'True Blood': Alan Ball and Charlaine Harris discuss Sunday's shocking death of [SPOILER] -- EXCLUSIVE

SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched this week’s True Blood… Okay, now let’s continue. This past Sunday’s episode concluded with Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) sucking the life out of Claudine (Lara Pulver), Sookie’s fairy godmother. The twist surprised many fans of Charlaine Harris’ book series, because Claudine doesn’t bite the dust until much later in the novels. Executive producer Alan Ball tells EW that just because Sookie’s mentor is gone doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of the fairy world. “After everything that was going on with the fairies in the first episode, I think we wanted to sort of put a pin in that, but obviously it’s not over,” says Ball. “I felt it would have more impact if it was someone we knew as opposed to just a random fairy.”

It’s also another example of Blood diverging from its source material, like keeping Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) alive and introducing the original character of Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll). Says Ball, “If we did just do everything in the books, there would be no surprises. It’s not like we have a formula for what we’re going to keep from the books and what we’re going to change. If there’s a consensus that something makes sense, that’s usually the way we go.” For her part, Harris says she “was surprised” by the death of Claudine, but trusts in Ball and where he takes the stories. Says the author, “If he can be gracious to me, I can certainly be gracious enough to wait and see where he’s going.”

This week’s episode also saw the horrific scene of Jason Stackhouse being raped by the women of Hot Shot, something my colleague Mandi Bierly referred to in her recap as one of the series most disturbing moments. “Well of course it’s twisted — Hot Shot is twisted,” says Ball. “They’re crazy inbred freaks. They call each other Uncle Daddy! Hello! It’s a twisted world.”

No doubt this season of True Blood will hold even more surprises, but Ball gave EW a tease of what to expect. “It gets ugly between the vampires and the witches,” says Ball. “There’s more than one fight coming up. There’s also a very unexpected romantic attachment which you’ll start to see the beginnings of I believe in next week’s episode. We’re gonna find out a lot about Jesus’ magic that’s in his family. We’re gonna get to the bottom of what’s going on with Arlene’s baby.”

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  • commentor

    …and the creepy doll????

    • Marie

      Yes! That creepy doll! I’m thinking it may have something to do with Rene, since the baby is now with Arlene’s baby.

      • Shellibelli

        the doll is lame, ball insisted last season nothing was up with the doll. And now since soo many people though it meant something NOW it means something Please.

        this show only goes for the shock value anymore, I watch it simply for Eric, thats the one good thing about this show anymore.

      • Valley Girl

        Less doll, more Eric and Pam, please!

      • Phil

        @Shellibelli Give it a rest! You’re comment is totally off base. Alan Ball talks about getting to the bottom of what’s going on with Alene’s baby at the very end of the article. He doesn’t even mention the doll at all. You need to stop complaining about things that are unrelated to this article just because someone makes a comment. You don’t have a valid point, your comment is irrelevant and you are annoying! Based on the over all stupidity of your comment it’s obvious you don’t have any idea what is significant to the storyline so just keep drooling over Eric and leave the discussion to the adults. Thanks!

      • SLB

        No, the comment isn’t totally off base. There shouldn’t be anything going on with Arlene’s stupid baby. Rene didn’t have magical powers. It’s obvious you know nothing about the books. I totally agree that it seems like Ball is totally going for shock value over storyline.

      • 12ag

        As far as Arlenes Baby, no Rene was not magical (as far as we know) but Arlene did use magic to “See if the baby was meant to come into the world, and kill it if it was not.”
        Maybe something went wrong with the spell, maybe the spell was never meant to kill the baby if it was evil, that was Arlene’s interpretation, but perhaps the evil baby was mean’t to be. But now has magic due to being soaked in it in the spell.

        So if anything evil and magical is up with the baby, my money is on the fault being Arlene and the Wicken’s for casting spells. Magic is not a toy.

      • TBG

        SLB: It doesn’t matter if someone does not know the books. The article cleary says so.

    • Little Bunny Foo-Foo

      Yeah, that doll I HATE it!

  • Soup

    I have read all of the books and like them and I have absolutely no problem with this death…I have all kinds of problems with the Hot Shot storyline but that doesn’t have anything to do with differences from the book or Alan Ball’s story telling. Poor Jason!

