CBS responds to homophobic comments made in 'Big Brother' house

A homophobic rant by Jeff Schroeder inside the Big Brother house is not expected to air in an upcoming telecast, but CBS opted to release a statement today in response to his remarks. (On the live feeds, Schroeder – an all-star who returned this year as part of the show’s dynamic duo twist — addresses the sexuality of Professor Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series by saying, “he’s in school with little kids! You don’t want to make that guy gay!”

“Big Brother is a reality show about watching a group of people who have no privacy 24/7 — and seeing every moment of their lives,” according to the CBS statement. “At times, the houseguests make comments, reveal prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone. Any views or opinions expressed in personal commentary by a houseguest appearing on Big Brother, either on any live feed from the house or the broadcast, are those of the individual(s) speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS or the producers of the program.”

UPDATE: The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has also responded to Schroeder’s comments on Big Brother, and to CBS’ words about the rant. Asking, “Why does CBS keep bringing him back?”, GLAAD recollects that Schroeder used anti-gay slurs back in 2009 when he appeared on the 11th season. “So what did CBS do to wash their hands of the openly anti-gay reality star? They made him a contestant on season 16 of The Amazing Race, and followed that by featuring on the CBS web series Around the World for Free in 2010. Now they’ve brought him back a third time for another chance to win Big Brother … Given his already proven track record, CBS must have expected that he would be bringing his openly anti-gay attitudes back with him. Is this the kind of drama they were hoping to see unfold? Is this the type of person they want associated with both the CBS and Big Brother brands?” CBS is not commenting on GLAAD’s words.

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  • BillyD

    I’m sure CBS absolutely LOVES this. Publicity galore!

    • crispy

      Right! I didn’t even know Big Brother was on until this happened.

      • Billie

        Me either. And now I care even less.

      • vickil03

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      • darclyte

        Jeff later apologized to Kalia and told her he was wrong and she was right. He had the chance to think about it and seemed to realize that he was wrong. I’m sure in the “blue collar” neighborhood where he grew up, calling people the “F-word” was common as is the point of view he expressed. He will be the first one to tell you that he isn’t well educated or that bright. Jeff isn’t a politician, he’s a guy on a reality game show. It’s not like he runs a clinic that believes that gay people can be cured and Jordan is an elected official and they both support a radical minister who believes that all gay people should be locked up and/or executed. Now people like THAT are of a MUCH bigger concern.

      • Lisa S

        EW is sick.
        They give this awful show free publicity.
        And they use every opportunity to promote their queer-o-sexual agenda.

      • Saran

        Lisa S is sick!

      • Jackie D

        I didn’t know BB was on the air either. Too bad nobody cares about summer TV ratings.

      • chris mclafferty

        Jeff was 100% correct. It does not make him homophobic. It means he has common sense.

    • J

      But they won’t put it on the show, because Jeff is their golden boy.

      • Michael Stone

        Right! Let’s be honest with what he is insinuating. He’s saying gay people are pedophiles.

        Last time he called Russell a F*ggot several times, and CBS has him as a spokesperson? How is that not condoning this behavior CBS? .

      • darclyte

        Jeff will be the first one to tell you that he isn’t well educated or that bright. ’m sure in the “blue collar” neighborhood where he grew up, calling people the “F-word” was common as is the point of view he expressed. Jeff later apologized to Kalia and told her he was wrong and she was right. He had the chance to think about it and seemed to realize that he was wrong. Jeff isn’t a politician, he’s a guy on a reality game show. It’s not like he runs a clinic that believes that gay people can be cured and Jordan is an elected official and they both support a radical minister who believes that all gay people should be locked up and/or executed. Now people like THAT are of a MUCH bigger concern.

    • GregR

      It is kind of a dumb thing to say. Even though Dumbledore was outed by the author J.K.Rowling, what difference does it make? It’s not like him being gay has anything to do with the story. If anything, Jeff should have said something about Harry Potter glorifying magic and witchcraft and spells, etc. The work of the devil. But nobody says anything about that. They’re fine and dandy with that, but get that homosexual out of the school.

