First 'X Factor' judges photo and preview: Simon Cowell mocks 'American Idol'


Aww, don’t they look all sweet? Below is the first official judges photo from Fox’s The X Factor, with Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid and that girl from the Pussycat Dolls, as well as a video preview. Don’t be fooled, the battle lines are being drawn. Cowell’s X Factor preview just debuted during MLB All-Star Game tonight takes a swipe at Fox’s own American Idol. See what you think: Is Cowell just spoofing the idea of being nice in this? Seems to us like he’s taking a shot at his former show:

After all, X Factor is not using the Idol-style convention center room for judges auditions like in Cowell’s “Tomorrow” nightmare in the video.

And the big mandate over on Idol last season after Cowell left was for judges to act more supportive and positive.

Plus, there’s the eco-conscious car jab — Idol had its Ford product placement campaign touting hybrid cars.

Here’s the photo. Notice they all have Pepsi cups (oh, it’s so on).

alt text

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  • Chris


    • Mike

      Yes, you are gross. This show looks awesome!

      • Gray Garters

        It kinda looks and feels like “American’s Got Talent.”
        Thank God we’ve got “The Voice.”

      • X Factor Forever

        You can take those two stupid shows and shove them up your ass. The X Factor will reign supreme.

      • Vince from NYC

        Wow, these spam posts are getting better and better..

      • lydia’s future husband

        lydia, you sound wonderful. I am an unemployed, overweight, smelly single man. Will you be my sugar mama?

    • KLH

      Ooooh I miss Simon. Please lose Nicole Scherzingerzinherzingerdler.

      • NayNay

        Yes, please do get rid of her. Although, I must say I am interested in hearing her opinion of the talent because, remember, she is an artist, she is not like other people.

    • Cristina

      Travis, Travis, Travis. . . Oh I do not like being kept in suspense. I’m the one who acltaluy reads the ending of the book before I begin. Waiting until Friday is NOT going to be a good thing, Travis!! Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to patiently wait with anxious expectation.P.S. Just saw the commercial for it. Now I’m getting excited.~Cheryl

  • PJS

    As Simon’s replacement on AI said so many years ago, same old song and dance. Nothing new here.

    • Luminary21

      Sorry X Factor…. The Voice stole your thunder already, and did it without looking and sounding exactly like Idol. And personally, I’d rather be mentored by an actual platinum-selling recording artist, not a nasty, insult-hurling, non-singing “judge.”

      • Joe Strummer

        You are a wanker Luminary21. The Voice will last one more season and that’s it.

    • Mae

      Rachel brought it this time. I think JLo was prolbbay satisfied with this performance.Thia & Casey also get my vote. But what about Alyson Jados, my other favorite? We didn’t get to see/hear her sing this time and I saw her in the group standing behind Victoria.

  • darclyte

    It just shows what an a-hat he is. Without Idol, he’d be a moderately successful music exec. He wouldn’t be flying in private planes, and he certainly wouldn’t be able to have bought that Million Dollar Plus Bugatti Veyron that he’s driving in the promo. AI didn’t FIRE him, he left so he could make even MORE money by OWNING the show he was on. So, to take a shot at AI by suggesting that they’re “too nice” is classless.

    • Al

      Without him, Idol would have been s moderately successful reality show.

      • @Al

        I agree. AI helped Simon as much as Simon helped AI. Without Simon (and without Simon’s delicious chemistry with Paula), AI would not be the phenomenon it is. I bet you this will get even bigger ratings than The Voice, and will probably make AI shake in its boots.

      • Kimmie

        I couldn’t agree with both of you more. Idol would have been just another singing competition without Simon. He’s what made it so groundbreaking, and separated it from Star Search. X Factor is going to walk all over The Voice and what’s left of AI. Viewers only THINK they prefer a kinder, gentler talent search; the triumphant return of Simon will remind them what drew them to this kind of show in the first place.

      • Miso

        I just hope that they don’t overemphasize the freak show auditions that the early AI shows liked to focus on. Granted, I do appreciate a more frank and constructive evaluation of what a performer is doing or needs to do.

    • Skye Hill

      You’re an idiot. He was already living a big life prior to Idol, and Idol wasn’t making him who he is, X Factor UK (his show) was. He didn’t need Idol. Learn something before you post next time, dolt.

      • SKSU

        You don’t seem so clever yourself, Skye Hill. Simon was on American Idol before X-Factor, and on Pop Idol before AI. Don’t criticise others when you are not exactly on the mark, facts-wise.

      • Skye Hill

        He was famous in England before Pop Idol. And Pop Idol is what made him a star, so he killed that show and created X Factor so that he could make the most money off of it. Learn something before you post.

      • SKSU

        You are changing your story to suit your opinion; and you are rude to boot. You’re no Simon, after all.

      • Skye Hill

        No change at all. The notion that Simon needed American Idol to be famous is idiotic at best.

      • Skye Hill

        Oh no! I’ve soiled myself again. What am I supposed to do with all the feces?

    • Grand Jaffe

      You know what’s so great about ‘The Voice’ is the way that the coaches like Blake Shelton and Adam Levin actually CARE about their singers. That has never been true for Simon, and it looks like L.A. Reid is cut from the same snarling cloth. NASTY is so 2005…

    • XXXX


      • Edgar

        OMG did you know that when James was eliminated the rnatigs of American idol actually went up, 0.5 million more viewers watched the top 3. But after Haley was eliminated, the finale actually lost 3 million viewers from the previous week. I mean really, if either Scotty or Lauren would’ve been eliminated that wouldn’t happen because either way there is a country representant in the finale. But is Haley who actually brought up some millions of viewers.

