Emmy snubs: Here's our grouse list


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First the good news: Fan favorites like FX’s Justified, HBO’s Game of Thrones, and NBC’s Friday Night Lights got some TV Academy love alongside usual nomination hogs like AMC’s Mad Men and ABC’s Modern Family.

But then there’s this:

— AMC’s The Walking Dead. Remember? Took a B-movie topic and delivered a show that played like high art.

— Also: True Blood, again. We have to keep checking with HBO to make sure it’s eligible because we NEVER understand why this crowd pleaser — and superior actors like Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer — are ignored. It did get four nominations, for best craft services food or something (we’re kidding, but you get our resentment).

— Perhaps AMC’s The Killing should have been nominated for drama series. Better yet: How about we make the producers think they’re going to get nominated, then not reveal the list of nominations until next year?

— No Lea Michele? Hmm.

— Critics will get very upset about Treme not being nominated. We started to get upset, then were interrupted by a trumpet solo.

Sons of Anarchy. Yesterday, Creator Kurt Sutter tweeted: “If we get any Emmy noms I’ll tattoo EMMYS RULE on my a**.” Sutter, can I be there when you get it?? (That’s from Lynette though, not James)

— Kyra Sedgwick won the drama actress for TNT’s The Closer last year and was not nominated. But we’re not that broken up about it.

— It’s not exactly a timely snub, but the nomination for Walton Goggins for Justified feels about three years too late. For years, Goggins was egregiously overlooked for his work on FX’s woefully underrated drama The Shield. Better late than never, Emmy voters.

— Ray Romano. We love that Andre Braugher — a favorite with Emmy voters — earned his second nom for Men of a Certain Age, but isn’t it about time the golden girl notices Romano’s under-stated but disarmingly moving depiction of a middle-aged divorcée?

Fringe. Emmy voters, not sure you know this, but three years ago J.J. Abrams rustled up a great bunch of writers and created one of the best sci-fi dramas since The X-Files. Can we encourage you to Netflix it sometime this decade?

Desperate Housewives. My, how far those ladies have fallen. The show only earned one nomination — for outstanding voiceover. The only actor nominated is the one we don’t see.

— Neil Patrick Harris. Keep on hosting those Tonys, dude, and getting lots of attention for it, because you’re more apt to get a golden statue for that gig than How I Met Your Mother.

–Chuck Lorre. His writing was good enough to earn nods for Jon Cryer and Melissa McCarthy, but not good enough to get a writing nomination?

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  • Jen

    Hello ???? John Noble – what did he kill the Emmy panel’s puppies or something ? Why do they fail to recognize this amazing talent year after year ?

    • Kim

      AGREE!! The first thing I thought after ‘yay, Justified’ was ‘wait, what about Fringe? Where’s John Noble’s nomination??’

      • davey

        I’m loving how your write up for Fringe is on the list TWICE! It’s that much of a glaring ommission…LOL.

      • Zoe

        I agree! For once a misprint/typo is completely correct. Leave it in twice!

      • AM

        Fringe not even getting one acting nomination is the biggest travesty. John Noble was spectacular this past season

      • Tyler

        I can only assume that they don’t understand Fringe and its complex multi-dimensional, dual universe plot lines. There’s no other explanation why it would not get the Emmy recognition it deserves! John Noble, Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson are such an excellent team!

      • minister

        An old gay man who used to work at HBO would never give Fringe an Emmy, therefore Fringe will never *win* an Emmy.
        It’s as simple as that.
        Extrapolate as necessary.

      • Ash

        what about damages? Or were they like not eligible this year or something?

      • Jessica

        The lack of multiple Fringe nominations is beyond a doubt the biggest snub of the year. Do I have to mail you Emmy voters the DVDs myself?!

      • Justin

        Fringe getting shut out period is really messed up.

      • Lily

        My thoughts exactly. Where IS John Noble’s emmy nomination?

      • Mimi

        Love Fringe and True Blood. John Noble is great and I love Mr and Mrs Moyer. They are the heart of the show and should have both been nominated.

    • Mark

      Agreed, although I’m probably even more baffled by the suggestion no big nominations for True Blood is somehow a snub. I’ve watched the show and it’s AWFUL!

