'Camelot' vet joins 'Game of Thrones' cast

The final major new role on HBO’s Game of Thrones has been filled: Irish actor Liam Cunningham has landed the part of Davos for the show’s second season.

Cunningham has appeared in many productions over the years, including Starz’ now defunct Camelot, the recent Clash of the Titans remake and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

A fan favorite from George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire novels, Davos Seaworth is a family man and former smuggler. He earned the nickname “The Onion Knight” after successfully getting food into Stannis Baratheon’s besieged castle during the war that put Robert Baratheon on the Iron Throne. The authoritarian Stannis gave Davos a knighthood for his actions — but also shortened some of his fingers for his criminal past. In season two, Stannis enlists Davos to help him seize the Iron Throne from King Joffrey.

For those who missed the previous Game of Thrones second season casting news: Here’s who is playing Stannis and Melisandre, and here’s who is cast for Margaery Tyrell and Brienne.

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  • Marten

    I think that’s a pretty good pick. Love that they’re at least keeping him. I’m having nightmares about how little of the Battle of Blackwater we’ll see.

    • Shane G


      • mikeman

        i was at the dragons book signing in union square, and martin said he had just submitted his first draft for the episode featuring the battle of blackwater. he said that they hope to do it justice, but all readers should know that what goes on in your unlimited imagination while you read the book costs 20 bucks or so, while filming something like the battle of blackwater costs millions and has limitations…

    • Damryn

      I’ll donate $5 to make it better.

      • Katyo

        Ha! Word. I’d donate to the budget for this.

    • Al

      I dont even need to read it cos i know he is Brit

      • Nope

        He is Irish.

      • Anon

        Run along Troll

      • AB

        Get bent, troll

      • bev

        Al~ I’d be interested to know just why you are so prejudiced against the British actors. All British accents in Braveheart and Harry Potter.

      • Daenerys

        Damn, you again? God, get a life. If you aren’t actually going to appreciate this, then get off. Good-bye.

        -Fire and Blood-

      • blah

        If you’re going to insult the Brits, at least try to use English properly.

  • Anon

    Considering they moved up Tyrion’s knockout from Blackwater to this season (to a battle where he conducted himself adequately) who knows what happens on Blackwater?

    Then again, Blackwater is a fairly large one that would guzzle the lion’s share of CG money if allowed to. Hundreds of boats, rendering greek fire (“wildfire”) and large protracted battle scenes…unlikely for a TV show, even with HBO budgets.

    • Shea

      how do you know for sure that was the same thing? people can get knocked out more than once. we could still see it.

      • Jamie

        They also moved up the scene about Tyrion talking about his first wife. He actually told that to Shea in the second book.

      • megan

        are you sure? Because I’m about done with the first book and I just read that scene where he is telling it to just Bronn after they left the Eyrie. Unless there is more one place where he tells it.

      • sebastian

        To shae in the second bok, but the full story to Bronn in the first in the vale.

    • Jen

      That wasn’t the Battle of Blackwater. We already know we’ll be seeing that battle this season, its the episode GRRM is writing.

      • Peter Vee

        True, but the producers have already made it clear they are really concerned about the budget limitations. I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave that ep to GRRM because he is best qualified to keep in the vital stuff. It will be an awful shame if they can’t show the ships, though.

      • Tom

        I’m pretty sure he gets knocked out in both battles in the books….

        The Blackwater one is a little more serious….

      • JW

        Bear in mind the one factor that has sunk so many other awesome HBO shows…budget, budget, budget. If they’re learning from others’ mistakes, they’ll keep the show thrifty. Though I’ll throw my hat into the opportunity to donate a few bucks to the Blackwater episode to make it extra-awesome.

    • herba

      The cant “knockout” the blackwater battle, its going on for about 1/4 of book 2 not to mention all the preparation. Its a major plot node, they have to do it.

      • Lawrence

        This makes me happy.

    • Kelley

      @ Anon- “Lion’s share”! Tee hee, see what you did there! Awesome!

  • aleksa

    Ooh. I’m not familiar with the actor, but he’s exactly as I pictured Davos.

    • ks

      I am and he will be GREAT!! so excited.

  • charlotte

    They are going to do Blackwater, but of course it’s not going to be as big as the books. I’m kind of hoping to see who is cast for Ygritte.

    • Rob

      Do we see Ygritte this season? I hope so, but I thought that wasn’t until next.