      • MultiPass

        The work of the devil!!! LOLOLOL

      • the empress Eugénie de Montijo

        before you talk about witchcraft try and analyze the story a bit more. it is actually a lot about commentary on prejudice and hatred. though not prejudice against gays and more about the superiority and inferioty of said groups. rowling herself got insights from nazi germany in writing about voldermort and his beliefs. and harry is clearly the chris tlike figure. dumbledore however is the moral compass of the series. even though in the last book we learn about something that he did that ultimately made him choose to be good. to make all the right choices and and therefore we respect the character even more. and his sexuality is only subtly hinted in the last book when we learn about his childhood with gindlewald that jk’s announcement was of little surprise. u could tell their friendship was beyond simple admiration for one another

      • Sharlie Cheen

        How is magic and witchcraft any different than someone praying to a saint to get healed and is MIRACUOULSY healed? No difference.

      • Louis P

        LOL … you realize that magic isn’t real right? If you kids grow up and start practicing Witchcraft, then it’s your fault as the parent, not Harry Potter’s fault. I read the Hobbit as a young kid, but I didn’t go out and try to kill dragons and dance with elves. It’s a work of fiction that actually gets kids to turn off the TV and read, which is something this country desperately needs. Grow up man!

      • JaLinda W

        To Louis P., I hope my kids do grow up to practice witchcraft. I am a practicing witch myself. Yes, magik is real. Not completely like on Charmed, Buffy, Angel or Harry Potter, but it is real. And no, we don’t ride around on broomsticks. As for Jeff’s comment, I don’t agree with his comment, but America does have free speech. And his opinions don’t make him a bad person. It’s a shame people aren’t allowed to voice their opinions without being critisized. Even though I don’t agree with what he said, he & Jordan are still my faves.

      • Mike

        The Bible is full of magic.

      • tom martin

        Rachel stop saying “like” every
        other word it’s driving us

      • Hiroko

        the Marriage Equailty bill before the State Senate. With Morahan’s ionspasate help (he came out strongly against gay marriage in July), the bill was defeated 24-38. While many Democrats gave

    • Gay Agenda

      Ya know gay people are out of control! Stop trying to force this alternative lifestyle down everyone’s throat! You want it taught in schools, gay icons to be included in history books simply because they are gay. Well I am sick of it! No I don’t hate gays but I don’t want my kids exposed to men and women being intimate with their same sex! Maybe it’s natural for some but it’s not the norm and I don’t want to see so quit your whining and crying! If you didn’t blab your mouth, no one would know you were gay! So zip it!

      • Dgently

        Wow. You use so many exclamation points, you must be right.

      • Toots

        Right on Gay Agenda. You people don’t want to be judged because you’re gay, then SHUT UP about it.

      • Gray War

        Only gay people use so many exclams. Trying to deny your true feelings, closet queen?

      • Jay

        You are obviously a complete idiot! So zip it!

      • simmer down now

        Looks like you are the one bringing up this “Gay Agenda”. By the way, where can we get a copy of this? Fox News?

      • Jake D

        replace the word gay with black and reread your comments. dummies.

      • teresa

        I thought you were kidding at first. I can’t believe, in 2011, that you’re serious! Hello – you are surrounded by all kinds of different people in this world. Some gay, some not. Get over it.

      • kathy

        you are ignorant. i am a lesbian mother who has been with my partner for 12 years. we have a 16 month old baby that I gave birth to, a loving and supportive family and community, and are preparing for our second child…the fact that someone would say that gay people shouldn’t teach children is ridiculous….you just want to SPOUT your homophobic agenda, and guess what? No one cares because YOU are now the MINORITY!!!!!! And I guarantee that your kids, if you have any, are being taught by gay men and women. goodness…poor ignorant you.

      • Bruce

        And when are you going to ZIP YOURS!

      • Dar

        People would know we were gay, if we went out holding hands, kissing or any form of public affection, which even in today’s world we are not able to do for fear of people like you…we just want to be equal, and I admit there are probably a few gay people in the world that are over the top like in any minority, everyone is different and you cannot judge a group of people on the actions of 1 individual…

      • BobS

        If you were to break your fingers then no one would know you are stupid!

      • james

        @Gray War: Only lame people abbreviate words that don’t need abbreviating. Exclams? Really?

      • BobS

        Being gay is not a “lifestyle” idiot! Goth would be a chosen lifestyle. Adopting the priesthood would be choosing a life style. Being gay is not a chosen “style”. Being gay is simply a “life”. Don’t even bother to argue about gays “choosing” to be gay. You could not possibly have any idea about that unless you are gay yourself. Even saying it says more about you. Apparently your “heterosexuality” is “flexible” and you “choose” straight. That about right?

