'Haven,' 'True Blood,' 'The Big C,' 'Leverage': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room


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Vacation = over. But I’m not weeping. All it means is that I’m back at work and so are your favorite shows, which means you can expect a slow, but steady, leak of scoop for the return of many fall shows!

So enjoy this mix of scoop on summer faves and a few bits on the fall slate! If you have a specific scoop request, question, musing, nerdy thought, or even a follow-up scoop question, send an email to spoilerroom@ew.com or Tweet me @EWSandraG.

See you next week!!

We’re a week away from the season 2 premiere of Syfy’s breakout Haven, and if you were left with your jaw on the floor last season, join the club. The reveal that the Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) we got to know may not be who we thought she was and the introduction of what could be the original Audrey Parker (or “Fraudrey” as they call her on set, according to Rose) left fans on a frustratingly awesome note for the season. Thankfully, the show is back July 15, and Rose says we pick up “moments after we left off.” “We did that not only because the audience was dying to know the stuff that happens after that big cliffhanger, but there’s also stuff that happens right away that takes us out of that moment and forces these characters on their journey of solving the trouble of the week, so to speak,” she says.

But while Audrey continues on her mystery-solving business as usual, we’ll also find her haunted by “an identity crisis,” Rose says. But in that struggle, she’ll form a special bond with new police Chief Nathan (Lucas Bryant) who lost his father (the old Chief) at the end of last season. “The first episode and into the second, Nathan has to move forward like Audrey, who is dealing with this major monster in her closet of not knowing if she’s really Audrey. He has to cope with going on without his father,” she says.

**Much more from my chat with Rose on Monday on EW‘s Inside TV blog, including info on the aftermath of Nathan’s season-ending confession to Audrey!

Vamps and witches and fairies. Oh, my!

If you thought things were going to get bad among the True Blood monsters and creatures after last week’s episode, you were right. But you might not be able to predict how bad, says True Blood actress Rutina Wesley. “When you’ve got shifters and werewolves and vampires and witches, there’s bound to be some tension,” says the actress. “There’s going to be some craziness this season, and because her best friend is Sookie, Tara is going to get swept back into everything. But I can’t tell you whose side she’s going to be on.”

In the season premiere, fans saw that Tara had fled to New Orleans and started a new life for herself (which included a girlfriend!) in an effort to put some distance between herself and her past in Bon Temps. But the return of her bestie also meant a return to a sticky situation she’d hoped was behind her, Wesley says. But this time, with a clear head (and some mean ultimate fighter skills), Tara’s not looking to be a victim of any battles, she says. “You’re going to see Tara more as a survivor, and she’s a fighter. And she’s going to fight her way the best she can,” she says. “It’s a whole new Tara in that she’s confident. It’s the difference between someone who is completely miserable on the inside versus someone who knows they’re beautiful. But it is True Blood. The drama will set in, things will happen. She will get wrapped up in everything. A lot of it. But she won’t have a choice.”

I will never blame a woman for falling for a dashing Englishman like Hugh Dancy. But when the actor makes his debut later this season on The Big C as a cancer patient, Dancy will share something deeper than a physical connection with Cathy (Laura Linney), says creator and executive producer Darlene Hunt. “I’m personally very intrigued by the idea of emotional affairs and how you fall in love with someone because of a shared experience and what that looks like. How will other people, namely Cathy’s husband, react to that? What does that really mean? We really wanted to play with this special bond with someone who really can say, ‘I know what you’re going through.'”

In his nine-episode stint, Hunt said we’ll also get another perspective on coping with cancer from Dancy’s character. “He deals with his illness in a very different way and they have very different philosophies. It’s interesting to see that play out.”


Leverage. Pretty please! And extra points if it’s Eliot-related. I can’t be the only one crushing on Christian Kane! — Jenny
You’re not! But while I don’t have any specific news on the studly, what about some news of the spudly? “There’s one episode we did that people are really going to like about a missing potato,” Timothy Hutton dished. Yes, he was serious; let him explain. “It’s a super potato that has been bio-engineered in a way where it is the absolute perfect food, and it gets stolen by this evil company and the team has to find their way into this company — all playing different roles — to find out where this agricultural company put the potato, where they’re storing it, why it was stolen, and what they’re planning to do with it.” Can you say “instant classic”?


