TNT cancels 'Men of a Certain Age'


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Men of a Certain Age isn’t getting any older.

After returning to low ratings, TNT has declined to pick up a third season of the acclaimed series about a trio of middle-aged men. The news comes a day after co-star Andre Braugher scored a second Emmy nomination for the show and helps make room for the network’s new drama, a reboot of 1980s hit Dallas. Here’s a statement from the network:

“TNT has been proud to be a part of Men of a Certain Age for two seasons. While the show has featured great storytelling and impeccable performances, the audience simply hasn’t built to the point where we can continue the series. This was an extremely difficult decision for us. We wish Ray Romano, Mike Royce and the terrific cast and crew of Men of a Certain Age the very best and look forward to exploring new programming possibilities in the future.”

More scheduling moves are expected soon. The network already gave a greenlight to another season of Falling Skies and it is expected to order a second season of Franklin & Bash.

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    Looked boring to me!

    • TV Gord

      Too bad you didn’t give it a try. You missed something special.

    • Cindi

      Love your name!!!

    • debbie

      That is sad – it was a good show! Maybe if it was on for longer than 6 weeks at a time people could have gotten more attached to it. And a little advertising wouldn’t have hurt. Very sad.

      • Mike

        This show deserved better than it received. It was very entertaining. I agree with debbie!

      • Marie

        I agree with Debbie, “Men” was a great show, why not replace 2.5 Men with Men of A Certain Age,We haven’t watched 2.5 Men since Charlie Sheen left. Someone PLEASE pick up Men of A Certain Age.

    • donknottz

      a baba booey to that

      • Adam

        fla fla flo high

    • Bigmouth

      Sour? Do you hear men? Sour? I want you to go to jail.

    • Bill

      I have never heard of this show. Weird.

      • Bre-Bre



      I’d love to see Andre in a Homicide Life on the Streets reunion! Also, TNT didn’t say they canceled this to make room for Dallas! EW through that in so they post a link to their Dallas story. Hehehe sneaky things!

      • 867-5309

        I miss Frank Pembleton so much – sigh. Thank god for dvds.

    • OKAggie

      Go watch the Batchelorette — you won’t have to think or anything…

    • Kim N

      VERY sad to hear this. It really was a far superior show than most. Problem was that TNT broke up the season. And they wonder why it didn’t gain a following! I had to set a reminder to look periodically to see when the rest of the season would be broadcast. I wish another channel would pick it up. With the right management it will do great!

      • jan b

        Kim is right. This was a superior TV offering. I found it after it had been cancelled. IT definetly should be picked up by another network. Like “Parenthood” on NBC, it would be good for mainstream audiences.

      • b

        i agree wif jan b.

      • Michael gore

        Yes , I agree the series was incredible the writing and story believable.This seems so easy but hard to find elsewhere.Please someone recognize that this should be picked up with the same cast and don’t change it so it’s hardly recognizable.What really worked was how each character was vital to the series.

      • Marie

        YES me too, had to hunt for where and when it was on…

    • Donna

      Im bummed…been waiting for it to start and I see now why it hasnt. Was a great show, original, sad, funny, and true to life..very sad its over. I agree with whoever said only being on for 6 weeks a season didnt do it any good

    • Tom

      It was a real dissapointment to learn that Men of a certain Age was not scheduled for a third season. Everyone I knew, specifically those in the baby boomer age bracket like my self, and thae largest population segment in the auas. The acting an, timing, and real life situations portrayed were all spot on. A major dissapoinyment for many. And to re-new Dallas, and Falling Skies??? Gice me a break. 2 Emmy’s in 2 years. Too bad.. Perhaps AMC will have something besides late night whitches, and early night UFO/slut programming..

      • Sheila Johns

        I too loved this show. It held your interest aand had the best characters to draw your interest. I do not know why they take off good shows and then put back junk. You need shows for all age groups, please!

    • Mike H

      It was one of the best shows on television – smart and entertaining at the same time. And yet mindless, empty programming is allowed to continue.

      • Inforapenny

        Completely agree. This was a real highlight of the TV schedule–brilliant writing, fantastic characters. I loved every episode and am disappointed that it was cancelled to make way for more crap like a “Dallas” reboot.

