Even if he starred in a series, he has not changed his destructive habits and could still end up not working or worse, dead.

    • Tracy Murray

      I think he should clean up and get psychiatric treatment before he does TV ( or film ) again , plus I think it would be wise if he took on a smaller role in a series , like a supporting character or something recurring just to get his feet back on the ground .

  • Javadude54

    So… nobody other than Sheen and his publicity team are admitting this is anything other than some figment of Sheen’s imagination? I didn’t think so.

  • SamDoodle

    @Elanna – Really? Only GOD can judge, you say? Oh, dear, I make a judgement every time I purchase a movie ticket, or buy a DVD, or select a TV channel to watch. I am sure God has other things occupying his time than washed up, pathetic, narcissistic actors.

  • dea

    I love Mr. Sheen, he is a good actor. God’s know he has problems, so what?

  • John

    Pure sheeenus!!! Love it, Bring it!!! Two and half who??? One gay guy+one ugly son+one Cutcher= Lame

  • Dave

    Am I the only person who liked Anger Management? (Not that I actually want to see a TV version with Sheen, I’m just sayin’.)

    • Veronica Mars

      You’re “just sayin'” what? That you’re a simpleton who can’t make a point?

      • Amanda Kissenhug

        Wow Veronica, you need to get laid. Troll.

    • D

      I liked Anger Management and, from what I recall of the movie, Charlie would be (if he can get himself sober) would be perfect for the shrink role

      • bb

        Life Imitating Art.
        No thanks, had my fill of the sideshow freak Sheen.

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