      • Brady

        I agree. True Blood has gone downhill very rapidly (although I would have liked to see Denis O’Hare get a nomination for playing Russell Edgington).

      • Mike

        Am I crazy or wasn’t True Blood up for best drama last year? (not that it deserved it, just saying that the description in the column is a little strange considering they DID get nominated before)

      • Daw Johnson

        *TRUE BLOOD* is a cheesy, guilty pleasure show. It’s fun and has a following, but it’s not an awards-caliber work of art.

        It’s like saying Buffy or The OC should have won an Emmy.

      • Steph

        Um Buffy SHOULD have won an Emmy.

      • Stephanie

        I would say that Buffy SHOULD have won an Emmy .. Especially for “Hush,” which has to be one of the most amazing 40 minutes I have ever seen on TV. However, I agree with everyone else – True Blood is so not Emmy-worthy, though it is a lot of fun.

      • JD

        Ummm @Daw Johnson No, it’s not like Saying Buffy should have won an emmy. It did, for small things, but it definitely deserved several major wins. Buffy is WAY better than True Blood and the OC…sheesh.

      • wildflower

        Ummm Buffy should have won an Emmy! and I think Vampire Diaries needs some love Ian Somerhalder is amazing. But for me one of the biggest omissions was Joel Kinnaman for The Killing he was fantastic.

      • kate middleton

        Totally agree. I like True Blood for what it is – a fun show. But I cannot comprehend how ANYONE thinks it is Emmy worthy.
        MAYBE Nelsan Ellis or Ryan Kwanten…but why on Earth would anyone vote for True Blood in a drama category, when it’s beside REAL dramas like GoT, Mad Men, Boardwalk, etc. Never gonna happen.

      • RK

        True Blood is awful. I can’t understand why it is popular. Just awful acting and accents.

      • Dave

        “superior actors like Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer”… not really…

      • zawmer

        I agree with comments that True Blood is not Emmy-worthy. It’s watchable, but Emmy nominations should go to the highest quality television, which True Blood doesn’t represent.

      • Mocha

        I agree, I was not surprised that True Blood wasn’t nominated.

        Also, Buffy should definitely have won an Emmy for episodes such as “Hush” and “The Body”. And I wish Emmy voters/more viewers would get past the whole it’s-on-the-CW-so-it-must-be-stupid stereotype and appreciate the Vampire Diaries, which is a truly well-written and well-acted show.

      • Justin

        WRONG! True Blood is freaking awesome! Every season had been great. However, its more of a guilty pleasure show, so best drama is really stretching it. But if True Blood isn’t nominated, then why should Buffy have? In my opinion, Buffy, as much as I loved it and great as it was, shouldn’t have been nominated. Heck, it didn’t need the Emmys to be great, and neither does True Blood.

      • ok

        Buffy SHOULD have won Emmys. But I agree that while I like true Blood a lot, it really isnt emnmy worthy.

        But why am I even discussing this? This is the same organization that NEVER should any love at all for The Wire. The single best reviewed show ever. That says it all about the organization.

      • Annelies Breye

        I totally disagree. True Blood is one of the better shows of the last decade. There’s a lot of vampire BS out there (e.g. Twilight) but TB really takes it to a new level. And what’s this about not being a drama. Impossible love, choosing between life and death, abuse, … not enough drama. What more drama do you want?

      • Rick G

        Daw, I agree with you about True Blood, but as it relates to Buffy, you don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about. True Blood is a very fun guilty pleasure. Buffy most certainly was, in a number of episodes, one of the best dramas–“genre” or otherwise–on television. You might want to start limiting your opinions to things you’ve actually watched.

      • TOSSSTER

        It’s just your lame opinion. Once and for all, “Byffy the vampire slayer” is the greatest show ever, so is the”True Blood”. And there is enough drama in both show. I just wanna say that I’m not watching Emmy since they ignored Buffy. And this award is not worthy of my attention.

      • Corina

        True Blood shined especially in its first season. Anna and Stephen were outstanding and their chemistry is electric. They should have at least been recognized by now. Typical Emmys.