Image Credit: Jojo Whilden/CBS

I’m missing Blue Bloods terribly. Any news about the new season? — Sam
The season premiere kicks off with a bang. Upon returning, one member of the family will find themselves with a close connection to a high-profile murder and another member will hand in a letter of resignation! But not to worry, Donnie Wahlberg fans; it’s definitely not Danny. In fact, at the premiere of Zookeeper last night, the actor — and currently touring New Kid on the Block — told us he’s working hard to make sure he can finish out his work with the NKOTBSB tour and make it to work every day on set. “I will be chartering back-and-forth from the tour to the set of Blue Bloods. We still have a ton of dates after I have to go back to work on Blue Bloods. Tom Selleck has loaned me the use of his plane. It’s great to be busy, honestly. It has been really great to be able to film a movie, do the tour, do the show, and everyone has been more than accommodating. The best part is that everyone from Blue Bloods has come to see the NKOTBSB show now live. They were like, ‘Who knew?’ And I was like, ‘How could you not know? All I do is dance around the set in between takes,'” he said. Wahlberg also dished that last year’s secret society/murder plot is gone for good. And he couldn’t be happier about it. “I think this will allow us to focus more on what makes this different from all the other cop shows. We are going to focus on the family aspect … I think there is enough there with the family, the police work, and New York City itself to keep the fans interested and keep the show going. I think that is what the audience is drawn to. I think it will be more individualized episodes and cases this year as opposed to one giant arc like last season. It is hard to do serialized stuff on broadcast networks. There are too many pre-emptions for holidays and sporting events and awards shows. On cable, you can go 10 weeks and it is one every Thursday for 10 weeks. We are on 22 out of 40, and I think that makes serialization more difficult in my opinion. I think you start to lose people.”

Thank you for the Torchwood spoilers! But can you tell me who those masked people are in the preview. How are they connected to this all? — Amy
They’re called the Sombers, and you won’t meet them until the third episode. There’s probably more to them, but at that point, they’re simply a group of creepy masked weirdos reacting dramatically to the idea of immortality. But more interesting in episode 3 is Brad, the hottie Jack meets in a bar.

Sandra! Please, need some Bones info! — Chrissie
You know by now that when we pick up with the series, Bones will be in bloom! But John Francis Daley tells us that while Sweets is over the moon about the new bond shared by Bones and Booth, the rest of the team might not have the same reaction. “I think [Sweets] will be thrilled about Bones’ pregnancy because he was the biggest cheerleader for the two of them getting together. This is all of the hard work he believed he did toward the goal of getting them together paying off. I think others on the team might not be happy about it. It is certainly gonna complicate the workplace vibe. I’m sure they will have fun with it as much as they can because that’s the tone of our show in general.”

Just watched episodes 1 and 2 of the new season of True Blood. I have a big question that I am hoping you can answer: Is Bill pretending not to still love Sookie to protect her or does he truly not give a damn about her? As a Bill/Sookie shipper, I am hoping for a reunion before season’s end. Help a poor girl out here with a little scoop because it ain’t looking good. — Chris
That’s a tough question, seeing as how hot and heavy Bill is with a Not-Sookie in Sunday’s episode. You might be confused as ever; I certainly was. But my gut says it can’t be over. We didn’t have a proper goodbye (a.k.a: no farewell sex)!

**Pilot question break**
So what’s the skinny on Charlie’s Angels? Does it follow the continuity of the original series and movies, or does it start from scratch? — Rion
There are elements of the original, in that there are three girls who kick butt and a mysterious voice that guides them. Otherwise, only having watched a handful of episodes of the original, I can’t say there’s much else that felt familiar. Also, these angels, unlike the previous ones, use iPads. Rather, they know what iPads are.

Any Falling Skies scoop!? I’d go as far as to say it’s my new favorite! — Doug
The next new episode is a doozy, and features not one, but two epic death sequences. One of them will leave you looking at one character very differently and teaches us a vital piece of information about the skitters.

