See a 'deleted' 'Lost' scene that Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse revealed at EW's 'Totally Lost' Comic-Con panel!!

A funny thing happened on the way to Room 5AB at Comic-Con this afternoon. Or rather, in Room 5AB. During EW’s Totally Lost: One Year Later panel, Lost exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse crashed the festivities in fitting Comic-Con style. (Cuse dressed as a stormtrooper; Lindelof was clad in a Dharma jumpsuit and Boba Fett helmet). Not only did they field all sorts of questions from fans, they unveiled a scene from the season 1 finale that supposedly never aired. Yes, the very one hinted at during their cryptic Twitterfeud,” which was resolved at the panel.

We won’t spoil all the action for you, which can be seen at (and embedded below), but let us just say one word… Barry! Check back on tomorrow to see an interview with Darlton from the EW Comic-Con lounge, as well as assorted high jinks from the Totally Lost panel.


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  • LCF

    Explains quite a bit.

    • Sam J

      Character drama? Character resolution? This is what we get at “The End”? ABC and Comicon every week and season would advertise teasers like “Will Kate choose Jack over badboy Sawyer, will Sayid ever find his redemption, will Locke refind his faith?” NO!!! This was a Mystery/ Sci Fi show built around a mythology WITH characters. Jack and Co. were there to bring us, the audience, to the Island’s mysterious conclusions. What was everyone talking about the next day, Juliette’s tears or the Smoke Monster? Whether Hurly would find true love, or the Egyptions connection to the Island? I’m I the only one? Wasn’t The End predictable once you realized they were gonna keep showing Islanders hookin’ up? Oh look it’s Sayid and he’s saving a girl, the music starts and she turns around…. its the hot blonde from Season 1, great!?! I enjoyed the ride of the entire show, but I wasn’t brainwashed into liking The End. The creators had an end date pre set 3 years in advance and dug themselves a hole. Ofcourse the boy is gonna go through puberty guys, you shoulda planned for this and ended his story arc cleanly. Fun ride, rough landing.

      • My my

        Calm down Sam J

      • Elbyem

        Totlly agree with you, Sam J – all of this ultimately turned out to be meaningless, didn’t it?

      • SNIKT!

        I feel sorry for you two. Some people should just stick to their “Transformers” and “Dancing with the Stars.” “Lost” was obviously too much for you.

      • Grumpster

        Sam, I’m right there with you. Forget the religion nuts who feel all warm and fuzzy over the ending. IT BLEW CHUNKS!!!

        If I knew those twits would be at Comic Con, I’d have brought my fish along to slap them with.

      • Sam J

        @ SNIKT

        I hate both of those you mentioned. Lost was great and I didn’t expect or really want ALL the answers, but Lindleloff and Cuse didn’t storyboard the show very well. They planned to have conclusions and ran out of space. They failed. Wouldn’t it have been cool if at the very end the screen went black, the sound went DUNN, and in big white letters the screen said “FOUND”?

      • JaySin420

        Well at least they realized how awful that final season was.

      • Talismangirl

        Right there with you Sam J – I was biggest lost fan – got together with other friends to watch the end and we were all let down. So SNIKT! suck it.

      • Moses

        No ur wrong. Only a fool would think Lost wasn’t about the characters, and think the mythology is more important.

        What questions weren’t answered? I always here people complaining and yet they can never come up with the important questions that were not fulfilled. Tell me what u have a beef with.

      • Michael Preston

        preach it brother. The first 4 1/2 seasons of Lost were the best thing that ever happened to me as far as media goes. They gave us NOTHING in the way of conclusions to all the things they were alluding to, no mythology, nothing. Love most of the show but was VERY disappointed with “the end”. Cuse and Lindelof you guys could have been responsible for arguably the greatest tv show of all time but YOU ruined not only for yourselves but all of us. Thanks!

