TeenNick teaser for '90s block: See it here!

Kenan & Kel fans, the wait is over: TeenNick will finally debut its retro block of ’90s programming on July 25! In case you weren’t one of the many diehard fans who started Facebook pages devoted to the cabler’s old comedies, TeenNick decided to dust off faves like Rugrats, Pete & Pete, The Amanda Show, All That, and Clarissa Explains it All and air them in a new midnight-to-2 a.m. programming block dubbed The ’90s Are All That.

EW obtained this exclusive first look of the teaser (music video? Random reason to say crap?) to help promote the much-anticipated return of the shows. Hey Dude and Doug? Apparently, you’ve been missed.

alt text

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  • hmmm…..

    Can’t wait! I LOVED Pete and Pete!

    • TGIF needs to do the same

      ABC Family can bring a retro TGIF lineup or ABC can create a new TGIF with the following 4 shows which are the best ABC/Disney ever made

      1.Boy Meets World
      2.Lizzie McGuire
      3.Sabrina The Teenage Witch
      4.Good Luck Charlie

      • lover

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        Until they decide to run You Can’t Do That On Television again, I could care less.

      • LOL

        You’re showing your age by thinking that Sabrina represents “retro” TGIF.
        Retro TGIF is Full House, Family Matters, Dinosaurs, Step By Step, Perfect Strangers, Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, etc. With the exception of Boy Meets World, your list of shows is pretty new-ish. ;-)

      • Miranda

        Don’t forget Sister, Sister!!! And yes Good Luck Charlie si the only goos shhow on Dinsey channel right now. That Shake It Up crap is terrible.

      • Hannah

        Lizzie Mcguire ftw

      • Eric

        Lizzie McGuire wasn’t on TGIF, it was Boy Meets World, Home Improvement, 3rd Rock From the Sun, and one other show I believe..

      • rockdaisy

        Nick is owned by MTV for those of you that dont know and they are also co-owners of Disney Channel. So I think that they should get rid of one of their mtv stations and turn it into a retronick channel that shows nothing but nick shows from the 80s and 90s and it would be like the tv channel for young adults just like tvland is for the older adult crowd. One way to make them consider it is by telling them how much u love the new block all the time and if its persistant and they see people are watching then they will most likely do something it about it just like they did now. And they really need to take off the live action shows off of the nicktoon channel they are not cartoons! Show them on teennick instead of the degrassi episodes.

      • Sporting Nerds

        Pete and Pete is the best. And rockdaisy: Disney Channel is 100% owned by Disney, not Viacom who owns MTV and Nickelodeon.

    • Lauren

      I feel like this proves that Nickelodeon is aware that it is not as cool as it was 15 years ago. Even their promos were cooler.

    • BJG

      I agree, Hmmm. I can’t wait for my kids to watch Pete and Pete. I’ve beent rying to find and download the theme song by Polaris for years. I also think they’ll love All That. I didn’t see any Alex Mack or Shelby Woo in the promo, though.

      • bill selavka

        Polaris – Music From The Adventures of Pete & Pete cd is available from Mezzotint Records. Go to mezzotint.com.

  • Jen E.

    Clarissa!!! But I am crushed about the Hey Dude snub.

    • mandy

      FYI I heard Hey Dude is out on DVD now! So you can always catch it there :)

    • Will

      what Hey Dude snub?

      • Michael

        “Hey Dude and Doug? Apparently, you’ve been missed.” That snub. The author is being sarcastic about those two shows being missed. As for Doug being snubbed, I don’t know why. I found that show to be extremely identifiable when I was growing up.

    • Lindsay

      Hey Dude was in that teaser. Salute Your Shorts wasn’t though :(

    • Courtney

      “Hey Dude” is on DVD now!

  • chad

    Until they decide to run You Can’t Do That On Television again, I could care less.

    • Ross Ewich

      The producers have decided that “You Can’t Do That On Television” will have to wait for an “80’s Nick Block”, but whenever that is I don’t know…

    • Zoe

      I agree. Where is the 1980s and early 1990s Nick Block? Lots of us watched Nickelodeon then too.

    • Taylor

      I loved that show and would love for it to air again, but sadly the chances of that happening are very slim.

      And not to be the grammar police, but the expression is “I couldn’t care less” not “I could care less.”

      • Jess

        horray for grammar natzis!

    • Melody

      That show was my whole reason for watching Nick. Ridiculous comedy I could get behind.

    • Nanette

      I would love to see “YOU CAN’T DO THAT ON TELEVISION” again! I love sharing my childhood favorites with my son!

  • James

    I’m so happy, they listened. This is the best idea ever. I bet they dominate these time slots for a long time to come!

    • Lindsay

      i wish Disney channel would do something like this and show some of their old stuff. the crap that’s on there now is…well…crap

      • Lauren

        mmmm they could bring back Bug Juice!