      • Adam

        I’m sick of people equating being gay with “being intimate with their same sex.” When you see your parents, do you automatically picture them having sex? No, you see two people in a loving, committed relationship. Being gay isn’t about sex any more than being straight is. And, yes, I am a straight, married male with tolerance.

      • Gay Agenda

        @Adam, I see you bought into that bull that being gay isn’t about intimacy. Yes it is! Gay people think they are pulling the wool over people’s eyes with that crap. Not me!

      • Karen Kelly

        You’re stupid! Just plain stupid! Sorry for you family because of your ignorance…

      • Gay Agenda

        I have nothing against gays; I’m just calling them out on their crap. They cry cry cry over an issue that we wouldn’t even know applied to them unless they rant and raved about it! Then the moment someone says anything less than accepting of their lifestyle, they basically break you down and harrass you (eg Tracy Morgan’s recent ‘I love gay people’ tour). I can only imagine how GLAAD would be all over this if Jeff were famous.

      • Leithen

        You say “lifestyle” as if it’s a choice. Did you choose your sexuality?

      • Gay Agenda

        @Leithen, ahhh I thought it wasn’t about sex/uality? And yes, I choose to date the opposite sex. Who you date is a choice. Pretty much everything is life is a choice!

      • Gay Agenda

        Being gay (or straight) is all about sex! That’s the one act that differentiates all of our relationships!

      • loveeyouu

        @Gay Agenda…seriously shut up!!! you don’t CHOOSE who you love, you love who you love. Why in the world would some one CHOOSE to be gay if all they are going to do is be ridiculed by small minded people like you? stop worrying about how other people live their lives and worry about yourself.

      • Gay Agenda

        I will not be silenced!!! No sir!!!! J/K. I don’t even believe the stuff I was typing. Just trying to ruffle feathers and keep EW lively! Toodles….

      • Col Sanders

        You have kids? I feel sorry for the kids…

      • JaLinda W

        Maybe if more people were open minded about gay people, then there wouldn’t be a problem & it wouldn’t be “shoved down everyone’s throats”. I have 3 boys & if any or all of them ever tell me they’re gay, I will put my arms around them & tell them how much I love them. I find there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s not like gay people are grabbing your butt every where you go are they? I don’t know why people just can’t leave other people alone. Open your minds people! Gays are no different than straights. Something I find funny is most men don’t have a problem with women kissing each other, but are sickened by two men kissing. It’s a lot better than kissing animals! Id’ rather see two men kissing over a seeing a man making out with an animal. *If I offended anyone who actually does make out with animals, I apologize. It’s just not my thing. What you do behind closed doors (as long as it’s legal) is own business.*

      • JaLinda W

        No Gay Agenda, being gay is NOT about sex. Believe it or not, there are gay people who don’t have sex. I believe any sexuality is about the connection you feel with certain people. Gays have a special connection to the same sex. Straights have a special connection with the opposite sex. Bi’s have a special connection to both sexes. True, some have a sexual connection, but that is not the case for all. Sraight or gay.

      • Lloyd

        Heterosexuals are becoming unnecessary. Gays, who are obviously superior in every way, can breed thanks to science (not the mythology that is religion). So now the world can really start to improve.

      • c

        You seem to be an ignorant and hateful person.

      • Valery Savage

        I am so sick of everyone having to be politically correct . I have nothing against gay people but some people do. What gives a certain group the right to to bash someone because they don’t like what they say? CBS isn’t responsible for what a reality star might say. It is not a scripted show so they don’t tell them what to say. I love Jeff and I am not going to stop because he might offend some people. I believe everyone has a right to believe the way they want to. No one jumps on a gay person when they say something derogatory about another group of people. I have heard Lawon criticize plenty of people in the house. He thinks Jordan is stupid because of where she is from. You don’t see everyone from the south wanting CBS to comment on this. All I can say is “to each his own).

    • Jim

      Oh yes, CBS LOVES homophobic Jeff. Last time he had a homophobic rant, they put him on Amazing Race. What’s your next plan CBS? Jeff on Survivor? Let’s put him on the show with Russell (wouldn’t they make a lovely pair).

