First look: New 'Spartacus' star Liam McIntyre in action -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

Big muscles. Big swords. Big cod piece. Starz’ new Spartacus, Liam McIntyre, is taking to the sands and streets of Ancient Rome, and EW has your first look at the escaped rebel gladiator in action. Above and below we see McIntyre crossing swords with Centurions in two fight scene photos, and then standing there just looking badass in another. (Sparty basically looks like he’s saying: Hey, you, you want some of this? I mean the sword!) McIntyre will be at Comic-Con next week for the show’s panel. The series will return as Spartacus: Vengeance next January and — You’re still reading the text? Really? Here are┬áthe pics:

alt text

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  • aleksa

    Looks… pretty good, actually.

    • Flip

      Not excited for Liam. No one can replaced Andy. :-(

      I hope Andy returns to the series when he recovers.

      • sparta

        yeah that’s right. hope that andy will return. but I think liam could be better.

      • carms

        now ANDY’s gone its impossible,.may he’s soul rest in peace

    • blahdy blah

      Hmm, yeah he does.

    • Jack

      Not nearly as handsome as Andy. They could have used better pics of him…or could they? I hope he can act. He has big shoes to fill.

    • Becky

      Sadly Andy passed away today. He will not be returning to the silver screen only to heaven.

      • Nara

        I pray he did go to heaven, if he believed in Christ, sadly his last word about being like a broken butterfly deeply saddened me.

      • sparta

        oh god did he? oh I didn’t know about that until today. I wish him to be with Christ. rest in peace ANDY……

    • James

      FLIP..Andy’s dead, you twit!

      • Zeus

        You are the twit you moron. Flip made his statement back on July 14 when Andy WASN’T dead.

  • Karl’s Jr.

    Hmm, there’s something wrong in the face. I would probably only let him do missionary to me, not from behind.

    • Binky

      Um… I think you got this, um, backwards.

      • Heart Palpitations

        WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? I mean Diiiisszzzaam! Oooh girl. I want to wash him. Yum. Gurgle. Dog bark. Dog Bark. Meow! I’m subscribing to Starz.

      • 2Bleu

        Um, nowhere near as sexy as Andy. He looks mean (yep, doggie style and I’d have to be really drunk). Andy has drop dead gorgeous eyes and a knock-out killer smile, even when he’s tough looking (loved his smirk). I will even miss Batiatus and all those who were slaughtered. It seems to me that although it is still the story of Spartacus, it will be an entirely different series now.

    • Barton Fink

      As Domina said last season, what was once repulsive to us we end up seeing as a grim necessity. Just before she had sex with poor Crixus.

      • Jen

        Pooooor Crixus, forced to be with a fox like Lucy Lawless…
        I’m totally willing to give Liam a chance: the series has Soooooo much going for it. Andy was a good part, but did not solely support the show. I hold out hope Domina is still alive, but if not, I think we’ll meet several other characters worth watching.

      • Susie

        Andy was a HUGE part of why most fell in love with the show. I’ll still watch simply because I want to see if Liam McIntyre can fill the role like Andy did.

      • MikeyNYC

        The only way that we’d see any more of Lucy Lawless and John Hannah is if they decide to do film flashbacks in the new season, since their characters most assuredly died in the first season’s finale.

      • Dax

        Actually, Lucretia didn’t die. It is confirmed that Lawless is still in the show.

      • Bonnie

        Lucy Lawless will be back. She didn’t die in Kill Them All, but Batiatus did. It will be interesting to see what will happen to Lucretia. She’s lost her husband, her child, her business, her friends… and yet they’re keeping her around this season, and she’s REALLY going to be gunning for Spartacus, more so than before, bring it on!

    • Kay


  • Karin

    he’s wearing too much clothes in the fight shots

    • Mariusz

      Yes, but it seems to me to be dressed like that because it is in the city not in the arena. ;)

    • Alex

      Thats because in the next season they go to rome, and they arent going to walk in the city wearing gladiator underwear :P

    • Malyana Lyanhna

      Hmmm….-….i thnk got this return!! Nw is bck is not wrong that’s good….

