'Cash Cab' kills pedestrian in Vancouver


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Tragedy befell the lighthearted game show Cash Cab Friday when a producer for the Canadian branch of the show struck and killed a pedestrian in Vancouver. The driver was returning the mobile set to a storage facility after filming for the day wrapped when he hit the 61-year-old Surrey, British Columbia, resident in the city’s Downtown Eastside district. The victim, whose name hasn’t been released, died in a local hospital soon after the collision.

Andrew Burnstein, president of Castlewood Productions Inc., which produces the show’s Canadian version, issued a statement: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and his friends and his family. My heart also goes out to the driver of the vehicle, a member of our technical staff, who is shaken and devastated by this tragic accident, as is our entire team.”

The driver and members of the Castlewood team are fully cooperating with the Vancouver Police, who are still trying to determine the full circumstances of the accident. No charges have been brought against the producer.

Cash Cab
host from Discovery wins Daytime Emmy

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  • berd

    i don’t think 61 qualifies as elderly. sad though.

    • K

      That’s exactly what I thought. But yes, terribly sad. This person probably had another decade or two in him. At least it wasn’t during the actual filming of the show; it worries me that someone is driving around while hosting a game show.

      • Natalie

        so you don’t talk to your passengers while you drive?

      • Rich

        Natalie, I am sure almost everybody talks to their passengers when they’re driving. However we don’t have flashing lights inside our car that look like a disco. And think about this, how does the host know what questions to ask? He either has a monitor that he reads them from or has an earpiece where the questions are relayed to him. Either way his full attention is not on the road.

      • brad

        if you would have read the whole story you would have noticed that the accident happened when someone was returning the cab. not while filming the show

      • abadstroller

        “Friends don’t let friends drive game-show-hosting.” (And, yes, I know the driver was returning the cab…but I still think the premise for the show is idiotic. Even stupider than texting while driving.)

      • Claire


      • Tom

        Who is buried in Grant’s Tomb?

      • abadstroller

        Claire: I love using “stupider”. Not sure if it’s a real word, but it works for me! Gets the point across, right?

      • Tom

        Killed by a game show. Try that on for size.

      • @brad

        an if you had read her post, you would see that she said that she was glad that IT DIDN’T HAPPEN DURING THE SHOW..

      • Davo

        If you watch the show, the driver gets his questions through an ear wick…just like rock stars.

      • eric

        “Stupider” and “stupidest” are correct usages. They are also a good way to describe Claire.

    • glenn

      61 qualifies as elderly when a twenty-five-year old is writing the article. Some people 61 look many years younger, some especially those who smoke or drank, drugged, etc. (or those with lots of stress) often look very old.

      • Nicole

        I’m 30 and 61 is NOT elderly.

      • Zzzzzz

        Thanks, Nicole. I just turned 61 and don’t think I’m elderly, either.

      • AcaseofGeo

        61 is NOT elderly. Unfortunately, that stupid comment sticks out in a story that should be focusing on the tragic death of a HUMAN being, elderly or not.

      • austria

        To Glenn: You had to know you’d be eating that foot you stuck in your mouth, when you decreed that some people of 61 years of age”who smoked,drank,drugged etc, or had a ‘lot of stress’ look much older. HA! You must be emotionally younger than whatever your years. Look kid, I am 60 years old and I smoked, drank,drugged & lots of rock & roll on the ‘etc’ end a good 40 plus years worth. In terms of the stress factor, I have five adult children, 14 grandchildren, & 3 great-grandchildren. Stressful enough for you? I worked in corporate America for almost 30 years. Now THAT’S stress! Been married & divorced a total of five times (husband #3 & #5 are the same heavy metal guitarist-yes, you’d instantly recognize the name). Managed to snag a couple of graduate degrees along the way & only recently just went cold turkey on liquor & cigarettes, gave up heroin & coke years ago & today I’m in the BEST shape ever, plus, I’m an accomplished playwright. All that & everyone STILL tells me I look around 48! Never had botox,fake boobs,facelift,lipo or any of that nonsense. Never needed it. My point son, longwinded though it was, is that you can’t generalize or stereotype ANYONE according to some narrow perimeter. My doctor says I have excellent muscle tone & excellent genes. OK?

      • LOL

        61 isn’t “middle aged” as some like to say. What else do you want to call it?

      • @austria

        You are awesome. Seriously. :)

      • Mitch Logan

        austria: Do you know the meaning of the word ‘some’?

    • jan willms

      I had heard about this earlier, but just read the details. The first thing I thought was that elderly was not the proper description. But aside from that, a sad accident for all concerned.

    • Tracy

      My heart goes out to the family. and all involved.

    • Nicole

      LOL, that was my first thought, too!

    • Julie

      Agreed! 61 is NOT elderly!

    • droan

      it is if your 20….

  • Deke

    It was only a matter of time. I’m surprised Ben Bailey hasn’t had numerous accidents in NYC by now.

    • Ryden

      This wasnt the New York show. There are several versions of this show, not just Ben Bailey’s show. Also, it says a producer of the show was driving, NOT the host.

      • Luke

        @Ryden: I think Deke was remarking that Bailey’s driving on the New York show always looks a bit scary. I agree, but it may just seem like he’s never looking forward. If the producer of the Vancouver show was in the accident, it may have been the car that follows the cab. I also agree with the others who wonder when 61 was considered elderly. Do Canadians live shorter lives?

      • Will

        I’m pretty sure Deke got that part

      • mel

        The article states that the show was finished tapeing for the day and the producer was returning the van to storage.

      • AcaseofGeo

        Regardless of where or when the accident happened, I think posters are making a statement about the relative danger to pedestrians and other drivers in the set up of this game show. You have a driver asking time-sensitive questions to contestants in the back set. This driver’s attntion is being diverted from DRIVING by either being fed audio questions or reading a monitor.

