George W. Bush to discuss 9/11 in National Geographic special

With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaching, the National Geographic Channel has announced plans to air a documentary with George W. Bush, in which the former president will speak in intimate detail about the days and weeks following the nation’s deadliest terrorist attack, the network announced today.

“One of my concerns, like the concerns of other husbands and wives, was, ‘Was my spouse okay? Was Laura okay?’ And my second concern was ‘Were our girls okay?'” a release quotes him as saying during the interview.

The in-depth chat was filmed during the two days after the death of Osama bin Laden. “And President Obama called me [and] told me that Osama bin Laden had been killed. And my response was, I congratulated him and the special operators that conducted a very dangerous mission … And so I was grateful. I didn’t feel any great sense of happiness or jubilation. I felt a sense of closure. And I felt a sense of gratitude that justice had been done,” he says in the doc.

George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview airs Aug. 28 at 10 p.m. ET

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  • Cygnus

    NOw if we can only bring closure to his policies, tax loopholes, 2 wars, and 8 years of disaster.

    • Donknottz

      Not with his thugs running the house and the supreme court.

      • wsugar

        History will judge him to be a good president, who took us through very toubled times. People with no view but thier own, can not see a man who tried his best to take care of this country. God Bless him.

      • anton

        this is actually a reply to wsugar: did I read you right, that you are getting on people because they have formed their own opinion of Bush?

        Despite his intentions, you know how the road to he11 is paved right?

      • Donknottz

        Where was your God on 9/11?

      • jayr.

        He brought us into troubled times. He didn’t even care about running this country the thugs around him did everything.

      • whatevs

        You reject God your entire life and then wonder where he is when bad things happen? I’m not a Christian but even I know how stupid that is.

      • richromanceix

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    • EW Morons

      Oh no. Rich people are so evil. Nothing is fair. Why won’t they share all of their stolen money? Why do I have to work for a living? Life should be more fair. Give me your money so I can stay at home and watch TV. Yes, they are evil. I know better. I pontificate on EW. Now that’s a forum for change. Great place for a political article.

  • PJ

    Is he going to talk about how his administration ignored the memos warning of terrorists highjacking airplanes and flying them into buildings? How about his continued reading of My Pet Goat while the nation was under attack?

    • Liv

      Omigod, I know, those questions SHOULD be asked!! I mean, really, why has no one thought of these awesome original questions before!?!?

      • Trista

        Were those questions asked of Clinton? He was the President when Osama Bin Laden bombed our Embassy etc… If he had taken care of business there would not have been a 9/11.

      • Jeff

        Clinton attempted to kill Bin Laden with a missile attack. Much like when he was bombing Iraq…but those were labeled as distractions he set up to get people’s minds off of the Impeachment hearings.

    • Molly

      I hate it when people actually try to lay the blame for this on any of the country’s leaders, republican or democrat, Clinton, Bush, or Obama. No one saw that coming, no one. And to blame anyone but the terrorists themselves is disingenious and irresponsible. Grow up.

      • sara

        it is the governments responsibilty to protect its citizens END OF. Thomas Hobbes could tell you that.

      • PB

        completely agree Molly

      • Donknottz

        Actually the CIA did. Bin Laden determined to attack u.s. possibly using planes, CIA MEMO Aug 2001.

      • kahuna

        You apparently did not watch the 911 Commission hearings. I did. Youtube the exact two titles below and see what you find out.

        9/11 NORAD Rehearsed Crashing Hijacked Planes Into The World Trade Center Years Before

        9/11 Commissioner Richard Ben-Veniste Questions Condoleezza Rice

      • Well…

        @Molly – I don’t blame him for the attack, despite ignoring the intelligence. I blame him for using it to get us into a war with someone else and also pretty much mishandling everything that went wrong during his tenure. As history rolls on, he will be considered one of the worst people to hold the job on record.

      • kahuna

        You grow up. Google: “Bush Warned of Hijackings Before 9/11,” before you spout off about stuff you apparently know nothing about.

