'Two and a Half Men' launches naked ad campaign -- PHOTO


Image Credit: CBS

Teasing “All Will Be Revealed” during its season premiere, Two and a Half Men launched a new teaser campaign that shows Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones and Ashton Kutcher seemingly naked holding up a their launch date. Effective? Sure, it plays off the curiosity around the recast show and hints at characteristic Men raunchy humor. Though we don’t want to speculate what Cryer is frowning at…

I’m told CBS and Warner Bros. will likely end up using this ad a few different ways — changing the text on the sign for different messages. What do you think? Does this make you want to watch the return of Men?
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  • Lauren

    Picture looks odd. Like the legs shown aren’t the ones that are actually attached to their bodies.

    • Melanie

      It looks like the same pair of legs just photoshpped to try to look like they match. You can tell they are all the same by looking at the feet.

      • ewwwww

        Not to mention they look like they have hideously bizzare super-long torsos.

      • georgie

        they are clearly different legs and feet.

      • pistol

        Doesn’t look the same to me. Thnink Jake has lost a lot of weight since last season from looks of his face. Need to put Berta on the poster!

      • Tom

        I’m going to be watching Charlie on comedy central. I don’t know about the rest of you guys.

    • Strepsi

      THANK YOU guys – -I was wondering what was bugging me! It’s the same legs, thickened, different skin tone etc. But also, all the knees are below the sign — which would not be possible if Ashton is that much taller. Unless he has 6′ long torso and 2′ tall legs… more I look, the more it’s creepy.

      • CGT student

        Obviously you do not work in Photoshop. Who in their right mind would go to all the trouble of digitally altering legs when you can simply use different ones? They may have put the torso, sign and legs together on Photoshop, but they certainly used different legs.

    • @lisa G

      Let the Two and a Half Inches jokes begin!

      • AcaseofGeo

        Mmmm. Is Angus 18 yet? All 3 look hot. I’m ready for the gross, inappropriate toilet humor and single entendres to roll. I don’t think the legs look alike. There are spaces between different toes on each one. Besides, who cares?

    • vankale

      It is the proportion between their legs and their head/shoulders, there is too much space and it looks like they have a gigantic torso.

    • thin

      Maybe they shuffled the legs, and each of them has one of the others’ legs? It could be intentional that it looks so weird… or it could just be bad Photoshop.

  • Jim

    Bleh…Not interested without Charlie Sheen. They should had just killed the show. More interested in watching Charlie in Comedy Central 1 hour later. Epic.

    • Shannon

      Thank you! totally agree.

      • Cat

        Couldn’t agree more.

    • Just saying

      That speaks volumes about you.

      • Everyday American

        Yes it does. Some people would rather enjoy a funny show than see a rehash because of someone else’s (Lorre’s) sanctimony. It says a lot about YOU that you’d take a retread because you disagree with how an actor behaves. You need to get a life.

        This show is going to suck now. I have no interest in watching.

      • beepela

        What do you mean “now?”

      • DUH

        @everyday this show has always sucked

      • Kevin

        @everyday American: do you think that Sheen’s behavior should go without consequence? If it were you or I, we would be fired, assuming you are who you say you are.

    • Mike

      UGH….When is the world going to realize we have overused the word “EPIC” ????? A TV show with Charlie Sheen should never be considered EPIC! A LOST Finale, a Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter movie….those are EPIC. The Iliad, the Oddessey…..EPIC!! Britney Spears music video -> NOT EPIC!!! Maybe I’m overreacting, but I just can’t get on board with the every day use of the word! Aaaannnnd Soapbox speech over.

      • rob

        This post is EPIC !!!! keep on the soapbox.

      • Lem

        You had me until you said that a Britney Spears video is not epic. #CarryOn…

      • chase

        Mike shut Upppppppppppppppp!!!

      • Mike

        Since you asked so nicely, I’ll politely say NO in return!

    • ERNIE

      The phrase Epic Failure will finally be recognized by Webster and will include this picture.

      • Mike

        Ironically, THAT I can actually get on board with lol

  • Shannon

    I’m still never going to watch this. No matter how much people say Charlie did it to himself. Or that the show must go on. It doesn’t it’s just hollywood being greedy and insensitive. They cancel shows left and right but they go all out to keep this to spite 1 self destructive actor. I hope it crashes and burns quickly.

    • Gretchen

      They cancel other shows bc of low viewership. 2 1/2 Men is the leading comedy in terms of viewership so they aren’t going to cancel it without a fight. That’s why they keep it going with a dash of spite on the side.

      • Gdub

        Reminds me of the heyday of Three’s Company (and yes, I realize I am dating myself) and then they decided to allow John Ritter’s character to continue on without the female roommates and Three’s a Crowd was tragic and unfunny. I have a feeling this show is headed in that direction too, sadly.

      • Miffy

        Not really comparable. Three’s Company was on its last legs by its eighth season. The ratings had fallen and the “kids” were clearly in their mid-30s – a little too old to be in that living situation. They did the “Three’s a Crowd” spinoff because that’s exactly what happened with the British original (where the spinoff was quite successful).

    • pistol

      The same thing was said about MASH and it went on for years. I hope that the other characters, Jake, Berta, Alan and Rose can keep it going.

