'Evel Dick' Donato exits 'Big Brother' house


Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS/Landov

That was fast. CBS announced today that Dick Donato, aka Evel Dick, has left the Big Brother house. The show just premiered Thursday. “Due to a personal matter, Big Brother houseguest Dick Donato had to leave the game unexpectedly on Thursday,” a CBS statement said. “His departure will be addressed on the episode to be broadcast on Wednesday, July 13.”

Donato went MIA not long after appearing in the premiere episode. Anyone who tuned into Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime late Thursday should have noticed that he was nowhere to be found. In the meantime, BB blogs began noting that he went into the Diary Room and never came out. His daughter Daniele (who entered the house with Evel Dick as a pair) began inquiring about his whereabouts while the other players simply thought it was a ruse.

Donato was a volatile and polarizing player from season eight who ended up winning the $500,000 cash prize. (His daughter came in second.) During last night’s premiere, Donato claimed he had not spoken to Daniele in three years and was relatively low key — a stark contrast to the impetuous demeanor he displayed during season 8. Daniele Donato, meanwhile, looked visibly uncomfortable and talked very little during the telecast. Her new, dark ‘do looked pretty legit, though (she was a blonde during season 8).

The Donatos were supposed to be part of a new twist this season that includes mixing old BB pairs with new ones. The other pairs from previous seasons are Brendon and Rachel and the very popular Jeff and Jordan.

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  • mandy

    Hmmmm I thought it was strange that when I was watching Big Brother After dark last night that he wasn’t in it at all….

    • Mac

      I don’t like him, but I think he would have been very entertaining. I think he would have honed in on Rachel, which would have been amusing.

      • J

        I’m thrilled. I wasn’t going to watch until he was evicted. Now I have my summer show back!

      • Captain

        That’s exactly how I felt. I hated him in Season 8 but Rachel truly is the biggest evil and I prayed he would torment the hell outta her.

      • Vivienne

        I agree. He would have eaten her alive! lol

      • Kevin

        Him coming back was the main reason I was excited for this season. He would have driven Rachel crazy and it would have been fun to watch. Hopefully someone else will step up to do it.

      • SLB

        Actually, he’s friends with Rachel and Brendon, so unfortunately, i don’t think he would have bugged her as much as we hoped he would.

      • Dutch

        Biggest A$$H0LE to ever appear on reality television. Stopped watching BB after the farce that was the Donatos. He probably left due to a drug issue. His appearance on this show was a fraudulent as Johnny Fairplay going back on Survivor for a 2nd time and asking out the first round. Need another 15 minutes.

    • S

      Do people really watch this stuff? This is why eating lead-based paint chips as a child is a bad thing.

      • Michelle

        I guess most of us eat lead based paint chips then… BB is one of the most successful if not THE most successful reality show. Check ratings for last nites episode. SO S you are in the minority… maybe those who dont watch are the ones who consumed the lead based paint chips….hmmmm


        @S, yep check the ratings smart azz.

      • s

        I’m better than you all. See, its easy to look up my nostrils when i’m looking down on you. Derp.

      • princesspr

        …..ummmm…..sooo….you get herE and post about a show you do not watch…REALLY!!!!

      • Offended

        You are a disgusting human being to be making fun of children with Down’s Syndrome. You are a sick and sad.

      • Offended

        You are a sick and sad *person.

      • cholmes

        If you dont like the show and dont watch it why would you even care to come on this website and post a comment. I really dont care what you watch on tv so mind your business and keep your comments to yourself.

      • George W. Bush

        I ate paintchips as a child and it has not affected my mental or physical growth at all. Heh-heh, turd blossom.

      • Marcel

        Thanks for your comments,now pass the paint chips

      • Philbert

        It’s mindless entertainment. Just because we watch the show doesn’t make us brain dead, but it’s good to come home and be distracted by something fun for an hour or so that doesn’t involve the stresses of life. It fits the summertime perfectly too. Come to think of it, it’s not even all that mindless because you feel like you’re kind of playing along sometimes and you’re always playing out in your head strategies even if it’s just on your couch.

      • marybell

        maybe ET should start requiring real email accounts and passwords. Then people who aren’t just here to make up for their sad pitiful lives would leave. I LOVE Big Brother!

      • Carmen

        You must watch too or you wouldnt know to go on and comment dummy

      • Chris F

        When growing up my brother, kids, and I have never witnessed a person eating paint chips. It was one of those weak jokes that doesn’t go away. The only person I have seen eating paint chips was Chris Farley in some movie.

      • BobS

        I guess if you just eat lead paint chips every other day, you don’t watch the shows…..you just read the recap comments religiously.

      • To S

        I guess you don’t watch this show, so why do you bother writing or giving an opinion?

        Based on ratings and reviews, BB is the best reality show ever made.
        Real life – nothing scripted.

      • Homer

        Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, paint chips.

      • Sara

        I MUST have eaten a TON of it then!! Then again, I couldn’t have eaten too much considering I’m a darn good teacher with unbelievable ratings, from the administration at the school, parents, staff, and most importantly, my children in my classroom each year who adore me! Like someone else said, if you’re not a fan, why are you on here? Hmmmm…maybe because you watch the show! Just tune into Survivor, Dancing With the Stars, Real World, etc.