  • cookie love

    I don’t know. I’m kind of sick of Simon’s meanness. The problem with Idol is not that the judges were “nice,” it’s that they didn’t offer constructive critique. You can do that and not be so darn nasty. I don’t find that entertaining.

  • chris j

    I can’t wait to see this show!!! It’s gonna be so much better than Idol and The Voice. I loved the dig at Idol. Yeah, they softened it too much. Time for Simon and LA Reid

    • @chris

      It’s not going to be serious at all. Just a contest to see who can be the nastiest judge (even Paula seems to be getting in on that act.) BORING>..

      • chris j

        It’s an entertainment show. It’s not supposed to be serious. If it’s anything near the British version there’s gonna be lots of humor and drama. Can’t wait! Cowell is not nasty at all. He is direct but not nasty. Especially when he mentors. He’s actually quite nice

    • Yosemite

      I don’t see how you could possibly think that this looks better than The Voice….

  • tina

    Love it, I so missed Simon on Idol this year! Looking forward to the X factor, but wish Nicole wasn’t a judge. Watching her on The Sing Off, she didn’t bring a lot of substance. Hopefully, she’ll be better here.

    • Bladder Control

      As far as judging panels go, you’re not going to get any better than Adam Levin, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton.

      • funtown

        hahahahahahahaha!!!! Really? this bunch is the best?

      • Mike

        You do realize that that wasn’t a JUDGING PANEL on The Voice, right? They were “COACHES”. They may have had interesting things to say, but it was all positive feedback and not much constructive criticism. It’s not wrong, just different than what Idol is “SUPPOSED” to do and what it appears X-Factor will do. I just don’t understand why there has to be such spite for one show over another. If you enjoy reality music competitions, you may enjoy The Voice, American Idol AND X-Factor. What’s wrong with that?

  • L

    I LOVE this!!! This show is going to be AMAZING!

  • Kevin

    No CHERYL COLE, no X Factor for Season Two. This one will FAILED with way too many singing competitions like THE SING OFF and THE VOICE which will give IDOL and X FACTOR a run for NBC’s nor Fox’s money.

    • Kevin

      Kevin, have you ever heard of “commas,” “grammar,” and just general punctuation?

      • Kevin

        Someone trying to steal my name and reply with the same name. INTERNET COMMENT THIEF!

  • bruno

    total diss to happy idol. hahaha. loved it. LOVED it. pink sweater was a nice touch.

    • kate middleton

      Yeah, I thought it was pretty hilarious. I was wondering what was going on with that sweater for a minute!

  • Pogi

    Ok, without commenting on whether or not I like the show (well…what the heck. I will watch this because I think it could be good), does anyone else think that the first two people they showed really weren’t that great of singers? I thought they were going to politely bash that first little girl…

    • yes

      she was part of the nightmare. they didn’t bash her, therefore they bashed “idol” and it’s “you’re all so special” crap

    • Skye Hill

      You really missed the point. They put on awful singers and praised them all like Idol does now. It was a nightmare.

      • Alexis

        I think the final 13 were a group of very talented singers ( with the exception of Ashton).

      • Skye Hill

        I dont care how good of a singer you are, if you have bad performances the judges job is to tell you in hopes that it will help you grow. On Idol this season they refused to do it and we ended up with the worst winner, and the worst season of Idol ever.

  • yes

    i cannot wait!!! the jabs at “idol” are priceless. i also like you can be a group, a kis, or even an older person. i also like the judges as mentors and the auditions being in front of a huge audience like it’s british counterpart. we should see if they can handle the big stage right from the beginning. i just hope we get a great entertainer AND singer from this unlike what the other shows have been delivering. i’m excited.

  • Skye Hill

    That looked awesome with the exception of Nicole. Bring back Cheryl. Loved the jabs at American Idol, which last season was a total and utter joke of a show, right on down to the cornball “winner” chosen by a throng of little baby voters.

  • sv

    Thank God for Simon. I’m aching for some cruel judging! All Randy Jackson does is say “… in it to win it!”. Some of these contestants need a reality check, on the real. September can’t come soon enough!

    • sweet caramel

      I don’t get why everyone thinks that Simon is the only person qualified to judge a music competition show. Let’s not forget that Fantasia Barrino won the year he was on. And if he was so hot, his protege Leona Lewis would still be dominating the charts right now.

      • Delon

        @sweet caramel I’ll cut that nasty tongue of yours if you don’t stop talking smack about Fantasia. Fantasia is by far the best voice and talent AI ever discovered. You are nothing. Fantasia is everything. Fantasia Forever!!!

      • tina

        Simon was there every season until Scotty won. He predicted how big Carrie Underwood would be, What’s your point?

      • sv

        I don’t think he’s the only person qualified to judge – I do think he’s one of the few that actually judges.

      • Mike

        The TV market is oversaturated with Reality Music Competitions (not complaining, just sayin)…not everyone is going to be shot into superstardom. I don’t look for Simon to give me insight on who will/won’t be a superstar. I can usually figure that out on my own. I look for Simon to entertain and say the things that we’re all thinking but others are too afraid to say on a weekly basis. Is it cruel? Maybe but the people that get through signed up for the dog and pony show and should be willing to be humiliated on LIVE TV. It’s what made Idol the success it is and people miss it.

        @Delon – To each his/her own, but I despise Fantasia too! lol

  • Frons

    I don’t think the jabs at AI were funny (and I don’t even watch the show). They were childish and immature and will grow old.

  • Adam

    Love Simon and everything but…holy self-indulgence.

    • LMFAO

      America loves crap.

      • Mike

        And we get it all from England. Go figure.

      • Lily

        @Mike…. LOL

      • Luiscarlos

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