    • Shells

      @Shannon – I’ll flip your comment on its head and say, why should they cancel a show and put all the other actors and crew out of their jobs all because of “1 self destructive actor”? You don’t think that would be greedy and insensitive? Why shouldn’t they be allowed to take a stab at doing the show without Sheen? If it doesn’t work out, hey, that’s fine.

  • Frenchie

    Good stuff. Just hope Aston cleans up a bit so he doesn’t look like a sleaze on the show.

    • Carolina

      Charlie didn’t look like a sleaze?

      • anonymous

        His inner sleaze was showing.

    • Everyday American

      LOL! Yeah, dumb down the show so the feeble minded aren’t so easily offended. “Wholesome” shows are boring and unrealistic.

      Go watch the “700 Club” or some such other garbage to avoid “sleaze.” It will destroy the show if they appeal it toward prudes like you.

      • Josh

        She said nothing about dumbing down the show. She just said she hopes he cleans up so he doesn’t look like a sleaze. Calm down.

      • wha’ever

        “Dumb down the show ?” Do I even need to say it ?

      • Kae

        Honey, if they dumbed-down this show anymore, the little line on the EEG would be flat.

        Seriously, you CAN do clean and funny. You can also do smart and sexy. This show falls into none of those categories. (I tried to watch it. I did. Charlie icked me out in the first five minutes. And then the kid annoyed me for the next five and I ran screaming from the room.)

      • JD

        Hopefully other “Everyday Americans” are a little brighter…this show isn’t very intelligent or complex…kinda the definition of a dumbed down comedy…

      • Pro-Lif3

        A show that features flatulence jokes is not considered dumbed down, that is a scary thought.

  • Jim

    More tired sexual innuendo that passes for humor. Have seen only ten minutes of this show and I plan to maintain those ten minutes even with the cast change. It’s truly meant for folks with no taste to enjoy.

    • JT

      LOL! Do you mean as opposed to all those who had the impeccable good taste to watch Charlie Sheen make vulgar innuendoes? Yeah, those were some real Rhodes Scholars watching that show, alright.

      • Templar

        What? Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar and cheap sexual situations are right up his alley.

      • Janie

        But – I bet Bill Clinton never watched that insipid show.

  • CiCi

    At least we don’t have to look at Sheen and his yellow/missing teeth and bad hair piece anymore. Can’t wait for the show to return!

  • Jason

    Just cancel the crapfest already!

    • Everyday American


      • Bob


    • Ellyn

      I’m with you Jason. It’s like we didn;t notice the new Darren on The hit show “Bewitched?.Yah, I’m dating myself and bet most of you younger viewers/fans of show weren’t even born when “Bewitched aired. Cancel the show and find a newer, fresher hit!.

      • @Ellen

        Bewitched, already on the air for 6 years, ran for another 3 after the Darren-otomy. Most shows would be happy to run 3 years period.

  • Tina

    I can’t wait for the new season to begin, I think it’s refreshing that they decided to bring in a new character and hopefully they immediately address the fact that Charlie isn’t there!

    • lynnie

      I agree… can’t wait for the new show….Alan and the kid and the other people surrounding Charlie made him funny…he just played himself… I think it will be great

      • jenkay

        That kid is hilarious! He makes the show!

  • Tina

    YesIlove it looking forward to watching this fall. I hope it kills in ratings and shows Charlie he is not God!

    • Jena

      He is not God. But HE was the show.

      • lynnie

        The WRITING of the show was what made Charlie funny…

      • @lynnie

        Thank you.

      • Alex

        your opinion Linny like for many other it was Sheen who made the show.
        Difference of opinion, respect that be quite smart and open-minded maybe once in your life.

    • Darla

      Amen, couldn’t have said it better!

      • Coolio Moe DEE

        Charlie Sheen was funny long before Chuck Lorre started putting words in his mouth. It’s why limp Lorre hired him in the first place. But seriously, Lorre, it’s not working. Pls go away.

  • Jena

    Guess they had to move to a sexual bad taste pic because they know they show is dead without Charlie.Cheap joke. You can keep the show CBS.I won’t be watching it anymore. Looking forward Charlie in Comedy Central that same night :)

    • @Jena

      Please explain to me how that pretty funny picture is in “sexual bad taste”.


    Isn’t it weird that they have a kid standing beside two men and they are all naked? What’s this season going to be about? A summer church camp?

    • gazmo

      Ashton is playing a Catholic priest.

    • Bob

      Well, that “kid” is about to turn 18. Age of consent in most states is 16.

    • TygrHawk

      When will people realize that nudity does not always mean sex?

  • Susan

    Like the ad. Personally, I will watch because I like John Cryer. I rarely watched because of Charlie Sheen.

  • mandmmom

    NO NO and NO!! Without Charlie Sheen this show will stink!!!! I will not watch but will continue towatch all the reruns on cable channels! Thank goodness I have that!

  • John

    I’ll definitely check it out. As for the ad campaign, just please, PLEASE stop having Jon Cryer running around in tighty-whiteys and little else. Bleah.

  • Susan

    Rarely have watch this show, but I am interested in how CBS will make this work. So I think I will be watching on 9-19-11.

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