    • Holly

      It has been explained why he finished reading to those children. There was an article a few months ago where they talked to some of them now. They were all grateful that he was calm and finished reading to them, instead of creating panic.

      • Donknottz

        Yes 7 minutes to care for the kids what a joke. Maybe he should have been reacting to the war that just started.

      • A

        Now that the those kids have a voice, I agree with them.

    • carolann

      maybe one of you should have been president during that time in 2001 9/11 and maybe if the agencies like cia etc could have given info about thje terriosts thank you clinton

  • Michelle

    President Bush, we miss you. We are living through the last 3 years of absolute disaster, hope it ends next year.

    • Donknottz

      You and your redneck family are thee only ones that miss that A-S S Hat

      • @Donknottz


    • Trista


      • Trista

        I miss his belief in the greatness of this country and his unfailing optimism.

    • Annette

      Thank you! I agree.

    • Pinchy McPunam

      Oh yes. We miss ya so dearly, good fallen King Dubya. We miss your horrifying cabinet that included a crass, self-centered megalomanical vice president, a dismissive, naive Secretary of Defense, a lunatic Attorney General (Ashcroft) who actually lost his state Governor race to a dead guy, and your scandalous-ridden Chief of Staff who made Bubba Clinton’s scandals look like a tack put on the teacher’s chair.
      I’m not the biggest fan of Obamas decision making (he’s kind of a tail-dragging pu**y)…but, yes, let’s bring back one of the worst administrations in this countries history.
      We need to finish burning Rome to the ground.

    • anton

      speak for yourself crazy

    • Soporifix

      “We” = the rednecks in my trailer park.

    • Jeff

      You miss Bush? Besides increasing the spending on AIDS fight in Africa, what did he do that was positive? Tax cuts? Doubt you saw any benefit. I love my few hundred dollars. I really didn’t need that. Made no difference. One of the most corrupt administrations. Cheney forms an energy plan by having oil company execs to the White House and then refuses to say who exactly was there. Please go on missing him. Obama, unfortunately, has not changed much of what Bush started. So if you’re said for the last 3 years, you might want to change the channel from FOX and see that not much has changed.

    • osteenq

      Bush was the closest thing our country has had so far to a “Little Boots”, and he’s one of the most charmless, classless pieces of human refuse ever crapped onto the face of the Earth.

      He’s a freaking criminal. His unnecessary wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have killed more Americans than 9/11 ever did, and more innocent Iraqis than Saddam (who the GOP was very happy to sell weapons to when it served their interests, BTW).

      How anybody could miss him is beyond me.

  • Lau

    Nope, didn’t see these repetitious comments coming at all….

  • Donknottz

    Unless he is giving his infinite wealth of knowledge on his “pet goat” that he was studying upside down on 9/11, I don’t care to hear it.

  • bri

    Anyone who criticize Bush for continuing to read the story and not freaking out and scaring about of children is an idiot who has no valid opinions is my book. You get scary and tragic news in front of an audience of children and see how you react. Criticize his policies all you want, but that is just an idiotic thing to harp on.

    • bri

      *a bunch

    • Justsayin

      An idiotic thing to harp on? Kinda like asking a guy to show his birth certificate not once but twice?

      • bri

        I think that is idoitic too. There are idiots on both sides, this comes as a surprise to you?

      • whatevs

        Of course someone’s only reply to a sane comment is a defensive retort that has nothing to do with the original statement.

    • Grubi

      Explain to me how President Bush couldn’t have just told the kids that something unexpected came up and he would be unable to finish reading to them. It really isn’t that complicated. There were definitely ways for Bush to stop reading to the kids without creating panic. Anyone with half a brain could come up with a believable excuse… which I guess explains why Bush couldn’t come up with one.

