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TLC’s wedding dress decision-making reality franchise just got another boost.

The network is renewing freshman spin-off Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids for a second season. TLC is picking up 18 half-hour episodes to premiere in March of next year. The show gives viewers a look at the drama of finding a gown that meets the expectations of a diverse group of demanding bridesmaids with the help of a group of outspoken consultants. The first season averaged 1.7 million viewers per episodes.

The successful launch of the show brings TLC’s gown-agreement franchise up to five shows. In addition to the original, there’s Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss and Say Yes to the Dress: Randy Knows Best.
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  • Jen

    I remember when THE LEARNING CHANNEL showed educational, informative programming…

  • bma

    FIVE shows about choosing a dress?!? How f’ing ridiculous.

  • Jill S

    And every episode feels the same! I’ve seen a bride pick that same “greek goddess” dress show above TWICE now! One show it was pink. One show it was red. And every bride has that one bridemaid who declares, “If you make me buy THIS dress. I’m NOT in your wedding.” It’s so predictable.

    • Jill S


    • MT

      I totally agree! Always one whiny bridesmaid who disagrees. They need to focus on the dresses rather than the drama

  • Stacie

    And I will watch every one of these!

    • JackieB

      I watch them all except for SYTD: Atlanta. The women (and especially that gray wanna-be Randy) are really annoying, and don’t seem to know their stuff as much as Kleinfeld’s in NY.

  • Lauren

    There are definately a bunch of similar plotlines between each episode of the bridesmaids spinoff, but I think it is a lot more entertaining than the regular Say Yes to the Dress.

  • Justsayin

    yeah we have to start a new petition to get TLC to change their name from the learning channel. Maybe make it the loser channel so at least they can retain the call letters plus it fits with the people that actually watch the garbage refers to as programming.

    • Justsayin

      garbage that it refers to*

    • Gwen

      I’d rather watch SYTD than any of the c**p about those stupid Jersey Shore idiots or those stupid Kardashians. One person’s garbage is another person’s relief from garbage…

      • Justsayin

        My point gwen is that there is more to watch than rehashed reality shows. If you only have sytd and jersey shore as your options for tv then id suggest getting better cable. There are plenty of shows out there that arent “reality” shows. Heck if jersey shore and sytd were the only choices i’d sooner throw out my tv.

      • @ justsayin’

        I hate when people act like they are better than you because they don’t watch a show you like. Some people like reality shows like SYTD and some people like Dateline. To each his or her own. If you don’t like it don’t watch it, but don’t put someone down because they do.

      • Justsayin

        the reason i put the shows down and people who like them is simple. If those people didnt watch those shows then maybe we could get back to quality tv that requires writing and thought. You understand that shows like wipeout and all the dance shows etc all get better ratings than say a scripted show where people actually put some thought into entertaining you and i dont mean shows that have the same recycled jokes for the last 30 yrs(see:chuck lorre’s career). Instead no we get more and more reality shows because people eat them up with a spoon. That is why i despise people that watch reality tv. I mean really how many times can ya watch some random guy give some random girl a rose under the guise of “love”, when in real reality they’re both just in it for their 15 mins of fame when they don’t deserve it in the slightest.

  • Jennifer

    PLEASE no more freakin’ shows about weddings and wedding planning!!!

  • song4ten

    I enjoy these shows – except for the Atlanta version. Those shop owners and employees are so stuck up and nasty. They’re also very rude to their clients. I would never shop at that store for wedding attire.

    I probably won’t watch “Bridesmaids” either because the show takes place in the Atlanta store.

    • SS

      Agree, although the bridesmaids premise is fun and more interesting as these girls from the South have SOOOO many bridesmaids! It’s ridiculous!

  • Ann

    wow, those pink dresses are hideous!

  • Toni S

    To Jackie, Randy is at Kleinfelds in NY, and a Randy wannabe is in Atlanta. And when the guy in Atl and the owner of the store say “Let’s Jack Her Up” meaning putting jewelry and a veil on the prospective bride, it sounds as if they are going to do something vulgar to the poor girl. They must think of some other phrase which is a lot less tacky.

    • Julie

      I personally don’t see anything wrong with the phrase. I think it’s kinda cute.

      It probably would sound more suggestive, however, if it were a straight guy saying it.

      • Julie

        Lori says it too.

  • Robin

    If you think that only losers watch TLC, you must have come to that conclusion by watching the shows yourself. Thus……….

    • Justsayin

      @robin Riiiiight so because i bash the shows that MUST mean i watch them. It’s not like i can flip through various channels and read descriptions of them. No i see a show called say yes to the dress and think wow people actually have that little of an attention span that they can watch this?

  • carrie d

    I really wish TLC put their shows online..I don’t have tv anymore and I really enjoyed a lot of their shows. This one looks entertaining!

  • sis

    i watch..but is it just me…or are like 80% of the brides in Atlanta are super young..under 25…i think last one girl was about supporting a stereotype about the south….geez

    • Angela

      No, it’s not just you. Most of the southern brides are 19-21 and to me, that’s too young. I’d love a follow-up show on some of these gals – Say Yes to Your Divorce Attorney!

  • legnayram

    I’m glad I’m not the only one not watching the Atlanta versions of these shows! The staff is not warm at all and seem to disrespect their clientele especially if they want to do something non-traditional like having the groom in the room to help pick out the dress. I would watch Bridemaids if it took place at Kleinfeld’s since you can tell the staff really enjoy their jobs and look for the best for their brides. I can’t see two lesbians going into the Atlanta store buying dresses without being looked down upon whereas Kleinfeld’s embraces all their brides… even if some of them are a bit nutty.

  • Cami

    I used to be in bridal and the Kleinfeld’s based-show is true to life. The Atlanta salon is trash. They may have expensive gowns, but their attitude is total trailer trash. “Jack her up”? What, is the bride a car with a flat tire? The NY show brings back happy memories, but I refuse to watch the Atlanta show.

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