    • lashante’

      I’m not going to watch it anyway! It’s not interesting to me anymore.

    • Jane

      Free world with free speech – isn’t it!

  • Tom in STL

    EW, you need to quit linking the YouTube video as it has been removed. Thanks.

    • what next

      Omg, Rachel slammed Republicans! Waiting on a response from CBS.

      • what next

        Omg, Danielle said she now hates all blondes! Waiting for CBS to respond.

      • what next

        Brendan was caught on the live feed saying he likes his women fit. Fat women all over the world are outraged. Waiting for CBS to address this.

      • kathy

        Big difference “what next”: gay people have been systematically denied equal protection and have been discriminated as a group in this country for decades…that is now changing obviously, but it still is very, very different…think about it: you know this. What if he was referencing black people or women? I applaud CBS for actually taking a moment to tell the public that they don’t condone any ignorant comments made by house guests. Now stop being silly.

      • what next

        @Kathy, I think even an adult of low intelligence wouldn’t assume CBS condones the comments. Actually, they give it power by speaking on it. I don’t recall MTV ever doing anything like that and Lord knows all kinds of inappropriate things have been said on Real World over the past 20 years. Enough with the fake rage!

      • Valery Savage

        What next you nailed it! Everyone on the show and in real life is going to say something that might offend someone! Why should gay people expect CBS to comment on a gay slur but ignore everything else Is it right to be able to make fun of fat people but god forbid someone say anything about being gay!

  • Melissa in CA

    And I thought Jordan was the stupid one in that relationship. I really liked Jeff, but his attitude towards gay men makes me want to vomit. It’s really a shame that this kind of ignorance still exists.

    • Flip

      Agreed. Jeff makes me sick.

    • Dave

      Very ignorant.

      “Gay” does NOT equal “pedophile.”

      “Bigot,” however, DOES equal “moron.”

      • RK

        Unless it’s a Catholic priest.

      • Tiffany

        Totally agree! Just because you are gay doesn’t mean you are some sort of sexual deviant!

      • SA

        RK, so it’s not ok to slam gay people but it’s ok to slam Catholics? Jeff is entitled to his opinion regardless of what it is just as RK is his/hers. I do find it amusing that right under the bigot post RK pipes in. We do still live in the US right where freedom of speech is one of our rights?

      • John

        SA, religion *is* a choice.

      • Sharlie Cheen

        @John, yes a choice because every child has given a choice as to what religion they are. I know I was asked at eight weeks old if i wanted to be chistened a Roman Catholic.

      • ***90678


    • Lydia

      Oh PUHLEAZE. He can say what he feels. Everyone needs to just take a chill pill and quit taking everything so personally. Why do you care what he thinks anyway? I swear, you can’t say a darn thing now a days without fear of somone lopping off your head. What’s offensive to you may not be offensive to others, so deal with it. He’s entitled to his opinions and you’re entitled to be offended. Case closed.

      • Veruca

        Amen Lydia!!!

      • Em

        Yeah, but it’s not like he’s just saying “I don’t like the color green.” If one of my friends made a comment like that in a group, believe me everyone would jump all over them. He put himself on tv, he can deal with people calling him ignorant.
        He really does need to educate himself at the very least.

      • Erik

        And what if he said that he didn’t like it that Dumbledore was black, asian or latin? Bigotry is bigotry. When will some people learn. Just because people are gay does not make them anymore likely to molest children. Actually . . . more little girls are molested by straight men by a landslide!

      • RLA

        Um, Lydia, you seem outraged that people are taking offense to what Jeff said. But you yourself say, “He’s entitled to his opinions and you’re entitled to be offended.” Which mean, yes, people have every right to express their opinion that they are offended. So… why are you complaining?

      • sharkbait

        Offensive is in the ear of the listener, but why can’t people self-censor a little? Anyone has the right to SAY whatever he-she wants, but then everyone else has the right to tell him he’s full of crap.

      • AnonymousNow

        Are you insane? Assuming he is entitled to engage in hate speech, which I do not dispute, we are certainly allowed to comment on that. Only the creeps have freedom of speech? That’s idiotic.

        In fact, the only hedge against idiotic speech is free speech.

        I suppose I should be censored as well now?

      • Melissa in CA

        @Lydia – So, if I say I don’t like black people because they’re all ghetto, that’s ok with you?? It is, after all, just my opinion, and I’m entitled to it, right?