      • Skip182

        Lost was always about the characters, sorry if you’re too inept to see it. As far as chosing to end the show with faith instead of science, well I would have preferred science, but the whole show was about faith vs science, so are you really all that butthurt that they chose the side you didn’t want?

      • Thia

        I was going to post something, but Michael Preston and Sam J said it best. Preach it, brothers! The first 4.5 seaons were incredible, but the writers LOST it somewhere along the way. They did ruin it for themselves. And for us.

      • Leslie Springs

        Loved your whole entire thought process. Loved the ride, rough ending!!!!

      • Lane

        I just watched all season 6 episodes back to back, and it felt much better than watching on TV. The timeline made more sense, and the stories made more sense, and there was more continuity. Having said that I didn’t complain when it aired. I did like the show. Yes, I have wondered about the island about the mythodology when each episode aired, but I also loved the characters and I loved their stories. I would never watch this show if I didn’t like most of the characters, so it is really pointless to exclude them from the analysis, because the show wouldn’t be successful without the story and the characters. The problem here is that some people don’t like drama, but they didn’t realize that Lost wasn’t really categorized into only one genre: sci-fi.

      • Todd

        you sir are a class a moron. this show was a character driven. what do you think drove the mysteries. the damn characters.

      • Sam J


        The EGYPTION HIEROGLYPHS, the Taweret statue who built them/ backstory? The outrigger/ canoe being shot at during time jumps, who was shooting? Was Jacob in the cabin or MIB? Walt powers? Jack drunk/ halucinating off the Island?

        Help me Moses!

      • Sam J

        We all know character dramas like Grey’s Anatomy and Mad Men are real popular at ComiCon huh?

        “Look he’s dressed like Don Draper!”

      • Koby

        @Sam J. Some of those questions have been answered. The people shooting at the outrigger was a canoe from the black rock. That was revealed in the Lost complete collection. MIB was in the cabin because he used Claire to break the ash ring around it. Walt had powers because he was suppose to be the new protector, as revealed in The New Man in Charge. As the for the Egyptian stuff, you have to pay more attention. Jacob has been bringing people to the island for thousands of years. What else is there to know rather then Egyptians crashed there, saw that the island was habitable, and made a life there? Jack was hallucinating off the island because Locke was right, deep down he knew how special the island was so his subconscious, along with the island, brought him back. Any more questions?

      • Greg

        You mad bro? You seem mad.

      • Sam J


        Black Rock is a 19th century slave ship, was this canoe firing single shot muskets? I thought I remeber seeing the silhouette of a modern dressed man and rifle. A musket would have a distinct sound and lots of smoke, it would have stood out.

        Egyptions are thousands of years older than Romans and they identified Jacob/ MIB’s people as Roman and only 2,000 years ago. Egypt built the Pyramids 5,000 years ago. Jacob didn’t bring the Egyptions.

        Was the cabin a trap at some point? Did it keep MIB IN with the ash, or out?

        Jack coincedently halucinated his father in LA, after MIB “assumed” the shape of his father on the Island, multiple times.

        So Hurley was schizophrenic AND saw dead people, real dead people, not MIB. Hurley had his schizophrenic bald friend AND the dead communicated with him, only on the Island.

        It was a fun show. I wish I saw the statue being built and explained. The Godess of Fertility. Baby problem?

        Did the H-bomb bring them back to the original timeline AND cause The Incident? Did the H-bomb INCREASE the electro-magnetic enomally that brought down the plane, or CAUSE the Hatch’s electro-magnetic enomally?

      • DebS

        You know that it’s a TV show, dontcha?