    • Alex

      The Jason rape scene was mega creepy. I don’t enjoy that storyline at all. And frankly the writers are being very stingy with the Eric/Sookie storyline which ppl have been waiting for to the point where it doesn’t make it worthwhile to watch live. 2 short Eric/Sookie scenes don’t make up for all the boring scenes about Arlene’s baby, a haunted doll & Andy’s addiction or the creepy Hot Shot storyline. If they don’t start doing more stuff with Eric and Sookie then I am going to stop watching live and just store them up on the dvr for a few weeks to ff’d thru several episodes at a time.

      • Cat

        OK then you just go right ahead and record them if you’re so upset, quit being a B*#ch !!

      • w

        Sheesh Cat, no need to get mean. Alex was just stating an opinion. You can watch the episodes live if you want. Doesn’t mean everyone else has to. I like to save them up because it means more True Blood at one time.

      • Melokesm

        I haven’t read the books, so I have no expectations for this season. I also think it is rather boring and find myself fast forwarding through parts. I can’t seem to put my finger on what is missing.

      • liz

        Youare sooo right! Everyone has been waiting for Eric to lose his memory and now that storyline is taking up about 5 minutes of an episode! Lets lose half the other useless boring of shoots and get back to the main characters.

      • SLB

        I have read the books and i agree with Alex. I hate the Andy is addicted to V, that Hot Shot is a bunch of filthy meth dealers, Arlene’s stupid baby, and i wish Sam’s stupid white trash family would just be written out already. I don’t need to be “surprised”. I read the books i want the books to come to life. Not have a bunch of storylines that are just idiotic. It was nice to see some things changed from the books, but now it’s just getting ridiculous.

      • K

        I can’t record and wait to watch – everyone at work is always talking about the show.

        The only thing I’ve really disliked about the TV show vs. books is Calvin’s character. I think Calvin as written in the books would add so much more interest…

      • Carla

        As a rape survivor with issues, I had more that the usual ‘ick’ response to what happened to Jason this week. I also don’t expect the world to be insulated and carpeted for my protection, and I know that the story parallels what happens to Jason in the novels. I look forward to the character becoming more than a dumb redneck jock token.

      • beebeedoo

        I, personally, think it’s better to watch a bunch of DVR’d episodes; it takes the frustration out of waiting for the next one! I did this for a few seasonal shows just to see if I’d like to continue watching them. Do it!

    • AcaseofGeo

      Yeah but WHY did he suck her to death? Aren’t you supposed to just suck a little?

      • deedee

        they can’t help themselves with fairies

      • pam

        because he forgot everything he knew about fairies, and didn’t know why she tasted so good that he couldn’t stop

      • M

        Because she tasted soooo nummy

      • Carla

        Fairies are to vampires as catnip is to cats. Also, Eric has lost his memory, and therefore the little bit of self control he might have had. In this universe, Sookie is in more than just a little bit of danger.

      • Amber

        Eric, having lost his memory, probably doesn’t realize how things have changed since the big reveal, and therefore thinks he can drink people to death like he used to in the old days. I don’t really know how much of his memory he has lost. Indications point to not all of it, since he seemed to recognize the spirit acting through Marnie. Sookie probably needs to sit him down and explain to him the way things are now. Otherwise, as Pam stated, Bill would have plenty of excuses to assassinate Eric. Not that he needs any valid excuses, since he hates him.

    • T

      I agree, although the death was unexpected and made me a little sad because I wanted to see the relationship with Claudine and Sookie, I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I also agree that I hate what they have done with the Hotshot people. Yes they are inbred and backwood people, but they are not that bad. I respect that they are making a show that is seperate from the books, I am just sad that the Hotshot people have been diminished to freaks, drug addicts and rapists.

    • Juanita

      shane and suzi brow – She has become a bufetiaul woman, just like her mother. It looks like you could not have not asked for a more perfect day. I am so happy for you and your growing family. Lots of love Shane and Suzi

  • A

    “The twist surprised many fans of Charlaine Harris’ book series…”

    Really? You’re expecting them to follow the books NOW? So much has changed, they barely resemble the books anymore.

