Mark Cuban joins 'Shark Tank' for season three -- EXCLUSIVE


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Shark Tank is giving Mark Cuban a promotion.

The Dallas Mavs owner stole the show during a trio of guest appearances on the business-based reality series last season. Now ABC and executive producer Mark Burnett have signed on Cuban for nearly all of season 3.

Cuban will appear in 10 of the reality show’s 13 episodes, which means the rest of the sharks can expect to look forward to the young billionaire aggressively outbidding them. Shark Tank is expected to return to Friday nights in midseason.

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  • bigtvfan

    Why are there only 13 eps of Shark Tank? From what I have heard, it’s not an expensive show and now the reruns on Friday are getting almost the entire score of the original airing and is winning its timeslot against two original scripted shows. I don’t really get why ABC wouldn’t order at least 22 eps of a show that gets the same score in reruns as it does in originals and costs them not a lot. Any ideas?

    • Wesley

      ABC knows the ratings were low the first season and the casting is as bad as I have seen! The show is fake and just a advertising show for Burnett because he get a % of the company’s on the show and they coach the people on what to say and ABC can tell that you cannot fake people very long!

      • Casey

        Thank goodness Wesley that can tell it is fake because I thought it was just me? Is there anybody else that can tell it is fake t.v.? Fire the casting or Burrnett for bad t.v. but he still gets paid by the company’s

      • Lyn

        Shark Tank is a energy suckers on abc and they should fire Shark Tank. Burnett said you should fire energy suckers! Thanks for the advise Burnett!

      • niel

        That is not true the companies are real and they are not fake. I have went on the website of oriaudio and it is not fake it is real i have the time in my hand right now listing to some songs you people need to do some research before you start talking about BS stuff

      • Tony

        Why has the same person posted all these comments under different names on this article? It is obvious from the same poor grammar(non-native English speaker?), repeating the same thing over and over about Burnett, advertising show, etc. Someone must have a grudge to have such a passionate bias to do that. So Earl/Pam/June/Tom & whichever else posts are yours, say it once and go on. Please take your agenda somewhere else. I like the show. I think it’s entertaining, even though there is certainly more to the deals then we get to see. And without advertising, there would be no broadcasting on TV, radio, or the biggest part of the internet. Money drives entertainment. If there was no money in it (from advertising) we wouldn’t have the shows we have. Any of them.

    • Michael

      I AM OUT! Not watching Shark Tank because it is not real t.v. it is just producers tell people what to say for t.v. but it is just a advertising show and I hate advertising, abc pull the plug please!

    • Dottie

      Mark you are a winner and you are going on a show the the rating will go down with fake people. Burnett need to fire the casting people!

    • Gene

      Mark get out while you still can because you are not fake like the show, bad tv from Burnett just a money show for money people. Not for me, I AM OUT!

    • TIM


    • Matt

      Not for me, I like small company’s that need the sharks. I am out too. This is bad tv get something that is real!

    • Pam

      Casting for Shark Tank was done it just two town’s LA and Dallas, not all of the U.S. and why is because it is a advertising show and they have the company’s just come to the casting to get picked for the show and Burnett get a % of the company’s for advertising on Shark Tank, Slick don’t you think and he gets paid from abc. This is a new way for advertising and for that, I am OUT!

    • Earl

      abc on the shark tank webpage has shark tank is on a nationwide search but casting was done in only 2 cities LA and Dallas, why! something smells fishy and I don’t think it is the sharks it must be Burnett! This is a ADVERTISING SHOW! Wow Burnett you could go on the show with this idea and you would not have to pay the % that you can charge the other company’s for the advertising on shark tank or I mean going on the show for the sharks? You get paid by everybody! Well I AM OUT!

    • June

      ABC if you let Burnett get away with this type show. He get money from the company’s to go on the show! CBS NBC here I come.

    • rob

      The sharks all have large businesses and can only give so much time to television show.

  • Zeke

    And why is this show still on? Maybe Cuban can freshen this thing up but still a trainwreck on ABC

    • dex

      Cause it is cheap to make and enough people watch it to make it worth keeping on. Not that you didn’t already know that before asking

      • Tom

        Cheap because you get people for free and you can tell them what to do. Burnett needs do cast real people that need the sharks not company’s that want T.V. advertising for exchange for a % of their company for Burnett and to make him richer, get better casting people before the show tanks again!

    • cochise

      This show is entertaining, it is not as good as the British or Canadien versions of the show…but I like seeing people sell their ideas to investors.

      • Pam

        Not as good as the Brit and Canada because they cast real people, U.S. need better casting people, they are bad and should be fired, abc will fire the show this year if they have the fake people again.

    • Bonnie

      I LOVE the show and so does the rest of my family!

