Emmys: Chris Colfer on his nod and leaving 'Glee'


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Not surprisingly, Chris Colfer earned another nomination for his portrayal of Kurt on Glee, but it actually came as big news to the young actor. “I was very, very nervous,” said Colfer, who was deep asleep today when the call about his nod got him out of bed. He’ll compete for the statue against  Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ed O’Neill, and Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family, and Jon Cryer of Two and a Half Men.

“There were rumors that I might get nominated again, but I was thinking I wouldn’t,” Colfer told EW. “It was a surprise. I think there is so much anxiety that comes with awards show and nominations and I was focusing on all the bad. The category is so so tough, so selective, that I didn’t think I get another nomination.”

It looks like his window for Glee Emmy attention is closing fast: It was revealed that Colfer, along with co-stars Lea Michele and Cory Monteith, will depart the hit Fox dramedy at the end of the third season. The cast change was not a total shock, as creator Ryan Murphy indicated last month that he planned to let those who would be seniors at McKinley High this fall graduate in May.

“It was bound to happen sooner or later,” Colfer said. Ironically, the actor didn’t even know what grade his character was in when he first joined the Fox drama. “I  always assumed that Kurt was very young in the original scripts. I knew he was 16, but I didn’t know what grade. Then when it was announced I was leaving, I was like, ‘I guess it’s our senior year next year!'”

Colfer knows his departure it’s a letdown for fans — which is why he’s hoping to reappear at McKinley from time to time. (He confirmed that he’s not signed as a series regular beyond the 2011-12 season). ” I would love to pull a Farrah Fawcett from Charlie’s Angels and come back every 10th episode,” he said.  “I’d be the obnoxious recurring star!”

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  • Kmb

    Nick Offerman deserves to be nominated more than anyone else in this category.

    • Asha

      Word. I can’t believe the entire cast of Modern Family gets nominated and Offerman is left out. Also Jon Cryer?! Why is he still being nominated for anything? Ugh. This was the only category I was deeply disappointed in. Chris Colfer?! Over Ron F***NG Swanson!?!?!

      • Tom

        Lydia, you lie. You are not a doctor.

    • noa


    • S


    • Jane

      Here, here!

      • TvTroz

        “here, here” means “in this place, in this place”. “Hear, Hear”, means… well… “hear, hear”. I shall assume you meant the second one and proceed with my day. That is all.

    • tracy bluth

      SO TRUE!!!!!!!!

    • Melly


      • Melly

        And the comment “I was very, very nervous,” said Colfer, who was deep asleep today when the call about his nod woke him up.

        Yeah, he was asleep…and I was collecting my $1,000,000 from Publisher’s Clearing House!

      • Lily

        Maybe him being tired working on his new film project is stronger than his nervousness.

      • alek

        Melly, OF COURSE he was asleep. It was 5:30am on the West Coast when the nomination announcement started. Any working actor used to absurdly early call times who gets a chance to sleep in, does.

    • Hannah

      I know! I also thing Aziz Ansari should have been nominated over Chris Colfer. He or Nick Offerman would have worked. Parks and Recreation trumps Glee any day (and everyday).

    • Capt. Obvious

      Good riddance! Now, maybe Dani Pudi can finally get his Emmy nomination! (that is, of course, if Modern Family doesn’t expand it’s cast of male characters)

    • shawnuel

      Totally agree. Colfer is the “politically correct’ nominee, however. They certainly aren’t basing these nominations on ability.

      • RJM

        Just because Danny Pudi deserves a nom (and a win) doesn’t mean Chris shouldn’t be nominated. Seems smarter to ‘blame’ one of the four MF actors for taking Pudi’s slot. Or, you know, the inexplicable Cryer.

  • Alex

    Thanks to Chris and Lea we got a magical NY episode, but I agree it’s time these 3 graduate to bigger and better opportunities.

  • JB

    The lack of nominations for Parks & Rec in this category is crminal. Modern Family wasn’t that great last year and it takes up 4 slots?

    • Tarc

      Neither MF or P&R are worth watching in my opinion. P&R is unwatachably bad – total drek. Colfer deserves a nod and a win.