        Much Love!
        Sara : ) : ) : )

      • lettgee

        well, based off your comment, apparently you don’t watch but you waste your time reading comments about the show? Soooo…you read this stuff but don’t watch the show…hmmm which is worse?

      • Thood

        If you don’t watch the show my dear why are you commenting?? Did you just want to tell people your a doctor??

      • Randy

        Looks like you are watching

    • Joe

      When you post things that haven’t aired yet can you please put spoiler in the title? Love EW, but annoyed I saw this before it aired.

      • SLB

        Get over it.

      • Michelle

        Joe…. EW is a news source that makes its money off of covering the news…. This information is all over the web and EW is trying to do what they exist for… I think to get this article you had to click the link … just don’t do that in the future. This information is fact and EW misses out on news if they don’t post it while it’s hot


        I know where Joe is coming from! When I first heard about this, I thought ED left thru the regular BB process of being evicted (never mind that happens next week)and it irritated me to know this before seeing it myself. Because of the live feeds you almost have to avoid all things BB related or you’re bound to see a spoiler. I’m thinking this was all over the net because of the way it went down. So, I will give EW a pass on this but next time, a warning would be nice.

    • toni

      my thought is he is an alcholic or drug addict and couldnt contiue due to his addiction

      • MJ

        I was no fan of ED. I just hope that if it is an addiction he will end up on Celebrity Rehab! Kidding :O) If he does have that problem, I pray he gets help with sobriety. I also hope that there was not a family tragedy that caused him to leave. Of course, if it was a family tragedy, I’m sure they would have called Danielle also. Wonder if he dropped dirty on a surprise UA.

    • Eric

      Thats exactly what i was saying i was like WTF

  • Hoboken Big Brother

    No loss in my eyes. I can’t stand him. Wondering if they will bring in another old favorite?

    • ashley

      No, the first episode already aired. They wouldn’t replace him because they would have had to have someone sequestered. Theyll likely just skip the double eviction or maybe sequester the first few evicted houseguests and give one of them a chance to come back in a few weeks.

      • Yeup

        I read that Dan and Memphis may be a fourth couple coming back in… Maybe they’re sequestered for week 1, or something.. I don’t know.. It could always be a rumour. :/

      • Justsayin

        Yes cause as we all know, reality shows are nothin but integrity integrity integrity…

      • Nicole

        Nope, not Dan. He posted on his blog that he wasn’t going to be on big brother, and he was actually posting while he was on his honeymoon this week.

  • Buffy Freak

    Happy dance time!


      Dan and Memphis? Ehhh. No thanks.

  • Michelle

    Disappointing. I read that they’d given him a 24 hour window to reenter–no idea if there’s any truth to that though.

  • Helena

    Knowing Executive Rigger…oh, excuse me…Producer Alison Grodner, this was nothing more than a ploy to assure that Daniele makes it into the top 10.

    • Nick

      I don’t understand why they would rig it for daniele… She’s not likeable or dramatic enough she’s just kinda whiny. IF they were to rig it I’m sure they would rig it for someone else. Sorry Helena you don’t know what you’re talking about!

      • matt

        Yeah, go spread your conspiracy theories elsewhere.


        @Nick— have to agree w/ u. I think (if it’s true!) they would rig it for someone who is lively, likeable and could be a break out star like Janelle. There is absolutely nothing appealing about Danielle. She is quite boring.

      • Captain

        She’s not only boring but INCREDIBLY annoying. And not in the “fun to make fun of Rachel” way, in the whiny, get-off-my-TV way.

    • GregR

      I doubt you know Alison Grodner. Why would they want to assure Danielle in the top 10?

      • oscar

        The newby will be Toby oby


      LOL @ Helena.

      • Sarah

        You weren’t laughing out loud. Hardly anyone laughs out loud. When I see “lol” anywhere its usually not funny.

      • Michelle

        Some people…. Sarah for me LOL has come to mean that something is either absurd or causes me to laugh a little or roll my eyes…. so I LOLOLOL at your post scrutinizing Lisa for her use of LOL

  • Peter Nehra

    Nah Danelle got the golden key…………

  • Mral

    Thank god! Now how do we get Rachel out?!?!

    • Jamie

      Get Brendan out and watch her go nuts again. I forgot how horrible that laugh was!!!!!!

    • princesspr

      I don’t know what is worst about Rachel…that stupid and annoying laugh or her screaming in the diary room! UGH!

    • SLB

      And apparently she still buys her clothes at Skanks R us.

      • rachelhater

        LoL!! LoL!!! LoL

  • Michael

    Good riddance, to be honest.

  • Me

    But he was so entertaining!

  • Helena

    Grodner manipulated the show to make certain E.D. and Daniele were the final two on their season. Do some research before you post, Nick – saves you from looking like a moron.

    • GregR

      How did Grodner manipulate the show so ED and Danielle were the final two?