      • Samantha

        While I agree that True Blood as a whole doesn’t really deserve an emmy, I would say that some of the actors deserve recognition. And in regards to Buffy (love!) I believe that “Hush” did recieve an Emmy? Correct me if I’m wrong?

      • TheSnarkKnight

        Finally someone brings in the facts! Hush did get an Emmy, you are correct.

      • TOSSSTER

        wasn’t “Hush” only nominated for an Emmy? I never heard that this episode has won.

      • Arzu

        Hush was only nominated for an Emmy.

        I agree that True Blood shouldn’t have been nominated, especially this past season as it has been rather weak. Buffy deserved a nomination though.

    • karen

      It was THE biggest snub of the past three years! If he doesn’t deserve an emmy, I don’t know who does! Also kinda sad to not see The Mentalist and Simon Baker among the nominees

      • JIm from Saint Paul

        Since Psych is the original and superior show, I am quite pleased to see this inferior copy not get recognized.

      • Brad H

        1- YEAH… why doesn’t Psych get any love??? That show is AMAZING.
        2- While Psych is a better show, Mentalist’s entire show is based on the performance of Simon Baker. (which is why he deserves the acclaim that he has already received, and I wouldn’t complain about him getting more)

    • Victoria

      I don’t know what it will take for John Noble to receive a nomination! This is insane!

    • tracy bluth

      John Noble is the best actor on TV right now and can’t even get nominated for an Emmy….that is just soooo wrong. I’m so mad Fringe didn’t get nominated for ANYTHING. Also, Anna Torv played two versions of a character, each pretending to be the other, and Leonard Nimoy- what else does she have to do to get nominated?

      • Dinjab

        They’re only nominating 6 for Christ’s sake, and there are 3x the shows there were 15 years ago. SIMON BAKER? Pretty boy who looks sad sometimes. What am I missing here?

      • Elizabeth

        3 – her turn as “Bellie” was great too!

        Fringe will get FNL love – at the very end. No cool pts for the emmys!

    • zeezee

      About time for Justified being nominated, but where is the SOUTHLAND love?

      • Bri

        I know! Southland is amazing and Shawn Hatosy did a fantastic job

    • Anitamargarita

      If he didn’t get one for this past season, playing TWO CHARACTERS, he’s not ever going to. Sad.

    • LMFAO

      What about COMMUNITY? No mention?

      • Celimene

        Seriously. Community is consistently one of the most hilarious, intelligently written half hours on television. No Danny Pudi as Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy? And four guys from Modern Family? Seriously.

      • asherlev1

        Pissed. Extremly so. Happy for Justified, but I can’t enjoy it.

      • Theresa

        Exactly! What the hell? I love Modern Family but four male nods??? No Community and no Fringe. This is ridiculous.

    • Brad H

      Especially with Joshua Jackson announcing the nominations. He should have been like: “F*** This…” and just stormed off.
      I miss people being openly pissed off, like David Boreanaz when Buffy was snubbed. That was awesome!

    • rdmiami

      Anna Torv played Oliva, Fauxlivia, and Olivia possesseed by William Bell. In addition, Olivia thought she was Fauxlivia and Fuaxlivia was impersonating Olivia. I can understand them overlooking John Noble since the nominators are obviously a bunch of imbeciles who can’t recognize talent or great performances however, they usually go for the one-actor-paying-multiple-roles thing and Anna Torv did it to perfection. When she first sopke as William Bell I almost had a heart attack. FANTASTIC!

    • JasonHomey

      Fringe not being up in drama or any actors is a joke. Its hard to take the emmies seriously when Hugh Laurie gets his automatic stamp nominations and a show like Fringe is ignored.

    • Rush

      I think the problem is the reverse of what the Academy Awards have for Best Picture. They have 10 slots but rarely each year are there enough worthy films for all 10 slots. With TV, there is so much quality that in each category there aren’t enough slots for deserving noms.

    • moe

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Alan

      Fringe’s 3rd season paled in comparison with the dramas that actually did get nominated. IMO

      • Mindy

        Did you actually see “Dexter” this season? “Fringe” season 3 was WAY better. Actually, I think “Fringe” season 3 was better than all the nominees I have seen, save “Mad Men”. (Haven’t seen all of “Game of Thrones” yet.) Both “Fringe” and “Justified” should have been Series nominees.