I can only assume that with Cas declaring himself the new God, that The Almighty Himself has cocked an eyebrow and turned his mouth in a frown. With Cas’ revelation, I can only assume that next season we see the emergence of *the* one and only God to teach Cas what’s what. Is there any rumor or talk that God Himself will make an appearance next season on Supernatural?  If so, potential actors (I think Ian McShane would fit the show’s version of the Lord)? — John
I’m almost sure this question will come up when the show heads to Comic-Con this month, and until then, the show is staying mum on details about the new season. But the same can’t be said for Alona Tal, who cryptically tweeted yesterday of her return to the show next season for an undetermined amount of episodes. (My guess? One.) As you’ll recall, Tal played Jo Harvelle until the character’s untimely death in season 5, and apparently she’s set for a return. When that’ll happen isn’t set in stone, but considering the show is filming episode 4 first (to give director Jensen Ackles more prep time), it probably won’t happen until episode 5 or later.


Image Credit: Solarpix/PR Photos

I request a Glee spoiler: I want to know what Sue will be up to next season since near the end of last season, Sue said she wouldn’t be going after the New Directions anymore, but I don’t really believe her. Do you know what she’ll be up to next season? — Sam
Mostly harassing the winner of The Glee Project, according to what showrunner Ryan Murphy told Tim Stack late last month. What he didn’t address? The identity of the one artist who will be the subject of a tribute episode next season. Personally, one of the few people I could get behind for a full-episode treatment has already popped up in the rumor mill: Cher. We even asked her about it at the premiere of Zookeeper earlier this week, to which she replied coyly after giving us a long pause and a wicked smile, “You will have to just watch and find out. I’d be flattered. Wouldn’t everyone?” What do you think of a Cher tribute episode, Glee fans? More importantly, which female cast member would best rock a fishnet body stocking? (Side note: I’ve ALWAYS wanted to put a picture of Cher in Spoiler Room. Life goal #120: Done.)

Your account of being on set at Royal Pains was a hoot. I love Paulo Costanzo and Mark Feuerstein. Any scoop on the visit from Hank and Evan’s grandfather? — Rita
It’s going to be pretty explosive. (Don’t worry, not literally.) Henry Winkler told us earlier this week that if we enjoy seeing the on-screen tension between his character and Ed Asner’s, we should keep in mind that it’s not all acting. “I don’t get along with him in real life and I don’t get along with him on screen,” he said. “Describing it as cantankerous is a compliment. [It was the] easiest job ever because I don’t even have to act like we don’t get along. It is good to have some fresh blood on the show, although you can hardly call Ed’s blood fresh at his age.” If it’s half as entertaining as it sounds, count me in.

Any word on Community‘s new season?! Will Pierce return? On that note, will Chang? I’ve been seeing Ken Jeong in a ton of movies this summer. — Denny
The show doesn’t return to work until later this month, but fear not, Denny. Ken Jeong assures us he’s going nowhere. “Never, never, never would I turn my back on Community. I have no plans to leave,” he said. “I love Community. I don’t care how busy I get at the movies. So far I have been able to make it all work and if I couldn’t, I would turn down the movie if it conflicted with Community. I know I am biased but I think it is the funniest show on television. So to be involved with a show that I am a huge fan of is a blessing. Why would I do anything to jeopardize that? It is the biggest blessing in my life to be able to be on that show for a third season.” And it doesn’t sound like he has any plans to chang his mind.

@EWSandraG Got anything for my new favorite summer show Suits? LOVE LOVE LOVE it! #SpoilerRoom — @reebsreiswig
In an upcoming episode, we learn Mike isn’t the only one at the firm who lied about his qualifications.

Hi Sandra, Where in Texas are you from? If you are anywhere near Houston, I am sure you are enjoying (sarcasm) the record 100+ temperatures. I know I am (sarcasm again!). Anyway, do you have any Psych scoop? I am so used to it being on in the summer. When is the premiere and will Jules learn about Shawn’s secret now that they are a couple? Thanks, Brittney from Houston
I’m from a small town in South Texas, not too far from where Psych star James Roday is from, actually. And I’ll have much scoop from you next week after I speak with the hunky fellow Texan. So send in your burning questions, ASAP Psych fans! (Spoilerrrom@EW.com)

Would LOVE some Nikita scoop when available, which I’m hoping is now. I’m going through serious withdrawal! — Amy
Aren’t we all? Here’s a bit of casting intel: the show is currently casting the role of Sean Pierce, a 20-something estranged son of a certain female senator who is recruited to Division in order to help track down Nikita and Michael. This mysterious, by-the-books man proves to have an interesting dynamic with revenge-seeking Alex. And by “interesting,” I mean these two trust no one, especially each other. In other news, Michael might be getting a job offer from Amanda and we learn that even though Nikita has been unlucky in life, she does pretty darn good at the craps tables.

