It's official: Charlie Sheen announces 'Anger Management' sitcom


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More details on Charlie Sheen’s next TV project: The actor officially announced his show based on the movie Anger Management — but there’s still no network on board … yet.

The show is based on the movie about a mild-mannered, non-confrontational man is ordered to attend group anger management sessions led by a therapist who could probably use some anger management himself.

“I chose Anger Management because, while it might be a big stretch for me to play a guy with serious anger management issues, I think it is a great concept,” Sheen said in a statement. “It also provides me with real ownership in the series, a certain amount of creative control and the chance to be back in business with one of my favorite movie producers of all time, Joe Roth.”

Sheen and Roth worked together on Major League, Young Guns and Three Musketeers. The project has several production companies attached, including Lionsgate TV, Revolution Studios and distributor Debmar-Mercury. Normally shows are announced after a network buys them, and also missing from this equation is a comedy showrunner (Chuck Lorre is presumably not interested). But going out with an announcement like this, generating press headlines, could help spark marketplace interest. After all, how can you pass up a TV show after reading quotes such as:

“Who better than Charlie Sheen to tackle Anger Management,” Roth said. “With Charlie’s incredible talent and comedic gifts, he remains the leading man of TV sitcoms. I’m excited to collaborate with him once again.”

“We always look for series ideas that are noisy, accessible and relevant,” said Lionsgate’s Kevin Beggs. “Charlie Sheen in Anger Management takes those criteria to a whole new level and we are thrilled to be in business with him … With a star of Charlie’s magnitude, a producer as venerable as Joe Roth and a branded property as compelling as Anger Management, this show has unique upside while still adhering to our disciplined business model.”

“We have been fielding numerous offers for Charlie since his departure from Two and a Half Men, but none were as creatively and financially compelling as the package that Lionsgate, Debmar-Mercury, and Revolution presented us with Anger Management,” says Sheen’s manager Mark Burg.

See? Everybody wants to be in business with Sheen. Don’t you?

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  • Vince from NYC

    I’d be lying If I said I wouldn’t give it a watch..

    • gazmo

      Who DOESN’T love a good train wreck?

      And Sheen certainly has the potential to go Super 8 at any moment!!

      They should put this show on AMC – as a lead-in to Mad Men.

    • Diane

      I’d totally give it a shot.

    • Mike Hunt Hurts

      Please please please do not put this dirt bag on the air. How about the Bachelor with him and Casey.

      • Jeff M

        then dont watch anything he makes and stop reading about him. what do you think about that?

      • Michael

        @Jeff…perhaps you should take his peen out of your mouth long enough to ponder the fact that some dislike the guy and have an opinion. Deal with it.

      • @ Jeff

        I think you are a moron.

      • kevin

        i totally agree with u jeff

      • Nate

        Maybe Jeff has anger issues. Relax Jeff, lots of people dislike Sheen (including me) and you need to come to grips with that. Maybe take a stroll or have a cup of tea.

      • true that

        Please please please put Charlie Sheen back on the air. How about the Bachelor with him and Casey..great idea! In his spare time, Charlie could boost ratings on the Bachelor as well!

    • Nathan

      I’ll be watching this before I ever watch that Ashton Kutcher bull****

    • Gene Ebert Roeper

      Hmmm…. it could work…

    • LMFAO


    • NoChance

      And I’d be lying if I said that I WOULD give it a watch. Not a fan of train wrecks.
      The man really needs to take some time off and get himself some help and then I might be interested in seeing him on screen (movies or TV) again.

  • Margo

    Sure, why not? If he has his act together it could be great. Book me in!

    • A

      But he doesn’t have his act together…never has.

  • Rhona

    I’ll definitely WATCH!!!

  • MC

    Won’t watch. Will NEVER watch.

    • gazmo

      Charlie Sheen is lying in his bed crying bitter tears over how you’ve spurned him, when he’s done nothing to you MC.

      • Lili

        Oh, give me a break. Actually, Charlie has done plenty to people like MC and me. His fame is the result of birthright luck, not his personal skill – there are thousands of actors more talented than he will ever be, who never will have the break to achieve success. Instead of using his situation to be a good father and take care of his family, he wastes it all right in front of our eyes – flaunting his wealth and embracing a life of nonsense and trash. Of course, that is his right. Just as it is the right of decent people to turn our eyes away from anything that smacks of being supportive of this clown.