    • SLB

      Exactly. Wasn’t surprised at all. There’s pretty much nothing in the story that’s like the books anymore. I was hoping this meant the end to the whole stupid fairy/troll story.

    • Katie

      I frankly was glad they killed her off. They completely botched the casting. The sooner the fairy story is gone the better. Alan Ball is ruining this series.

  • crispy

    I hope they resolve Arlene’s baby quickly. That storyline is obnoxious (much as I love Terry).

    • Nicotine


      The show never puts more than five minutes into that particular storyline per episode in the first three and it’s obnoxious?
      I could understand if it were taking over as the main story, but it’s not. Not by far.
      I think some people just have to complain about something. Just sit back, watch and stop complaining about the things you can’t change.

      • crispy

        ::rolls eyes::
        Yes, seriously. But it’s not like I’m having a meltdown over it. My comment was fairly mild as internet comments go.

      • ‘Lish

        @Nicotine- I totally agree. Just watch the show, enjoy what you want to, and stop whining.

      • ME

        1000% sure that Arlene’s (Rene’s)baby died with that horrible bloody bloody miscarriage and the evil baby came from that conjuring in the woods. If not then they really need to move on and even if so they really need to move on.

  • Diogo

    Well, I love the books, but I also love the way Ball changes them in order to make such an awesome TV show!

    • summerbug

      I agree, but I wish he’d drop Tara. She is so annoying and a horrible actor.

      • skinsgirl

        I totally agree with you. I wish she was limited in the show like she is in the books

      • chase

        @summberbug N skinsgirl.. I totally disagree. Love Tara, she’s a great actress and it shows in her portrayal of the character.

      • CrackedBlackPepper

        Tara is annoying. Actress too.

      • Denise

        Why does everyone hate on Tara. She is drop dead beautiful, very good actress and a vital character to the series. You trolls are annoying. ;(

      • Alex

        I have to agree, I am sick and tired of Tara and her drama. I have been since season 1. She is a background player and should stay that way. The baby nonsense and the doll is just to get ppl to talk. I am sick of Arlene and her bad parenting. I am sick of the Hotshot “Ghost Daddy” nonsense and I am also tired of the writers moving soo far from the storyline. There is a reason they chose this book series, because its awesome, so lets try to stay true to it a bit more. :)

      • Sharlie Cheen

        Get rid of Tara. She is the only one doing sex scenes with her clothes on. Everyone else has shown at least backside. And her character is always pissed off and irritating. Grease her.

      • SLB

        I’d rather them get rid of Tommy. At least Tara was a relevant character in the book. They can get rid of Arlene’s baby too.

    • Jimmy

      I do think some of the changes have hurt the storyline. The books have many faults but some of the changes have actually made the plots make less sense imho. Also the maenad storyline got dragged out until we were all begging for it to be over whereas in the book its barely a footnote.

  • miss k

    That doll scares the crap out of me. Like I forget I’m watching True Blood and I think it’s a freakin horror movie.

    • lta

      It looks like a scorched version of Talking Tina…

      • Bee

        I love you for that reference! That thing scared the crap outta me!

      • badjuju813

        And I thought I was the only one that still had nightmares about Talking Tina. LOL

  • krash

    That was shocking? I couldn’t even remember someone dying until you said who. Some character who’s barely been on the show long enough to have a cup of coffee. I’ve been more shocked by deaths of red-shirt Star Trek crew.

    • sarah d


    • kate middleton

      I couldn’t remember who died either. Nothing really shocking – Claudine was in like 2 episodes for maybe 7 minutes of screen time total.

      • me

        I believe what is meant by the death being “shocking” is that according to the books she should have been around for a few more seasons.

      • IBF

        He said it was shocking to fans of the books, not just fans of the series. In the books, Claudine was a very big character.

      • Denise

        And her brother Claude.

      • kate middleton

        Yes, I know. I have read all the books. But True Blood is very different from the books, I don’t see how anything could be shocking to viewers who have read the books – unless one of the main characters died or something.