      • Kobey

        The fight happens in the little prince and you never can see fully what the people are wearing and also, whenever their gun’s fire, the camera isn’t on them so you can’t see smoke come out of their guns. I could be wrong but the shots I believe did come one at a time compared to Juliet’s rapid fire shots.
        Oh then I apologize, my mistake. But that would mean that Jacob’s mother, or whoever was the protector before her, brought the Egyptians. Or of course there is always the possibility the island itself brought them. I totally agree how I wish I would have saw them live and build all the ruins that are on the island but I don’t see how they could have fit that in and made it made sense. It would have required another flashback episode like Across the Sea, which seems to be considered not the strongest episode haha
        It kept him out. That is why MIB impersonated christian again so that claire would follow him and break the ash circle so he could tell locke to move the island which started the events to Locke’s death.
        In regards to Jack, don’t mistake coincidence with fate. Your right, I shouldn’t have said hallucination. It was Jack’s destiny to save the island so the island kinda needed him to return so the island caused Jack to see his dad, yes the smoke monster embodied christian too but there is a reason for that. Jack’s relationship with his dad messed him up pretty good. If Jack saw anybody else sitting in that lobby area, like charlie or micheal, he wouldn’t have listened but seeing his dad is what convinced him. It’s also way MIB dressed up like him because MIB knew Jack would chase him.
        Haha yes Hurley was crazy, dave wasn’t real, but people like charlie and micheal were actual dead people. Haha i think they did this to make the audience wonder if the dead people were actually dead or if Hurley was just cuckoo for coco puffs.
        The baby problem was the result of the hydrogen bomb. It did go off and created the incident.

      • Josh

        SamJ, just answer the questions for yourself. You need help?

        The island travels through time, so that explains how Egyptians were there with Jacob.

        MIB was pretending to be Jacob in the cabin to fool Locke into helping him. The ash appeared to keep him out of areas.

        Jack did not hallucinate his father off the island, that was Jacob trying to convince Jack to come back to the island.

        Jacob gave Hurley the power to communicate with dead people to help him in the con of the man in black. The bald guy on the island was the Man in Black trying to kill Hurley without touching him to ruin Jacob’s plan.

        Jacob did not want any other children to turn out like him and his brother so he made it impossible for women to have babies on the island. He had the statue built for him during a dark period where the time travelling ancient Egyptians worshiped him so he decided to rule as a God. It must have not worked out well. From the hieroglyphics it looked like the smoke monster killed them all.

        The H Bomb completely destabilized the electromagnetic energy and force Dharma to vent it every 108 minutes, lest it build up and destroy everything.

        See? Answers. Wrong answers? Maybe, but since Carlton and Cuse didn’t answer them, we might as well. So stop being a frigging baby and figure stuff out for yourself.

      • The L

        Moses you asked for it, you got it. Since you have all of the answers…riddle me this:
        1. What was with the timing of the polar bear’s arrival and Walt’s reading about polar bears in the comic book being simultaneous?
        2. Ben used a mysterious box where you could find anything you wished for and brought Locke’s father to the island this way. What was that box?
        2b. Why was it never used again?
        3. How did the island move? and don’t say “you turn the wheel”…only a moron would respond with that answer.

        If anyone else feels Moses is full of it, please also feel free to ask him anything since he’s fielding questions as a one man Lost panel himself.
        If you THINK you have all the answers it’s probably because you’re making them up. They didn’t tell us everything and those are just 3 of the MYRIAD of questions that people including myself have. You don’t know squat…you only think that you do and you should probably stop thinking that way.

      • wino

        agree w. Sam J…great ride, horrible landing.

      • LOL

        Sam J +1

        Some of these are jokes yes. Some of these were answered in the DVD extra features (cop out btw) Most unanswered.
        w w w .
        I dont understand all the die hard apologists. Why raise questions if you dont intend on answering them? Fine it had good characters. Why introduce scify, time travel, and fiction if you have no desire to answer them. Dropped the ball. Almost as bad as X-files.