    • Baba booey

      Baba booey

    • Marie

      Was not boring, it was a show you had to follow each week to get into it, i had to explain that to my friends too, they had to watch for more than two shows..

  • renee

    i loved the first season but the second season treatment of joe and owen just sucked, so i bowed out after the 2nd episode. sorry.

    • yup

      i felt the same way.

  • Russ

    The world needs less Ray Romano.

    • bruno

      agreed tenfold.

      • Garry

        Ahh, shaddup.

    • John Galt

      I guarantee that you haven’t watched this show.

      • Craig Livingstone

        I watched the show five or six times and it is more pathetic, romano-whining, men-with-pms, crapola!

        Garbage be gone.


      @Russ is right. Ray is not fun or funny.

      • Carl

        He wasn’t supposed to be ripping it like Everyone Loves Raymond. There isn’t a live audience or laugh track either. I thought the show was good. DVR every week.

    • L

      Well, at least less of Ray Romano than what’s in that picture. Boy did he let himself GO.

    • LAJackie

      But it needs more Scott Bakula :D

    • Vince

      Can’t stand the man, can’t stand ELR

    • A

      But more Scott Bakula.

      • Porthos

        Oh Boy! Just tell ziggy to give me some cheese.

  • Michelle

    That’s a damn shame. It’s a very good show and unlike anything else on tv.

    • Bob

      TNT sucks! Take it to another network!

    • Lisa

      Agreed. I’m very disappointed. It was a really excellent show.

    • texangal

      Agree with you also. It’s a very good show, so sorry to hear it’s been cancelled. If it was on more than a month at a time, then more people would probably watch it. And didn’t see a lot of promotion by TNT for it either, unlike that stupid Franklin & Bash. Dallas? Blech…

  • Ryan

    can sci fi channel finally do a sequel series of quantum leap with scott bakula now?

    • abadstroller

      I felt let down by the final episode of Quantum Leap. I’d love to see Sam Beckett again, explaining where he’s been and seeing what new adventures an older SB would have. Must. Get. Dean. Stockwell….

      • Porthos

        Sam Beckett never returned. Now if only they’d produce the final three seasons of Enterprise.

      • Minieb

        I’d watch it.. but this show was really great and it was realistic in the sense of how our society is today.

      • Jack

        I always thought that “Enterprise” should have ended with Scott Bakula leaping out.

  • Decent

    Great acting and well written, but this show can drag on. Considering the topics covered it was appealing to a pretty small demographic anyway. Besides, its not like Ray Romano needs the money.

    • TV Gord

      Middle-aged men are a small demographic? Most families have ‘em.

      • Decent

        Yeah and when you can’t even get a quarter of them to watch it spells good reason why this show was cancelled.

    • Laurie

      I am neither a man nor of a certian age and I enjoyed this show.

      • Annie

        Agreed. Twentysomething woman; loved this show. Very disappointed to hear that it’s canceled. Another loss for intelligent, poignant TV shows…

      • Decent

        You two are the exception not the rule. They would not have cancelled the show if enough people were watching it so my point stands on its own. I never said it wasn’t good, just not a big fan base for the subject matter

      • WhiteCollarsUSA

        Annie very well said. My TV is usually stuck on @USA_NETWORK for #WHITECOLLAR Tues 9p E/P but I turned to TNT to watch these 3 great actors tackle real life events. MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE will be missed.
        It seems if there is not a % of sex, violence, & nudity (or lately vampires) your show will get cancelled.
        Finally, I was taught, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
        It has kept me out of many troubling situations. Advice from a woman of a certain age.

      • okay

        what do you work for USA or something?

        And who was saying anything mean in any of these posts?

      • Porthos

        I am a man of a certain age. My wife used to watch that show and comment that she very glad that I wasn’t a whiny she-man like those annoying characters. The writers really needed all three main characters to grow their own pair.

      • Corpsegoddess

        39-year-old woman here, and hubby and I ADORED this show. *So* disappointed to hear it’s been cancelled. The problem, I think, is that it was far too nuanced and subtle for the majority of today’s TV audience. The writing, acting and directing were all top-notch–this was one of the best shows on TV to come around in a long time.