      • Alan

        I think homophobic or racist comments on TV are always risky. Just because it’s a reality show, doesnt necessarily make it more acceptable than if it’s scripted. But the main point is that I think people are really disappointed because Jeff is such a likeable guy but his homophobia makes him ugly.

      • Tiffany

        It is NEVER ok to express bigotry, in any way, shape, or form. What if someone on tv said “Hitler was right”. Do you think that’s ok?

      • Sina

        Yes Melissa, it is your opinion and you are entitled to it! I don’t understand ppl nowadays. Everyone, EVERYONE no matter how liberal minded you think you are have some racist, ignorant opinions or thoughts. No one person is the same. Everyone grew up in different environments and have been exposed to different things so therefore people perception of things can be enlighten or ignornant.


        LYDIA is 100% right! So sick of all the show boating and self righteous “perfect” people and the obligatory insincere press release to apologize.

      • w11

        You’re an effing idiot Lydia. Remember, I, like Jeff, am entitled to my opinion.

      • Nicole

        Oh God. Why do you people like to whine so much about things you have no experience in? It’s like calling the kettle black.

      • Nicole

        And I meant that for Lydia and Veruca.

      • @John

        So is being gay.

      • MultiPass

        Better a gay than a woman. Women are stupid and immoral. Most of them don’t deserve to have kids and they all try to hide the fact they are just b!tches. Right Lydia?

      • Samuel

        And we are entitled to OUR opinions as well. You can’t have it one way and not allow people to criticize remarks that are offensive to some. I am more upset on the implied meaning of his words than anything else. It shows how ignorant and close-minded he is. Not the type of person I can support at all.

      • Rob

        I agree with Lydia. People need to takae a chill and stop taking thing personally. We don’thave to like what was said, nor do we have to agree with it. We all have the right to express our opinion on the matter regarding agreement or disagreement. However, a lot of these posts are from people who are acting like the statement was made either to them or about them personally. Was his statement tasteless? Uneducated? Yup. Do I like it? Nope. Does it affect me personally? Nope.

      • teresa

        Hey Lydia: If even one person is offended then it isn’t all right.

      • TJ

        Everyone just remember, Opinions are like Buttholes…Everybody has One! You should always try to see the discussion from both sides.

      • tierra

        EXACTLY. even if it was a stupid thing to say (theres a lot of stupid things they ALL say), they have to fill their time with something. i mean, no internet, television…just beer pong and chit chat. what do people expect when these people are broadcasted live every night on tv???

      • BobS

        We should perhaps review our own Constitution. Something is amiss. Yes, freedom of speech is there to make sure you can speak out against a government. However, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to speak out when it comes to hurting people or attempting to “keep them in their proper place”! Scream freedom of speech all you want…..legally, perhaps, but morally…no, you do not have that right and people everwhere need to start speaking up about THAT! Stop leaning on institutions to perpetuate hate!

      • Moe

        “take a chill pill”
        “deal with it”
        “Case closed.”

        I always chuckle when I come across a dictator wannabe. As if YOU’RE the final authority on anything, Lydia.

        Are you this bossy in real life, or are you so powerless that you have a need to tell everyone else on the internet what to do?

      • JaLinda W

        I AGREE LYDIA!!!! VERY WELL SAID! I don’t agree with his opinion, but it’s still his opinion. Who am I to say he can’t have his own? This would be a boring world if everyone agreed on everything.

      • Lloyd

        But all these other people are just saying what they believe, too. Is that not allowed?

      • Valery Savage

        I totally agree Lydia!

      • deb-o

        A big amen!

    • Alan

      It’s really frustrating, because I like so much about Jeff and Jordan, but this is the second summer now that Jeff has displayed his homophobia. He would be such a likeable guy if he wasnt so ignorant.

    • stacey

      You could not have said it better! Totally agree.


        @Melissa in CA– don’t use this as an excuse to drag black people into this. Blacks get targeted enough without being in your opinion….er….example. I bet you there one of them trailer park residents who couldn’t wait to share!

    • Frank

      I agree. I used to like Jeff and now I can care less. I just wish he knew how many people are offended by that kind of talk. He’s so ignorant -he is not the type of person I am rooting for now.

