'Supernatural' scoop from Comic-Con 2011: Bosses and stars tease Sam and Dean's rough road ahead. Also, will the brothers face ninjas? Or go to space?


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The cast of Supernatural took over the enormous Hall H at Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego Sunday and teased a season that will find the brothers Winchester “less powerful” than ever and possibly outer space bound. Of course, would you expect anything less from the show?

Here are some highlights from the panel and the press room:
The first episode picks up seconds after the season ended and Jim Beaver says the season is “scarier” than usual in some ways. “There’s a certain sense of futility that’s come over us in the first episode,” Beaver told press. “We did a scene just on Friday where one of the guys was saying ‘Well, I can’t do anything about this. So I’m just going to do what I can do, and work on some seemingly smaller things.'”
Sam and Dean are up a creek. “The Supernatural world is changing this season and they’re going to be facing the world a little less powerful than they have been in the past. The odds are stacked against them in ways they haven’t been before. They are more like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” Collins said.
Crowley will be back, executive producer Sera Gamble confirmed at the panel.
They showed a short preview of season 7, that found Sam reconnecting with a girlfriend from his past who has blood on her hands (literally!). The clip also flashed back to one of Sam and the mystery girl’s first interactions as teens. (And there was a great response for mini-Sam, Colin Ford) Padalecki said of the ep, directed by Jensen Ackles: “Sam has always…chosen to see the good [in people]. On that note, there’s someone from his past who he runs into…and he chose to see the good in [them] and not it’s coming back to bite him.”
Sam and Dean…broke? “We’ve talked about this for years. Sam and Dean have always had the same car. How are we not in FBI databases? How do we not have people after us? How do they not have pictures? So we start to play with that this year and say Sam and Dean are starting to be found,” Padalecki said. “Now, what are they going to do about all these credit cards? How are they going to get money? People are on to their ploys. And on that note, also, we see that Castiel at the end of season 6, isn’t a friend anymore. So we can’t say, ‘Hey, Cas, we need some help.”
Sam and Dean in space? “There’s got to be a way we can get them on a spaceship in one episode,” EP Ben Edlund pondered. “We’ve got a lot of people who could do it. There’re gods and tricksters. There’s any number of ways we could do it. And they can have little uniforms.”
Ever wonder why there are ninja stars in the Impala’s trunk that the boys have never used? So did one fan at the panel, who asked if they’d ever be used. “Ben just pitched a ninja story!” Gamble said. “They could use the ninja stars to fight the Jefferson Starships!” Jensen Ackles joked.

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  • Jacob

    I loved the Jefferson Starship episode.

  • Ferniesfreckles

    YAY!! Glad to hear the boys will be drawn even closer since they have no powerful friends anymore.

    Can’t wait for the blooper reel!!!

  • Lazee

    No Jared. Sam has chosen to see the good in monsters and demons. People, he usually doesn’t care about unless they can do something for him.

    God this season sounds like a bunch of redundant shyte.

    • Carrie

      Sam doesn’t care about people unless they can do something for him? Seriously? What show have you been watching? Sam has saved the lives of countless strangers. What did he get out of risking his life over and over to save innocent people? Even when he trusted Ruby, he thought he was doing the right thing and trying to save the world from an apocalypse. (This is coming from someone who is a Dean girl.)

      • Lazee

        My apologies. I meant Sam thinks the best of everyone but Dean. You know, the guy he beat up and choked and abandoned for a demon and then blamed for running off with that demon. The guy who thinks his brother is sloppy and needy and shady. The guy who he let turn into a vampire and never mentioned again. Yeah that caring guy. With brothers like him, who needs enemies.

        Ackles really needs to get off this show. It’s embarrassing that Sera Gamble isn’t even pretending that his character is relevant or important in any way except as the foil for her precious pet, Sam of the beautiful soul.

      • M.

        Also, Sera called him scruffy and a drinker and thinks THAT’s why people can relate to him. Talk about not getting the audience at ALL.

      • untapttalent

        ummmmm…you must’ve forgotten the fact that Sam was hopped up on demon blood during most of that season, and did a lot of the things he did while under its influence; including beating Sam up.

      • lola

        Well Sam always has an excuse to be a douche doesn’t he? I guess this year it will be the stupid broken wall. No doubt he will be blaming that on Dean too at some point.

      • AB

        OMG, you people need to get a life. You do get that these are NOT real people, right?
        I like this show alot too, but my perspective isn’t so skewed I can’t see the need for balance. It’s not as bad as you make it seem, trust me, your beloved Dean does get his fair share of screen time and storyline. Just because it’s not all Dean, all the time, you aren’t happy, well, too bad. It’s called balance.

