James Franco back on 'General Hospital'

general-hospitalImage Credit: Rick Rowell/ABCIsn’t it time to make this guy a series regular? James Franco will log yet another appearance on General Hospital this fall. He’ll reprise his role as the mysterious artist on Sept. 20.

Franco has made multiple cameos on the ABC sudser since 2009, after indicating through his manager that he’d like to give daytime soaps a try. News of his return comes at a time when GH is welcoming a new head writer: Garin Wolf’s first episode as the chief scribe will air July 26.

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James Franco is back on GH — VIDEO
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  • Didi

    GO AWAY! No one wants him back! Ugh.

    • Matt

      Yeah, this is getting kinda gimmicky now.

      • Mike

        KINDA? her has made himself a joke. Just becasue you can do 50 things at once does not mean you can do a single one of them well.

    • Chris

      I’m in James Franco overload. He needs to go away for a few years.

    • Bill

      I like James Franco . I look forward to his return !!

      • Kevin H

        James DeFranco is a bit full of himself but then…he deserves to be. He’s very, very talented and very bright. I think perhaps he overestimates talent for popularity. Humility is what captures the public and unfortunately humble he will never be.

      • kim

        me to i will enjoy watching him on the soap

      • Lucy

        the new head writer is doing great things already!!

    • stef

      No need for you to speak for me, I am NOT part of your ‘no one wants’him comment! I am THRILLED he’s back. GH is beyond boring with nothing but mob storylines. And quite frankly I think it’s pretty neat that an Academy Award nominated actor WANTS to appear on a soap opera when he certainly doesn’t have to.

      • Lia

        Agree with you, Stef

      • Didi

        I’m sorry – No one *I know* wants him back. But if your complaint is mob stories, I guess you forgot that Franco’s target is Jason Morgan whom he idolizes for his mob enforcer lifestyle and murders. Um, that would be a mob storyline. I would have no issue with any actor wanting to be on the show if it was as a genuine display of love for the medium (See Nathan Fillion), but Franco does this for his own weird nuances and generally disrespects the medium as a whole. Thanks but no thanks.

    • marginal

      no one wants you back. go back to your sofa and get fatter.

      • Drome

        I doubt you can reach to clean your own anus. the smell must be terrible.

  • Anonymous

    Isnt his character dead?

    • Bob R

      Nobody ever actually dies in Soaps. They just fade from view until their services are again required.

    • BO

      What does that have to do with it, it’s a SOAP opera.

    • marginal

      yum. i dont watch soaps…but james franco is super hot.

    • Emma

      No, he just leaves after he’s finished terrorizing people.

  • Tiffany

    I don’t know DiDi, I start to watch GH again when Franco returns. I think I like it because Jason truly flips is top when Franco is around. Jason, the mild mannered gangster is kind of boring. What is amazing is I remember his accident and how he come to be who is now, or who he truly was meant to be. HUH? HUH?

    • Didi

      I understand what you’re saying but my issue is we already have so many great actors on the canvas that are not used. I don’t need “stunt casting” for a story, I need my veteran characters. Especially when it’s been said it’s not a happy environment when he’s around and he’s been quite disrespectful to the cast and the medium itself.

      • Futurama

        of the three ABC soaps, only the one that had Franco wasn’t cancelled.

      • dean

        wat do u mean disrespectful to the cast and not a happy environment? where did u hear that?…Since Franco has been on the show he has promoted the crap out of it and said that it was a wonderful enperience as well as the other cast members!…Also he has stated on ET infact that he is sad that the soaps are getting cancelled he also mentioned that on the Charlie Rose show!..so I dont know what u are talking about. GH received the most exposure out of all the soaps becasue of his guest starring role. Which in fact probably helped the Soap instead of hurt it!…

        Anyway Im happy he is back I like his character, however after only 2 guest stint “regular cast” I dont think so!..

      • Didi

        Re: dean
        It’s been well documented on the known soap sites as well as from the actors twitter accounts. Please feel free to check. What he says to publicists is much different that other comments that were made. GH did not do better with Franco’s storyline after the first stint. The ratings reflected no benefit from him. If it helped GH that much, then the show wouldn’t have been part of the Prospect Park deal to move the show online after it’s cancelled.

  • Rob

    Garin Wolf seems to be doing just fine so I trust he knows what he’s doing. Wolf has resurrected the Quartermaines after half of them were either killed off or written out. Monica’s back tomorrow, Skye is on her way back (although technically she isn’t a true Q), and Alan is coming back…hopefully NOT as a ghost. It’ll be interesting to see what Wolf has in store for Franco this go around. As a former GH viewer who has been DISGUSTED by what Guza and Phelps (can somebody fire HER!) have done to the beloved history of GH, I am cautiously optimistic by whatever Wolf has in store. I will regain full love for GH once Phelps is fired as executive producer…as Guza didn’t his destruction alone. BTW, Frons is still a twerp.

    • Annette

      Isn’t Skye Alan’s biological daughter with Rae?

      • Rob

        I was so confused myself. ABC had poor Linda Dano go from each of its soaps in search of who was Skye’s pop. On GH, it looked like it was Alan but then they changed their minds and Alan WASN’T the dad. BTW, this isn’t GH’s first botched relative storyline. Maybe someone can help me….is Stefan Nikolas’ Uncle or is he the dad? Or, is Stavros Nikolas’ dad?

      • halo

        Yes Annette, she is a “true Q”

    • Lee

      Skye is coming back?!? Any idea what her storyline will be or will it be like last time where it was only like 3 episodes?

