Official: 'Deidre Hall returns to 'Days of Our Lives'


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Marlena’s coming home! A spokeswoman for Days of Our Lives has confirmed that Deidre Hall will reprise her role as Dr. Marlena Evans on Sept. 26. Her return marks just one of many changes the soap has in store to please old (and, with any luck, new) fans.

Hall joined the soap in 1976 and went on to become one of the most beloved actresses in daytime — so much so that fans went apoplectic when she was dropped from the sudser in 2009 due to severe budget cuts. At the time, she was reportedly earning $60,000 per month, a veritable mint for daytime actresses. But NBC’s draconian cuts ended up saving the soap, which continues to thrive thanks to popular stars like Alison Sweeney. In the meantime, Executive Producer Ken Corday just hired two new head writers to carry out his commitment to return to more character-based storylines this fall.

Hall’s not the only beloved vet to stage a comeback. Patrick Muldoon (Austin Reed) and Christie Clark (Carrie Brady) will make their way back to the NBC sudser in September. Now fans are anxiously waiting to hear whether the rumors are true about Drake Hogestyn (John Black) returning to Days, as well. Stay tuned.

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  • Soleil

    Please don’t drop the ball

    • Antoine Dobson

      I’ve always loved her more than Susan Lucci. I can’t believe she hasn’t won an Emmy yet. Maybe this will be her year.

      • Susan Lucci

        It’s La Lucci to you!

      • S

        Well, she’ll have a good shot, there’s only like 3 or 4 soaps left, so odds are in her favor.

      • me

        Days of Our Lives can NEVER win at the emmys because of block voting. Each network has more than soap opera so they get more votes for the emmys. The Daytime Emmys were always a joke. They are going to become extinct like most of these soaps. Just keep DOOL on, especially now that Dr Marlena Evans is back

    • Brenda Peters

      I am hearing rumors that Days is going off the air in September 2011 is this true? Sure hope not!!!!! I have been a fan for over 40 years.

      • Tracey

        That would be a tragedy. I am 47 and started watching this cutting edge soap with my mom.

      • cassandra

        I think you need to get your story straight DAYS is knot going off the air, it’s the best soap opera on television!

  • Jenna

    John and Marlena belong on DOOL, but I pray they are given good storylines instead of being stuck on the back burner with no screen time.

    • Becky

      oh Jenna, I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve always loved them!!

  • dee-dee

    Unless she’s on another killing spree or possessed again, most people won’t care.

    • JC

      Reverse that. The serial killer storyline was a mess. The possession was at least groundbreaking though it was cheesy and made the show a joke.

      • @JC

        It was such a joke, I’m still laughing.

      • Beth

        It is funny because the posession story line was when I was in middle school. And it is actually the ONE reason that I started watching the show. I then watched it and taped it when I couldn’t watch live for the next 10-15 years until I got too busy with work and had to give it up.

      • Poo Face

        Have to disagree. The Devil storyline was Retar- I mean – Ridiculous!! So, so stupid. The serial-killer-but-wait-theyre-not-dead-and-on-an-island storyline was zany, but much more unique and interesting. The only mistake they made was not having Stefano behind it all due to the actor being on another soap at the time, and character (temporarilly) dead too.

      • Nancy Grace


      • Tracey

        People that are laughing about the story lines, probably do not even watch “Days”. Probably don’t make Deidre Halls salary either. :)

  • Lori

    I’ve heard this for weeks already and so glad to hear of an official starting date! I heard it was a definite go that Drake was also returning. And dee-dee, IMO you are SO wrong, true DOOL fans WILL care, because we’re tired of the “Sami” show. YAY Deidre!!

    • Chris

      Sami rocks! Loved when she punched EJ (twice) last week.

      • Dan

        Damn I missed that!

      • Sharon Simmons

        oh I did too.

      • Cindy

        I AGREE! I loved it when she punched him and it was classic when she belted him a second time. I want to see Nichole beat up Taylor too. Then she can move on!

      • Manz

        Me too

      • Bella

        It was such a great moment!!! I think that will be remembered forever….

    • maggie

      True DOOL fans love Sami and look forward to her reunion with her mom Marlena.

    • Lyndsey

      Sami was the reason I started watching Days way back in ’93!! And the assassination of her character is the reason I don’t watch anymore! I think it’s great that they’re bringing back old characters but they also need to quit making Sami the town fool & get rid of Rafe (and please bring back Brandon for her instead)!!!

      • CBB

        I hope with the return of Carrie and Marlena that they will allow Sami to be part of a mature and strong clan of Brady women. I do not want them to pit the sisters against each other. If they can have a mature relationship it will go a long way to making the show watchable again. I stopped watching when Taylor came on the show — not the main reason, but one. And really look forward to having a reason to put this show back on my DVR.

      • dee dee1

        I love Sami as well, but what a bore with the Rafe storyline. E.J. is E.J. but they sure sizzled on the screen when they were together. Bring back Sami and E.J.