    • Duffsterr

      Wearing too manny clothes? Well thats a stupid thing to say… read up on some history or just have the common sense to see where the season left off, ya know, with the ‘slaves’ escaping, obiviously they aint gonna roam around in loincloths in the streets when they are well known gladiators who are on the run for masacreing quintus ect… lol

  • jcb1628

    What is up with the slight faux hawk thingy he is rocking!?!?!?!? Spartacus does not “style” his hair!!! He is not Ryan Seacrest! Oh Andy Whitfield, truly you are missed!!!

    • k

      I don’t think you know what a faux hawk is. That is not a faux hawk.

    • Shiny

      It’s a Hoxton Fin but roman style; a Roman Fin?

    • Erika Crissinger

      missed is not the word what happend was he not good enough ohhhhhhh he was so good looking bring him back he made the show

      • beachbum61070

        He had to leave the show for health reasons. How can you be a fan of the show and not already know that?

  • Carissa

    Not bad! Although I will definitely be missing Andy Whitfield!

    • Melly

      Agreed. I’m willing to give him a chance. Andy was wonderful, and I will miss him in this part, but he was not the only thing that made this series great. I’m sure he would want Liam and Spartacus to succeed. The producers tried so hard to wait out his cancer recovery, but unfortunately this didn’t happen. I hope Andy is doing well. Does anyone know?

      • Jo

        @Melly Sadly, Andy passed away last Sunday, 9-11. He will be missed. Hopefully Liam’s performance will do great tribute to the legacy Andy started.

  • Law

    Sad that there needed to be a new actor at all, but he’s looking pretty damn good

  • Pisces228

    First impression: Impressive. But I miss Gannicus. :-(

  • RaeShouna


    • Eza

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  • Michelle

    I think he looks great. I need this show back in my life ASAP.

    • Billie


  • Shiny

    Ah Sparty, how I’ve missed your loincloth.

  • md

    he’s looks okay – i’m going to miss andy. any news on how he is doing???

    • MDC

      I agree…I miss Andy as well! This guy is not NEARLY as sexy as Andy! We’ll see…

      • tori

        Amen!! I googled this new guy when I found out Andy wasn’t coming back…..just NOT the same! Andy owned the role of spartacus!! I hope the new guy can match up!! We will all miss Andy!

  • james

    Looks pertty close but I still think they shouldve gotten Bryan Austin Green

    • 2Bleu

      to James: just looked up Bryan Austin Green and no, his jawline is too long. We need a guy with dark hair and deep blue eyes for sure. Oh, and a wicked sexy smile.

    • Seriously?

      No one wants David Silver as Spartacus!

      • ok

        LOL! you are copletely correct…and i just shot water from my mouth over my kitchen

    • KayGee

      Are you out of your mind??????????? Him?????

  • lenaro

    no damnit!!! i want my ANDY!!his eyes were so intense!! they were like oceans!!

    • Billie

      Andy cannot return and it is his wish for the show to go on so if you really want to support Andy you’ll support Liam.

    • Trisha

      Me too, miss you Andy. Andy is more sexy, i melt when he looks at me, those beautiful expressive eyes.

  • Raff

    Second photo is okay, he pretty much resembles Andy Whitfield on it. But the two others are less convincing… Too blond, maybe.

    • Law

      He doesn’t need to look like a clone of Andy Whitfield to do a good job in the role.

      • Pqiptes

        Andy will always be the one & only TRUE Spartacus! I also think its important that they make sure the actor look as close to Andy as possible because of the role & how Andy just made that role come to life! But i do wish Liam well on the show & i don’t like change but it happens! IDK if ill get used to Liam but we will see… I said i wouldn’t watch it cause of No Andy but i probably will :) Cause IM DYING TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! I wish Andy a speedy recovery & good, long health :) We’ll all miss seeing you as Spartacus ANDY!!!!

  • EB

    I truly, deeply miss Andy. I think about him, and hope he is getting better. He IS Spartacus….

    • lou

      It really wont be the same without Andy Whitfield, really gonna miss him, he just fitted the character so well. not sure about liam, hes defo not as fit as andy!!!

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