  • Flip

    I hope they are going back to the monster of the week formula.

    • SJ

      And urban legends! Loved that in he early seasons.

  • Keep Cas

    Sam chooses to care about everybody that isn’t named Dean.

    This episode sounds like a repeat of Heart

    • M.

      Sam just oozes caring about monsters but his brother gets choked, beaten, abandoned and called shady. I don’t get it but hey, maybe that says something about Sam.

  • Amanda

    I was really underwhelmed by last season. I didn’t really mind doing a season 6 and I was fine with Sera taking over, but I was disappointed. The show had lost some of it’s heart and comedy in the last season and just felt all over the place. It started to become a chore to watch. There were some great stand alone eps (Weekend at Bobby’s), but as I whole I was not happy. Season 7 better get back to what they’re good at or I may have to stop watching.

    • JC

      Couldn’t agree more. I felt the exact way. Still love the show, but I found myself watching “Fringe” first before this. Some episodes were great, but the overall season plot was lacking something. Hard to top the epic season 5 finale. I would totally be ok w/ this show bowing out next year.

    • Linda

      I totally disagree. The season was uneven, sure, but it had amazing high points and on the whole was still better than 99% of the other shows on t.v. Season 7 is already sounding awesome, and will have less bumps as the transition has been made.

      • Kalie

        I agree. What are people complaining about? SN truly is better than almost anything else you’ll find on TV nowadays.

    • wino

      the season was not conhesive….there were small plot points throughout that just never paid off. what was the point of having sam and dean’s grandfather pop in from the afterlife? and Mother? ummm, she just came and went, without much damage.

    • Kay

      I’m still watching the new season, but only after Fringe and Grimm. If it gets to be too much wangst and unplanned, mediocre writing like the middle of Season 6, I’ll just stop before I get even more frustrated.

    • kathy60

      Agree with Amanda – I really like the show and have been an avid watcher from the very beginning. That said, they NEED to get back to their roots – fighting a different demon each week and depending on each other (family)instead of other people.
      Long live Sam & Dean Winchester!!

  • kari

    Sounds fun can’t wait.


    I love this show. I am glad the writers are keeping it fresh. Bobby and Cas are my favorites, but I guess Cas has gone off the deep end for now.

  • MWeyer

    I have to admit, I’ve always wondered where the guys get their money in the first place as we never seem them working jobs and those constant hotels can’t be cheap with all the traveling they do, not to mention arming themselves. Nice to see that finally being addressed.

    • kristine

      they have perpetrated a lot of credit card fraud, and have hustled a lot of pool. the tradeoff was they saved a lot of lives – but it’s true that it’s odd they haven’t been caught yet. it’s going to be interesting to see what they do as people catch on.

    • AB

      It was always addressed, in that we always knew they were defrauding credit card companies – it’s come up before. But it will be nice to see that taken away and see what they have to do to get money when they can’t just dip into a seemingly bottomless well of credit card funds. Should be amusing. Sam, washing dishes? Dean, parking cars? That’d be hilarious!

  • Linda

    Seriously, why are there no PICTURES?!?!?! I LOOOOVE this show, and am so freaking glad it’s finally getting some of the credit it deserves. Can’t wait for season 7. Season 6 was uneven, but overall, awesome and definitely the best thing on t.v. right now. Am counting the days til Sept. 23rd. Please give us more scoop!

  • Allison

    Didn’t Sam and Dean fake their deaths in the third season episode ‘Jus in Bello’?

    • lola

      You say that like expect these writers to follow their own canon. They haven’t done that since early season 5.

      • Ann

        Oh, yeah. There’s never any continuity on this show *rolling my eyes*. Seriously, if you people have such a problem with the show, just stop watching. The rest of us can continue to enjoy and appreciate a great show without all of the unnecessary whining.

  • M.

    Sounds redundant and boring. With my luck, Sam will demand Dean sell a kidney for money and Dean will be considered evil if he doesn’t.

  • lola

    Run Jensen Run! The writing is on the wall and your time as a co-star is over. Time to move on baby, before she destroys your character altogether and ruins any opportunities you have for future work.

    • M.

      Right on. He needs to leave before she totally makes critics and fans forget his abilities because they couldn’t put up with any of this and moved on to another show.

    • Cat


  • Kalie

    Okay, what is the deal with people complaining about Jensen/Dean not having enough screen time or storylines?? Dean has plenty of screen time. Sometimes it seems he has more than Sam. I also don’t get all of the hate toward Sam. You people do realize that he didn’t have a soul last season, right? He can’t be held responsible for the things he did w/o a soul. Sure, Sam has made mistakes and been foolish in the past, but where does it say that the character is supposed to be perfect? Dean has also made mistakes. Remember his time in hell? How boring would the show be if the brothers always made perfect choices? I think the whole point is that these characters aren’t perfect, they make mistakes, but they keep fighting and they keep trying to do the right thing. That’s what makes them heroes. Really, I’d like to see how some of you would conduct yourselves if you were in their position. I still love both characters and I think the show is terrific.

