'Big Brother': Evel Dick won't return to the game


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Sorry, Dick Donato fans — the man you love to hate will not be returning to the Big Brother house this summer unless it involves hosting a goofy challenge or appearing in the finale.

Executive Producer Allison Grodner told EW that it would be unfair to bring back Donato now that he’s left the house for an undisclosed reason. Some details about his unexpected departure were revealed during Wednesday’s telecast but none of the houseguests appear to know what prompted him to leave. (After he left the show, Donato used his website to say it was his decision to leave because of a personal matter.) “He needs to do what he needs to do to take care of situation,” said Grodner. “Our practice has been that when something urgent has happened that could affect someone’s life that cannot be addressed three months from now, the houseguests are told. He needed to take care of it.

“The issue now is that he’s been in public, he’s seen the show and press coverage. Once you’re out of the bubble, you cannot come back into the game,” Grodner continued. “Is there a possibility we’ll see his return in other ways? Like maybe he’ll make a statement to the houseguests as part of the finale? All options are possible, which we will talk about. But the idea that he’ll come back now that he’s outside of the bubble, it’s not to going to happen.”

Despite having already announced Donato’s departure, CBS still aired the nomination episode on Sunday because the show was taped days in advance — long before the elder player left the game. Because of his departure, his daughter (and partner) Daniele became the first recipient of the Golden Key, which assures her safety from elimination for a month. Either Keith or Porsche will still be evicted on Thursday, however. “There would have been a double elimination during the season, anyway,” Grodner said.

Grodner also confirmed Donato’s comments on the show that he and his daughter had not talked for three years. “They knew that in order to come back they would need to play together,” she said. “They did not talk to each other until they were inside.  That was their choice. It’s odd and unfortunate but their relationship exists better in the game.”

This wasn’t supposed to be an all-star season, Grodner says: She just liked the idea of bringing back dynamic duos that developed relationships while in the house. That doesn’t mean she and the other producers are opposed to scheduling another all-star season – one that comes with a twist, of course. “We think the idea of having an all-star show in the future that involves legends of the game with new all stars would be interesting,” teased Grodner. 

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  • barbara love smock

    oh hell bring him back !!!

    • Ash

      His gf was pregnant and lost the baby.

      • tim

        that sounds about right—i’ve been trying to think of a plausible reason–nothing else makes much sense

      • Kyssandra

        Where did you find this out?
        There’s so many different “reasons” everywhere…

      • Or

        Or he pulled a Johnny Fairplay a la Survivor All Stars. Went on for five minutes to pull a paycheck and get his name out there again. And really get it out there by pulling such a stunt.

      • Ally

        then why not stay even longer for more money?? Its not like they are in bad conditions in the BB house…

      • Ashley

        Your all f***ing stuoid. Quit spreading dumba** rumors and get a life. Thanx!!

    • AcaseofGeo

      BRING HIM BACK! I don’t care if its fair or not. Heck, “Expect the unexpected”. It also wasn’t fair that Chima’s power was usurped by the producers giving Jeff the Coup de tat, ousting Jesse and changing the game, but it happens. So let’s not harp on “Fair” producers, and BRING HIM BACK. (P.S. I don’t like ED but I DO love to hate him).

      • yoYoyo

        I totally agree! Plus it made it unfair for them to take the one person that would always be on Daniele’s side out of the game for Daniele!!! and they brought back rachel last season AND brendon this season.

    • coroner

      if they can bring back Rachael in last season… there’s no reason they cant bring him back in…

      • ZigZagZoey

        But she was in sequester after she left until she came back.

  • gato

    bye bye wont miss him one bit

    • Jen K

      Totally agree. I was so disappointed to see him back at all this year. Glad we won’t have to put up with him all summer.

  • bh

    Maybe he’s going through menopause.

  • mjh

    Why does Danielle get a golden key just because daddy left? That doesn’t seem fair to the others.

    • lee.

      because the whole theme of the season revolves around duos. partners must be nominated together this season, so theres no way she would be able to be nominated anyway.

    • Flip

      It’s extremely fair. She lost her partner so she deserves the golden key.