Sandra! There’s a ton of new info out about Parenthood! Anything new to add? Don’t disappoint! — Alexa
You sound like you’re in the know, Alexa. So assuming you know about Jason Ritter’s return, Julia’s adoption hopes, Adam and Crosby’s new business venture, and Amber’s plans to move out, maybe you haven’t heard that Haddie will learn that recovering-alcoholic Alex has a criminal record and his troubles aren’t exactly all in the past.

Any idea if Mary will end up keeping the baby on In Plain Sight?
Last time I talked to Mary McCormack, she was on her first day of filming the finale and still hadn’t heard definitively yet. But she said the season-ender will be appropriate for the journey Mary’s taken this year. “I mostly loved playing it because her sister is together and getting married, her mother is sober and working. All of a sudden, she’s the trainwreck in the family. She’s always been the together one and all of a sudden she’s knocked up and single, all these things she never thought she’d be. It [was] an opportunity to do some fun work and adult themed stuff.”

(Carrie Bell and Kevin Sullivan contributed to this column)

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  • Jen

    That is a gorgeous photo of Rutina Wesley. She is so beautiful and in interviews always comes across as such a nice person. And yet… UGH I hate Tara so much!!!

    • SAM & TARA

      I love the TARA character! I can’t imagine anyone else as that feisty character. Tara makes people comfortable and that is the point.
      I am tired of people comparing Tara to the Books. TB is a series that is LOOSELY based on the books. Stop whining that Tara isn’t white or that Sookie isn’t with Eric, blah blah blah.. If you are so bothered, watch something else.

      • Maureen

        I agree S&T. True Blood is a show onto itself thanks to the genius of Alan Ball.
        I wouldnt want Tara any other way (who would want her white?) and I am a HUGE fan of Bill and Sookie. They are so perfect together and even when they’re not together LOL.
        Didnt Sookie say it was love at first sight with Bill? Sigh!

    • Whitney

      Jen, I completely agree! I hate the Tara character and every time she shows up I just sigh and shake my head. I don’t know what it is, but she drives me absolutely insane! But Wesley does seem like such a nice person in interviews. It’s a little hard to reconcile the two.

      • Summer

        The Tara character is one of the reasons I couldn’t continue watching the series. I’m sure she has her fans, but she just grates on my nerves, personally.

      • Ashley

        That’s funny. Tara was one of the reason why I started to watch the series. I love her attitude.

    • Ann

      I really enjoyed Taras character in S1. She does have a lot of anger and it can be very comical. I am hoping we see more of S1 Tara.
      She is a strong girl just like Sookie.
      Sookie and Bills love for each other and the obstacles they have endured has helped each grow in their own ways. They are necessarily apart for now but hopefully not forever.

      • cregis

        Glad to know somebody else is rooting for Sookie and Bill and not Eric. Bill is the sexiest man alive(or dead).

    • Erin

      ITA. Great photo and she does seem lovely but damn I haaaate Tara.

    • Tessa

      Awesome you should think of somheting like that

  • Jess

    THANK YOU!!! Haven spoilers! You just totally made my day!

    This show is amazing. Yet so under rated. Hopefully Season 2 will rake in some more viewers and build a bigger following. It totally deserves it.

    • Steve

      Hard to believe there are people who feel this way. “Haven” has to be the worst series SyFy has ever aired. I forced myself to watch the first season, hoping it might get better, but man… Horrible writing, acting, direction, etc. That “wolf” episode may have been the worst single episode of any series I’ve ever seen.

      • jj

        agreed. i couldn’t get through the first episode. and it was criticaly panned. so who are these people that watch this crap?

    • Michele

      I love Haven!

    • Kate

      Well, I like it – sorry you don’t. Not sure why you need to bash but knock yourselves out.

      • Steve

        We need to bash in order to save sci-fi. The more shows like “Haven” which survive, while incredible shows like “Caprica” and “Stargate Universe” get cancelled, the less likely we’ll ever get high quality scifi on TV again.