    • M.

      He has enough screentime but it’s all about worrying about Sam or helping Sam or blah-blah Sam. I’d take less screentime if Dean was considered important.

      I don’t really care about whether Sam was responsible or not because Dean had to put up with it for half a season and it was BORING and just smacked of Sera getting her jollies by having Sam get to treat Dean like crap but not EVER having to pay any consequences for his behavior/thoughts.

      What next, a spell? A curse? What? Because they blamed Ruby and demon blood and Dean himself for Sam crapping on him in S4. Yet he gets to mock Dean for being shady? Bah, Sam is full of it!

      • Amber

        Mobiusklien I just wanted to ask that you continue you over the top ranting at all the sites that report Spn news, because I am sure if TPTB read anything you and your ilk ranted about they would just dismiss you as the crazies you are and be more determined to write the story they way they want to, which just happens to be the story this fan wants to see. So please keep it up, you are doing my side heaps of good.

    • lola

      I remember hearing about Dean’s time in Hell, but the writers seemed to have forgotten it totally in their mad rush to make sure Sam gets to have the same story only bigger and badder, the poor woobie who suffers more than anyone ever. Also how much you wanna bet that Sam remained perfect and pristine in Hell. Not like his pathetic, drunken lout of a shady brother.

      • Regina

        Bless you lola for saying what I think a lot of fans think. Especally Dean fans. Everything has been about Sam since season two and the one story Dean had on his own, going to hell, is now Sam’s and of course it had to be much worse and no doubt Dean will have to save Sam from some dark fate worse than death.

        Even in Sam’s dream Dean was nowhere to be found. Just some chick. All of Sam’s best memories didn’t include Dean.

        When is Dean going to get his brother is a burden and other than when Dean needs to save him he would be out running around doing whatever and probably rarely thinking of Dean. If Jess hadn’t died he would have married her and lived his life. Dean would have spent the rest of his life wondering and missing his brother.

        Oh but if Dean had never showed up that would have been his fault. Just like fans blame Dean for their viewpoint he never tried to call Sam. It’s always up to Dean to save Sam, care for Sam, think of Sam. Sam wants to be his own man but the writers have rarely ever shown that he is.

        If ever. The reason Castiel is so popular is he represents an alternative to he stifling, one-sided, relationship Dean has with woobie Sam. Sadly, the writers had to write him a shady storyline to put his character in his place because of the popularity so people stop forgetting about how much Dean loves Sam.

        Wish they would show us how Sam loves Dean. Wish they would show us a Sam that isn’t woobie or being douchebag. But when he’s a douchebag it’s never his fault nor is it his fault he’s a woobie.

        As someone else said the writers always give him an out. Some reason he shouldn’t be blamed for his behavior. He has become irrelevant in his own stoy.

        Who cares what the heart of the show supposedly is if that heart is only halfway beating?

    • Kay

      Kalie, why is it that if anyone complains about a lack of STORYLINE for DEAN, as is clear to everyone since after he killed Zachariah in Season 5, you make it automatically about Sam hate or Dean’s SCREENTIME? Do you see any of the reports from Comic Con about Season 7 talk about Dean anywhere? At all??

  • beth wilson

    Whine, whine, whine. The same person with the same exact quotes about evil Sam. Saying Sam doesn’t care about Dean is ridiculous. He faced his hell memories to get back to Dean and also stabbed Cas to try and save him and Bobby. Neither brother is perfect and they have both hurt each other physically (Dean’s knocked Sam a few times himself) and emotionally (you’re a monster, Sam) but they have forgiven each other. And are you really going to blame Sammy for what Soulless did? That’s weak. You also seem to forget that Sam jumped into the cage to save the world–including and especially his brother. Hasn’t he redeemed himself enough for you folks?

    • Ann

      Thank you! I’m so tired of the silly whining and nitpicking. It’s a TV show, which means it’s supposed to be entertainment. Just enjoy the ride and stop focusing on which brother is better, or don’t watch anymore. Check out the other crap on TV and maybe you complainers will start to appreciate a good show with layered characters.

    • lola

      I think lots of people will be checking out of this crap, that’s for sure.

      • AB

        Hey Lola, why don’t you eat crap, since you’re so full of it?

      • lola

        @AB aren’t you a precious little thing? Isn’t past your bed time?

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