      • Horatio

        Ha, coming from a Glee/Colfer fan…

      • seastar

        Fans become fans for reasons and the reason why Chris Colfer has such a large fan-base is because he is an extremely talented actor. He really deserves this nomination and I hope he wins this year.

      • KatieKat

        I love, love, love Parks and Recreation. It is hilarious and one of the few tv shows I still cother with. But this is about Chris and Glee – I love them both too.

  • Julius

    Get the f*** off this page losers!!! This is about Chris Colfer and HIS nomination, not people from “Modern Family, etc”

    • trolllllling

      Speaking of HIS nomination, I don’t think he deserves it.

      • HD

        Speaking of Chris Colfer’s nomination, he totally deserves it! And more than that, he deserves to win!

      • HD

        Speaking of Chris Colfer’s nomination, he totally deserves it! And more than that, he totally deserves to win!

      • Jac

        There’s no denying Chris Colfer’s an incredibly talented actor. But in a comedy? Kurt’s entire storyline the past year has been all out drama (not in a bad way!). There’s not denying he’s a talented actor, and his comedic timing is great (see any of his one-liner’s in season one), but this past year, I would hardly nominate him as best supporting actor in a comedy. Drama, yes. Comedy, no.

      • Rachel

        I agree with Jac. I think Chris totally deserves this Emmy nomination but his character was ALL drama this year. So him winning for comedy is just weird.

      • Jon

        @Jac, the award is called “Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series” NOT Outstanding Comedy/Funny actor. Get the nominated category right.

    • shawnuel

      “Modern Familty Etc.” were all brought up in this article…..fair game!

  • Tracy

    FLUNK Kurt and Blaine! While Dalton, obviously an expensive school, had a great Glee club, the boys had no other classes. It’s a no-brainer, Ryan Murphy! Step up and do the right thing!

    • Lily

      I think they are only going to flunk Blaine…

  • Jake

    I Love Those shows u guys mention above but this page is about Chris and his nomination! u guys really need to stop b****ing.

  • HD

    Chris Colfer is totally deserving of this Emmy nomination and I hope he’ll win. He is amazing!

  • Kim

    The least Ryan Murphy could have done is let the three actors know before he tells everyone else. That’s just common courtesy. What a way to find out you’re getting written off a show. I hope Chris, Lea, and Corey have great success elsewhere.

    • Swarles Barkley

      In another interview I read he said that he had discussed it with Lea and Chris (indicating they knew) but according to this it was kind of a surprise! Just more Ryan Murphy bs.

      • Rachel

        I’ve stopped believing the things Ryan Murphy says. Chris said he found out on twitter and I believe that over anything Ryan said.

  • Jane

    Lea and Chris leaving Glee is right. They are both amazing and they need to move on the next phase of their careers. I can’t wait to see that next step. Cory monteith I’m feeling bad for. That guy is such a lunk. What can you cast him in? He’s perfect for playing the himbo on that show, in spite of being kinda ugly. Can he make a career of that?

    • Sam

      And I’m sure you are a raving beauty!

    • orkestra

      He’s pushing 30 now, and still trying to play a 17/18 year old. I’m kinda glad he’s leaving, a high school senior with wrinkles IS going to get a little unbelievable…

      • Rachel

        Mark Salling and Harry Shum Jr. are both turning 29 this year. Not just Cory.

    • Lily

      Playing a dumb jock convincingly is not that easy…

    • shawnuel

      Man….I WAY prefer Cory as an actor to Leah or Chris. He is naturalistic….they are way over the top. Both of them mug egregiously while Cory has crack timing….very subtle. Not doubting that those two are talented, but it is misplaced on TV…..more appropriate for the stage IMO.

  • hannah

    I hope Chris wins the Emmy. I don’t know what episode he should submit. He has a lot to choose from. I really don’t want this year’s nominations to set a long term precedent. There are way too many from Modern Family in one category. Ty Burrell or Ed O’Neil should at least take lead.

    • Lily

      Yeah, have a bad feel that Ed O’Neil is going to win this category…

      • shawnuel

        Bad feeling? When the guy who deserves it the most actually wins? OK. Whatever.