      • Amelia

        It wasn’t shocking to the fans of the books. His Claudine wasn’t the same character as the one in the books. That awful lame character just shared her name. I’m glad they killed her off. I’m only sorry they didn’t kill that whole storyline and day walking with her.

      • Amelia

        OR, Kate, if there was a story line or character who was recognizable! LOL!

    • Alex

      I agree, Claudine was so lame on the show as opposed to how she is written. The actress chosen was also a bad casting move. Good riddance!! Bring on Claude and his fine fae self!!

      • SLB

        You’re forgetting. They turn into trolls now. What purpose that has, i have no idea.

    • Fridge

      Glad I wasn’t the only one. I was trying to remember who had died and when I read that it was Claudine I just kind of shrugged. Whatever. I know the book fans get all up in arms when Ball deviates from the source material, but you read from the man himself, it would be boring to follow the book exactly. There wouldn’t be any surprises. I had been thinking about reading the books, but the hardcore book fans scare me off a bit. Chill, it’s just a TV show.

      • Cali

        @Fridge – Don’t be discouraged from reading the books. I’ve read the first 9 in the last 6 weeks…they are fun, entertaining, and easy to read. There are quite a number of differences between the show and the books, but most of them have been done well. I think you will enjoy them.

  • Ash

    My only issue with this death is that there is an entire book that revolved around Claudine’s lover trying to kill Sookie because Claudine died while protecting her during hte Fae wars. Whatever though it’s a different series and they probably won’t even really have anything like that happen. What about Claude!

    • kate middleton

      They’ll probably wrap up the show before they get to that book. I think the actors are all signed on for 7 seasons, so I imagine they plan to wrap up the series then. I guess they could re-up. But, I’m sure they are going to get more and more off course from the books as the seasons progress. Plus the last few books have been really bad, IMO.

    • Strepsi

      Seriously! What about that fairy SEXY, FUNNY, SUPERMODEL, GAY CLAUDE?

      We better see that hot S.O.B.

      • Patricia

        We’ve already seen Claude — he helped Sookie get out of the fae world in the first 6 minutes of the season — we just didn’t see him in his human form.

      • Alex

        What about Quinn?? I cannot wait to see who they cast, I am totally for Dominic Purcell from Prison Break, I could totally see him playing Quinn.

        What about no one mentioning that the Queen was killed?? There is a whole book about her marrying and going to the convention and taking Sookie. Also that is where Sookie and Eric are “married”. What’s up with killing off one of the BETTER characters on the show? Evan Rachel Wood was fantastic as Queen Sofie. I was sorry to see her go, her and the magister always made for an excellent episode.

        PLEASE PLEASE bring back Russell!! Dennis O’Hare is genius as the King. He is funny and passionate and i cannot wait to see what he does when he digs his way out of the cement!!

      • cregis

        Didn’t Russell in the cement really feel like a soap opera, such as Days of Our Lives where the evil characters are constantly dying and coming back from the dead, not that mind that.

  • Doctor Who Fan

    What I don’t like about the death is that I don’t feel it accomplished anything. It seems it was just for the sake of keeping the death count up. Unless this death as an effect besides shocking the book fans then it was a waste of a character. If they want to kill they should off Sam’s brother, Tara and Hoyts mom.

    • Amelia

      I believe it will have an effect in the next episode or two.

  • summerbug

    I don’t mind a little stray from the books, but I wish Tara would die off. She is a horrible actress and a waste of time from the other characters.

    • Tarafic

      Uh ok summerbug we get it. You hate Tara. You don’t have to keep posting it over and over. Some of us like Tara and the actress that plays her and find your obsessive harping against her creepy.

      • TBG

        summerbug is no worse then eric fans going on and on about his lack of screen time.. everyone is allowed to express their opinion. as many times as they want. Likewise you are allowed to ignore what they write…

  • Kate

    I was surprised, but not shocked by Claudine’s death (afterall, the fairy war seems to be pretty active and that didn’t really start until a few books later anyway) and Claude is really more a factor in Sookie’s everyday life. I also appreciate some of the things that are going differently that the books (I am keeping my fingers crossed that there is no Quinn, that was a useless storyline, and that Sam and Sookie can move to the best friend roles they have in their lives in the books now quickly). I also like that Tara is a real character on the show and not just this random friend (but, I also really liked Amelia and hope she comes into the picture somehow because in the books at least, she feels the most like Sookie’s only real friend who doesn’t want something from her (even if she messed up and Sookie is mad at her right now – it was done with good intentions).