  • Maia

    NPH for how i met your mother..seriously. After getting nominated like every other year when Barney was, at times, a complete douche but then NOT getting a nod after the growth he went through with Nora/meeting his dad? Unforgiveable.

    • Reagan

      I agree completely. He was really terrific this year!

    • Jason

      Especially when they keep giving Jon Cryer that spot. It makes no sense!
      I’m pulling for Ty Burrell anyway…

      • mandy

        So true. John Cryer might deserve some sort of a reward for putting up the Charlie Sheen insanity this year, but it isn’t an Emmy.
        NPH deserved that spot!

    • jk

      How about taking one of the FOUR supporting actor slots they gave to the “Modern Family” guys and throwing one to NPH and then basically any of the guys on “Parks and Rec”? I really think MF went way down in quality in its second year, and it’s always been overrated compared to “Parks and Rec” and “Community.”

      • Emmy is Blind

        I heart Ron Swanson

      • Mocha

        I’m really mad that Nick Offerman wasn’t nominated. The mere image of Ron Swanson without eyebrows is one of the funniest things I’ve seen on TV.

      • Daisydeb

        All the male characters of Modern Family get nominated… but they skip over Howard Wolowitz from Big Bang!! That character is over the top and the actor who plays him is on the money!!!

    • Katie

      What about Jason Segrl for that matter?? Both of them took on heavy matter for a comedy and did a legen. . . wait for it . . . dary job at it. Even though I’m a fan of modern family, it wasn’t as great as HIMYM thisyear

      • Vince from NYC

        I agree.. Modern Family was ok, but were their performances really that great. Segal and Harris actually showed they can act..

      • Wenders

        Jason Segel’s episodes where his father dies and goes to the funeral was the hardest I’ve cried at a TV show this season.

      • Ava

        Yes! Jason Segel should be nominated. Especially if Chris Colfer keeps picking up noms for doing much less.

      • Maia


        completely agree! I was so caught up in anger of NPH COMPLETELY forgot about Segel!

        I cried over How I Met Your Mother 3 times:

        1. Season 1 over the shot of Marshall sitting on the steps holding the engagement ring
        2. End of “Bad News” (shock and then a WTH!? and then just tears)
        3. “Last Words” during the pocket dial, because that ACTUALLY happened to me and it hit a little close to home.

        Segel deserved it this year. NPH deserved it this year.

        Grr, Emmy voters. Grr.

      • MiaS

        Not enough space to express my disappointment over Jason Segel not getting a nomination.

      • Ryan

        I’m not broken up about NPH not getting nominated this year. The character of Barney is so overacted sometimes that I cringe watching HIMYM.

    • E

      Couldn’t agree more! it was his best year yet and he was unreal!!!!

  • Lauren

    I can’t believe Denis O’Hare wasn’t nominated for True Blood. There is some great acting on the show but I wouldn’t put Anna or whoever plays Tara on that list.

    • Kimberly

      Agreed. Dennis’ performance was nothing short of spectacular. And “superior actors like Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer” – oh puleze. There are far better actors on that show than those two. Whatever…

      • kate middleton

        Totally agree. Paquin and Moyer are the worst parts of True Blood. Nelsan Ellis, Ryan Kwanten, Kristin Bauer, Alex Skarsgard are FAR better actors (at least on True Blood). But in no way is anything True Blood Emmy-worthy. I don’t understand how people think every show they like should win an Emmy. True Blood is campy fun that gets huge ratings for HBO and will be around for a while – that should be enough for fans (myself included).

        Agree that Denis O’Hare could have been nominated in a Guest category if anyone from TB made the list.

      • randyfitzimmons

        Anna Paquin might just be the worst actor on that show…not sure how you think she should be nominated. I agree about Denis O’Hare , however, as well as James Frain. They were the ONLY good thing about the third season.

      • km

        I think Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are great actors. I think their Southern accents are fine, especially considering that they come from other countries. True Blood is the only show that has a red carpet premiere. Actors from True Blood would have definitely attract more viewers for the Emmys.