      • Mike

        @LOL – I’ve watched that video before and while it is amusing some of those questions on there weren’t ever really MEANT to be questions and some WERE answered just not to people’s satisfaction. You may say they dropped the ball but let me ask you this. Did you enjoy the show while it was airing? Did it make you think? Did you engage in conversations with real friends, virtual friends, family and what not? That, my friend, was the beauty of LOST. Ending it, was almost an impossible task and I thought they did a great job with what they had to work with. There was no way to tie that web together in a neat bow. I knew that going into the 6th season (I pretty much knew that going into the 2nd lol)….but, I wouldn’t trade back any of the awesome twists and reveals through the 6 seasons to have that neatly tied together story. Because what we got…was awesome and groundbreaking television. Opinion, obviously. But a strong opinion.

      • Stella

        @LOL Exactly. What was the point of all the mysteries and intricacies about the island, if in the end none of it actually existed… A year later I still cannot believe that so many are satisfied with the finale which doesn’t ring true with what the rest of the show purported to be.

      • Jeremy

        No.. FOUND would have been even more predictable. Quit whining because the writers didn’t write the ending YOU wanted for THEIR show. You sound like a douche.

      • Marian

        i ‘ m a big fan of lost but can someone please explain to me , if they are all dead at the end , so how did they built that church ,how jack works normaly at the hospital , how kate beat the marshal at the bathroom , how claire gave birth to aron , and how there ia a musician party , where did all the places and events came from ???
        please someone explain to me

      • Marian

        if this is happening only in their subconscious , so how they meet and remember each other and remember the island and how jack made an successfull operation to locke in ??

      • sky

        Marian, the end is the fact that not they were all dead anyway, its because when they died, old age or on the island or any other reason, they couldn’t move on ,where they would someday all move on together when they all passed away, most of them didn’t know they passed on, when they did they met at an already built church , a holy place, to finally move on, but together , on a side note messing with jacks ‘ live together, die alone’ since they spiritually passed away together

      • Marian

        sky thank you very much

      • Daoust

        @Sam J, come on man. Be more open minded. I think with all immense amount of material the writers threw in there, with the controversial topics and crazy twists, they did an OK job ending it. And did you ever stop to think if the ending is the way to judge a TV show? If the ending doesn’t fit your needs is it thrown out? Think of all the people watching LOST and all the people the writers would have had to please all at the same time; is such an ending possible? I don’t think so. So they might have ended the series with a “spiritual touch”, but who cares? That’s part of human culture. And look at all the different cultures they added in the end! When Jack’s walking through the church there’s hindu statues, a statue of Bhudda, and of course crosses and such; the point is they tried to end it with a universal pleasing ending. I think they pulled it off miraculously. How would YOU have ended it? Answering all your questions? What fun is there without wonder and “what if’s”? We wouldn’t be having this conversation right now!

    • melaina

      Totally agree with Sam J. Great show, crappy ending. If you don’t believe in purgatories and all that bs, you were left wanting some real answers at the end of the series.

      • Mo

        I am totally with Sam J. and Melaina. Oh well, I guess that according to all the superior people that makes us moron and idiots and lower than the bit of poop stuck to an amoeba’s hole, as well as fans of Transformers and Dancing With the Stars. I’d just like to know why people who are sooooo superior in intellect just can’t find a better way to show it than to resort to a tired, moronic, and constantly disproven cliche. No, I don’t like the above, nor 2 1/2 Men, or Jersey Shore, or the Twilight Movies, or whatever else you wish in your wisdom to assume must be the only shows I can understand. Breaking Bad and Fringe, though, there’s a couple of shows that seem to know much better than Lost where they’re going and how they’re going to top it off…

      • Mo

        And may I add, why aren’t all the rabid Lost fans watching Fringe? You want characters, you’ve got characters! You want deep moral issues mixed in with your sci-fi? You got it! You want convoluted mythology that thankfully is explained little by little as the show goes along? You got it! Action? Romance? Comedy? Come on, people, Fringe needs watchers (it also has Watchers)!

      • Don

        It’s fiction. You’re willing to suspend disbelief for time travel, smoke monsters, and teleporting islands, but you can’t suspend disbelief for Purgatory?