      • Shadowcat85

        Jon meets her in Book 2 but she’s not in it very much.

      • D

        Yes, she comes in towards the end of book 2.

      • herbapou

        I would say she appears at middle of the book 2 and at the end. But she has lots of “screen” time in book 3 She is a lot like Arya and one of my favorite character.

  • james

    too old

    • Kyle

      Davos was supposed to already be an accomplished smuggler by Robert’s rebellion, 17 years ago in the show and has several adult children. He’s about as old as you’d expect him to be.

    • Rob

      Not at all, Davos isn’t a strapping young fellow. He has grown sons.

    • RyanK

      Davos has seven sons, one who has his own ship and two who are officers on ships. He’s pretty old.

  • Sarah

    Stannis shortened 4 of Davos’ fingers, not two. He only spared the thumb.

    Don’t know the actor but he looks like I’d pictured in my head as I was reading.

  • Brandon

    I’m so tired of hearing the producers moan and try to stay expectations about the Battle of Blackwater. Guys: you read the books, and if you didn’t think that you could do it justice maybe you shouldn’t be doing the show.

    • Strange

      Yeah! lol. Do they think its going to get LESS epic with fewer huge battles as it goes on? They should really start a savings account now for the last few seasons.

    • Rob

      The show has a huge budget, it’s lucky to have gotten this far. It’s basically: we get this much or none at all. I think 99% of fans are content with getting what we are getting if you look at the turnout.

      • AB

        Exactly. And they won’t be able to make all of the fans happy no matter how big the battle is, that’s just the nature of fans.
        I’ll be happy no matter what we get (unless they just don’t do the battle, of course).

    • Renjick

      And I’m tired of whiny fans who probably don’t even subscribe to HBO (this could or could not include you). What, you think they have an unlimited budget? Go start up a donation bin specifically for the battle sequence that would probably bankrupt the show if you want it to be LOTR level (and if anyone remembers the one and only real battle ROME ever showed, it basically killed the series). Sorry, I’d rather the actual story be told with a toned down army battle instead of seeing the series end early because stupid fans can’t get their blood thirst for generic battles sated.

      • Laura

        This. A thousand times this.

      • herbapou

        Since the battle happens at night it should be much easier to make it on a big scale. Night special effects cost less.

      • Rae

        Well said Renjick!

      • RyanK

        Generic? What about the battle of blackwater is generic?

      • Hodor


  • Merrydan

    Four fingertips.

  • cc

    Love this actor! Great choice! :)

  • Rob

    Perfect casting, he looks almost exactly how I imagined him. :D

  • ATK

    Loved him on Outcasts, hope he brings the same energy to the Game.

    • AB

      Oh wow, I thought he looked familiar! Love Outcasts.

  • Snsetblaze

    This actor was also in the British series Outcasts which I believe is currently airing on BBC America.

    • Mike

      Yeah, it just started not too long ago. It’s pretty goo, an he’s a great actor.

  • Joe

    Yeah Davos, one of my favorites.

  • herba

    I am also very curious to see who’s gonna play Ygritte and Asha.

    • Jamie


      Asha’s been cast, I think – actress is called Gemma Whelan. It also seems her name has been changed to “Yara”, presumably to avoid confusion with Osha.

      • herbapou

        Nice! We dont see her a lot but she is one interesting character.

      • Carley

        Whaaaaat. There’s like 34985734 Rob/Robb/Roberts in the series and they’re changing Asha to *Yara* because of Osha? I’m sorry, that’s retarded. She is Asha Greyjoy and I reject the notion of changing that name to, of all things, Yara. Ugh.

      • Daenerys

        Carley – I know!!!!! And what are they going to do about the Freys? Walders X 100000 + Waldas X 100000 = lots of name changes.
        And Asha and Osha aren’t ever even together!!!!!
        Asha Greyjoy – a (supposedly) prettyish woman from the Iron Isles.
        Osha — an okay-looking (tangled hair, dirty face, etc… no offense!) wildling from beyond the wall.

        Besides, once, Theon thinks “Asha… reminded him of the woman Osha. They were both unnatural creatures… even their names sounded alike.” (or sometihng like that. Book 2.)

        -Fire and Blood-

  • Kane

    Good choice, had trouble picking a Davos. I’m glad they didn’t pick Robert Carlyle, he’s not likeable enough.

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