        Here’s to hoping another channel picks it up and continues to air it for many seasons to come. We’ll be watching if they do.

  • Stacy

    I finally got my husband into watching this show…and now it is canceled. This was a bad call TNT. Men of a certain age was a great show. I am so depressed!

  • Lacy

    This makes me sad. I really enjoyed the show..and it felt like it was really picking up steam in the second season. Oh well.. big audiences = bigger bucks :)

  • Aaron

    This was a great show, though I can see how it would have trouble finding an audience. I’ll miss it.

    • Cindy

      TNT’s problem, like the other cable channels, is they produce 10 shows and call that a season. How do you expect to keep viewers if your show runs only 10 weeks a year? Yes, it’s cheaper. But don’t expect big audiences if you don’t promote the show, and you don’t make full seasons.

      • John

        Absolutely correct, Cindy.

      • Vincent Giannotti

        One of the best shows on TV. Whole cast was great- very intelligent and entertaining. TNT mismanaged it terribly. Only a few wks. long and then you didn’t know when or if it would start again. Never gave it a real chance.

  • ripleyaeryn

    Sad. But I think that Scott Bakula should be on Fringe with Dean Stockwell!

    • TV Gord

      Fortunately, Fringe is too good to resort to ridiculous stunt casting.

      • Monty

        I don’t care how good he was in the role, but you cannot call the casting of Leonard Nemoy anything BUT stunt casting. Thats what happens when you put a sci fi legend (in the minds of his fans) into any sci fi tv show. Don’t call an apple an orange. Fringe is not above this move.

      • Bob

        That would be Nimoy. And it wasn’t stunt casting. He was perfect for the part. And what does Dean Stockwell have to do with Fringe???

      • Ilsa

        Nimoy was GREAT in the role, and it was never a riff off his role as Mr. Spock. William Bell is his own character, with his own mythology. Casting Leonard Nimoy was the opposite of a stunt; it was a refusal to let one iconic performance define an actor and giving him a chance to create another indelible character, which he did.

  • Jay

    Bummer. Great show!

    • WhiteCollarsUSA

      JAY wimkkgfff

    • WhiteCollarsUSA

      JAY sorry, my cat walked on my phone. He is a sweet boy & he was giving me a kiss goodmorning.

      That was suppose to say:

      Well said.

  • Sarah O

    I loved this show and watched every episode! Boo! To cancel this to make way for an unneccessary and inferior Dallas is just another sign of the apocalypse!

    • googie

      Ditto, 100%!

    • Kurt Russell

      Rediculous decision! Chances of them coming up with anything better? 5% Probably had to bump up actors salary after 2 seasons. that is why it is cancelled. It has nothing to do with the fact that this show was great TV.

    • lil darlin

      I loved every episode of this show. Wonderful writing and acting. Other cable networks give their good shows a chance. TNT is a disappointment.

      • Alreadythere

        Awwwwe. The premise sounded kind of lame, but I ended up really loving this show. Funny and poignant and the characters had a kind of everyman heroism.

  • Ashley

    It wasn’t a bad show..the first season was definitely better than the second…though I loved the Scott and Melinda scenes. Ray Romano scenes tended to drag though…oh well….I guess I can delete the last four episodes from my TiVo since the show was canceled. No point now.

    • TV Gord

      Don’t do that! Enjoy the episodes for what they are. :-) Who knows? Some of your favorite moments may be in those four shows.

    • beachmom

      No, you should watch them if you have the chance. The show was excellent to the last episode.

      • lois

        but i want more–what happens with the dealership and the senior tour??? i want more!!!

    • Rani

      Tivo is the problem- if you don’t watch the show and the ads within a few days you,as a viewer, don’t count. If you hit pause or ff through ads you don’t count. It’s great for busy/sleepy people but watch your shows if you want them to survive. It sucks, but the ads pay for the programming.

  • kristine

    what’s hilarious is that they’re canceling it to make room for Dallas. you know, because that’s not going to be terrible too.

    • Lorie

      Kristine, lol. Best comment.

  • Catherine

    Great show…darn shame…Maybe TNT couldn’t afford both MEN and DALLAS…

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