      • bushpiglet

        and yet Anna already has an Oscar AND a Golden Globe.

      • Mar

        LOL, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are so not superior actors. The only actors deserve the noms were James Frain and Denis O’hare.

      • Rodri

        The performances in True Blood are amazing. I think it’s one of the best ensemble casts on tv. Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley and Nelsan Ellis should have been nominated

    • Snsetblaze

      Isn’t there a guest star category or something like that – I would think that’s where Denis O’Hare would be nominated instead of supporting actor since I don’t believe he was ever a regular.

      • Brit

        There is, but he wasn’t in that category either.

      • Gella

        Anna and Stephen have been outstanding the past 3 seasons and should recieve best acting nods but the Emmys just cant get past the whole genre thing.
        I also agree about Denis OHare, he was a great S3 addition.

  • Phil E

    Katey Sagal was overlooked AGAIN
    As was John Noble .. Busy Philips .. And Sherlock!

    • Derek S

      I agree. Katey Segal is great. That whole show is great. I can’t believe it didn’t recieve any nominations.

      • Amy

        I agree also, Sons of Anarchy is the best show of all time! Kurt Sutter can write – it’s time to acknowlege it.

      • A.Rae

        Let’s face it, Emmy voters just can’t see past the SOA premise to the brilliant writing and acting that it delivers every episode. I’ll predict now that Walking Dead is gonna have the same problem year after year… And it’s too damn bad, because I would have loved to see the video of Kurt getting that tat!

      • DB

        Season three of SOA was dreadful and Sagal was far too over the top to be nominated. Remember when she held a gun up to the baby? The show lost me at that very moment. She nor the show deserved nominations, and hopefully they’ll put together a better season 4.

      • Kim

        I doubt holding a gun to a baby was an acting choice.

      • Anne

        Agree, biggest snub. The show deserves tons of nominations, and Katey especcially. But I guess if the AMAZING second seasond didn’t get any, it’s hard to expect the great but weaker seaosn 3 to get some. I do agree with the Walking Dead snub. It’s a good show, but overrated. I don’t love the writing OR the acting on that show. It’s very well shot though.

      • will not happen

        If The Wire was never acknowledged, a show like SoA never will. SoA is not as good as The Wire, but that isn’t even why. emmy voters just wont give shows with real grit any love.

        i actually thought they didn’t know that FX existed! Shocker about the Justified nominations (well deserved).

      • XxX

        THIS. How in holy hell is Charlie Hunnam (or Ron Perlman for that matter) NOT nominated? I get the feeling the Academy doesn’t actually watch TV; they just read the Nielsens.

      • Miss Juice Ortiz

        Between the SOA snubs and Sean Bean snub I am i cheesed right now!!!
        There needs to be a competitor for the Emmy’s, since every year the Emmy’s only prove that Emmy’s voters sleep while watching the entries. When they wake up, they just fill in the familiar names.

    • Ryan

      Agreed about Katey Segal and Charlie Hunnam. They both deserved better. Take some of the comedy nominations and add them to the drama side. That’s what they should do. It seems to me that there are far more deserving people in dramas than comedies.

  • Mikey M

    Where are Fringe and Sons of Anarchy???

    • Mrs T

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Sarah Noonan

    Naya Rivera. Her character was much funnier than Jane’s this year, and evolved beautifully over the season.

    • David

      Agree 100%! Naya gave the best female performance of the season on Glee. Jane Lynch is so overrated (on this show) that it’s ridiculous.

      • Molly

        Three words: one trick pony.

      • Adrian

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    • Angela

      I hated Santana, even when she was only a bit player. Her storyline this season was arguably the worst, which is saying a lot. Don’t understand why people like her so much. Though I agree Jane Lynch shouldn’t have been nominated this year, more due to the terrible writing than Jane Lynch’s ability to act.

      • Beth

        Could not agree more, boring actress with a one note scaracstic angle that got tiresome quickly and her plot in the 2nd half was so unlike the previous incarnations of the character.

