'General Hospital' sneak peek: Jason's ready to propose! -- VIDEO

No soap wedding ever goes off without a hitch — and the bad omens are already starting for Jason (Steve Burton) on General Hospital. Leave it to Maxie (Kirsten Storms) to put a damper on his proposal to Sam (Kelly Monaco). The story arc begins this week on the ABC sudser.

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  • UGH

    This soap desperately needs a reboot and rid itself of all of this mob crapola.

    • TorontoTom

      WHY is Jason wearing a shirt in this scene?!?

    • Sina

      Jason is going purpose to Sam yet there are only 53 comments? And they are not all about jasam? I thought they were sooooooooooooo popular..HAHA

      • Nina

        I don’t Know what ur reading but it is all about Jasam the problem with Liason is you read what you want to read and second they are popular just like LnL are that’s y we love these couples <3<3<3 Jasam <3<3<3 LnL2.o

  • Diane

    Ugh. Why is GH so stupid?? Couples like Luke & Laura, Sonny & Brenda, Jason & Robin worked because they were the classic bad boy/good girl combo. This is just bad boy/skank. Ugh.

    • ERNIE

      Haha. “Sonny and Brenda” Haha.

      • joyce

        why wouln’t the writers have sonny send brenda off with her to live where they would be safe.. if you knew there past this ending is just stupid..not believable..if she ever wanted to come back,it would make sense.. you could see her entering,like she never left …

    • Captain

      I don’t gt why Sam get called a skank so much. Elizabeth is the supposed “angel” of the show yet she’s slept around on every boyfriend she’s ever had and cheated on her fiance with his brother. Sam doesn’t sleep around more than any other girl on the show, it’s sad people can’t see past a story arc from 5 years ago.

      • Sina

        Liz was only enaged twice. Yeah she cheated on Lucky but ppl forget Lucky cheated on her with her sister and Maxie. Liz cheated with Jason and Nik. She didnt cheat on Ric since they broke after Liz found out all that crap he did. She got with Zander during their breakup. Get ur history right.

      • Lorelai

        typical excuse of Liar’s fans – “technically” they were broken up. Really? She was still legally married wasn’t she?? & the “break-up” happened what, 5 minutes ago? PLUS, she always goes for OTHER WOMEN’S men, especially those that belong to her “friends” (watch out, Robin! Once she gets Lucky back, she’ll be coming for Patrick!)

      • Lorelai

        Oh, and let’s not forget how she LIED to Ric about Cam’s paternity. This chick has had more WTDs than ANYONE. Why her fans think she represents “regular” women is beyond me. She reps the women who go on Maury’s “you’re not the father! shows!

        Plus, the biggest sin in soaps, she’s BOR-ING!

    • Marilyn

      And lets keep in mind they all broke up……giving examples that don’t work

      • Mary

        Jasam broke up too. LOL and IMO the writers should have never gone back there again. they were played out the first go around.

    • Jodi

      love Jason and Robin, no one can copy that couple! the best.

    • Sarah Grace

      Please dont ever compare lixxard to sam.
      Lixxard has had 5 babies by 5 different men….she cant keep her legs closed.
      She climbed 17 flights of stairs in the midst of a crisis just to “talk”…..9 months later jake was born.
      Sam is one of the most reformed people on the show and has been pregnant only once…and she’s been around for 8 years.
      Lixxard is the slutty skank….Sam is the angel.

  • UGH

    I figure it’s a dumb as commenting on it so why not?

  • Zak

    This is probably my least favorite storyline on the show. I do not care about this couple. I really like Kelly Monaco, but her character on the show has been reduced to nothing more than a mobster cheerleader. A good twist would be for the writers to kill her off during their wedding, and have that be the final straw that encourages Jason to leave the mob behind.

    • Annette

      I agree – ff Jason & Sam scenes. Just don’t care about them, it’s boring already.

  • Sarah

    Not everybody feels that way. I am a Jasam fan and have been since they first met. I can’t wait for their wedding!!!!! Hopefully a little bundle of Jasam isn’t too far behind :)

  • Sarah

    I think Guza screwed over numerous characters, especially the females. I’m hoping Garin Wolf can bring back the romance and history that made GH so wonderful.

    • Jodi

      I think a wedding with Jason and Sam is way over due, that should bring lots of romance.

  • Mike

    He should be ready to propose – they’ve only had the marriage conversation about a quadrillion times in the last few weeks.

  • San

    I can’t wait!!! This has been so long in coming. I can’t believe Maxie drops the ring…lol Poor Jason. Still think it will be a wonderful proposal! These two are the only reason I still watch the show although I do want to say of late it is a lot more balanced and for me getting a whole lot better overall writing wise.

  • Dana

    Jason&Sam amazing!!!!!!!! I love Jason I love Sam both went trough so Much they need to be happy..
    ason&Sam have everything romance danger heartache so much!!!

  • Blue

    JASAM rule!

  • Stacey

    I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about this. I’ve waited YEARS for them to wed, I just hope the wedding happens soon. YAY JaSam!!!!!

  • Johnae

    It’s about time they get married. Jason and Sam are the best part of GH,and I hope Garin Wolf brings the romance back to the show.

    • Fabian

      I’m with you on firing both pteairs. Personally, if I had my way, I’d clear every office out, evict all the career politicians and start fresh with honest, intelligent folk who actually have the welfare of the populace set as their priority. I’ve long since gotten tired of these politicians whose only concern is how to stay in office longer so they can keep their nice, cushy jobs and a better paycheck than most of us will ever see in a lifetime. I wonder if they’d work harder and more honestly if they got paid less to do what they’ve supposedly been elected to do.

  • Jenn

    I agree – can’t wait! Would love more strong female characters too, but right now, these two are the reason to watch. Steve and Kelly are enormously talented, as are most of the cast. This should be the lead in to GW’s writing, which should bring us more “love in the afternoon.” Here’s hoping it’s JaSam love!

  • Kel

    Jason and Sam bore me. I don’t think they are cute or romantic.
    I cant wait till GH gets as bored with them as I am and backburners them for a good long time.

  • Arleda

    It’s funny that the comments are kill Sam off so Jason can change. If Jason wants to change write a story so that he changes like a normal writer. I think Jasaon and Sam work. They just don’t work for those who want Jason with someone else.

    • Dana


    • Nina

      I agree with you why does Sam have to Die,if Sam die that would make Jason suffer and depend more on his work in the Mob then leave it cause he wont have any more to lose so ppl plz stop complaining and enjoy the Beauty that is Jasam <3

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