'Torchwood: Miracle Day' premieres strong in ratings


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Solid start for Starz’ Torchwood: Miracle Day: The new international version of the UK hit opened to 1.5 million viewers on Friday night across two airings. Through the full weekend, Miracle pulled down 2 million viewers, a good number for a Starz series. The numbers match the debut of Camelot, which, yes, was cancelled, but before that it was the network’s highest-rated series premiere to date. For more, here’s Ken Tucker’s favorable review of the show.

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  • Matt

    Deserved to be shown in the UK first, where it gets much much higher ratings.

    • Simon Jester

      When the BBC ponies up more cash than Starz, then they can show it first.

      • Tia

        I totally agree Simon Jester

    • Carlos

      I watched the series last night and I enjoyed it. I found out, the main character is gay in real life. He’s so hot!!! Gays seem to be all over television as they are in real life.

  • Jean in Santa Rosa

    @Matt – Starz paid a lot of $ to get this made…w/o that, there would be no TW:MD

  • Jeremy W.

    Thanks to the spat between Starz and Netflix, it’s at least 90 days before it’s available for instant download viewing. Their partnership worked so well for Spartacus…

    • World-Traveler

      I was able to watch it on Netflix’ Starz Play on Friday night.

    • Joel

      Episode one has been on Starz website for free. Check it out and see if it’s still there. Other than that, check the listings. When It’s airing live on Starz, you should be able to stream in live on Netflix Starz Play like World-Traveler said. Not as convenient but well worth it.

  • Matt

    @Jean – there would have been another series, the BBC did finance the first 3 series (2 of which were bigger than Miracle Day) by itself.

    Even so, it is a British show, and should be shown in Britain first.

    • Tom

      If the Brits had cared about it – they would not have needed Starz to pay to get it produced. Maybe next time they won’t be so cheap

    • Flip

      Oh boo hoo! How many times did we in North America have to wait MONTHS for new Doctor Who? It’s about time we got something first!

      • Sarah

        Matt I live in the UK but stop being so annoyed by this. Its 6 days, so America do not get to watch more than one episode at a time before the UK. Have some patience.

  • Terry

    @Matt Torhwood is airing simultaneously on the BBC as well. Just go to the BBC website for the show. Starz did save this show, the BBC had no plans to produce more after the 5 part Children of Earth, to expensive. That’s why they went looking for outside investors. Plus the ratings weren’t that great, kept dwindling with each new series. The ratings however were excellent for BBCAmerica.

    • Rebecca

      The ratings didn’t dwindled with each series. The ratings constantly went up. That is why Torchwood moved from BBC3 to BBC2 and then BBC1 for Children of Earth. Torchwood isn’t being shown at the same time as the BBC it hasn’t aired in the UK yet. It is on this Thursday.

      • Lisa

        Budget went down with each series the same goes with Dr Who. The ratings can be stellar but BBC wasn’t getting increased tax payer funding to produce more Torchwood/Dr Who that’s why Torchwood was only 5 episodes for season 3 and why 2009 or 2010 for Dr Who was just specials.

    • Julie

      @Terry – BBC did not get this simultaneously. They posted that Starz had world premier rights and the first available time to show it was Thursday of this week for the UK audience.

  • KB/KT Grant

    I will watch Barrowman in anything. Awesome first episode.

    • Carlos

      Barrowman is gay in real life with a male partner. He’s is one fine hot Brit. I would date him in a hot second.

      • HT Bands

        He is all of those things except British!

      • Rebecca

        He is British. He was born in Scotland and actually speaks naturally with a Scottish accent around his family

      • learnyourgeography

        @Rebecca, How dumb are you to claim he is British, then say he is from Scotland and speaks Scottish? These are two distinct countries that do not want to be confused with each other, hence the centuries of past battles between these two countries.

      • Pauliert

        Hate to disagree geography person, but I think you will find that ENGLAND and Scotland are two distinct countries that share a border. Great BRITAIN is made up of England, Scotland and Wales – add in Northern Ireland and you get the UK. Thus, someone born in Scotland is Scottish and a Brit. However, most Scottish people seem to prefer the former.

      • learnyourgeography

        You are also incorrect. To be called British when you are from Scotland is an insult. Worse still by your logic, the (stolen) country of Northern Ireland is full of British people, instead of the Irish people that are actually there. I know some people who have very strong feelings regarding that issue. The English people like it when you call us all British, it shows their supposed dominance over the Scottish, Welch, and Irish. So keep on spreading the lies.

      • Pauliert

        Not gonna get into an argument, but you need to start differentiating preferences from facts.

  • darclyte

    Love Torchwood! Can someone make a movie where John Barrowman, Tom Cruise, and Peter Facinelli play brothers? There is a good resemblance between the three of them.

  • Emily

    I can honestly say that I only subscribed to Starz on Friday morning just for Torchwood.

    • Maddy

      I did the same thing!

  • Kelson

    I started watching Torchwood: Miracle Day and actually turned it off after about 40 minutes. Terrible acting and preposterous and overdone premise.

  • Lisa

    I agree with some terrible acting but the premise seemed unusual to me.

  • Little Bunny Foo-Foo

    I love all these U.K vs U.S.A tiffs this is causing.

  • stickittotheman

    Great “bow” even though “bow” makes no sense to me when referring to an opening. Witty and damn interesting. Waaaay better than The Event.

  • Brock

    Loved Torchwood! Can’t believe it has taken me this long to get into it.

  • Pogi

    Ok….I am really really really confused right now! So I just saw HP Pt. 2 at the midnight showing last night and saw a preview for this….and today when I was looking on my On Demand I saw this and remembered that it looked kind of interesting. So I watched the whole first episode of “Miracle Day” actually liking it a not. So now that I saw something about this….it was like…it’s the 4th season. I am so confused! To me it felt like a pretty solid “pilot” episode, but am I wrong? I’m not sure if this is a British crossover version…or if it’s an actual 4th season. I saw a clip on IMDB for season 3 ep. 1….but it didn’t help cause they were all British. Can someone help? I don’t want to keep watching this show if I need to catch up on previous episodes.

    • Kiwi

      THere were three seasons before this one done by BBC. This is the first one that BBC and Starz paid for together and realizing that most Americans have not watched the first three they wrote it so you did not have to have any knowledge of the previous seasons. You can just start now from the first episode and be fine. So enjoy! :)

    • Bocanot

      Relax. You don’t have to watch the previous episodes. This is written so that newbies can still understand enjoy. Start with the last series, Torchwood: Children of Earth which is actually quite brilliant and the premise is just as intriguing. Then start at Episode 1 of year 1 and up from there. After you are done with that, start with Dr Who from 5 years ago when Russell T Davies brought it back. (Captain Jack develops from a character in the Dr Who series).

  • MaddPoettDyer

    What’s with all the arguing? Can’t we all get along? It’s a great TV show and Russel T. Davies is an awesome writer. Kind of miss his Doctor Who stint. But anyway being an American I honestly beleive that the BBCAmerica brings us some of the best programming on television today. SyFy redid Being Human(which didn’t need to be done) and History has their own version of Top Gear(which didn’t need to be done also but it’s actually not that bad). Kind of wish we could get more BBC programming over here somehow!!!! Keep up the great work BBC and thanks for reviving the Doctor and bringing us Capt. Jack Harkness. Also does anybody know what kind of coat he is wearing and the year it’s from. I want to get myself one!!!

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