    • Amy

      I want to see Quinn. I liked that Sookie did date someone who wasn’t a vampire!

      • MCS

        Yes, three suitors for Sookie isn’t enough!

      • cregis

        Yeah, he’s just a tiger.

    • Zoe

      Agreed. No Quinn. There are enough guys on this show already to fawn over Sookie, and Quinn never appealed to me in the books. But yes, I’d love to see Amelia too–as well as the “cat”!

      • Denise

        From the books I’ve imagined Quinn to look like a baldheaded Mr. Clean with M.C. Hammer pants on,lol.

      • kate middleton

        Supposedly Charlaine Harris pictured Vin Diesel when creating Quinn. I agree it was a useless storyline – not needed in True Blood. I’d much prefer there be more Alcide.

  • red

    Says Ball, “If we did just do everything in the books, there would be no surprises. It’s not like we have a formula for what we’re going to keep from the books and what we’re going to change. If there’s a consensus that something makes sense, that’s usually the way we go.”

    I think anyone who has seen other shows based on books, such as Game of Thrones, knows that sticking closely to the books, doesn’t cause the show to lack any surprise. I sometimes feel like AB gives this common comment to just tell book fans some BS. Regardless, I still enjoy the show, I’d just rather he’d come up with some new reason why he deviates from the books on some stuff, other then ‘surprises’.

    • yes

      Thats so true, Games of Thrones is really good, so many people love it and it doesn´t get so match criticism from fans, because they stay close to the books and make it really good;
      I don´t like what they made with the Hotshot storyline in True blood, I liked it in the books but in the show its just meh…

      • Amy

        I like the Hotshot in the books better too. And Calvin!

    • crispy

      Massive difference. For starters, Game of Thrones is based on a series of books that intricately plotted, highly detailed, and well written. The Sookie Stackhouse books actually kinda suck to be honest. And truth be told, I love the Game of Thrones show, but I really do envy the people who don’t know what’s about to happen.

      • Lauri

        I LOVE Game of Thrones! I’ve never read the books and I’m seriously considering waiting to read them until the show is no longer around, just so it doesn’t spoil the suspense and the experience for me.

      • yes

        The sookie stackhouse novels are better than the show, mainly because there are not like 15 storylines…who cares for arlenes pbaby

  • K8

    I don’t have a problem with the death but I just wish this season was better. They hyped it up like this season was going to be amazing but the characters are annoying and the plot uninteresting, you figure between the two of them they could do better.

  • AM

    Anyone who is still complaining about the the show not following the books needs to get over it. I’ve read ALL the books and the thing I like most about the show is that you kind of know what’s going to happen…until you don’t. And there are TONS of things that are in this season that aren’t in the book- like Bill being made King. But it has created some interesting new dynamics for the character – who for us who have read the books knows kind of looses relevance after he and Sookie break up in the books.

    • Denise

      Here Here….applause!

    • yawn

      That would be the point. Not everyone cares about whether or not Bill is relevant, most would rather he wasn’t. But AB-vision has other plans that differ from the wishes of the viewing public.

      • yawning too

        I know as many people who like Bill as I know people who like Eric. If you want all Eric all the time – stick with the books

    • marce

      I’m sorry I read the books and I loved Bill, and I am very happy AB has made him relevant.
      And I agree with crispy when she said there is a massive difference between the well written Game of Thrones books and the Sookie Stackhouse books.

    • Bea

      I agree and disagree. While I enjoying some of the character development Ball has added, ie: Bill becoming King/his links with the Authority; I HATE, and have always hated what Ball did to Hotshot. He always has to crank it up a few crazy levels when it’s not necessary. I always find myself wondering if people from the south find his portrayal of Southeners offensive… He paints with a very broad brush, like everyone from Hotshot is a crazy drug-addled hillbilly, all the weres are bikers and all the vamps dress in black/leather. Whereas in the books depth is added to these groups by giving them personality, making some of these people the ones you would never suspect to have a secret… I liked that. But I do love some of his changes, like Lafayette and Jessica, Hoyt, Tara (most of the time – give the girl a break!), Sam with Tara, Nan…etc. It only bugs me when he changes interesting book characters into trivial versions for the show (ie Calvin & Sophie Anne).

