'Breaking Bad' returns to biggest ratings ever


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AMC’s critical darling Breaking Bad returned Sunday night with a tense episode that delivered its highest ratings ever.

A total of 2.6 million viewers and 1.5 million adults 18-49 tuned into the premiere telecast, up a whopping 30 percent from its third season debut more than a year ago. That’s still down slightly from the fourth season debut of Mad Men, for those keeping score on that front, though edges out the Madison Ave. drama in the adult demo.

Breaking Bad has managed the rather improbable feat of growing in the ratings every season on AMC. (I mean, it’s only improbable when you look at how ratings normally behave, not if you’re a fan of the show.)
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  • Jay

    Best… Show…. on TV!!! I tell everyone I know about it, and have been lending my DVD box sets out to whomever promises to watch them for years


      Disappointed in AMC for not airing a marathon of previous seasons prior to last nites premiere. There was so much hype, I would have liked to play catch up. There scheduling is very suspect. When The Killing was on, finding repeats other than at 2am was next to impossible.



      • Peter

        They DID do a marathon. 2-4 episodes a night for the last several weeks.


        Hi Peter- thanks but that’s too scattered for me. I recall watching an all day Sunday marathon on Mad Men before the season 2 premiere and they had me hooked. But who am I, right?

      • Mo

        If you don’t want to rent or buy the DVDs, check your local library. I got my husband up to speed by borrowing seasons 1 and 2 from the library, then DVR’ed the season 3 episodes AMC has been showing. My library was too slow to get season 3 in time, but maybe you’ll be luckier with yours. And then, like my husband, you’ll be hooked, hooked, hooked. By the way, James, great last line, and it’s so true: better ratings each season make no sense if all you know is ratings, but not if you’re acquainted with this amazing show. I started watching in season 2, not having seen season 1 at all, but having heard about the accolades. It started out well enough, but then the episode with them at the house with Tuco and his uncle got me hooked for life. It took me 2 seasons (and getting an HD DVR) for me to get my husband hooked, and now he’s been raving about the show to his father and brother in law, who maybe we can hook by season 5… Yikes, Breaking Bad is just like meth and we’re all dopers! :-)

      • @lisa G

        Who are you? You’re the girl who takes sheets at work.


        I choose not to disclose what that stands for— thanks.

      • pag

        Lisa, They did air a marathon of their past three seasons earlier this year, and about a month ago. I had missed the past 3 seasons and caught up I think around February of this year when they had a marathon where they would show about 2 episodes back to back on wednesday nights.

      • Al

        Thanks for the tip MO, my wife started on season 21/2 and all I have found is a pkg for over $100. I already have my check out plans but I know that the lord wont let me. Way to go Walt, do it your way.

      • Al

        I thought this was to talk about Breakink Bad. Take care of you personal problems in person. Everyone hides.

    • BB is the Best Show on TV

      Nothing tops BIG BROTHER, it’s the best!

  • stacy

    Great news! I’m sure it will go down next episode, but hopefully it will stay high enough to get a season 5.

    • Brian

      I guarantee it will get a season 5.

      • God

        Nothing is guaranteed.

      • dan

        i can guarantee you’re not God

      • Al

        I can God will strick you down whith ——- show your face and dont hide Thanks Brian and Dan dog you must have lived under a rock. Peeek out once in a while and see facts. If I was checking out you beter believe I would do the same as walt so my family could have something. I hope I find some other way to get ther nest egg but this is real real real. Also the acting with no connection to streat life. BRAVO LX13

  • Sara

    Last night’s episode was so intense! I’m glad their ratings keep going up. If any show deserves the love, it’s this one.

    • Gorga

      Joe Gorga make is go POP POP POP like a big ole zit. Now that’s intense.

  • lz

    I HATE when BB is compared to Mad Men!There just no comparison!Breaking Bad is genius,Mad Men can just end now and it wouldn’t matter!

    • Mo

      Mad Men is like a Martini, you have one now and then, you don’t mind another one, and it’s oh so elegant. Breaking Bad is like a drug. It’s dirty, it hooks you and then you want more more more!

      • heroin chic

        Oh yeah baby black tar heroin shoot it between the toes. My big toe love it. I wear a size 0 jeans. Mmmmm.