      • kate middleton

        Totally agree – I don’t think anything or anyone on Glee deserved to be nominated this year. Jane Lynch is the best thing about that show – but the stuff they gave her this year was beyond awful. I am thrilled that Lea Michele and Matt Morrison were not nominated. Only wish Glee wasn’t nominated for Comedy.

  • Nicole

    John Noble!!! Can’t believe he missed out after the amazing season he had.

  • Maia

    On another note, im a devoted Modern Family fan, but a friend of mine had me watch one (yes ONE) episode of Parks and Rec. and I cant understand why Nick Offerman wasnt nominated..that good.

    • Asha

      Nick Offerman is the biggest snub IMO. He’s amazingly hilarious in every episode.

      • Kevin

        Offerman is really a great actor, he was in “All Good Things” and at first I though: “Ron Swanson? In a dark thriller/drama?” but he was fantastic.

      • Daw Johnson

        Nick Offerman deserves it for Parks, but he should be out of consideration for how terrible he is on Childrens Hospital. He literally ruins every scene of an otherwise amazing show.

      • kate middleton

        Agree that Nick totally deserved a nomination. I also think Chris Pratt is one of the best on Parks and Rec (which is without a doubt the best comedy on tv).

        I like Modern Family, but it’s insane that they take up 2/3 of that category.

    • JLC

      I’d be more offended, but I have a feeling Ron Swanson doesn’t give a cr@p about these awards (Nick might, though).

      • Shannon

        Eh, he already won woman of the year.

      • tracy bluth

        So true. He’d probably prefer some steak to an Emmy any day.

      • minister

        I wonder if Ron Swanson would eat an Emmy voter if you wrapped it in bacon…

    • Sharyn

      Nick Offerman is consistently one of the funniest guys on TV. The entire supporting cast of Parks and Rec is superb. Their time will come. But with Modern Family, supporting actor is a very crowded category.

      • jk

        I am admittedly not a big “Modern Family” fan, but I really don’t get why it’s so overhyped. I would take any of the “Parks and Rec” guys over any of the MF ones. Nick Offerman is the obvious standout), but Aziz, Chris Pratt, and Adam Scott are all better than Ed O’Neill and co. if you ask me.

      • Tom

        Agree, P&R had a better year than MF, but the acting will get more attention next year after a Best Comedy nom.

      • Justin

        Nick Offerman was a definite snub for me. I would’ve replaced Jon Cryer or Chris Colfer with him. The Modern Family noms, to me, are well-deserved.

  • Becky

    Where was the love for Community? It’s sophomore season was better than it’s first, and not many shows can boast that fact. (I’m looking at you, Glee)
    No love for McHale or Jacobs? Not to mention the crime of it not being included in the Best Comedy category. In the words of Pierce…you’re streets behind, Emmy voters.

  • Logistics

    Bill Hader. Saturday Night Live, and the entire supporting cast of Parks and Rec.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Bill Hader is the best thing on the show.

      • G-Mom

        I totally agree!! Although I do like Kristen, too.

      • Laugh

        I do love Bill Hader!

    • Katie

      Yea, how did he get snubbed yet Kristen wiig get a nom? She makes each skit worse!

    • Emma

      So very much THIS. Bill Hader is the only consistent thing on SNL right now (though I enjoy Wiig, Hader had a better season)…and Parks & Recs supporting cast – especially Offerman, Pratt and Scott – are phenomenal and were consistently at the top of their game this season.

      And don’t even get me started on the lack of Community love. P&R has bumped it out of top spot in my fan heart but I think it’s writing and Danny Pudi should’ve been among the nominees.

      • Mocha

        I agree–Community is definitely one of the best, and certainly deserved a nom much more than Glee did.

      • Logistics

        This comment is beautiful, and sums up my opinion on everything

    • Holly

      Agreed. Bill is often the only funny thing about SNL in my opinion.

    • orville

      Absolutely. Bill Hader is the show’s MVP.

    • Ounce

      YUP. yep yep yep yep yep. Breakout season. Deserved to be recognized.

    • kate middleton

      Bill Hader is the best on SNL. No way Wiig deserves a nomination. I get tired of the K.Wiig hype machine.

