'Star Wars: The Clone Wars': 'Battlestar' alum Katee Sackhoff's a Mandalorian warrior! -- EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK

Galaxies collide! Katee Sackhoff is trading in her Viper-pilot flightsuit for some Mandalorian armor. Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck is voicing a new, pistol-packing character on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and, before it even screens tomorrow at the 4:45 p.m. Clone Wars panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con, EW has an exclusive video sneak peek. Check it out below:

Sackhoff will be the first female Mandalorian warrior we’ve seen on the show. Her episode, set to air midway through the Cartoon Network series’ fourth season, reunites Padawan Ahsoka Tano with her Separatist friend Lux, who’s renounced Count Dooku’s galaxy spanning war against the Republic. To oppose Dooku, Lux has sought refuge with the Death Watch, a Mandalorian terrorist group.

In case you’ve forgotten your Expanded Universe lore, the Mandalorians are the helmeted warrior race that spawned Jango and Boba Fett. When last seen, the Death Watch faction was led by a platinum-haired militant voiced by Jon Favreau (whose Cowboys & Aliens will make its debut at Comic-Con), who will be reprising his role this season as a Big Bad. But the sight (or rather, sound) of Sackhoff returning to the space opera genre, with her character this time appearing in chrome-domed glory herself, is cause for a major geekquake. So say we all?

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  • Melissa

    Katee Sackhoff and Star Wars? I can’t think of a better combination. :)

    • harry


  • Greg “Cat” Springer

    Oh. Boy. More “Clone Wars”. Well, gives me something to watch while I clip my toenails.

  • The Source

    Katee Sackhoff, huh? … big whoop.

    • Amen to what you said

      She is so hot in animation, with no visible features or even imaginary sexiness. It could have been Ahnold’s maid mistress and it would have been equally as exciting. Good actress but I’d rather her character be less androgynous.

  • Elyphaleth

    Well, this is not the first female mandalorian in the Star Wars saga (What about Tes Vevec form Star Wars Legacy, or Mirta Gev -Boba Fett’s granddaughter-?) but sure it’s a pretty sexy one.

    • Taco

      They said SEEN as in TV/movies, up until now we’ve only seen male Death Watch and male Mandolorian Warriors (I don’t mean the people, just the warriors) such as Jango and Boba,

      • Elyphaleth

        Hey, few days ago this was in the article:: “Sackhoff will be the first female Mandalorian warrior we’ve seen on NOT ONLY IN THE SHOW BUT THE STAR WARS FRANCHISE IN GENERAL.”

  • Nick

    Looks like we got some good stuff in store for Season 4. If it’s anything like the last few episodes of Season 3 I think we’re all in for something great and this clip is just going to be a taste of what’s to come.

  • Bob

    Joy, more clone wars

    btw that isn’t the first female Mando in Star Wars

    • Caroline

      You don’t have to be a jerk because you don’t like something. Many people, like me, love The Clone Wars. I personally think it is some of the best Star Wars out there. And you’re right, this is not the first female Mando in Star Wars. But for many children and adults alike, it will be their first time seeing one.

  • Barghest1031

    I’m a little curious, why exactly was my previous comment pointing out all the other female mandalorians in the Star Wars franchise deleted? Did it just see links and automatically assume spam without reading anything?

    • Artyom

      Review by Sandra Horne for Rating: not sure who did this one but my guess is engineerio, who imo is the hotsett custom minifig artist around right now.he is the same guy that did the delta squad arc 4 set that so far ive only seen on ebay, and although he took liberties with the look of the squad (who actually exist in both video game and exclusive online only box set 3and3/4 figures form), they are by far the sickest looking delta squad ive seen (although the individually sold delta squad minifigs sold here on amazon exclusively by maybangs also take the cake for authenticity as faras looks go, and i own both sets for that reason primarily (although i will say 49.99 a pop for a set that is almost ALWAYS sold out of fixer (the green one) is nutts in this economy, and only hardcore plasticrackheads like myself need apply).this is the jango fett i always wanted to see as a 3and3/4 concept art figure, not unlike the mcquarie design of boba fett (white and more1950s space man looking than the boba fett we all know and love from the films). there are many custom jango fett minifigsthat i have come across over the years, but i was taken by this one when afriend of mine showed me his. when you hold it in your hand and admire the detail you get the feeling mr.lucas either already employs the creator, or at the very least should, as ive no idea how he even went about making my personal favorite star wars char. of all 6 films look so brilliant. the figure has a tan tint to his helmet, dual blaster pistols, and a few other areas. its a color that these toys just arent made in, so he must have attained the discoloration himself and believe me its neither by decal or paint. its almost as if the creator poured his own molds for parts of this stellar achievement. there is no lack of detail, but unlike allot of minis it isnt bogged down with too much detail either. i dont even own one yet (i plan on ordering as soon as i recieve my latest disbursement from this weeks sales (i operate naniwa’s imports and domestics here on amazon, and ive been a day trader for years,only recentlymoving to amazon exclusively because of my firm belief that pay-pal is run by greed driven chimps with evil intentions of destroying the financial well being of everyone that does business with them).asside from the series 2 custom delta squad i mentioned earlier this is hands down the nicest mini on amazon asof 3 of 2010. the only drawback is the pricetag (89.99$ >.

    • Mafya

      I can’t believe the two wodrls of Cracked.com and BBG are colliding, I saw these posters a few weeks ago there. They have others that boggle the mind even more so than the Star Wars one, the Czech Republic poster for Ghostbusters is a brain bender, and worth the click alone.

  • j2talk

    more Clone Wars? SWEET!!!!!!now if Lucas would just get off his A$$ and deliver the live action show he promised!!! or at least let some other film makers play with his toys-LET Joe Johnston make his Boba Fett Film!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rush

    Nice to see another BSG alum getting some work. Would prefer to see her in live action though.

  • earmullet

    LUX=THX1138 reference

  • Miss Dragon

    Woo hoo for season 4!!!

  • Teroch

    “Sackhoff will be the first female Mandalorian warrior we’ve seen on not only the show but the Star Wars franchise in general.” There are LOTS of female Mandalorian warriors. Just because they’re not in the movies or TCW doesn’t mean they should just be blatantly ignored as part of the franchise.

    • Jared

      Yeah, because Lucas really cares about your EU crap. xD

      • Teroch

        You can keep your kiddy show, I think I’ll keep reading the books. After all, they make up the majority of Star Wars content and not a single book has gone out of print. ;)

    • Elyphaleth

      We are in the same team my friend!

  • Corvax

    First CANON Female Mandalorian. Don’t get your beskar’gam panties in a twist because EW is supposed to know the EU.

    • Cok

      Are you insane??! This fiurge looks alive, real material makes the custom look less like a picture and more like a character. You can’t mass produce a custom fiurge like this, that’s what I like about it, one of a kind.

  • Teroch

    The EU IS canon, Corvax.

    • Jared

      According to whom? It is not Lucas-level canon. Lucas doesn’t care a whoop about the books or games or whatever. This has been proven time and time again.

      • Teroch

        Sorry, but it’s official canon, only one level below the TV show’s (which ALSO isn’t Lucas-level canon). All I’m saying is that if you’re going to make a statement like “First female Mandalorian warrior in the entire franchise” the least you could do it spend a minute on wookieepedia and make sure it’s correct.

    • Caroline

      I agree. But regardless of what canon or not the EU is, this will be the first time many people will be exposed to a female Mando.

  • ladeedah

    Let’s see if she renders this unwatchable, just like everything else she’s in.

    • rogue

      too bad not everyone shares your opinion.

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