      • Melody

        The reality is that Disney and Nick were much more interesting in the past. Their new stuff is simply crap. Shows like You Can’t Do That on Television and Clarissa on Nick or Jett Jackson and So Weird on Disney kept us entertained and were more than just about the merchandising. Those casting agents knew how to find real talent and the writers knew how to create fascinating and rounded characters. I miss the good ol’ days.

      • Hilary

        I loooooved Bug Juice!

  • mandy

    Kinda dissapointed… They totally snubbed the Secret World of Alex Mack!

    • Anya

      Thank YOU!!!! I’ve been waiting for an Alex Mack revival for years. Totally underrated show!

    • rebecca a.

      YESS!!! Alex Mack was awesome!

      • jess

        i loved watching that too! but i wish doug more!!

  • pauly734

    How about Salute your Shorts?

    • District 12

      yes! I loved that show!

    • Jane

      HELL YES!!! That was my favorite!!!

      • lakisha

        I love salutary your shorts!!! I would love for it 2 air again

    • Theresa

      Yes, Salute Your Shorts!

    • Marshal

      Camp Anawanna, we hold you in your hearts!

    • Nanette

      I thought SALUTE YOUR SHORTS was going to be part of it, it was shown in the first commercial.

  • Chandra

    I loved shows like ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? CLARISSA, SALUTE YOUR SHORTS, HEY DUDE. Memories, memories. I honestly think the best shows came out in the 90’s.

    • Miranda

      I am 15 and I WISH so bad I grew up during the 90’s (i was born mid 90’s) JUST for the shows. I’m like obsessed with Saved By The Bell, Sister Sister, Smart Guy, Full House, All That.. all those shows are the BEST! Instead I grew up with Hannah Montana garbage and iCarly… the best show I grew up with was Drake and Josh.

      • ccm

        drake & josh was my favorite show growing up 2

    • Jackie

      HECK YEAH!! Bring back AYAOTD & Hey Dude! I have both on DVD’s but would love them back on television!

  • BeBe

    Doug & Patty Mayonnaise! I can hear the theme music now…

  • A2

    What about the wild thornberrys? They bring back aah real monsters, but not the more popular thornberrys? Lame.

    • Lauren

      You must be younger than the rest of us. I only vaguely recall Thornberrys because my brother who is 6 yrs younger watched it. Totally after the mid-90s Nickelodeon prime.

      • Andrew

        I can attest to that. I was born in ’94 (so I only really remember Disney’s Doug), and Wild Thornberrys came on in the LATE ’90s. I want to say maybe ’98 or ’99? Again, like Lauren said, it was after Nick’s prime.

      • ccm

        i agree my little brother is 5 and he wacths that

  • McProphet

    This is AWESOME!!! Maybe now kids will see that Rocko’s Modern Life blows Spongebob out of the water! Can we also get some David the Gnome and Salute Your Shorts?!?

    • Katyo

      I have to give you kudos for your David the Gnome reference. I LOVED that show!!!

    • YBKGirl

      I totally agree! Rocko’s is the best! I have been reminiscing using my Netflix.

      • Taylorh94

        Same here!

      • jess

        lol..i’ve done the same!! I even know the theme song really well. I was born in 87! ..so I’ve grown up with all of these classics…they were the best…and now, we have YUCK! …at least they are bringing some of the good stuff…put it all! :)

    • Yokuo

      Thank you! I always vaguely remembered a show about a gnome but I forgot the name.

    • Rachel

      david the gnome?!?!!! haha LOVE! that’s like, my kindergarten–had a pb&j, 4-show routine every day with nick. david the gnome was my favorite! but i hated sitting through eureeka’s castle lol. technically that was the ’89/90 block…….’80s-’90s were siiiiiick :)

  • sean leanord

    Geez no Dangermouse, Tomorrow People, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Salute Your Shorts, Secret World of Alex Mack, or Space Cases???

    Showing these old shows could generate new interest that could lead to some Nick tv specials or spinoff!

    • Katyo

      That’s not to say those other shows aren’t coming, too. My guess is they’re doing this to see how much interest is out there for older Nick shows, and then we might start to see all the best from the 80s and 90s.

    • E

      Are You Afraid of the Dark was in there, but I agree Alex Mack and Space Cases would be awesome too.

  • Jacob

    No Roundhouse? That sucks.

    • Joan Holloway


      • ccm

        i agree 2!

    • Chris

      SO agree about Roundhouse! I don’t think it’s ever been in reruns. I think Nick wants to forget that show ever happened! At least release it on DVD!

  • Anonymous

    Soon everyone will be doing this.

  • Matt



    When the hell are they going to release The Adventures of Pete and Pete season 3 dvd!!!!

    • Andrew

      When the hell are they going to release Double Dare: The Complete Series on DVD?

      • Tom


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