'Charlie's Angels' Comic-Con panel: Rachael Taylor steals the show


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ABC’s Charlie’s Angels Comic-Con panel is at the Hilton next door to the convention center. So perhaps we shouldn’t read too much into the fact the ballroom is only about a third full when the panel takes the stage — fans line up like crazy at the convention center, but drawing them off-site can be tricky.

We see an action-packed new trailer (which is not going to be online for awhile), then the lovely cast take the stage and co-showrunner Alfred Gough explains what’s new in ABC’s reboot compared to the 1970s series and two movies.

“One is a dirty cop, the other a car thief and another cat burglar,” says co-showrunner Alfred Gough. “It gave them a skill set in the show and it gave them something to overcome. And we made Bosley young and hot. In the TV show and movies, he was like the weird pervy uncle. And we wanted Bosley to be the fourth angel. And the final piece was moving the show from L.A. to Miami. L.A. — probably because we live there– didn’t seem exciting or fun … [reboots] have a big target on their backs which we’re acutely aware of.”

Minka Kelly and Annie Ilonzeh studied up for the part by watching old Angels episodes, while  Rachael Taylor (who came off refreshingly blunt throughout the panel) says she has not seen the previous versions. “And I think it’s okay and here’s why: Each version of Charlie’s Angels is very specific to its time,” she says.

Taylor then gave a bit of a backhanded compliment to Kelly: “She looks like butter would not melt in her mouth,” she says, but added that Kelly can throw down in the show’s action scenes.

Kelly looks confused. “That’s a compliment,” Taylor explains.

Angels made news earlier this week when Robert Wagner dropped out as the voice of Charlie, and Gough says the change was due to a “scheduling conflict.” Nobody yet has been cast, but whoever gets the gig might be on screen more than previous versions of the speakerphone-based character.

“The angels can’t see Charlie,” Gough says, “but the audience might.”

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  • Kevin

    You started to wonder if one half of the audience can’t wait to see the new Charlie’s Angels debuting Septenber 22nd on ABC and the other half want to skip watching this reboot series and they would’ve care that it takes place in MIAMI. It doesn’t really matter but what matters is that if you weren’t a big fan of the original series or the movies, you have to understand the premise of this series and they should take notice whether it could score big ratings or not and ABC needs more than one new series to get past the Fall TV season. The same can be said if CHARLIE’S ANGELS can have the same successful reboot HAWAII FIVE-O did last year. But if you prefer watching ANGELS and/or FIVE-O in that matter, then having to recycle classic TV series with “rebooted” series can make a huge impact on primetime television so go ahead world, give something you really care about and let them know on Facebook or Twitter if you care watching “Charlie’s Angels” or if you still want to continue on with “Hawaii Five-O”.

  • Captain

    If Charlie’s Angels wants to be successful, they have to take notes from Hawaii 5-0. Make the show modern and exciting but still pay tribute to the original. There’s no formula for making successful television so hopefully it will be a success.

  • Jonathan

    “In the TV show and movies, he was like the weird pervy uncle.”

    Um no

    • Padraig

      And with that comment, it’s clear they don’t get the original series at all. I now hope the show fails.

    • Betsy

      So what did that make the Angels? Bosley’s slutty, disease ridden nieces?

  • Flip

    So does this show follow the continuity of the original series and movies? Could Drew Barrymore guest-star as Dylan and team up with the girls?

    • Eriyxzt

      ABC completely lost me as a vewier by cancelling V (and No Ordinary Family). I’m sure they claim it’s due to ratings, but given how they treated the show I say they set it up to fail. First three episodes then a huge wait, then a few more episodes then the season was over, long pause till second season started and then they mess with that too! 13 episodes no! 10! How the F K did they expect to entice a wider viewing market in when they treated the show as if they really didn’t care one way or another? Not to mention ratings don’t count DVR vewiers. I’d love to have watched the show as the new episodes aired but unfortunately I have this thing called a JOB and I don’t exactly get to choose what evenings I want off based on television. Get real you corporate SCHMUCKS! Not everyone makes tons of money and gets to sit around doing what they want (like watching t.v.) all darn day. The show was warming up so well, the characters were really developing, the drama vs action vs sci-fi’ness was exactly the right kind of balance, but because of how those STUPID corporate schmucks treated it, it’s gone before it was really into it’s full swing the third season would have been phenomenal! I won’t watch ANYTHING on ABC networks again until they bring back V.

  • Zeke

    If it means they release Season 5 of the show on DVD to complete the series, then all for it.