      • Thomas

        The show is fake! I AM OUT.

    • Brad

      What a horrible comment by Zeke, clearly he has never seen the show!

      • Mike

        Zeke, you are right trainwreck! make a real show with people that need shark tank not for Mark Burnett to make a % of the fake people’s company’s!

    • Frank

      Earl, is this true that Burnett get a % of every company’s that goes on the show? Burnett is a Shark! That is just a new way to advertising. I Am Out. abc you should be a ashamed to put this mess on tv.

    • rob

      I think abc knows what it is doing, Train wreck? Seems to me like it is well received by almost anyone. Especially in our financial mess , nice to see a spark of comeback in the ceos of small companies. New ideas always interest me, especially when they must be judged by the economic environment for fitness. Makes for an entertaining interaction.

  • bluebuns

    I love Shark Tank

    • msfit123

      me, too!!

  • Jason

    Great – LOVE Shark Tank. So entertaining, though I can’t say I’ve ever seen any of the products sold on there succeed yet…

    • elle

      Actually, there have been a few…the kitty toilet training system has done well as well as some others. Even some of the “rejected” ideas have taken root because of the tv exposure. You can google for more info.

  • RCB

    Actually, I like this show. Different from all the other shows on tv today.

  • mark cuban

    thx for the kind words Jim.. Cant wait to get rolling again !


    • Brody

      I feel ridiculously gullible even asking this but are you the real Mark Cuban?

      • Justin P.

        Haha. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the real Mark Cuban wrote that.

      • Molly Smith

        I can guarantee that is Mark Cuban. He answered my emails back when Dennis Rodman was on the team. He is the most fan friendly team owner ever! And always signs with ‘m’ :)

    • Sandi

      LOVE the show! Mark Cuban is a great addition. Really like all the ‘Sharks’. Go Mavs!

    • Todd

      Mark I hope you were told that the company’s and the people are coached what to say? Just like you basketball team, coached not real people just fake talk for t.v. What is not fake is Burnett gets % of the company’s that he advertising for or should I say putting on shark tank. cheap t.v. and fake! Shark Tank will tank with fake! Fire the casting people they can do better and stop coaching the people!
      abc will also tank with shark tank!

    • msfit123

      I LOVE Mark Cuban! His facial expressions are PRICELESS…you can really see when he’s mad, (brows knit and face looks like a cloud just ran across it), and when he is intrigued, his eyes get really wide…take some time to watch his facial expressions. LOVE ALL THE SHARKS!!

  • Bill

    Boring show and so are all the loser posts.

  • Tenney

    I can’t believe I actually like this show but I do. I think Mark Cuban is going to be a great full-time edition.

  • Joe

    I’m glad Mark is joining but he is too good for Shark Tank, he needs to get his own show.. with more people like him.

    need to get rid of that kevin guy.

    • Matt

      Way to go Joe, Mark is making me think is is fake too!

    • ann

      I like Kevin the best and dislike Mark because it gets tiresome and looks phony when he makes an offer but they have to decide “now” before the other sharks have their say. It’s so monotonous. Wish the contestants would just tell him to take a hike if there has been another offer, no matter what. Egotistical bully. Can’t wait till he’s gone. I think I’m the only one that dislikes him. Oh well. Kevin makes me laugh and is even funnier on Dragon’s Den. (My favourite show.

  • eyeheartnyc

    I actually love this show. I was suprised by the fun energy that Mark Cuban brought to it last season. He really made the sharks step up their game.

  • Brody

    I’m glad Cuban’s coming back but who will he be replacing? Are they expanding it to six chairs or will he just take over more for the quiet Kevin that will be in the other three Cuban-less episodes?

  • WG

    Phenomenal! One of the more intelligent shows on the air, if you look at it strictly from the “how to make a successful business presentation” perspective. Cuban was awesome last season.

    If the show is ever cancelled, it should be a requirement for CNBC (or similar business network) to pick it up anyway.

    • Todd

      The people are coached for t.v. and to me it looks fake fake fake, fire the casting people for fake people. Burnett gets a % of the company’s for advertising on shark tank and that make it a advertising show.

  • Deb

    Yay!! Love Mark on Shark Tank. Glad it is coming back, it is one of my favorite shows!, :)

  • Kevin

    Despite the NBA lockout, can his championship team be able to take the break even though they beat the Miami Heat in six?

  • Rob

    He ‘stole the show’ in those episodes? More like derailed it. He sucked and was a major distraction. I like the current Sharks, no Cuban wanted.

    • John H

      Isn’t all reality TV fake to a degree, but that being the case, many reality TV shows are entertaining and Shark Tank is one of them. A show about ordinary people and American creativity. This makes for a very entertaining show. Who cares about the advertizing?

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