    • Brenda

      I’ve never cared for Jeff, and I couldn’t understand why he was seen as being some kind of golden boy. He’s a homophobic idiot, who basically compared homosexuals to pedophiles. He’s disgusting.

    • what now?

      @Kathy, I think even an adult of low intelligence wouldn’t assume CBS condones the comments. Actually, they give it power by speaking on it. I don’t recall MTV ever doing anything like that and Lord knows all kinds of inappropriate things have been said on Real World over the past 20 years. Enough with the fake rage!

    • Ajay

      I did and still like Jeff. is what he said ignorant and WRONG? Yes, but he’s a person. And even people who are mostly good have negative facets of themselves. I’m very open-minded, particularly on gay rights, but I realize that not everyone shares that view, and as long as he wasn’t saying “gays all need to die” or something specific, people need to chill. As CBS said (needlessly), BB is a reality show, uncensored on the live feeds, and they’re not liable for anything said or done. Nowhere in the Bill Of Rights does it say we have the right to not be offended.

  • Kevin

    Well, I wouldn’t want someone who looks like Jeff teaching my teenage daughter. I guess I am discriminating against attractive people, I just don’t like them

    • marybell

      yes you are discriminating. You must approve of how everyone looks and acts.

      • Kevin

        My point was actually that Jeff was equating being gay to being a pedophile, which is pompous and ridiculous. The latter was sarcasm

      • Kevin

        meaning that it is just as ridiculous for me to be angered by the idea of someone who looks like him teaching my teenage daughter

    • Ethan

      Who says he’s attractive…?

      • Al

        Sighted people.

      • Alan

        Anyone with eyes, except for an extremely hard core lesbian.

      • Norm

        not that cute-most gay men are way better looking-his deuchebaggery makes him pretty foul looking…


      Let’s see the cameras film you perfect people 24 – 7 and see if you never say anything that’s offensive to others. The guy isn’t running for an office. He’s a big dumb guy with a dumb girlfriend who are on a silly (albeit entertaining) reality show. What’s the fun of reality tv if ppl are going to censoring themselves? Sure his statement is ignorant but ppl say ignorant things all day, everyday! Stop acting so offended and shocked.

      • teresa


      • Karen Kelly

        He is just a big, dumb guy; but unfortunately too many people do look up to him. Young kids watch, listen & learn from these stupid people. It’s just not right.

      • Rousseau

        @teresa – I find it offensive that you think anyone can have an opinion that at least one person in the world will not find offensive. I also find your use of all caps offensive.

      • Mia

        I agree!! I’m sure if we all taped our lives for just a week you would find some cringe-worthy thing you yourself said! And @Karen- if people fill Jeff is not someone there children should be looking up to, then it is up to the parent to monitor what their child is monitoring. It is not up to Jeff to teach their children.


      Jeff is not attractive to me.

  • Bobby’s Robot

    That’s what happens when you give valuable screentime to random morons, instead of actors, writers, directors, etc. with talent and expertise in the entertainment field.

    • Dominic


    • Alan

      Oh, what, people like Charlie Sheen?

  • TimeToCancel

    what a jerk.
    tired of these closed-minded morons on tv.

  • bh

    Why isn’t he allowed to express his own feelings? Who cares if he doesn’t like gay people? That’s his choice.

    • Flip

      It’s not about that, it’s about him perpetuating hatred towards gays. That’s unacceptable.


        @Flip— how is he perpetuating hate? Hey if you hate gays, that big dork isn’t going to be the person to make you do it just like Melissa from CA can’t make me hate blacks! Give people more credit than that. Please.

    • jk

      He can, but it’s dangerous thing to say. He’s implying that all gay people are pedophiles, so then gay people should be in jail? (NO. They are awesome.)

    • Lloyd

      Freedom of speech does not equal speech without consequence. Nobody is telling him he can’t say whatever he wants. Freedom of speech means you aren’t jailed for it, not that you can just say whatever you want and not have to face any consequences for doing so.

      • Tiffany

        Thank you!

      • James

        Best comment in the thread. Truly don’t understand why everyone thinks free speech gives them a right to say anything. As you said Free Speech does not mean freedom from consequences.