      • Michael

        @gazmo…Charlie Sheen IS crying in bed over you after laughing hysterically over the fact that idiots like you keep supporting his bizarre and generally wretched ways.

      • gazmo

        Charlie Sheen is FUNNY.
        You, on the other hand? REALLLLY boring.

      • PaulH

        @Lili: I think Charlie Sheen does have some natural acting talent, as does his brother Emilio. Just because his father happens to be an excellent actor in his own right shouldn’t impact one’s assessment of Charlie Sheen as an actor.

        Sure, there are many actors of his caliber who fail where he’s succeeded, and he was certainly advantaged getting into the business as a son of Martin, but several of the siblings are also in acting, and only Emilio and Charlie have ever had A-list success, so *just* being “child of Martin” isn’t enough.

        I do think his current emotional health is unfortunate, and he needs to take some time away from the business to get his head and priorities together. Making a show that makes light of his problems could really go either way, it could either be therapeutic or enabling. My guess, though, based on his other recent appearances, is that he’s still in a space where it will be enabling.

  • Cris

    Couldn’t be worse than Two and a Half Men, could it?

    • gazmo

      Well … yeah.
      It could star Cris the troll and be about how he has no life and annoys everyone on the EW site.

      • Mike Hunt

        or Gazmo the magic troll who butts in anytime anyone offers a differing opinion.

      • gazmo

        Say Mike Hunt a hundred times fast

      • Michael

        @gazmo: And, what results from saying “Mike Hunt” 100 times fast is something you’ll probably never have the privelege to enjoy.

      • @ Gazmo

        What a genius you are. It sure took you long enough to get it (Mike Hunt) and you still don’t realize it was a joke.

  • CrisSux

    Or it could be a show about 2 & 1/2 Girly Men named Cris (that would be Cris, his SUCCESSFUL clone, and the one that didn’t quite work out).

    • JT

      Or, it could be a show about an insane man who is ordered to go to an anger management class when what he really needs is to be locked up. Charlie could play that well.

  • Jill

    Uhm, can someone tell Lionsgate that the words “relevant” and “Charlie Sheen” don’t really mix?

  • rob60990

    ABC and NBC should be jumping to pick this show up! :D

    • mrak171

      Nbc could use the help because they’ve been sucking lately

  • WilStuart

    I guess if the cr@ptacular “2-1/2 Men” attracts viewers, this turd probably can too.


    He chose Anger Management because it is close to his real life persona. He still needs medical attention, especially if he is hallucinating he has a confirmed series with no network to show it. Talk about delusions of grandeur.

  • Clete

    The key phrase in the post are the words “there’s still no network on board…yet.” That means no network has committed to broadcast this offering. That may be the tough sell given Charlie Sheen’s track record.

    • Ilsa

      Exactly. When’s the last time you saw an actor announce their own project? The network or film studio does that if you actually have a production together. This is a contract running around looking for a taker.

    • abadstroller

      Agreed. Networks typically announce their programming. Sounds like a fishing trip to see if anyone is interested. When an actors are unemployed , they usually says there are projects in the works. Ditto Sheen.

  • billk

    First, this story conflicts with another web site that has him playing the Jack Nicholson role, not the Adam Sandler one. I would see him closer to Jack. Secondly, most projects don’t have a network attached until they have more like a script, cast, and maybe actual pilot shot. Most projects are not given this kind of publicity at this stage. Any press is good press.

    • AK

      Wait, so is it a spin-off of that movie? Or just a rip-off?

  • Dan Uff

    I’d give it a shot….

  • K

    The writing will be great! Did you read that line that said Charlie Sheen has “comedic gifts” – that’s hilarious!!! You know…since the guy can’t act his way out of a paper bag and all…

    • mrak171

      Have you seen red dawn!!!!

  • redvector

    Given Charlie’s unresolved issues I don’t see any network touching this.

    In that picture Charlie looks more like he’s a zombie from the Walking Dead.

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