  • Stephanie

    Still a little miffed that Sean Bean didn’t get a nomination for Game of Thrones. Super excited for Peter Dinklage though!

    • katie

      Completely agree about Sean Bean!

      • tracy bluth

        ITA, Bean should’ve been nominated!

      • sabrina W

        don’t worry he’ll get a GG ,screw emmy!!! their loss

    • Jason

      Totally agree. Sean Bean should have been nominated (with an outside shot at Mark Addy – Robert).

      Definitely rooting for Dinklage though!

      • Nancy

        ITA…It’s criminal that Sean Bean was not nominated. Hugh Laurie, again? For the terrible season that was the last year of House? I am stunned that there were no nods for Nick Offerman, Denis O’ Hare (the only thing good about True Blood last season) and Michael Shannon.

    • Kari

      Sean Bean really should have been nominated, his arc was just incredible on GOT. He’s always a solid actor but he’s rarely recognized for the contribution that he makes as an individual. It would have been nice to see him get a nomination, but I’m holding on to the hope that the nomination that GOT received for Outstanding Hairstyling was a shout-out for his epic wig.

    • Mike

      Big GoT fan here, but I think Ican explain this. Sean Bean IS Ned Stark…but Ned isn’t the multi-dimensional part that, say, Tyrion is. “Slow Minds don’t win the Emmy” to paraphrase Littlefinger.

    • kate middleton

      I agree – I wish Sean was nominated. He was superb as Ned. I also would have nominated Jason Momoa – it’s hard to be that stoic and strong while speaking a made up language. He was perfect as Drogo. And Emilia Clarke was masterful as Dany.

      PSYCHED for Peter Dinklage though. His Tyrion is so freaking perfect. REALLY hope he wins it.

    • Karen B.

      I agree – Sean was robbed.

  • Bill

    Um hello, you left out Community on this list. Why does this show continue to get NO love from any awards shows? It’s the funniest show on TV today and has a dedicated fan base, but nobody – including the Emmys and you – have taken notice of it.

    • Kerri

      AGREED. Community has consistently been funnier (and more touching) than every show that was nominated! That Danny Pudi didn’t score a supporting actor nod is pretty much criminal.

      • davey

        Community is too good for Emmy nominations! It’s the funniest and most touching comedy on TV these days! But no nods for Joel McHale or Alison Brie is ridiculous!!!

      • reel_deal

        Community definitely deserved a Best Comedy Nod more than 30 Rock this show is horribly underrated and may never get the love it deserves

      • Tom

        Community also is amazing, but I think all of the viewers have posted here. Why don’t more people watch that show?!

      • Anne

        Seriously! Community was the funniest, freshest, and most original show this year, and waaaaay superior to Glee, The Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, and The Office. And Danny Pudi’s snub is just criminal!

    • Joy

      Community got love from the Critic Choice Awards remember? Plus, many critics do love the show. You Community fans need to calm down and just be thankful NBC hasn’t cancelled your show.

      • minister

        Yeah, yer kinda right about that. Community will get an Emmy right after The Wire does.

    • MJ

      COMMUNITY gets snub even in this snubs list, it’s ridiculous! What does that show have to do to get some recognition? It’s way better than Glee, 30 rock and big bang theory.

      • Agustina

        Exactly! I don’t understand why the person who wrote this article complains about Lea Michele not being nominated (!!) and snubs Community completely of his snub list!! It makes me so sad the treatment that this website gives to Community…

  • Sabrina

    Naya Rivera and Max Adler. They’re wonderful.

    • Wesh

      lol. No. The only award Glee deserves this year is the “horrible writing and acting” award

      • Will

        this. also a show in for “most random plots ever” and “teenagers with the most mood swings”

      • CJ

        hahaha, 150% with you on that one. Just thanking God that Lea Michele wasn’t nominated.

      • Snsetblaze

        If Max was nominated, he would be in a guest star category as he was never a regular. But he should be nominated for something.

      • tracy bluth

        Totally agree, Wesh and CJ.

      • Jena

        I actually enjoyed season 2 more than season 1. But that’s probably because my favorite characters got more screen time, lol.