      • Amanda

        Skye’s comeback has something to do with Anthony Z.

    • Abe Froman

      How do you know Wolf’s doing a good job? None of his episodes have even aired yet.

      • Bob R

        Well the series has not been cancelled yet so he must be doing a good job :) :)

      • Jon

        If the writer was Big Bird, he’d do a better job that what Guza did. Guza destroyed GH so much it will take years to undo….which the show DOES NOT have. Most viewers who have tuned out in droves hopefully remember when GH stood for heart, humor, family, action, romance, and good old fashioned drama. Guza (with the help from executive producer Jill Farren Phelps…who deserves the AX too) practically killed off all the Quartermaines, Georgie, Zander, Logan (Scotty’s son), Rick Webber (not before making him a pedophile), and Jake. Garin Wolf has been on the GH writing staff for a number of years and from recent interviews, he seems to agree with what ails GH AND how to fix it. Unfortunately, Katie Couric is knocking on his door.

    • Matt

      None of the new writers storylines have even aired. Today is the first episode he wrote. Also, Monica has been back…here and there…so it seems you have a bit of bad information.

      • Jon


        Bad information?!!! If you read the soap mags, you’d have seen interviews with Wolf on what he plans to do with the show…and they are pretty good. He plans to resurrect the Q’s…who have been criminally ignored. Like I mentioned in previous post, I’d have high hope for ANYONE that isn’t Guza, but Wolf seems promising…dodo bird. Also, Guza barely used Monica. Leslie Charleson was taken off contract so her number of shows was practically nill. You probably heard the hospital page her name in the background so you figured she was acting away…….er…NO. Before you go blabbing away that your reading bad information, how about thinking before you type. Tough concept eh Matt?

  • mae

    i <3 him.

  • jb

    I’m glad Franco is coming back! I just wish it wasn’t coinciding with Jason and Sam’s long overdue wedding and happiness.

  • JC

    This was a massive misfire from the start. I am not holding out hope that things will improve on this show if they keep going back to this junk.

  • Vivian

    I’m OK with this… but guarded.
    I will love seeing the Quartermaines back in the fold, but strangely, I want Maxie and Lucky togther. I haven’t figured out why. I was so Lucky/Liz for so many years. I’m just not feeling it anymore.

    • Sina

      I so agree with you. I was so into Liz/Lucky for year but Guza really messed them up. The horrible things Lucky has done and said to Liz and the horrible things Liz has done and said to Lucky has made them so not for each other. Lucky sleeping with her sister, falling in love with her best friend Emily, pushing her while he was on drugs, the whole relationship with Maxie, him thinking Liz/Patrick was together, etc. Then all the unnecessary lying Liz did with Lucky the past 5 years. I’m over them. Yet Liz is still my favorite character. I would rather have her back with Ric!

      • melinda

        Liz with Ric? Ew! I always thought that was a HUGE mistake. And Lucky and Sarah Webber dated but I don’t think they slept together nor was he in love with Emily. I think you’re getting Nik and Lucky mixed up.

        I used to LOVE Liz and Lucky but now… I can’t stand her character. She’s manipulative towards the men in her life and is constantly bouncing back and forth with Lucky. I wish she’d just move on with someone new. Oh and stop having babies. Good lord that woman can pop out some kids!


    I can’t tell you how delighted I am that ABC will be pulling the plug on this fossil of a show. Good riddance. Whatever Katie Couric’s new show is going to be will be in their time slot. It will be a MASSIVE improvement.

    • Matt

      Where’s your proof that they’re pulling the plug? Don’t be a moron simply because it’s easy for you to do.

      • Patti

        I just read that GH has been bought by the same company that purchased AMC and OLTL. I wouldnt doubt its true. ABC didnt want to get rid of all the soaps at once! Imagine the uproar, get rid of two then GH. Katie Courics show is scheduled for next year. Just what we need, another talk show or news show. We know its all about money and the soaps are expensive. Viewership down and many tape it or whatever the new term is. ABC has to recoup the money somewhere. Daytime is changing and not for the good. Thank you Brian Frons for all your great decisions,NOT!! :-((

    • halo


    • jz


  • erika

    Let him come back with Jake and than he take Spam away !!!!!

  • janeway

    I love GH and have watched for many years, and I am not alone. If James Franco can come back and be part of the ongoing canvas of characters without disrupting them, then I say, great. If he can bring attention to the show and let people know that there are still millions of people that enjoy GH, then more power to him. The rumors are swirling that ABC is set on getting rid of all their soaps and I hope that is not true because if it is, I am through with ABC. James Franco recognizes that the soap is a form of art all it’s own and the actors and crew work incredibly hard to put out the show 5 days a week. Hopes are that the new headwriter can breath new life into GH, I am hoping that viewers and ABC will give them a chance.

    • gato

      It is true the group that “bought” AMC & OLTL also got GH. Expect a cancellation notice around NOV/Dec

  • Abe Froman

    Crap. I was hoping Franco would disappear along with Guza.

  • Patti

    Why is he coming back? I dnt like his character at all. I am tired of Helena and Anthony. They are all annoying!! I hope this isnt what is in store for us, I wont be a happy camper. Why are they messing with Siobbens character also. Hopefully humor will return and the silliness will end such as Spinelli etc.

  • Mark

    ‘Isn’t it time to make this guy a series regular?’ 2 appearances?! Oh my stars he’s a regular!!

  • Tori

    YAY! Can’t wait for him to come back!

    • LMFAO

      I’m actually starting to think Franco is a little crazy. He sure went from lovable to “who cares?” in record time.

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