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When Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge arrive in Los Angeles this afternoon, they will have a world of possibilities at their golden fingertips. (Beaches! Mountains! Traffic!) Turns out, the pair even received a brilliant offer from the folks in Springfield. Having read that Prince William was a fan of The Simpsons as a boy, the show’s writers invited the Royal Couple to attend a read-through of an upcoming episode with the cast. Well, they didn’t officially extend the invitation — Homer did. In his frosting-stained-yet-surprisingly-eloquent letter to William and Kate, the Simpson patriarch displays a rather impressive knowledge of British royalty (“We know your vacation time is precious, and you must be very tired from your busy schedule back home of jousting and fighting dragons”), and draws a few intriguing parallels between the two cultures (“British people revere the royal family, where in America, we worship on our own royal family: The Kardashians”). Alas, William and Kate regretfully declined, as they will be royally busy with various throne-representing commitments. (That, or Homer didn’t throw in enough pints of Duff.) The Simpsons camp isn’t conceding defeat yet, though. “Our next choice is Prince Harry, and then we’ll go to one of Fergie’s kids,” quips Simpsons executive producer Al Jean. “We’ll work our way down.”

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Click on image for the full-size version of Homer’s invite.

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  • bamalam


    • Lisa S

      The Simpsons haven’t been hilarious since 2003.

      • Mikee

        RAR! MY OPINION IS BETTER THAN YOUR OPINION, and your feet stink.

      • dwaugh

        Actually, if you look at it, the Simpsons haven’t been funny since 9/11. The terrorists won…


        Dear Morons,The Simpsons are NOT there to be “hilarious” or “funny” they are there to be “The Simpsons” living their daily lives,sometimes funny,sometimes hilarious,sometimes just regular,just like us.They are just a family.

      • brittany

        not true at all you obviously haven’t been watching them since 2003

  • Frankie

    i would have went to the table read. how could you resist ?


      Well Frankie,just look at who? you are.Then LOOK at who THEY ARE.Also man with brains of mud,they would send them their lines to be read into a tape recorder,then inserted where necessary.

  • Comic book Guy

    Worst. Fake Letter. Ever.

    • MM

      Boo-urns to this comment! Boo-urns, I say!

      • Lawls

        YES ! hahahah ^

    • Little Black Dress

      It isn’t fake. This website does not post fake things. And I personally think that it’s funny!

      • joe

        lol that joke flew right over your head. He was quoting Comic Book Guy (look at his name),Worst Ever


      TRUE,If they had any brains,they would do a show on the Simpsons,going on a trip to see them,because Lisa want to ask a question.Then a, be continued.

  • K

    That would be funny if they accepted

    • Lisa S

      What would be funny about it?

      • Max B

        Wow, somebody has a sense of humor …

  • Peter

    I’d rather attend a Simpsons table read than be a prince. And I’m one of the people who thinks it has sucked for the last ten years.


      So YOU “watch” a show that has “sucked” in YOUR opinion,for ten years,Why?…If it sucks,unless you suck too,and are comfortable there.Oh,I get it YOUR just one of those people who likes to complain to be noticed.OK,we see YOU.We also SEE that if YOU watch it for ten years,YOU don’t really think that is “sucks”,and you are just of Homer’s bloodline,so we love you,even though you think funny.

    • carys

      hello i think the simpsons have not been that good since 2003 why did they change did someone important die or what

  • Michael

    I love it

  • Woot

    Ahh they should have accepted! I mean what else are they gonna do in LA?

    • Wicked clown

      Get shot?


        Do you ALWAYS see the NEGATIVE in life ? You should start a Comic Strip,where “the bad” always happens.Maybe then you will be of some use.KARMA,what you think,is what you get.THINK NICE.

  • cornelius smith

    come togather at family day event.

  • Fez

    As Honer would say “Stupid EW! Be more funny!”

    • Lisa S

      Your comment would have been funny if you hadn’t misspelled Homer.

      • Anonymous

        It was obviously a typo. Someone needs to stop being a jerk.


        ANONYMOUS,you are the jerk,What is a “TYPO”? The keyboard is a machine,add fingers and a brain= a message hence thought,hence communication.REREAD,before posting,not typo,just sloppo.

  • Liza

    This is a funny letter but I’m kind of sick of the royal couple. I get they are a great distraction and all but they live a luxurious life because of the taxes that are paid by their subjects in the UK. A lot of people don’t think about where they get their money and it’s not from working, that’s for sure. They get it from their rich families.
    I hate to be a negative complainer here but just trying to focus on reality a little. I love the Simpsons though, I don’t blame them for wanting to meet these two people and get them to maybe cameo in an episode. It would probably get some good ratings.