  • lz

    Lisa,I highly suggest you purchase the first three seasons. You’ll enjoy the bonus features and can rewatch all episodes!They are so worth it!


      @Iz, thanks for the suggestion. I will admit I tried watching a few episodes and it was a bit dark (literally) for me. I found the lighting and scenes almost depressing!

  • pbev7

    I had to be to work at 3am but I stayed up to watch this (10-11pm) awesome premiere. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were terrific, altho Jesse didn’t speak for almost the entire episode. I love this edgy show.


      @pbev7— hope you’re not an air traffic controller.

      • Mo

        Hah, if you really haven’t seen BB, that is a highly coincidental thing you’re saying!

  • Josh

    Absolutely deserves it.

  • googie

    BB and MM both great!

  • walt


    • roger siskel roeper

      Walt, I find MM to be totally overrated. A bit slow.

      • MarcHon

        I love them both…

  • Todd Bridges

    Thank God the viewing public is finally getting it! There is no other show on television that creates & raises suspense so effectively with little to no dialogue (as exemplified in last night’s season premiere). This is simply the best writing & acting you will find today.

    • heroin chic

      Hi Todd, so glad to see you came out of your coke haze to watch the show. Wanna come over?

      • Todd Bridges

        Thanks to BB, I’m totally hooked on meth now… spark it up!!

      • heroin chic

        Ooo la la love your sexy meth talk.

  • Eric

    Too bad it’s all over after season 5. Too good to end.

  • Carrot Top

    While Cranston and Paul have been acknowledged for their acting performances, the show itself is probably too dark for an Emmy as best series. Hopefully the Emmy voters will grow a pair by next season and give the show its due reward.

  • Kevin7

    Bye a mile this is the best show on TV. The scene in the lab with Gus was amazing. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  • ilovedexter

    Right now I’m catching up on Dexter (I’m on season 3, and season 6 is coming soon so I’m going as fast as I can haha). I feel like after I’m done my next show should be Breaking Bad but I’m not sure… this might sound dumb to all the people who watch and love it but should I? ‘Cause my other choice is The Wire, a show which ended but I read that it’s a must-see series.

    • Remmy

      I often wonder if people like ‘The Wire’ because they actually like it, or if they like it because other people like it?

      Anyway, ‘The Wire’ wasn’t for me. So, BB all the way.


        @Remmy, I often wonder that about most popular things eg: BB, Lady Gaga, Mad Men, The Wire, etc etc.

      • Anitamargarita

        People stick with the Wire because other people liked it. It’s hard to start but impossible to stop.

      • stacy

        I started watching The Wire before I heard exactly how much people loved it. and the 4th season was easily my favorite before I found out it was most people’s favorite.

    • Mo

      I never saw The Wire, so I can’t compare the two. I usually don’t enjoy shows and movies that revolve around cops trying to catch drug dealers, or around politics, so it might not be for me anyway. But I recommended both Dexter and Breaking Bad to my husband, and we love them both. I think Breaking Bad is even better than Dexter, but they both have characters that you can’t help loving who do very bad things, surrounded by other characters who have no idea of what Walt or Dexter really are, incredibly intense moments, very funny and very black humor, and very very sharp principal and supporting characters. They kind of go in opposite directions: Dexter is an amoral criminal as the show starts, and is exploring his “good” side more and more as the show progresses; Walt starts as a decent guy dealt a very bad hand, and has been steadily becoming a more dangerous and scary character. So I vote BB all the way.

    • Mo

      Since another long post of mine already disappeared above, I’m guessing my reply here also will, sooner or later, so here’s a shorter one: haven’t seen the wire, I vote for BB, it’s sort of like a reverse arc than Dexter’s, a little slower, much tenser, they both share very bad, very lovable characters and very funny moments of very black humor. If the other one doesn’t disappear, sorry about the double post, then.

    • Phoebe

      I’d recommend watching The Wire … I thought it was going to be a dark, cynical show but the characters are so alive and full of contradictions. No one is fully bad or good and the plot is all seriously unexpected. It has a great sense of place and quite a bit of heart. Right now I’m a little confused by Breaking Bad, I think I have to watch it from the beginning again … it seems more plot driven & things done for the sake of moving the story forward rather than character driven which I prefer.

  • Lia

    aww hell yeah! best show on TV

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