      • cregis

        Sammi is the reason I quit watching Days years ago even though I loved John Black. Sammi kidnapped baby, Belle, and tried to have her adopted out. Then Sammi became the main character. No Thank You. And who hasn’t gotten tired of the 5 million plus weddings?

  • Flip

    Thank God! Dee is the STAR of Days and should never have been fired in the first place. I stopped watching when she and John were fired but will return along with them in September!

  • Herb Finn

    They are desperate for ratings.

    • John

      Of course they are. Name me one television show that won’t do anything to improve their ratings.

  • Nellnee

    Bring back some of the “older” characters, don’t give them ridiculous storylines, and maybe I will start watching again. I just can’t watch the lives of these 20-somethings that were born 10 years ago and grew up overnight. they lost me with the possession storyline. Get me Patch and Kayla, Roman (or John Black but please not both) and Marlena, Bo and Hope — and i might want to watch again. I hated Sami way back in 1996, time for her to not take center stage

    • lou

      damn, i miss Patch. my first bad boy fantasy.

      • Meghan

        Probably not my first, but definitely one of my favorite bad boy fantasies (:

    • Demond

      Agreed.Days of Our Lives was the best soap when it revolved around those characters.John and Marlena,Bo and Hope,Steve and Kayla,Jack and Jennifer are the best couples of any soap.Plus they need to make the greatest soap villain of all time Stefano Dimera more of a threat.

      • Jenn

        Jack and Jennifer were always my favorite. I’m going to start watching again now that Jack is coming back.

      • Lynne

        Don’t forget Kim and Shane–loved them!

    • marion

      While they are at it,bring back Doug and Julie.

      • Dinjab

        Julie is around, to dispense advice to Maggie, though she never refers to her naughty liason with Victor on the Cruise of Deception circa 1990.

  • Flip

    The possession made me fall in love with Marlena. I would love to see more stories like that.

    • @Flip

      Did you read the article? Upcoming storylines will be character based. I don’t see how revisting dreck like the possession story falls into that category.

      • Flip

        “Dreck”? Go punch yourself in the kidneys, you tasteless loser. Days has always told out-there stories and THAT is when the show has been at its best.

  • KFed

    To be honest, I’d rather her back with Roman – or someone new – than with John. Drake is so hammy I can’t deal with it.

    • Serena

      OMG I totally agree I can not stand John and that dang eyebrow of his

      • kann


    • Anya

      Didn’t they have some sort of storyline where Stefano erased John’s memory and somehow put it onto a disk? And then people kept stealing and trying to destroy the disk? It’s crazy storylines like this that make me watch soap operas. But I agree, I like Marlena, but John is only alright.

    • mary schiemann

      ‘That’s a fact’ :)

    • mary schiemann

      ‘That’s a fact’

  • Todd

    Barely watched any soaps in my life, only this one in college. Love he, and Hope and Bo.

  • Katie

    Rumor has it that DAYS is firing the entire cast to hire Susan Lucci.

    • maggie


    • Lynne

      PLEASE NO, NO, NO, I can’t stand Susan Lucci!!!!

      • ilene

        All My Children should have been renamed The Erica Kane Show years ago all the story lines involved her in some shape and form.

  • Casey

    Thank god! Deidre Hall’s absent from the show as Marlena has seriously affected the quality and realness of the show. She’s up their with Days legends such as Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), Frances Reid (Alice), and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie). She’s a much needed Salem fixture and I’m extremely excited about her return. Welcome home, Doc!

    • lou

      even if she looks like a plastic doll? seriously, a gorgeous woman once, and now? ugh.

      • TorontoTom

        She’s 105 years old and not a wrinkle or line on her face!

      • Dinjab

        She looks like Barry Manilow! Er, I mean Barry Manilow looks like Deidre Hall! Er, I mean, they both look like Pixar characters!

  • Soldier

    Love Hall and am ecstatic she is returning. Also, loved the possession and serial killer storylines – love the outrageousness! Days is coming back!

    • Flip

      Me too! Those stories were amazing. The new head writers are proteges of Jim Reilly, the man who wrote the possession and serial killer stories, so I am looking forward to what they bring to the show.

      • Pat

        Sami and Rafe are great. Love Deidre Hall too but she’s always crying and that gets annoying

      • Craine

        It only happens after they grow to a certian length. I try to keep them short because I don’t like when they grow up and start curling. The way they grow has nothing to do with the products I recommend. My nails grow that way because of my nail bed.

  • Brian Frons

    Days continues to thrive? Record low ratings set each week is thriving? Soaps are over especially DAYS. Rehiring Ms. Hall will not stop the bleeding.

    • Flip

      Yes it. I’m just one of many Dee fans who will return to watching Days when she returns.

  • Kiki

    NBC is reviving Search for Tomorrow next spring. Santa Barbara will follow next summer. Another World will not be returning due to lack of interest.

    • Brenda


      • mary schiemann

        Search for Tomorrow . . . Joanne Baron’s Motorhaven – talk about showing my age!

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