      • SLB

        Couldn’t have said it any better.

      • dntbstpd1

        As a southerner, no I am not offended by the portrayal of hot shot because the people in Hot Shot do not represent southerners….They are ALL southerners, lol. Sookie, Sam, everyone in Hot Shot, Jason, Tara, etc….Hot Shot is being portrayed as the ‘boonies’. That’s what we call it here in TN. The boonies (extremely rural backwoods areas) are known to be where a lot of meth labs exist because it is outside of the view of most law enforcement. Most rural areas in the south depend on State Troopers and county sherrifs and such so they don’t often have a huge presence. I think Hot Shot is being portrayed pretty accurately for what it is, but Hot Shot does not equal the ‘South’, only a small sub-section of the South.

    • Cali

      I agree with everything, except the Hotshot storyline. It is much better in the books and is just plain creepy & nasty on the show.

  • Amy

    Did anyone else catch that “a very unexpected romantic attachment which you’ll start to see the beginnings of I believe in next week’s episode” remark? Hmm who will it be?

    • PK

      I hope it’s Pam and Jessica. Meeeowwww.

      • Brad

        Seems more like Pam and Tara. She was giving her the eye while Tara was holding that gun. When she threatened to in her words Eat, F%&k and kill those three in that order, which one did you think she was going to F$#k?

    • Jess

      I caught that to! I have no idea but “very unexpected” to me would be Pam or Andy but with the way the show is surprising me – it could be anyone!

    • Joey CR

      I think it’s Pam and Tara. Tara’s sort of “filling in” as the bisexual best friend character since there’s no Amelia, so I bet she’ll take over the storyline in which Amelia dated Pam. Also, did you see her smirk when Pam said she would f— all three of them?

    • Teresa Robinson

      it’s Jason and Jessica

      • yani

        i agree, it’s Jason and Jessica. The synopsis of episode 7 to 10 is posted at spoiler tv, read to confirm this “unexpected romantic attachment.

    • M.

      I’d really like to know who the new couple is.Tara and Pam?Don’t think so.Tara is in a very supernatural-hating mood,she wouldn’t date a vampire,and I really don’t see Pam…dating anyone.She doesn’t seem the kind who gets emotionally attached to anyone but her maker,and that’s one of the reasons why I like her.My guess?Tommy and Jessica.Tommy and Pam are the only single characters (I know Eric and Sookie aren’t a couple,but AB made it clear that this is their season),Tommy has already shown interest in Jessica and things with Hoyt are very,very bad.

      • Sharlie Cheen

        Agreed M. Pam is the only vampire on the show behaving like most people’s perception of a vampire. She would have been beleivable in “John Carpenter’s Vampires”. Now those were some bad ass vamps.

      • Siraj

        could have saved your status upadte in their own cache, so a record of your upadte could still exist. The good news is that only the people who probably already saw your upadte when you first posted it are likely to still be able to see it later .

    • Jess

      Just took a look at tvspoilers.com and I now think it’s Andy & Holly because in the August episode recaps Jessica is still with Hoyt and Andy & Holly’s “date” is mentioned.

      • Michelle

        I thought that at first too, but look at episodes 9 and 10 regarding someone asking to be glamoured for another person’s sake. Kinda leads me to believe that something “goes down” in episode 9 and that in 10, the person is asking to be glamoured so as not to appear “guilty” to that other person. I’d say it in plainer terms but I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t read the summaries.

    • sookeh

      jason and jessica.

      • Erdal

        i’m running,running for the cityi got the new world in my view.come on yeah nonny,help me to run this holy rieutgohs placecan’t you yell then,save your calling,well he’s knockin at your door todayi got the new world in my view,on my journey i pursue.i said im running,running for the city,i got the new world in my view. king britt

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