      • Linney

        Thank you. When I saw Lea Michele in this article as being snubbed, I thought, “there’s EW, with it’s head firmly up Glee’s a$$ again.”

  • Tyler

    Emmy voters need to seriously come around on Courteney Cox. It’s getting ridiculous.

    • m1

      THIS. She’s so fantastic and it’s frustrating that she STILL doesn’t have a nomination.

      • jk

        I would argue for pretty much anyone in the “Cougar Town” cast to get a nom, honestly. Especially busy Phillipps.

      • Phil

        Totally agree with this!!! Can’t believe they don’t get any love. Not even a writing nom. :(

    • Cm

      I was going to say the exact same thing. Almost 20 years on TV and still no nomination. What does a girl have to do?

    • Kevin

      Frustrating is the perfect word here, feels almost criminal how long she has been overlooked. Cougar Town is even a worthy competitor next to the comedy nominees, and the fact that Parenthood was also overlooked makes me no longer take these awards seriously whatsoever.

      • Gregory

        Yeah, both Cougar Town & Parenthood got the shaft. Both ensembles are terrific; lots of possible noms. On PH, Monica Potter amazes me every time she’s on screen; same with Mae Whitman. And Dax Shepard (& the writers) took a character I hated and gave him depth.

      • Pammie

        I agree about Parenthood. Why are people just not seeing the brilliance of that show!!!

      • McProphet

        The fact that 30 Rock, The Office and Glee (which I do enjoy) are nominated over Cougar Town just astonishes me. Those shows have way passed their prime and I feel their nominations every year are now more obligatory than warranted. It reminds me on the mid-to-late 90’s when Seinfeld and Frasier were consistently being nominated but their shows had stopped being funny years ago. Cougar Town consistently brings the funny and the ensemble cast is perfect. And Courtney Cox has long been overdue for an Emmy nom. In what kind of world do we live in where Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer can “one-up” this talent???

      • jk

        Yeah, “The Office” has definitely hit its peak. I am a big big “30 Rock” fan, but both “Community” and “Cougar Town” had better seasons and both deserved a best comedy nod more. And “Glee.” It started out so great, but it’s truly terrible now. I watch all three of those shows, plus “Modern Family,” and I would have given those four slots to “Cougar Town,” “Community,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and “Raising Hope.” I don’t watch “The Big Bang Theory” and “Parks and Rec” should win the category.

      • Audrey

        Yep – very disappointed that Parenthood (especially Lauren Graham) was overlooked.

    • Andy

      Seriously! She was the only one on Friends to get snubbed and now she’s not getting any attention for Cougar Town! WHAT?! I don’t understand why the emmy voters hate CC. She’s excellent in everything she does. I

    • Unicornicus

      I fervently agree! Courtney Cix possesses comedic panache that is rivaled by Fey and Poehler. Busy Phillips? Robbed for sure. Shoot, even the men like Bobby and Andy are deserving of some Emmy love.
      In fact, Cougar Town itself should be nominated for Best Comedy Series. The show has an uncanny way of connecting with its audience and make the viewer feel like a part of the Cul-de-sac Crew (Penny can!).

      R.I.P. Big Joe

  • sofi

    Two words: EMILY DESCHANEL.

    • Betty

      Agree, she was great this year. Loved the “Doctor in the Photo Episode”.

      • Austin

        Along the walls bihned her were photos of solemn-faced founding residents of Chatsworth. In the glass cases were relics of life, including a wooden potato masher and an instrument resembling an oversized rolling pin.

    • KM

      So TRUE! Everything she did in “The Doctor in the Photo” was subtle and heartbreaking and brilliant, and I’m sad that she doesn’t get more recognition for how great she is. And that wasn’t even the only episode that showcased her strengths. Season 6 was populated with little moments (“The Finder,” which was otherwise a throwaway episode, was redeemed by Brennan’s tearful wonder when Walter gave her that medal. It was perfect). She’s so talented.

    • sarah

      I so agree. She was amazing throughout season 6, but she wonderful in “The Doctor in the Photo” especially, and in “The Hole in the Heart” and “The Signs in the Silence”, plus as KM said, so many little moments like the phone scenes in “The Maggots in the Meathead”.

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