      • Sam J


        the Purgatory ending for season 6 was kinda cool, but not satisfying enough of a conclusion to the series as a whole. I din’t like teleporting Islands, but that was caused by the “gold glowing Source” of the Island. What?

      • Squishmar

        Don… that was my exact thought. Purgatory is the one thing Melaina calls BS? Just think of it as more science fiction if you don’t want to go the spiritual route.

  • Wha’ever

    Hahaha, hilarious !! It took me some time before realizing what I was watching (I guess I should read the articles before clicking the video).

    • Zazazing

      This was almost as funny as the animated “How Lost Should have Ended.” I think they should have a new series, “The Adventures of Jacob and Barry.” Lol!

      • Barry Monster

        Now THERE’S your spin off.

  • megan

    i am so happy right now

  • Deborah

    OMG…Barry. Lost, I still miss you.

    • Josh


  • Maddie

    Wonderful!! God I miss that show!

  • Ashley

    Sorry. I still can’t get over the ending. The ending ruined it.

    • James

      Fine! Then STFU and let the rest of us discuss the show we like. If it ruined the show, then you have no reason to discuss it anymore, you close-minded moron.

      • Tim

        So, someone can’t voice their opinion if it doesn’t agree with yours. A$$ hole. The ending was horrible, and people have the right to say it. YOU idiot.

      • Robert

        Excuse me James but this person clearly watched the entire show, not just one episode, so they are entitled to say whatever the hell they want. Get off Darlton’s jock.

      • Dave

        …and people are entitled to say what they want about these bores who simply must trash the show at all opportunities.

      • Skip182

        Lol, so seeing a one sentence response meant that they “clearly watched the whole show”? haha, ok. nice logic.

      • Daniel

        So you think a person who is unsatisfied with a happily-ever after-religious-ending is the one being closed minded?

      • Scarlett

        Last I checked, this was a discussion thread about Lost. That means people who enjoyed it, people who didn’t. Personally I felt ripped off at the end of the series, much like many other people. Does that mean our opinions aren’t valid and we are close minded? Get off your high horses

    • BG 17

      I too was horribly disappointed by the bait and switch ending, but that video is the first time since the finale aired that I felt that Darlton is admitting that it missed the mark. “Barry” – there, I have an answer to one of the many questions – too funny!

    • Grumpster

      By having to come up with some humorous BS thing like this, it is acknowledgement that the ending really did suck.

      I think we need another flash in time to back in April of last year when they had a chance to pull a good finale out of their a$$es instead of the crapola that they did.

      I would watch a reworked finale. I would watch a re-done season 6…or a movie…but I can’t bring myself to rewatch any of 1-6 given the ending that negated the whole idea.

      • Stephensocks

        This doesn’t mean that they acknowledge their final season/episodes was crap. It means they’ve acknowledged displeasure amongst some fans. Idiot.

      • Squishmar

        Grumpster, how did the ending negate seasons 1-5? The only thing it kind of “negated” was the whole flash-sideways thing. And even then, it didn’t really negate it… it just wasn’t what people thought it might be.

        And yeah, what Stephensocks said… this was not acknowledgement of a sucky ending, just a little something to appease the pissed off fanboys like you.

  • James

    I miss it so much and the ending was transcendent. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. They believed in their creation and carried it through to the conclusion they wanted. They have my lifelong respect for that.

    • TheIntersect

      I’m sorry, but I don’t think they envisioned the conclusion when they started the series. They didn’t know what the hell they wanted the show to be. I didn’t hate the ending…I just think you’re wrong about their vision.

      • Mike

        I think they’ve been very clear about how the “vision” came about since the show ended. Season 1 was flying blind. Season 2 came up with mythology but didn’t know when to execute everything because of end date. Season 3 determined end date and then mapped out what the final 3 seasons would be. It was an organic process.

