First 'Jersey Shore' Italy photos are works of art -- EXCLUSIVE



Must see. With MTV’s Jersey Shore set to invade Italy this summer (Aug. 4, to be exact), the network is launching four new on-air promos that capture the Jersey meets Europe renaissance. Briefly glimpsed are these examples of high art meets GTL culture, with the Shore crew gleefully defacing the European masters. Here’s the online exclusive images and promos below (my favorite: Mona Lisa Snooki):








And here’s the images in context in these quickie promos:

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  • Junior G.

    Wow. Just wow.

    • Me

      or just Jwow?

      • duuuuuuude

        burn lol

      • sarah


  • Mr. Holloway

    Whatever you think of “Jersey Shore” itself, these are actually kind of fantastic.

    I’m ashamed that I didn’t immediately see what was different about the duck phone gondola painting.

    • tracy bluth

      If it makes you feel better I didn’t immediately see it either (and am also ashamed)

    • Woot

      WOW I didn’t see it either. I feel really dumb. I just visited Florence (days before they arrived) so I kind of want to watch just to see…

  • Annabelle

    WOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW that is a damn shame

  • really?

    Mtv is completely trailer trash bs. Placing these pathetic no talent losers in works of art? What next? Snooki at the last supper? Tasteless, moronic, lame crap

    • miles

      Good idea, send it in to MTV, get a job in promotions and get rich.

    • Louise

      I agree with you, really?, 100%.

  • Daily

    No…just no.

    And I’m a Jersey Shore fan.

  • Aiden

    I’m currently studying Italian art right now so I just learned the relevance and genius of all of these artworks. Having it modified like this a la Jersey Shore….I’m cringing right now.

    • ks

      I know-WTH

    • @Aiden

      Agreed. Except that “modified” is too kind. More like vandalized, degraded, trashed, etc. No respect for anyone, anything. They are disgraceful and embarassing.

  • J

    This is literally throwing feces at these paintings and artists.

    • Cory

      No. Literally throwing feces at these paintings and artists would be throwing feces at these paintings and artists.

      • K


      • trusty

        Thank you for pointing this out….after reading what J said was ‘literally’ happening, my head literally exploded in frustration.

    • Steven NYC

      Historic works of art with feces on them, especially if the works are God-related, are praised by the libtards.

    • steph

      No, it’s a parody. And kind of clever. And I’m not a Jersey Shore fan. Lighten up, it’s just TV!

      • Jake

        I haven’t watched MTV since the early 80’s so I really don’t undersand the Jersey Shore fascination, but I just don’t see the issue with this. Steph is right: relax, it’s just parody.

  • Pinchy PcPunam

    Hey, awesome,EW! Thanks for helping me root for the next incoming meteor! Woo hoo!

  • brian

    I wonder if they can even spell “art”

  • carlo1775

    This is disgrazia! Blame the liberal MTV producers that are shovelling this S&%T down our throats. Another example how liberals savage Western culture.

    • trusty

      “Liberals”….you’re a moron.

      • googs

        There is nothing “proper” about liberals, therefore, there is no need to capitalize the word.

      • Steven NYC

        Ah, more liberal (libtard) tolerance.

    • Shannon

      If Conservatives were in charge, we’d still be treated to such cultural masterpieces as “Leave it to Beaver” and “The Honeymooners”, where a man threatened to beat his wife every week to the delight of audiences across the nation. I’ve watched one episode of the crap that is The Jersey Shore, but don’t blame Liberals for something that is pure business. If people didn’t watch that garbage, it would be canceled in a minute. You’d think Conservatives would understand big business by now…

      • really

        This has absolutely nothing to do with politics. Why are people trying to make it political?

    • b.mclane

      No one is forcing or shoveling anything down your throat. Just cause its not your cup of tea doesn’t mean others can’t get a laugh out of it. Lighten up and turn the channel.

  • Antonio

    che schifo!

  • Jennifer

    Oh big dmn deal. These are funny, and totally innocent! I think the show is rubbish and filth and I don’t watch it…but come on. The media thinks their behavior is okay to put on tv, they think it’s okay to to do filthy things to portraits of Jesus & Saints, but this is supposed to be vulgar? Really?

    • muhammedx

      Right on Jennifer, if no one watched this trash, it wouldn’t be on TV. Bottom line MTV is out to make money off fools and idiots. As long as fools and idiots line up for these clowns, they will be front and center. This is far from vulgar, it’s just par for the course at MTV.

      • @x

        You almost got it right. “Vulgar” and “MTV” are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they go hand in hand. So, actually IT IS vulgar, AND it’s just par for the course at MTV.

  • Willis Garbone

    Well why the h ell does everyone who watches this crap keep watching it? There’s your problem. The fact that a culturally fecal network’s show is so widely viewed. How is THAT solved? This painting thing is expected, expected from me anyway. No shock! Stop watching this crapola and it’ll be cancelled. But until the average American TV viewer can re-learn about real talent, good taste, class, etc., then trash will continue to rule the airwaves.

  • John


    • Cory

      This is the Inside TV blog on the Entertainment Weekly website, dumbass.

    • K

      lol you *do* know you are on the Entertainment Weekly website right..?

  • John


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