'The Walking Dead' epic season 2 Comic-Con poster -- EXCLUSIVE

Zombies love them a good Winnebago! Here’s the poster AMC’s breakout hit The Walking Dead is bringing to Comic-Con. This first-look poster depicts our heroes trapped on the roof of their trusty camper on a clogged highway. C’mon guys, give the undead a turn at the wheel. (And for those who missed it, here’s the first scene released from WD season 2 that previewed during Sunday’s premiere of Breaking Bad). The Walking Dead will have its Comic-Con panel on Friday and EW will be there with full coverage.

CLICK ON THE IMAGE below to see a zombie-stuffed full-size version:

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‘The Walking Dead’ season 2 first look video

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  • UGH

    Meh. Love the show but that poster is nothing to crow over as an exclusive.

    • K

      LOL I agree. Fantastic show, but this poster is kind of wishy-washy. The zombies look great, but the people look SO posed, and they look like they barely care about the zombies. Where’s the terrified body language and the urgency? Everyone (particularly the wife/son just standing around) looks like they could be posing for just about any ensemble TV show poster. This is the freaking Walking Dead! Look like you care about being eaten!

      • Grace

        To me, the poster gives off the vibe that maybe they aren’t as “afraid” of them this season. Maybe they’re more bad a$$-y about them now. ?

      • K

        I see what you’re saying, Grace, and that could totally be what they’re going for. But even so, they just look like they’re making generic poses. That one woman in the back has her hip kicked out to one side and she’s not even facing the zombies. I guess that could have been intended to be badass or something, but to me it just looks like she could give a crap about zombies (and it just looks so Basic Promotional Photo Pose – Woman to me). But I definitely get what you’re saying and it does make a little more sense with your interpretation.

      • Mo

        I think just looking at that footage confirms what Grace says. Wasn’t Rick all about how these zombies had been people and deserved respect? Didn’t he look hesitant and/or desperate when he killed them in season 1? Here he’s all badass and couldn’t care less. But on the other hand, yeah, the poses on the motorhome would work better if you couldn’t see what it is they are facing. Seeing so many zombies and such calm postures is a bit jarring.

      • G-Man

        No, K is absolutely right. The survivors image was clearly (and rather badly) Photoshopped on top of Dale’s RV — look at the laughable mismatch of lighting and the character’s eye-lines. Another “triumph” from the monkeys in marketing!

      • Leslie

        I agree with your comment. You are on a Winnebago with the Walking Dead all around you, and you are standing there all “pressed and pretty?” Ah, what’s wrong with this picture?

      • B

        All these “essays” criticizing their pose. Insightful.

  • meh

    the people on top don’t even look like they belong. They’re so posed and calm. The only one who actually looks somewhat believable is the old guy all the way in the back.

  • Blurp

    Ouch, The Walking Dead premieres in October, really? I wish it premiered sooner. It means we’re gonna have a Christmas break. It’s not like if AMC could not have made it work though :

    – July 17th to September 11th : Breaking Bad at 10pm (episodes 4.01 to 4.09).
    – September 18th to October 9th : The Walking Dead at 9pm (2.01 to 2.04) / Breaking Bad at 10pm (4.10 to 4.13).
    – October 16th to December 11th : The Walking Dead at 9pm (2.05 à 2.13) / Hell on Wheels à 10pm (1.01 à 1.10).

    That would have worked out great. Hell on Wheels would have had a 2-hour finale after the season finale of TWD on December 11th and that way, all 3 shows could have fitted in the schedule and we would avoid a freaking break around Christmas.

  • ree

    The word “epic” is seriously overused.

    • CJ

      Agreed. When the word “epic” was attached to Glee, it lost all meaning…

  • jimmy

    Great show!

  • Ben

    glad to see Norman Reedus on the posters now, definetly my favorite character.

    • amber


      • Aprii

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  • Justin

    Am I the only person who thinks this show is sort of over-rated? I like it, but it’s so overly dramatic at times. There’s so much over-acting. I enjoy the show as a whole, simply because it’s about zombies, but I feel like the cast is weak. I’m hoping season 2 can be great.

    • Justin

      And that poster is far from epic. It is ordinary at best.

    • Mo

      Having read the comics, sometimes it seemed to me that there was a little too much cheap melodrama in them, and it became like reading a soap opera with zombies around the edges. But the show seems to be veering a little from the books.

      • Justin

        I’ve never read the comics. I do like the show, it’s just so over the top sometimes.

    • georgie

      I agree. A lot of people were complaining about “no emmys” for this show….I really enjoy it, but it’s not award winning!

    • Zachary

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  • tigger851


  • Julie

    Looks like they haven’t made any promo shots for their graphic designers to use for Season 2 marketing material. Those are the same posed images used for the AMC Walking Dead wallpapers and character bios for the first season.

    Don’t worry folks. This is just a poster they put together at the last minute for the ComicCon, they are obviously spending their money on production of the show and not marketing.

  • DTO

    This show is not that good. The premire was masterfully done, but the quality of subsequent episodes was wildly uneven. That was also the most anticlimactic season finale I’ve seen in a while. I’m not dissing those who liked it, but it just didn’t click for me–and I like zombie movies.

  • lisaw

    Mr Reedus rocks as daryl!!! Best actor on the show by miles!

    I personally love the calmness, its like “so there`s 1000`s of zombies here and we are stook on this roof…. but we have GUNS!!”
    They shouldnt be concerned bullets win every time.
    “Lori” looks calm coz she is a surviver and “carl” looks confident coz his dad “rick” is his hero and “shane” will protect him and his mom with his life coz he is in love with “lori”, “daryl” is cocky so his stance is spot on. <3 the show
    make love not war peoples! :)

  • EF

    EPIC… fail….

    Where is TDog Carol and child? What crap..

  • justin

    Calm down people it is just a promo poster. It is supposed to pose. You people are taking this picture a little too serious.

  • Nope

    Just expressing our thoughts . With all of the hype they are pushing, like this is the best show since the second coming, a little constructive criticism doesn’t hurt . Have to agree with K on the lay out, who wants to bet this show sells out loses sight because it is getting too big for it’s britches? Their best fans are the critics if they listen to them.

    • Big Walt

      Wait, did I miss the second coming?

  • mecc

    It’s all photo shopped. No body is standing on the RV.

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