      • filmboym

        @luke – americans have the highest mortality rate than any other developed nation – canadians have one of the lowest…

      • Luke

        @filmboym: That’s interesting — and I’m not surprised by it. Americans take way too many risks. Canadians seem less stressed. So, 61 in Canada is hardly considered elderly.

      • Dale56

        @Luke On average Canadians live almost 3 years longer than we do in the USA.

  • Ryden

    When the F&*K did 61 become elderly? especially in a day and age when people are only living longer. Then again with a name like Lanford, you must be like 12.

    • Rich

      What a stupid comment. What does his name have to do with his age? Would it make sense to say with a name like Ryden, you must be like 70. And yes 61 is elderly. After sixty you are officially old.

      • jan willms

        Are you 60? You might redefine it when you reach that age. :)

      • fancypants

        After 65 you are considered ‘old’.

      • thin

        Seriously, of all the things to say about this, we get comment after comment about how 61 isn’t “elderly”? Get over it already, good lord.

      • Justin

        I’m 61… and 61 is not elderly!! Now all you damn kids get off my lawn!

      • eric

        The poor guy is dead because of this idiotic BS show that nobody watches. Who gives a f**k if he was elderly.

      • Squishmar

        Why do you care about this article then, eric? “Cash Cab” is not idiotic… at least not the New York version. And the guy didn’t die because of the show; he died because a driver hit him. The fact that he was returning something to a storage facility related to this show is entirely incidental and has nothing to do with the show itself. It’s like saying that a truck with “Whole Foods” on it was related to the supermarket. It’s the driver and the victim…everything else is trivial.

    • wakeforce

      If you get a senior discount at the movies, you are old! (J.K.!)

  • katie

    This headline is misleading. People automatically assume that the accident occurred during (and because of) shooting. Not the case. Gotcha headlines usually don’t bother me but this one does because I love the show and this is just a sad coincidence.

    • tim

      i agree.

  • just an opinion

    berd- crack me up. I was just reading the contents of this article to friend emphasizing the words “elderly” and “sixty one”. Then i scrolled down and saw your comment.

  • Doctor Who Fan

    I agree now a days 61 is not elderly. Sad to hear any dead caused by the entertainment industry itself.

  • Heidi H

    Misleading headline to use the word “elderly.” that’s not even retirement age. Whoever did that should be corrected or reprimanded. Your publication does itself a disservice.

  • Larry

    Life isn’t fare …

    • Dave


  • youngin

    After 50 ,you’re elderly , get over it or come to terms with you ,bunch of elderly folks!! And that world wide.

    • Natalie

      If he was using a walker with grey hair I might refer to him as elderly without knowing he was 61 (i know it didn’t say anything about a walker, but if someone looks older than they are at 61 they would be referred to as elderly)

      • Justin

        Where can I get a walker with grey hair?

    • Dave

      Hey “youngin”: maybe you might want to look up the spelling of your screen name before casting aspersions. You may be young but you’re still stupid.

      • @Dave

        Vapid, stupid and shallow youth. That’s a choice. Not a good one but it’s always existed. The young always think they invented everything. Sadly, they could learn a thing or too from the elderly..whatever age fit’s that particular label.
        That said, enjoy your youth since it won’t be with you forever no matter how much plastic surgery you decide to use or not. Age is a state of mind. Sometimes I feel 100 and at others like a teenager. I am 58. I’m positively creaky at times. I’m also well educated, funny and happy. The alternative is death. Funny, but, isn’t that what this tread topic started out to be about..someone who died due to an accident before some youngster got all ageist and freaked out? “Oh no, the elderly” as if it’s not gonna happen to them. It will and I hope they can deal with it. It’s really unattractive to see someone who has self loathing and clearly this youngster is banking on looks and good luck with that. Yeah, stupid is forever…with ya on that Dave.

    • Fathergoose

      youngin. some young people are very mature in their approach. You, however, are a mindless twit.

      • Joani

        “Youngin” is not only immature, but his punctuation sux also.

      • @Fathergoose

        Amen! Your more concise than I am..thank you.

    • Rick

      At my elderly age of 52, I love when so many of the youngin’s are finishing behind when I race.

    • fancypants

      I’m 23 and I don’t think 61 is elderly. It’s not. After 65 is considered old.

      • @fancypants

        So that must be official then, huh? All that wisdom at age 23..bwaahhhhhh

  • Flay

    As Lewis Black once said: “forty is not the new thirty, fifty is not the new forty. Forty is forty, fifty is fifty”. Know your age and act it. Sixty-one is old. Oh, yes, and the old lady died, that was part of the story too.

    • AcaseofGeo

      61 is “old” yes, but its not “elderly”. And who the heck is Lewis Black. And this has nothing to do with “know your age and act it”. And it was a MAN who died, not a Lady.

      • KTD

        @AcaseofGeo: Lewis Black is a comedian. @Flay: Lewis Black was telling jokes, not giving a lecture on the science of aging.

  • Crity

    too bad. I like that show alot.

  • Carlito

    It’s going to have to change its name from Cash Cab to Crash Cab

    • @Carlito

      Tasteless, but funny

  • Brad

    61 is elderly? The author is an idiot!

    • JD

      Yes he’s an idiot, cause he called a 61 year old elderly. Who the hell cares. All the news stories describe him as such, and it’s a fair statement, even though you may disagree.

  • M.M

    61 is elderly. Yeah, okay. And even if Landon is 12, he should have an editor (who is probably 14). Journalism ain’t what it used to be…

  • Lise

    Why does everyone focus on terminology? I have grey hair and I’m 46. Let’s focus on the tragedy and think of the victim, family, and everyone else involved.

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