      • bri

        There were certainly ways that Bush could have stopped reading to those kids without causing panic. Those were options, he choose in the heat of the moment to finish what I could only image being a very short children’s book and left discreetly. Unless you can explain to me a way that his spending 5 extra minutes with those kids to avoid causing any alarm, slowed down and reaction time that could have saved lives that day, then it is a stupid thing to harp on and you need to get over it,

      • nomstar

        I love when people use this argument, as if the President is some omnipotent being who is instantly aware of everything going on anywhere in the country at any given moment.

        I can only imagine how many emergencies regarding national and world affairs he is alerted to on any day. Freaking out and jumping to action at any slight sign of a problem is the last thing you want to do in the event of a crisis…

        The administration is not a single person; it is made up of many, many capable individuals, and when it became obvious that escalation was required, Bush was there and he acted. Simple as that.

    • Donknottz

      In that situation u say thank you something has come up I have to leave. 7 Ffn minutes?

      • bri

        You know I am quite curious where you found the book, The Proper Way to Not Scare Children in the Face of a National Attack, should be an interesting read.

      • Donknottz

        Yes because the planes flying into buildings and people jumping to their deaths off the 106th floor of a building is not going to scare them but abruptly ending their reading session, that will do the trick?

    • Well…

      Have you seen the video? Homeboy is petrified and had no idea what to do. He looked like Cindy Brady when the camera light went on when she was on the gameshow. I see it as seven solid minutes of denial, fear, and being in over his head. It’s a human reaction for sure, but a bit of proof that the man should never have run the country.

      • Charlie

        I can”t believe so many of you are screaming over a few minutes of time in one of the most horrific times in American History! G. Bush acted calmly and thoughtfully accessing the situation and did not alarm the children. When done reading he got up and calmly left the room to deal with the situation as any President should have done, period. A true leader thinks before he reacts to a situation. One thing he didn’t do which seems to be very common to Pres. OBama, is take a vacation or go play golf when the country is in a crises!!!!

    • kahuna

      Lemme see..Scare the kids vs. Defend the nation. Not really a tough choice.

  • joe luck

    I don’t know why EW thinks posting a articles about political figures will result in anything but thousands of petty, juvenile comments.

    Oh right, adclicks.

    • Trista

      like the one you just made????

  • Soporifix

    The only thing this idiot should be doing on TV is apologizing for his entire two terms as president.

  • bobg it may or may not be true, but it will make you think twice.

  • cody

    Inside job.

  • BobS

    After allowing his buds to loot the treasury and probably damaging the image of this country more than genital warts, NOW he wants us to love him too? History will NOT show him to be a good president. History will show George W. Bush as having been the beginning of the end of the empire.

  • enrico napolitano

    The 9/11 atrocity was a highly sophisticated controlled demolition with EXPLOSIVES and therefore a FALSE FLAG operation made organised and orchestrated by the US Government , and that the subsequent 9/11 Commission and NIST reports were just a cover-up of a criminal conspiracy at higest levels of US government and therefore the traitors george bush And cheney are guilty and need both to be HANGED from the same tree .


    • Agnostic

      Says Amen to that !!!

  • enrico napolitano

    The 9/11 controlled demolitions have been a highly sophisticated controlled demolition with EXPLOSIVES and therefore a FALSE FLAG operation made, organised and orchestrated by the US Government , and that the subsequent 9/11 Commission and NIST reports were just a cover-up of a criminal conspiracy at higest levels of US government and therefore the traitors george bush And cheney are guilty and need both to be HANGED from the same tree .

  • kahuna

    For anybody who doubts that bushco receive prior intelligence about hijackings, Google this exact phrase which will lead you to an ABC news article about the warnings:
    Bush Warned of Hijackings Before 9/11

    This is what’s wrong with America. People don’t know what goes on in this country, but they have plenty to say, in light of their profound ignorance. The government appreciates you being that way. Bushco especially appreciates it.

  • Ap

    I think Bill Maher had the best analysis after Bin Laden was killed. He said something like his killing was the war on terrorism. There was no need to attack Afghanistan and Iraq when all we needed was intelligence.

    Look at what’s happening to some of the Mideast countries with Arab Spring. There’s no need for the US.

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