    • Susan

      Seriously Steve? Caprica and Stargate? Those are the two shows that you think are high quality scifi????? I must have missed something then.

      • Steve

        You sure did. Both series started poorly, as most series do, but wound up being truly exceptional. What critics missed was, that “Caprica” was the true successor to the original “Star Trek” series, by being the first allegorical scifi series in a long time. They were addressing all of the relevant issues in our society today (security, identity, mixing of religion and terrorism, etc), all in a scifi setting. That’s the original Trek to a tee.

        As for SGU, yep, the first season was terrible. But by the second season, it became an outstandingly moody, dark human drama, with a few fantastic actors, playing out the ultimate drama: the ancients discovered there was actual structure to the universe, implying there must be a creator. The ship’s mission was basically to find out if God exists. How much cooler can you get than that?

      • Meredith44

        I agree with you, Susan. Stargate Universe was atrocious when I watched it. You say, Steve, that it got better in its second season? Why won’t you give Haven the benefit of the doubt that it might also get better in its second season.

        Personally, I love Haven. Not for the stories, because I’ll admit that they can be a little weak. But for the characters and their interactions. Nathan/Audrey/Duke is a compelling triad, and the supporting characters are all interesting as well.

        To each his/her own, I guess.

        Thanks for the Haven scoop, Sandra. I’d love to see more!

    • Tania

      I thought Haven had been canceled, so glad to see there is more Haven this season. Nathan is a hottie, I’m hoping there’ll be some smooching between him and Audrey this season (since she’s the only person he can feel!)

  • Here & There

    I wish Tara of True Blood would be true to the books…and play a very small, insignificant part. OK, they could just write her out of the show.

    • yawn

      Ditto. “Tara spoilers” are not even spoilers. I mean, who cares? If you provide spoilers, how about spoilers about characters and storylines people actually care about?

      • Craig

        Um who made you the spokesperson for the fans of True Blood. I love Tara, and I really love Rutina, she’s one of the best actors on the show!! So keep those spoilers coming!

      • dolly

        I totally agree. Tara is the least interesting character on the show, and I keep hoping they’ll kill her character off, or now just let her go leave in New Orleans off screen.

      • Tagger

        Tara is a hoot, I love all the TB characters. I can tell you where to stick your negative opinion of her but that just wouldn’t be polite, would it?

    • Sookielita

      Well, It’s not your show and you don’t make the decisions, Thank God.
      I love Tara and I am happy they made her different from the books. True Blood is awesome, and each character is perfect casting.

  • Michael

    what about Crinmail Mind and NCIS

  • Lyn

    The decision on “In Plain Sight” to make Mary stupid enough to get pregnant by accident — Mary, a supposedly smart, tough professional who eschews marriage and broke up with a gorgeous ex-ballplayer just because he eventually wanted a family — was bad enough. If they next have her morph into someone who keeps the kid and is preoccupied with mommy issues, it’ll totally change the show. I really wish they’d found a way to work around McCormack’s pregnancy altogether.

    • Fido

      is this another case of sloppy writing allowing a pregnancy to ruin a much loved tv series ?

    • Sue1

      Even ‘smart’ people get pregnant by accident. I can see her giving the child to her sister to raise, thus keeping her life intact and keeping her connection to her family as well.

      • cregis

        Don’t you think it would get irritating for Mary to be constantly looking over Brandy’s shoulder. It’s hard to believe Brandy wouldn’t screw up as she always has.

      • Ridin

        the witch thing, someone on TWoP colctleed all the Wizard of Oz references in last night’s episode:Bike (wicked witch’s bike)Basket (basket with toto)Lorelai’s sleeves (dorothy’s sleeves)Glenda (apt. name; good witch) wizard (guy who’s gonna fix the dollhouse)broken dollhouse (house falling on wicked witch)There were so many of them (Glenda is expecially obvious, in retrospect) and a lot of people noticed them, so I have to think that was intentional in a, There’s no place like home, kind of way. As in, the show is getting back to its roots. In more ways than one. And I guess this episode was really about letting go of the things that hold you back, and keeping the things that are really important.

    • innerjuju

      Every time a show ends a Finale with a surprise pregnancy you might as well say ‘Jump The Shark’

  • Me

    Thank you for the Suits spoilers!!! Best show on right now!