      • Lily

        Bad feeling because I am a Chris Colfer fan.

    • Jenny

      I think Modern Family is hilarious and they all deserve the nominations they received, just as much as Chris Colfer does because I also love Glee and his character on the show. That said, word on the street is that none of the actors on MF wanted to establish his/herself as the lead actor because they are all integral characters on the show. They all submit themselves as supporting actors so no one sets his/herself above another. I think that is rare and delightful. That is all.

      • Ava

        It was more delightful when the cast of Friends did it first.

      • Jenny

        Actually, Ava, the cast of Friends didn’t do it first. They all agreed to be paid equally, but come Emmy time Jennifer Aniston was always submitted as lead actress, while Lisa Kudrow was almost always submitted as a supporting actress. Booyah.

      • Cody

        Actually, Jenny, not to rain on your “Booyah” parade, but the entire cast of Friends decided to submit themselves all in the same category for the duration of the run. The cast was putting their submissions in the category of Supporting Actor/Actress through season 7. This is the time period when Lisa Kudrow won her Emmy. Then beginning with season 8, the ENTIRE cast changed to submitting themselves in the category of Lead Actor/Actress, and this is when Jennifer Aniston won her Emmy. Every year the cast entered the same category, however, Lisa and Jennifer just won in different years. The fact that the cast had changed during that time was inconsequential. Sorry. They did do it first, and it was still delightful. And here’s where it would be delightful to say Booyah, but I won’t.

      • Ava

        Thanks for having my back Cody!

      • JK

        And that is exactly why Chris Colfer put himself in the supporting category as well.

      • Neil

        Chris Colfer was also asked to put himself forward for the lead catagory, but refused for the same reasons as the modern family guys. He felt it would be extremely wrong to be elevated above his fellow cast members, as he felt they were an ensemble and no-one was above anyone else. That too is rare and very sweet.

      • shawnuel

        Or, at least, that is what all these savvy actor’s publicists want us to think! ; )

  • tomm

    Farrah didn’t do that many “CA” episodes after she quit. Mayb e about 4 or 5 and some were 2 parters.

    • Kirsi

      Maybe Chris isn’t expecting a long life for glee ;)

  • da

    it will be very hard to watch Glee without Chris; he is the main reason why I watch. I am thrilled he got an Emmy nom and I expected he would, but because so much of his work on Glee is dramatic, I am very worried that he won’t win. I would love a Glee spin-off with Kurt and Rachel and a third person (Artie? Santana?)

    • Lily

      Kurt, Rachel and Santana ? That would be hilarious as spin off… Would perfectly make sense. And sometimes Kurt and Santana will come back to highschool to complain to their respective love interest.

  • Will

    It doesn’t make any sense for them to graduate and leave the show. Follow them in college! If the show stays at the high school then the only thing we will ever see in the finales is if they win or lose nationals…which according to the last two seasons…they will win this year, spoiler alert

  • Ripley

    The only award Chris Colfer should be nominated for, and win, is Best Worst Lip-Sync-er. He’s horrible.

  • Lily

    which episode did Chris Colfer submit ?

    • Asia

      The one where he whined about being bullied because he’s gay and then sang a song at an innapropriate time. Oh wait that was every single episode of Glee this year.

      • Bobbi

        LOL so true! The writers do not have to put much effort in writing his lines. They just use the same basic script week after week.

        Hopefully he’s saved up his $$. I have a feeling his post-Glee career is going to go down in flames like the kid on Ugly Betty

      • Lily

        @Bobbi… maybe his acting career may go up in flames because I think it is hard to get away from the Kurt character. Hope he will have more success in his writing career…

      • shawnuel


    • Lily

      @Asia… The one in which he complained heavily he was bullied… he did not have a solo…(Never been kissed episode)… Personally I would prefer him to submit the episode in which he had a solo and the bullying storyline has not yet begun (Grilled Cheesus).

      • soooooo

        he did submit Grilled Cheesus, a really good choice in my opinion, it shows off both his acting and singing ability really well

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