    • Em

      So what if they didn’t work for their money. It’s the same as saying obama works for the taxes americans pay. There are worse reasons for being famous (look at paris hilton) at least will & kate are tasteful.

      • Liza

        Barack Obama works for his money just like every other federal employee. To say he’s the same as two useless royals a quite the stretch. A cop gets paid by taxes but wouldn’t you agree he/she works for it? What do Kate and Will do? Besides laze around an estate all day and travel around? Sure they do some good charitable work but so do other people with actual jobs.

      • Lisa S

        You morons.
        The Royal Family generate millions upon millions of dollars in English tourism. FAR more than what they retain in salaries.
        Grow up, you sad trolls.

      • Liza

        I really don’t think most people who visit England go because of the royal family. I’m sure don’t even care about that. Fact is they live in the lap of luxury while most of the British people are struggling. The U.S. isn’t the only country that was hit by recession. I just don’t think Will and Kate should be going around throwing their wealth in everyone’s faces when their country is in turmoil financially and while they help themselves to the taxes taken from the citizens.

    • Marty

      Lisa, I assume your not in England and your knowledge of this country id based on a left wing point of view.

      The royal family pay tax on their earnings too, and this is done voluntarily. Also. What money they take from the state is more or less expenses for public engagements. Not forgetting most male members of the royal family play an active roll in the armed services. Prince Andrew was in active service in the Falklands War, flying Helecopters in front of ships to protect the ships from the exorcet missiles the french sold to the Argentinians (even after the war started)

      Prince Harry as had active service in Afghanistan and Iraq. Prince William is also in active service in search and rescue.

      And you need to understand why the worl is in financial turmoil. its because of the greedy banks in the USA lending money to people that cant afford it, knowing that thay will default, thus getting the property back as well as the money they had paid… then sell on the debt to another bank…. until one dropped the ball and the rest fell in a domino effect.

      And not everyone is in poverty here in the UK. Most are hard working and are doing ok. Yes, there are a few in poverty, but the majority are drug addicts, alcoholics or just lazy.

      The royal family generate more money and put it into the economy than even most English people do not understand. The Prince of wales for instance is the Duchy of Cornwall who’s job it is to manage the property and assets of the Duchy. in 2007, the profit of the Duchy was £16.7M. as the duchy is owned by the crown he did not have to pay tax, but he paid 50% of this profit in income tax.

      So besides the fact that William Works for a living as a royal navy helicopter pilot doing search and rescue and that on many occasions has wanted to go into active service in a war zone (but as future king is not allowed) he does far from sit around on his backside in a posh estate. In fact, he currently lives in a small cottage on the island of Anglesey in North Wales. He has no servents there and between Kate and himself does all of their own cooking and cleaning. Add to that his brother has been in active combat then you realy need to get some of your facts right before spouting your nonsense !

      • elizabeth white

        Marty, Thanks for setting the record straight. The British get alot more return on their money than we in the US get from our politicians probably because too many of them use the presidency as an upward mobility system at the taxpayer’s expense. Too many of our politicians need to go to, rather than Burke’s peerage to find out from whence they came.

      • Earl

        Well said ‘ol chap.i don’t think there going to be a mortgage broker talk these young Royal’s into taking out a new mortgage on their cottage in Anglesey so they can go out and buy a new F150,a boat,a snowmobile and 15 day cruise.And then lose it all once one of them gets laid off.


      Dear,dear LISA,first try reading some history.YOU have NO IDEA….And Marty,LEARN something,..Google,”The Bilderberg Group” and see that the USA,is but one of a “Group” from different countries who profit in this way.Also look at WHO started the USA,where were they from? England ! They changed the puritanical end,and started doing the SAME THING to people here.ALSO,ENGLAND sailed the world,doing exactly what the USA does today.Self serving,selfish bunch.NOT YOU,NOT ME,..The leaders,who keep us stupid,entertained,and fat…….THEM.

    • Earl

      They don’t receive much income now from the Government.The Royal Family still has alot of land and holdings that go back many generations. Those previous generations didn’t piss it al away and it’s only 45 years ago that credit cards went main stream and that was the undoing of at least a couple hundred million Americans.

  • Archie

    Love it. Classic Homer. Simpsons rule!

  • camila




  • Tajah

    Amazing!! How could they say no??? Well, of course they are really busy, but still…

  • jeremy Fein

    Bart will be duct taped to the boiler in the basement classic homer.

    • Lisa S

      No. Not classic Homer at all.
      Homer is impulsive, not a planner.

      • D Van

        I don’t think that’s true. Homer is completely capable of pre-meditation;

        “First thing tomorrow, I’m going to punch Lenny in the back of the head!”

        “Mmm that’s good coffee,” *WHACK*

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