    • Anie

      AS I SEE IT STEVE THE BRITS ARE THE PINNACLE OF STORY WRITERS (DR WHO ANYONE) THE SHOWS CANNED LATELY DIDN’T EVEN GET A CHANCE TO BE BORN ONE SEASON IS NOWHERE ENOUGH TO START A FAN BASE WORLD WIDE HERE IN AUSSIE LAND WE ARE USUALLY THE LAST TO GET THESE SHOWS BUT BY THAT TIME THEY ARE CANNED THE CABLE NETWORKS ARE CHARGING A FORTUNE FOR A SERVICE THAT HAS 3 STATIONS WORTH WATCHING OUT OF 40 PLUS AND WE DO NOT GET TO CHOOSE ITS A VERY GOOD THING THE ONES IN POWER NOW WERE NOT THERE DURING STAR TREK STAR WARS DAYS AND THE LIKE I THINK THESE WERE BRILLIANT BUT THEY TOO WOULD HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE ARSE BECAUSE ALL THEY WATCH IS THAT F G REALITY S T hey guys the problem here is i don’t think the coraropte big wigs even watch the shows they canso until they do i say leave them going at least 5 seasons this will give the public what we want at the end of the day it’s us who need a major break from all the reality ,cop ,law and game shows these are so 70s get with the timeswe pay for tv now and with all the canned shows now its not worth the raping my wallet gets each month i feel my self and all si fi fans should boycott the networks who do not have the balls to take a small loss in the beginning to reap the rewards laterbring back these shows and start a network that shows only these and i feel you will be on a winnerbecause if these shows die it means a buttload of writing for me iv’e just finished 2 books one for sliders to end it and one for space ubove and beyond two shows that could have ended with a tele movieim also in the middle of my own si fi series called (invasion at rygaria) because im sick of the non original crap that is being pushed our way at the momentso if we all band together and show the fat shirts that we are the ones who eventually pay for these shows they might see things differentlyBRING THEM BACK AND SAVE ME A BUCKET LOAD OF WORK

  • bobbieburks

    Awesome, Printapon saves me time and money! You can see the coupons instantly and don’t have to search for ones.

  • whoopdedoo

    Bosley’s young and hot? Does everyone have to be young and hot now? I feel like I’m living in Brazil.

    • Joao

      It may be shocking to you, but we age in Brazil and we have plenty of ugly people, too, though not as many obese people.

  • mcfly

    Robert Wagner has scheduling conflicts? Is he too busy being retired? If anything, the voice over people probably have the most flexible schedule of anyone. Something stinks here. Maybe they should get Christopher Walken. That would rock!

  • Plazalevel

    It’s not that hard to attract a crowd to that room at comic-con. The article fails to mention that the room was completely full 15 minutes earlier for a panel on “The Guild” web series. There is just no interest for this retread period. Good luck getting ratings.

    • Amanda

      Great show, two brilliant femlae lead actors and the perfect example of a Sci Fi show about aliens that doesnt actually involve seeing any aliens or laser guns. The drama is essentially the exploration of mothers/femlae emotion and what lengths they will go to to protect their family/children and the exploration of what makes us human and whether spirituality is relevant or even exists and whether it separates humans from the rest of the beasts.It just happens to be set against an alien invasion!!As a bloke that concept should irritate the hell out of me, but V hits ALL the right buttons in being the right amount of sci-fi geekness and thoughtful ideas on big issues.We need V season 3, Please ABC change your mind I know us brits don’t count for much in the US ratings wars but we are getting a bit tetchy with being drawn into series and then the door being slammed in our faces halfway in.

  • Reina

    Pretty lazy of Taylor not to see the original at all. At least the other two did.

  • Kevin

    You’ll have to wait until September 22nd to watch the pilot ’cause I don’t REALLY care if the reboot series is a success or failure and that’s the way NBC didn’t picked up WONDER WOMAN or perhaps enjoy the new season of HAWAII FIVE-O while you people are at it. :) :( :)

  • Kevin

    Better watch Tim Stack’s interview with the cast of ANGELS at Comic-Con. It was so hilarious and funny ’cause I laugh towards the end. :) :) :)

  • Taylor

    Okay, first off, I love the original series and the movies and I’m still going to watch! All the old fans that are saying you hope the new show fails? Really? How freaking rude can you be?! You should be happy that the saga is continuing! Oh, and you know what else Drew Barrymore is an executive producer and she was in the movies! There is no doubt in my mind they will bring back at least Jaclyn Smith (Kelly) for special guest star episodes! Maybe give the show a chance? I do, however, agree that Alfred Gough’s opinion was quite sour. Bosley is the pervy uncle? Okay, uhm, no he wasn’t. And now he is supposed to be the fourth angel? There has only ever been three, and oh yeah, they are girls! Bosley is supposed to connect the angels to Charlie and help them when need be, not be an angel! Sorry! What are they going to do about Robert Wagner dropping out? I hope they edit the pilot and other episodes that have already been filmed with his voice in them! It will be rather stupid to see the first four or five episodes with his voice, then switch over.

    • Lenuta

      Stick around, the name will pbbaroly change again soon they have been called the Anaheim Angels, the California Angels, and the Los Angeles Angels at various times during the teams history.I guess the name Los Angeles just has more glamour attached to it than Anaheim.


    Think way outside the box…Lauren Bacall as the new “Charlie”..as in the ex-wife or widow who gets the agency in the will

  • Kevin

    Don’t even go there if they want a FEMALE CHARLIE which is a bad idea but I’m hoping CHARLIE’s ANGELS could end up having a “full season” and perhaps get renewed for “Season Two”. :)

    • tori

      I WANT THEM TO STAY!!! I LIKE THE SHOW A LOT!!!!its all i ever get to enjoy and no their taking it from me… like everything else in my life…#sighs# :( :(

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