  • negatory

    I guess we’re at a point now where the slightest negative comment about homosexuals invokes the terms “phobia” and “rant”. the guy’s words(quoted above) are a little misinformed but hardly qualify as showing symptoms of paralyzing fear and are in no way a rant. maybe EW needs to look up the word “rant”. I thought he went all Christian Bale on homosexuals…instead he made a tame albeit ignorant comment.

    • Anna

      You are wrong on both counts. The dictionary definition of rant, “to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner; to scold vehemently”. I saw the video and he was not loud and dismissive, he used several curse words. And how does his rant not indicate a phobia. He is afraid of what will happen to children when under supervision of a gay headmaster. His unwarranted fear of gays is indeed homophobia.

      • Anna

        Correction: I saw the video and he was not only loud and dismissive, he used several curse words too.

      • SLB

        Oh my god! He cursed????? Wow, they never do that on Big Brother.

    • Michelle

      If people believed that Jeff would learn from his ignorance and educate himself -it probably wouldn’t be an issue. But his comment was so matter-of-fact and implied something worst -that it upsets people to see that type of homophobia in today’s society. People just do not support that type of behavior anymore. And those who do -have their own agendas to promote a hatred against a particular class of human beings.

    • James

      You are kidding right? It wasn’t a slightly negative thing. His words and intent was to say you can’t have a gay man teaching children implying pedophilia. There is nothing slight about that. Replace gay with any other group and give the same intent and you’ll understand just how nasty the statement was.

  • Jon

    What happened to freedom of speech? Queers need to get over themselves.

    • Michael

      Oh, I didn’t know Jeff was being locked up in jail for his rant.

    • PrincessBride

      He is free to say what he wants. We are free to disagree with what he said. And we are free to not want to watch him anymore. Freedom of speech means the GOVERNMENT cannot censor his speech. Doesn’t mean we all can’t point out what an idiot he is.

    • e4ia

      The KKK has a right to free speech. Maybe you would like to watch them on a TV show too, Jon.

      • negatory

        the KKK is a false analogy. this guy didn’t recommend or perpetrate any violence or vandalism. if you record what people say on a regular basis, it’s possible someone might voice a negative view of homosexuals. that’s all this guy did.

    • Emma

      Go back to ur cave, troll. Gay people are AWESOME!

  • davey

    It’s called HATE SPEECH breeder!

    • marybell

      and breeder is love speech? Were your parents breeders?

    • John

      technically hate speech is also protected donut puncher

      • Bobby’s Robot


      • dntbstpd1

        protected by censorship from the government, not the rest of society. So stoops that some people don’t even understand their freedom of speech.

        Government can’t censor you (in most cases), but society can condemn you.

      • Michael

        Supply proof of that or give it up already dude.

  • Julie

    I think Jeff had made a remark about gays on Big Brother 11 during the live feeds and he apologized to his then housemates Kevin who is gay.

  • Michael

    That’s nice of CBS, but I still want to see this on TV. I don’t think Jeff should be let off the hook so easily like he has been in the past.

  • Jon

    Now you know Michael ;D

  • Nancy

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. He is right about always having to be “PC”. Who cares. Agree to disagree. We need to stop catering and coddling the gay community like children. They are adults that can take a negative opinion or two. Grow up.

    • Flip

      Phuck you. It’s not about being “entitled to their own opinion”, it’s about Jeff perpetuating hate speech and bigotry.
      I hope a lesbian rapes you, Nancy.

      • marybell

        way to stop hate and bigotry Flip!

      • negatory

        I saw nothing “hateful” in that guy’s comment. mildly ignorant and nothing more. there are still people who prefer their children not be exposed to homosexual behavior. homosexual behavior is condemned by virtually every major religion(and has been for 1000s of years) and many regard it is as a deviancy. those people are entitled to their views. should they practice violence or discrimination? no…but they should be allowed to express their views without being called “phobic”. that’s a misuse of the term for socially correct purposes as if any and all who disagree with homosexuals have a mental defect. that’s just not true.

      • MaidenCanada

        Flip you are an idiot

      • sopark182

        Spare us the vitriol, Flip. You’re just mad because you have such a little bitty one…..

      • Gay Guy from Tahoe

        Hi Flip, any weekend plans? Why don’t we get a room, hot tub and a bottle of bub?

    • PrincessBride

      So Jeff can express his opinion and no one else can express their disagreement? Then who is being discriminated against?

    • @ Nancy

      Imagine he had gone on about how all black people steal. Would calling him out on that be “coddling” the black community?