    • Michelle

      Hey Helena.. can you direct us to this research material you speak of… I dont know of it and honestly believe its all conjecture


        There are ramblings almost every season that BB is rigged. I sort of believe it because it seems kind of odd that when someone’s back is against the wall and if they are a fan fave, the challenges later in the season are all planned to ensure (as much as possible) their success. I love Janelle but they defintely wanted to her win (although she couldn’t pull it off). Also, people who have the live feed have reported some mysterious moments in seasons past of fan faves being called into the diary room and the show never addressing why.

      • Michelle

        HI Lisa
        I know .. I have heard all the conspiracy theories.. I have watched BB since season 1… and at times I have had my questions… but I just take the show for what it is and usually enjoy it all the same. I dont think AG rigged the show in season 8 for the Donatos.. I really dont.. America had a LOT to say that season through Eric

    • Sal

      Helena, you’re the moron here. “Research?”

    • Misty

      If these people think they are not called into the diary room and offered incentives to do certain things, than I understand you want to keep the show innocent in your minds.
      Never have has a fan favorite/hated been kicked out week 1. The executives know who to persuadeto keep and who to get rid of.


        @Misty you may be on to something. I remember years ago a gal from Survivor sued the show claiming it was rigged and the producers gently persuades people how to vote. Don’t know whatever happened w/ that.

      • Chris

        If that’s true I’m sure the producers would have done something to keep their big twist last year the sabouteur from being booted on week one….

      • tamara geimer

        the commit about survivor being rigged i remember that sue was paid off to keep quite and after that every player receives a certain amount of money depending on how long they stay on

    • rachelhater

      Like yourself?

  • Jp

    Even with the horrible laugh I like

  • Justin

    Could not be happier about this. There’s entertaining, and then there’s this guy who crossed the line to the point of disgust. Very happy he’s gone.

  • Len

    hmmm – i wish they gave a better reason for his departure?

    • forrest

      another site claims that he violated disclosure rules about his participation in this season’s big brother.

      • Captain

        But Danielle was saying something on the live feeds about being worried for some family members. I think something is going on in their family.

  • Beauty

    Man I thought it would be interesting with him! He and his daughter very strange relationship and she hardly speaks. She looks good though like she put on some weight.

    • Calamity Jane

      Hmm, I thought she was looking fairly giant and anorexic….

      • Calamity Jane



        Same here! Danielle looks like skeletor.

      • Beauty

        Really, she seemed even more skeleton the first time she was on. Maybe I havnt gotten a good look yet.

  • Zeke

    I just hope they cancel this crap once and for all.

    • Jason

      The only losers are those who go on message boards complaining about shows they don’t like.
      Seriously, you have NOTHING better to do with your time? NOTHING?

      • Shari

        @Jason…seriously…you ask that then you waste your time by posting yourself…get a grip!!!

      • Mel

        Shari – do you really think you’re any better??

      • Yeup

        @Mel – Do you… Ah, have at your guy’s useless argument…
        I do agree with Jason though.

    • Annabelle

      Wow once and for all if you hate the show DON’T WATCH IT OR COMMENT ON IT eez you made use all caps now I’m pissed.

      • S

        I’m sorry, but were you trying to write a sentence? I’m going to continue to not watch the show, and I’m going to continue to comment about how stupid the fans of it appear to be. Half of you people write like toddlers with Down’s Syndrome!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      • Offended

        Wow “S” how dare you even speak of toddlers with Down Syndrome. You are actually making fun of children who have special needs? You are disgusting and should really be ashamed. Get a life.

      • Sal

        @S – In other words, you’ll continue being one of the idiots you seem to think you’re above?

      • Ty B

        I’m a fan and I’m sure I’m more intellectual than you are “S”. Now, that’s besides the point, even haters have a right to post negative comments, even those who choose to insult non-haters in a most belittling way. It’s up to the civilized people to not stoop to the condescending level of a person such as “S” who is either clearly trolling, or only feels like he can insult people because he’s safe behind the veil of anonymity.

      • Gashek

        @S- To begin: I enjoy a gourmet food at expensive restaurant, but I also enjoy a whopper at Burger K. I love music of Bach and Mozart, but I also love Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. I enjoy opera & ballet and I love Big Brother. My IQ: 183 and I am Ph.D. And no arrogant bastard is going to tell me what to watch.


      @Zeke I can’t believe you took the the time to complain about a show that comes on in the summer. Go out and play ball or…. Change the channel if you think its such crap!

      • Offended

        Wow “S” how dare you even speak of toddlers with Down Syndrome. You are actually making of children who have special needs? You are disgusting and should really be ashamed. Get a life.

      • Steve Langford has a huge peni

        I liked it when chicken George ate slop forever

    • princesspr

      Yeah…RIGHT!!!! Then where else would you go to post about a show you don’t watch!

      • Offended

        I meant making *fun of. Go ahead “S” and make fun of me for a typing error. Let’s see what other special needs group of people you can compare me to. Loser.

    • kelly

      Hell no!!! I love the show. I love when july comes because bb is here. If you don’t like it don’t watch!

    • Bev1155

      well I hope it lasts as long as I live my daughters and I have not missed a season and we never will its great entertanment to us BB fans, so if you don’t like it then go turn your TV off and get off of here because we are BB fans and we don’t want to here your CRAP

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