  • anne

    The JFD comment about Sweets is laughable. Angela is B&B’s biggest cheerleader and though well intentioned Sweets did more to harm B&B’s relationship than help it. It’s funny how he sees his character’s role when I see his character as an impediment to B&B.

    • Jessica

      I had the same thought! Angela’s been the biggest B&B cheerleader there is. The fact that she would/could have a problem with the relationship is beyond me. Plus, she looked ecstatic when Brennan told her she slept with Booth.

      Cam, and even Sweets, I could see having a problem with B&B being in a relationship.

    • Jason

      I kind of thought Angela at first but Sweets did write a whole book about B&B’s relationship.

  • Bob

    Whatever happened to that Michael Aussielo guy that used to do these things?

    • tj

      He has his own site called tvline. It is much better than ew.

      • Bob

        Thanks. Any particular reason he left EW?

      • Asha

        Bob he left EW and then poached a huge portion of their staff and a portion of TVguide’s staff for TVline. Go there, it’s much better written and much better spoilers (EW tends to steal their ‘spoilers’ from TVline)

  • BHM1304

    The Fonz still rules. Henry Winkler has to be the most awesome actor in Hollywood.

  • Friggin Tommy Noble

    RE: Community – Was there really any doubt that Chang would stay? And Pierce? C’mon, does Chevy Chase really have any other work coming his direction?

    • TQB

      No, but it was a great excuse to hear from Ken Jeong. Love him!

      • Christine

        Yeah, I just loved hearing how passionate he is about the show. And any excuse to use a chang pun, right Sandra?

    • Pash

      It would be silly for Ken Jeong to leave Community! As much as I hate to say it I don’t think it’s going to make it more than a year or two more and I feel like his Community fan base would turn on him if he left.

  • Flip

    Sandra, I think the Charlie’s Angels question-asker was asking if the new series is a *sequel* to the tv show and movies, which followed the same continuity. Is the new Charlie’s Angels tv series a SEQUEL to the original or a remake?

  • SM

    How about some scoop on my fav summer show, Covert Affairs. I am also wondering how Necessary Roughness did in numbers. Do you think it has a shot? I loved the pilot & will be watching the second eppy this weekend – got any scoop for us?

  • Diane

    So is Cathy’s original doctor (AKA Doogie Howser) off the show now? I love him! And I loved their inappropriate attraction to each other.

  • Jackie

    RE: ‘Supernatural’ – Please, for the love of all that is holy (no pun intended), can God be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan??

    • Adele

      I was just gonna come here and say the same thing. I think they should pay him whatever he wants to make that cameo.

    • AL

      Awesome suggestion.

      • Yuhei

        Carol Coker – The Marshall’s in Hermitage has some really cute apnros right now if you need a fix . They are in the back near the pots and pans and dishes, hanging on a rack in the middle of the aisle. Cute fabrics!

  • Liz

    Of COURSE it can’t be over between Bill & Sookie!!
    But in the mean time, they will have fun with other people I guess…

    • LOL

      Liz, the number one Sookie and Bill or lets say Paquin/ moyer shipper. Bill boinking several woman must turn you on…
      Both characters are much more interesting when separated. Hopefully they will never get together again…

      • Ginny

        Well thats a nasty snide comment.
        Typical of your fan base to insult anothers opinion when it doesnt coincide with yours.

    • Maureen

      No worries Liz, it will never be over between Bill and Sookie. They each need to go their separate ways for a while thats all. Alan said that there is still real HEAT between them.

      Bill having sex with other wonem is to push Sookie away. Sookie needs to do the same and she will then truly know who it is she loves the most, and IMO it will be Bill.

      • Fan

        It’s really tough to say what will happen with Bill and Sookie going forward. The TV show is so VERY different than the books that you can’t count on anything you think you know. For as many things that they left the same, there are 2 changes. Bill and Sookie break up in the books and she hasn’t ever looked back and Bill has really become a much less important supporting character. But he’s also not the King and the entire fairly storyline is massively different. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but personally, I hope Sookie and Eric get together, like in the books.

      • Lovely

        I think this has been my favorite espoide of the year. Except I noticed the sleeves, too. Was that suppose to go along with the old fashioned bike with the basket? They were very odd. But the writer really nailed the good old characters that got us watching the show in the first place. It was nice to have them back.

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