Jennifer Aniston reminisces about 'Friends' finale on 'Inside the Actor's Studio'

When Jennifer Aniston made the transition from the small screen to the big screen, there was always the looming dilemma of whether she’d ever be able to escape her iconic (hair cut and all) Friends character Rachel Green. And while her role as a dentist who sexually harasses her employee (Charlie Day) in this weekend’s hilarious, raunchy comedy Horrible Bosses most certainly proves she can (Rachel may have hit on her assistant Tag, but never like this), there’s still no way of ever totally escaping Rachel. But Aniston is okay with that.

The actress, who appears on the next installment of Inside the Actor’s Studio airing Monday, July 11 on Bravo at 8 p.m., explained to host James Lipton why she’ll never let Rachel or Friends go. “It’s one of the greatest jobs I ever had,” she said. “It gave me everything. It gave me this ridiculously blessed life and career and it taught me so much, and it’s the best time I ever had.”

Of course, that made leaving the ├╝ber-successful sitcom, which officially ended on May 6, 2004 after ten seasons, that much harder for the Emmy-winning Aniston and her co-stars. “It was just awful [shooting that last episode],” she recalled, “I mean, the last scene we just wept, cried our eyes out … And then a couple of us stayed really late and we crawled up to the roof of Stage 24 [at Warner Bros.] and we drank champagne and watched the sun rise. It was really wonderful.”

Watch the full clip, in which Aniston also discusses starting her film career while still on Friends, and why she thinks fame, even hers, can be nothing more than a fleeting moment, below.

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  • Grace

    I’m anticipating approximately 238 comments saying that Aniston belongs no where near this show.

    Me? I love her! And will definitely watch.

    • John

      Probably more than that. There’s a lot of jealous women that post disparaging remarks about beautiful actresses on these boards.

      • John

        Sorry for being sexist.

      • Kelly

        It’s not just women who hate on her. I love her, I think she’s a great actress, although she does tend to play the same type of role … but I’m looking forward to this movie. I’m not looking forward to the anti-Aniston comments that will inevitably happen, but such is life.

      • Kevin

        The thing about the “always plays the same” argument is that you can make it for just about every successful actor alive today. Aniston took supporting roles in various projects for years before becoming the leading lady she is today, Vince Vaughn early career resume is very eclectic, we shouldn’t discount these peoples’ talent for sticking with the areas they excel in.

      • Kimba

        Seven years goes by so fast, doesn’t it?

      • Ace

        The only thing that bugs me about Jennifer Aniston is the way the media portrays her — the “sad single girl” thing. That bugs me. It’s got nothing to do with her, though. I loved her as Rachel, and I’ve liked her in a few other things as well.

        I will address one thing in John’s post, though. WHY do people always thing that if a woman doesn’t like another woman, it’s because she’s jealous? That is such a misconception. If I don’t like a woman, it’s usually because she says or does something that offends or annoys me, NOT because I’m jealous.

    • sidsy

      This is so nice and sensible. I love it! More of this please.

    • Michael

      I absolutely love her. And all the hate and vitriol people spill her way is just ridiculous. She’s talented. She’s beautiful. She’s successful. And some people just can’t allow that without being jealous or cynical or whatever it is. In any case, I’m one who is always up for an Aniston flick, and of course, Rachel will never be forgotten.

      • SaraS

        And, she seems really sweet, funny and hilarious. She deserves all the success she’s had.

      • Mac

        A lot of haters claim she’s one note, and admittedly she has a tendency to choose bland projects. But if you’ve seen her on SNL, she is an excellent comedian. Past cast members have said she could have easily come on board and been a star that way(much like Justin Timberlake, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin). She was aces 30 Rock/Cougar Town cameos. She can do drama as evidenced by The Good Girl, she just needs to choose wisely.

      • BG 17

        I agree that she is very likable, and that she is cannot take full credit or blame for movies that employ hundreds, but she has made some movies that made me want to delete the whole romantic comedy genre from Netflix. Rumor Has It and Love Happens in particular were horribly inane movies. That being said, I’m looking forward to watching her in Horrible Bosses…

      • Dee

        I’m with you! I love her and always have and wish her all the best.

    • Lippy

      Why couldn’t one of the cast have died in the final episode? Jeez, this opens old wounds…

    • dee

      Funny how she ONLY talks about Brad when a film of hers is about to be released. Funny, funny, funny.

      • dee dee dum

        Good grief, what a ridiculous statement. She is always being asked about him. If she refused to talk about him, she would be made to look like a bitter, difficult witch. But, that point aside, she was married to him so what’s the big deal? You think people are actually going to a) forget they were married; and/or, b) go to a movie just because she “reminded” them she was once married to Brad Pitt?

  • Jonny

    Her assistant’s name wasn’t Tad, it was Tag.

    • Mike

      Nope…it was Tag but thanks for playing!

      • Mike

        oh crap…lol I read that wrong. Sorry!

  • Bobby gill

    His name was Tag not Tad

  • Marc M~

    Let’s bring on the Friends feature-length, big screen movie!!! I am MORE than ready to revisit this group of characters! I believe there is still more stories to tell.

    • Jakob Ross

      Or at least an hour long reunion show just to catch up with how the friends are doing you know? Not like they have anything going on. Except maybe Courtney and Jen.

      • Obvious Man Says

        actually Matt Le Blanc’s Showtime series Episodes was really really good. Looking forward to it’s return.

  • bob trungard

    Love Aniston- HATED friends. Glad that show is long gone.

    • Lala

      You, sir, have got no taste.

      • bob trungard

        Right- I have no taste. Let’s see- Friends covered the time that Frasier and Seinfeld were both Thursday mates. Which one is the odd one out? Yeah- I have no taste. Both were top quality shows and neither had Matt LeBlanc or David Schwimmer. Have you seen either of those 2 do anything great- I think one made a movie with a chimp- awesome. As I stated- Aniston is great.

      • L

        I agree, Lala — Bob has no taste. His second comment reinforces your first impression.

      • Obvious Man Says

        @bob trungard

        Actually, and it’s ironic I just stated this a couple lines above…..Matt LeBlanc was recently in Showtime’s Episodes and it was quite good.

  • crispy

    Mmm, Eddie Cahill.

    • asher

      Amen, honey!

    • karie

      yes, indeed…Eddie Cahill…very yummy…

      • Obvious Man Says

        ladies ladies! take a cold shower and try to stay on topic.

  • rina

    Very humble human being
    i love her

  • rina

    i will see horrible bosses

  • Emma

    She seems really lovely. I hope the film does well.

  • UGH

    Haha. “Inside the Actor’s Studio”
    Was she part of the tour?

    • David

      Good one!

    • L


      They do make some odd choices for that program.

  • Kevin

    She is so classy and humble and everyone who actually knows her seems to love her

  • Brit

    I could always tell in that last scene of Friends that she was having trouble keeping it together.

  • Nik E

    I love and miss Friends! I hope Horrible Bosses is good-cause the cast looks great. It’s good to see Aniston in a different role.

  • DavidJ

    Don’t know if she’s a great actress or not, but I DO appreciate how normal and likeable and down to earth she always comes across in interviews.

    • etm

      I think she’s really attractive and has an awesome body. I really like watching her and seem to like everything she is in.

  • asher

    I like her, just wish she would start picking better movies to star in. Maybe “Horrible Bosses” will be the start of a good streak for her.

    • kimmy

      I don’t mind that she picks similar roles (Cameran Diaz, Julia Roberts, and Sandra Bullock do it too). I just think she needs better judgement when picking! The last movie of hers I have actually liked was The Break Up. This one looks pretty funny though!

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