        To “@Nancy”— you must be Melissa from CA with another subtle shot at blacks. It’s not blacks fault if you were left behind in the trailer park and never made it out to the burbs with a 4-5 bdrm house with a white picket fence.

      • Joe

        Way to totally miss the point, Lisa G. Moron.

    • Michael

      Look I can be respectful to anyone only people like John who INTENTIONALLY propagate and spread hatred are the ones I have no respect for.The fact that you actually show the slighest ounce of respect is commendable also. I understand that so many seem to believe that we are taking it to heart but that comes from remembering all those gay kids and teens who took their lives due to hate like that and feeling like they were unloved unwanted and unneeded.No human being gay or straight should ever have to feel that way and even more so should never feel like taking their lives is an option. The words are powerful and that has to do with the context in which people USE the words. It all comes down to that context normally people can tell if there is hate attached to them or if its just simply an observation. There are people in this community who have used words like that also and shouldnt because it makes them look hypocritical to call others out for their behavior when they are no better.A person is free to say what they want to say this is true but a person is also just as free to disagree with them or disapprove of their message.


        @Joe– no point was missed on me. You sir don’t know how to read between the lines or pick up on subtle jabs. Study up boy.

    • MultiPass

      I agree, Nancy. I’ve felt that women were mostly stupid and overly emotional and ineffectual people at work. It’s nice to just come out and say it. People need to stop catering to their need to be equal. Let it go, ladies!

  • Heidi

    IMO…He was ‘only stating his opionion’ & last time I checked we are ‘all’ entitled to our ‘opinions’, regardless…… Unfortunately, he stated it while the live feeds were on & once TMZ got ahold of it, the rest of the media latched on to blow it out of proportion……… Happens every year with someone saying something that isn’t ‘PC’….. Just move on….

    • Flip

      Piss off, Heidi. It’s not about not being allowed to express his opinion, it’s about the fact that his opinion is hateful and dangerous. Please Heidi, end your life, you miserable bigot.

      • Jon

        ^^^^ Obviously a flamer.

      • LOL

        Flip? Is that what your boyfriend does to you in order to have sex with you?

      • pfft

        Hateful or not, he’s still entitled to have and express his opinion. Or do we forget that part of First Amendment we all love to hide behind so much?

      • DeAnn

        Flip-I guess double standards work in your world but not the real world!?!? You don’t want to hate speach to continue yet YOU are the one doing it? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you don’t like that, don’t put your two cents out there!

      • K_PRIME

        Please Flip, end your life, you miserable phagot.

      • Gonzalo

        @pfft Did anyone ask for him to be killed for expressing his opinion? Did anyone advocate putting him in jail? No, we didn’t. But we have just as much of a right to react to what we think are dumb, ignorant and bigoted opinions. Freedom of speech protects speech from government intervention. And it goes BOTH WAYS, so I’m also free to call him out on him being an absolutely tool.

      • Michael

        Telling someone to end their life is ridiculous it makes you no better then they are .You can disagree with someone without wishing them to commit suicide.

    • Nancy

      Agreed! Flip, get over yourself. Disagreeing with my views means I should be raped now? You’re such a stand up individual. The gay community definitely needs you to both advocate for them and obviously have them put in jail for rape.

      • sopark182

        Nancy, Flip is just mad because he’s got such a little bitty one…..

      • Luke Sassypants

        The gay community obviously supports morons like Flip, if they didn’t you would have heard from them by now. This is the same reason people have problems with gays and Muslims, no one ever condems them when they do wrong.

    • @ Heidi

      Women are too silly tohold jobs in the workplace and should stay home in the kitchen. All people of Arabic descent are terrorists. Black people are thugs. Now, if I said all that on tv, would you “move on?”


        To “@Heidi”—- Melissa from CA I know this is you… I can smell you.

    • Emmie

      You can’t have an opinion on something that is a fact. Jeff thinks gay people are perverted pedophiles that shouldn’t be around children. The fact is, that gay DOES NOT EQUAL perverted. Jeff thinks it does and that makes him wrong. Not morally wrong, just plain wrong.

      • Michael

        Heartfelt and intelligent comment.

      • @Emmie

        @Emmie, playing devils advocate here. If Jeff had been molested by a gay man would his opinion be right?

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