      • Colin

        Shooting the first two hours worth, they weren’t even sure they were gonna get the chance to do a 3rd hour’s worth. That’s the nature of television, especially these days. They didn’t know what the clicking sound in the jungle was. They didn’t know why Kate was a prisoner. They didn’t even know what was supposed to be written on that old piece of paper that Sawyer was reading. And they all freely admit to that. Nobody ever pretended there was a 6-year master plan.

      • Jodi

        I think you are dead on. They spent alot of time intersecting these characters early on,so much that the show became like homework, researching books in the show,labels and photos in the background,etc, Dharma sites on the web and so on, that to have the show end the way it did was let down for me. They promised backstories for Walt that never showed. And some of it didn’t match up, like how did Michael and Walt just sail away but everyone else had to come and go by sub. How did Locke’s dad get there? Always questions that lead nowhere but no real answers to tie it all together,

      • Lane

        @ Jodi, for some reason I have explanations for each and every one of your questions, which are easily backed up by the show. I guess this is like literature class, some people can analyze the story quickly others read and don’t really know what happened.

      • sky

        @jodi they got away because, like Faraday’s mother explained, a window appears leading to the island, they left by that window which Linus knew about and its bearings, they went by sub because the window more than likely didn’t stand in effect under water, with a predetermined pathway to the island itself, which hadn’t moved in a while Locke’s dad got there because Linus kidnapped him, since Linus knew directions and needed Locke’s help, using him as a bribe for Locke . to further upon my first answer they didn’t just sail away, Linus gave them exact bearings to NEVER for any circumstances get off of

  • DN

    Very funny, and it looks like Lindelof and Cuse are finally acknowledging the steaming pile of (expletive) the created in the end. You all see that MIB is telling Jacob the whole story was stupid and didn’t make sense.

    • The Dude

      Hurley mocked the story in season four too. Being too self-serious is good for no one and Lost never really done that.

    • daisy

      dude, you take yourself and the show waaaaay too seriously. They are poking fun at the whiny fans like you who have been crying like little b*^ches ever since the show ended. Waaaaa, i didnt get an answer to a question I had in season 1 and since i felt it was important I am gonna claim the whole show was ruined by a 2 hour finale. Boo flippin hoo you big babies. Get over yourselves.

      • CJ


      • Em

        Thank you Daisy – my thoughts exactly.

      • Kurt Russell

        2 1/2.

      • Skip182

        Woot! Nice response.

      • TGrim

        Absolutely right Daisy!

      • FinaleFan


      • Shellibelli

        amen daisy your my new best friend.!

      • MK

        Right on Daisy!

      • Sue

        You are 100% on target, Daisy!

      • wino

        actually the show was ruined by the entire last season, not just the two hour finale.

      • sky

        GJ Daisy

    • Mo

      Please get over yourself… yourself, Daisy. I won’t say it ruined 4 years of fun TV, but the ending still sucked. Anyway, it was fun to watch the clip and see that Jacob still sucks and MIBarry still rocks!

      • Sue

        You are right when you say Jacob sucked. All along we feel Jacob is this great benevolent, wise god, but in the end, he was insecure, naive, and weak. And he was selfish as he used people to try to make a point. He was severely flawed.

  • Fede

    Hilarious!!! i miss lost!!!!!!
    youtube version

  • BonBon

    I’m so glad we have Ashley and Tim here to champion the cause of those who’ve been wronged by Lost. Seriously, I think that there are many more relevant forums in which the faction of people who love the Lost ending and the faction of people who hate the lost ending can argue back and forth forever. Some people hated it…that’s fine! Some people loved it…that’s fine too! This whole scene was just a joke and it was pretty hilarious in my opinion. Can’t we just talk about that?

  • Anna

    Hahaha that was awesome. I miss this show so much.

  • Sarah


    • Stephen

      Misfits :)

  • Matt S.

    Finally i got the question i wanted answered the most. The Man in Black is named Barry! My life is complete… haha what a great laugh. Love that these guys can have fun with things like this.

    • sky

      i agree

  • jeff

    Nice, thanks LOST.

  • Len


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