'Star Wars: The Clone Wars': See Admiral Ackbar fight in season 4 premiere's epic underwater battle -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

It’s a trap!

Okay, not really, but we have to say that every time Admiral Ackbar’s around. The lovable, on-the-nose-dialogue shouting, future Rebel Alliance leader is set to make his Clone Wars debut this fall on the season four premiere. In Return of the Jedi, we only got to see the fishy wonder leading his forces from the bridge of a starship. Two decades before the events of the original trilogy, Ackbar gets into the fray himself, leading his fellow squid-headed militants into an underwater battle on his aquatic homeworld of Mon Calamari. Check out this Comic-Con video of a blaster-wielding Ackbar, at this time just a captain, and answer for me this question: When did sushi become badass?

I think my favorite moment is that bizarre, body-twitching rebel-yell that Ackbar bellows. Or maybe the fact that The Clone Wars is taking a page from Thunderball with the clearly SPECTRE-issued submersible that Ahsoka pilots into battle.

Still not certain what relationship this conflict will bear to the Mon Calamari conflagration previously seen in 2003’s hand-drawn Clone Wars micro-series, in which Nautolan Jedi Kit Fisto showed his mad underwater skills, as he also does here, but continuity schmontinuity.

Surely your eyes aren’t capable of repelling awesomeness of this magnitude, right? Right? And how does this compare to the sight of Katee Sackhoff as a Mandalorian warrior?

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  • bamabunny

    *Sigh* Ackbar would have made such an awesome mascot for Ole Miss…

    • Lisa S

      This writer sucks.

      • Luke S.

        Are you referring to Christian Blauvelt? Come on! Anyone who opens an article about Admiral Ackbar with the line “It’s a trap!” is OK in my book. I laughed out loud. What can be wrong about that?

      • harry


  • Nick


  • darclyte

    He’s GOT to say, “It’s a trap,” at some point in the episode doesn’t he? I mean, come on.

  • Carlos

    This show gets more awesome every season. OMG!!

  • When does Bob Hope make a cameo?

    This is SO gay. This is like some bad Bob Hope Xmas special where everyone and their uncle make a cameo. Virtually everyone in the Star Wars universe has shown up in this awful show. Young Ackbar is bad enough. Who is next? Young Lando?? lol…Looks like Lucas has gone full retard.

    • Mark

      If it’s so awful why would you read an article on the show?

      • Matthew

        If I don’t like something, I can still comment. I have no opinion about this show one way or the other, but it’s star wars, so I’m curious what;’s going on…. If Bob Hope doesn’t like it he can comment all he wants (minus the tasteless retard comment.)

  • Lucas has just gone full retard.

    Not content with ruining the original saga with bad prequels and awful revised re-edited version of the original films now Lucas wants to beat a dead horse with an unnecessary tv show. Lame…

    • Luke S.

      OK. I realize that Lucas is one of the evil rich, those out there who work, take risks and make money but that doesn’t necessarily make him retarded or in this PC case “mentally challenged”. Are you telling me you didn’t enjoy Han walking over Jabba’s tail in the footage add to Star Wars? Or them repairing the land speeder’s lame exhaust graphics as Luke traveled to Mos Eisley? Oh sure, who didn’t want Boba Fett to fly out of Sarlacc’s mouth? Now that’s an update for the ages.

  • redvector

    Say what you want but the ratings don’t lie. As many adults as kids watch this show.

  • harry


  • Caracticus

    The names of Star Wars characters and places just make me laugh, and not in a “laugh with them” kind of way.

    Like “Darth Sidious” and “Darth Maul”. And “Vader” means “father”, s there’s that, too. Why not “Darth Nasty” and “Darth Violent” and “Darth Mean” and “Darth Bad”?

    Mon Calamari? As in the breaded, deep fried squid you get at TGIFridays and pubs? Han “Solo” as in “loner”?

    It’s just… lazy.

    • Mark

      Writing 101 calls for names that fit the character. Since you don’t know that a punctuation mark is supposed to go inside the last quotation you clearly have no understanding of writing and need to just go away and die so the average IQ can increase.

    • WB

      @Mark Actually, in that context you are wrong. Caractius has a completely valid point – Mon Calamari is the most pathetic Star Wars name I have heard yet – and you’re calling him out on punctuation that you don’t seem to understand. Well done.

  • RaginKagin

    Am I the only one who is really not grasping the whole laser battle underwater thing?

    • Kurt Russell

      “Surely your eyes aren’t capable of repelling awesomeness of this magnitude.” This WAS awsome! And that line is meta-awsome! Awsome quote about awsome high magnitude firepower of an underwater variety. I like the fact that they introduce Captain Tarkin and his fowl stench! New characters, young versions of old characters, Its all good!

  • mike vee

    This Clone War Ackbar clip just reinforces my opinion that almost everything filmed underwater is boring. Heaven help Avatar 2!

  • Jedi Master Lao Zing

    YOu know one thing I would like to see is George Lucas bring in the kaleesh werewolf, Nelvaanian, Farghul, Daithim, Togorain, and Centaur species in season 4, season 5, or sometime in star wars the clone wars. I would also like to see Lucas bring in the Dragon Lrods from that comci book called star wars Day of the Dragon Lords. Another thing I would like to see in the show is a kaleesh jedi, werewolf jedi, Nelvaanian jedi, Farghul jedi, Togorain jedi, and Centaur jedi. Also I would like to see that Force follower named Fay to come in the show.

  • Jedi master Lao Zing

    Hey that one guy with a blaster rifle IT’S ACKBAR.

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