      • G

        She lost a partner she didn’t want to play the game with anything. Something stinks to high heaven here. I call shenanigans.

    • Miley

      Dinale got the golden key because her dad left the game aanad that is why she does not have a partner in the game duh


    Wtf Allison? Bring him back ASAP!! Who gives a damn about a bubble! It’s only been a week or so; not much to affect the game. No?

  • Luis

    Just for the record, the UK version of big brother would allow houseguests into the house after experiencing brief moments ‘outside of the bubble,’ the rule was THEY WERE FORBIDDEN TO TALK ABOUT IT or became automatically nominated themselves

    • Marty

      Exactly… throughout a season they would bring in new characters… it always changed the dynamic of the house so much, it was GREAT!!! That statement from CBS is bull… anyone could come in instead.

  • Lisa

    Does anybody know the name of his website? Can u give me the link please or does anybody know reason he left?


      RTV ZONE

  • devil713

    I think his drug addiction was too much to handle and he was going through detox….

    • greta

      Yeah I believe that. He sure looks rough around the edges! His daughter not much better. I am glad he is out of there since I couldn’t stand to see his ugly mug.

    • d

      that sounds about right. He looked really bad. I don’t thinnk he was feeling good at all. howeer he does make the game interesting.

    • Lucy Pokrywka

      I agree – that’s the first thing that came to my mind. I think it deff had something to do with drugs.

  • Shelly

    Why couldn’t Danielle just partner up with whoever is left of the Keith/Porshe duo?

    • Poops

      Because the person who remains after eviction will have a golden key themselves,.

  • Samantha


  • Samantha

    mjh, because she doesn’t have a partner. duh, is it that hard to understand.

  • Samantha

    maybe danielle told him if he didn’t leave she would reveal he molested her as a child? i mean lets throw every crazy idea out there

    • tammygeimer

      ok samantha i think you went to far, maybe some therapy is what you need.usually people who say things like this have under-laying problems, i believe you owe an apology.

      • Tammy

        I think Stephanie was making a reference to the Casey Anthony trial “excuse”

    • Janet

      This is to Samantha – your comments are very dangerous!! Do you have a BRAIN in your head?? If so, please think before you write and/or talk. To say something like that about people you don’t know anything about is cruel and malicious.

    • Pat

      @ Samantha. This discussion is discussing how his leaving is going to be a game altering event. This game altering event may not be fair to all sides. Please announce if you can not understand this. I am sure there will be several to help explain it. If you will not listen, then you really aren’t in a discussion anyways.

    • eleanor

      I think the following comment was enough to make the show get rid of him: While hanging on the bananas: I haven’t seen my daughter in 3 years and now I have my head up her ass”

  • Justin

    I just assume he left so his daughter could get further in the game. He knew if he left, she would get the golden key.

    • Jack-in-the-box

      You obviously do NOT know ED! He’d NEVER, EVER do that! If he was that kind of Dad, he’d have thrown the win to her last time they were on together — he knew he’d win if he was there with her….Hands DOWN…and he stayed. I don’t buy this theory for one split second….

  • TimeToCancel

    Heroin addiction.

    • Jack-in-the-box

      Unless he was smoking it, I don’t think so….looks more like meth to me.

  • GoddessLu

    Wow a lot of you guys suck. I’m bummed, he’s one of my favorites, keeps it pretty real no glossing over who he is. Hopefully he/his family and/or significant other are all OK and this just had to be. Agree that it would be wrong to put him back in, as much as I would love that. Totally appreciating Jeff last night–he was like a coach pep-talking the “veterans” last night. What a bunch of whiners!

    • ZigZagZoey

      I totally agree. Whaaaaaa Whaaaaa It’s not fair. So glad Jeff shut them up. And agree about D ick too, he was fun to watch. Although he did look like holy bloated hell!

    • Jack-in-the-box

      I am bummed, too…And I think that if it was anyone else everyone would be crying foul if there was talk about him going back in the house. Though he does make great TV, I understand why they won’t put him back in the house. Although he did just tweet that he WILL BE ON the live show tonight…Twist time???? Hmmmmmm….Inneresting{sic}!

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