'Doctor Who' showrunner: 'We're not going to save Hitler'


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Doctor Who executive producer Steven Moffat reassured fans alarmed by a Comic-Con trailer that suggested an upcoming episode would have the time-traveling doctor helping Adolf Hitler. In the clip from the upcoming midseason premiere, Hitler seemingly thanks the Doctor for saving his life.

“I think we can unequivocally say we’re against Hitler,” Moffat told critics at the Television Critics Association’s press tour about the episode, titled Let’s Kill Hitler. “I think the worst thing you can do to that awful man is take the mickey out of him on Doctor Who. Don’t worry, we’re not going to save Hitler.”

Moffat said he’s in favor of continuing to stretch the boundaries of the show and surprise the audience. “The only way you can keep the show alive is to make changes,” he said.

That includes the show embracing more of a serialized storyline and in addition to its usual stand-alone episodes. “The trouble with a series as it gets older it can feel like a tradition,” Moffat said. “And tradition is the enemy of suspense. It’s about keeping it lively and suspenseful … The story of the week still takes center stage. What we have is a more extremely version of what we’ve always had. All the stories will end and satisfyingly.”

Meanwhile the latest Doctor, Matt Smith, said his favorite Doctor in the show was the second Doc played by Patrick Troughton: “He’s weirdly peculiar without ever asking you to feel he’s weirdly peculiar,” said Smith. As for so many making an issue about Smith being the youngest Doctor yet, he said, “There’s something interesting about having a young face and old soul. It allows you to reinvent feeling old.”
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  • ally

    it returns on my birthday, cant wait!

  • Bryan

    When is the midseason premiere?

    • Riley

      It returns August 27

  • Zack

    Matt Smith is my favorite doctor of the new series…

  • JoeMess

    Its makes brilliant sense to have a young Doctor. If you were a 900 year old Time Lord and could regenerate, why wouldn’t you regenerate into a young body?

  • Carla Houston

    My Doctor is still #10, but number 11 is my second favorite. It’s funny, because of the classic Doctor’s, #2 (Troughton)is my favorite as well. I think Matt does a great job of conveying an old soul in a young body, with a young sense of wonder and fun. Can’t wait for the season to resume!

    • StevenB

      Matt Smith is brilliant with the comedy bits – particularly the physical comedy that can easily turn bad quickly. But I have yet to see is the menacing “Don’t-F***-With-Me” Doctor that Eccleston did so brilliantly and Tennant did effectively. Without that side, we don’t have the complete Doctor.

      Amy is a great companion – far better that Rose and her mascara of doom. But, boy, I wish I never would have seen her on Ferguson last night – came across as a complete flake.

      • nyangel22

        i completely agree with you. Matt isn’t bad, he just isn’t what i associate with the Doctor. I think he’s tried that “Don’t-F***-With-Me” thing that the others did so well, but it just doesn’t really come off. He definitely tried in The Eleventh Hour, but I think he was helped along by the images of all the other doctors. He relies a little too much on the reputation of the Doctor than on actually being the Doctor. I also think that there was a glimpse of that in the most recent episode, but it was fleeting.

        Honestly, I didn’t care for the first few episodes with Tennant, so when Matt Smith came on I tried to give him some leeway, but we’ve been 1.5 seasons now, and I still don’t care for him. Actually, the only one of the current cast that I really like is Arthur Darvil’s Rory. I’m really waiting until the day that Matt Smith decides not to be the Doctor any more, and I am hoping that when a 12th Doctor is chosen he is better at the whole package than Smith is.

      • AB

        LMFAO Rose’s mascara of doom is so perfect a description. I couldn’t stand her or her eye makeup!!!

    • Hudson

      I’m not sure that the Doctor has any control over the body he regenerates into.

      • sarah

        I get that impression as well, otherwise he’d have that red hair he keeps pining after :)

        You have Romana, who was able to regenerate into any form she wanted, so I think she’s the opposite end of the spectrum. The Master also chose to regenerate into a younger form, so he has some control as well. But I think the Doctor has none.

  • CDC

    Hasn’t The Doctor been younger with each regeneration?

    • Zebediah

      Not always – I believe Colin Baker was older than Peter Davison. But it’s been the general trend, yes.

      • nyangel22

        I’ve noticed that too, and I wonder what would happen if he regenerates too often if he would end up looking like a child. that would be interesting.

  • michelle

    I will always see David Tennant as my Doctor. But I still like & watch the show just not with the same fervor as before. I feel cheated with this season’s storyline. Interesting about River Song though…wonder if she has the spoiler of The Library in her diary.

    • sarah

      The Library is when she dies, so she doesn’t have that. That’s the one thing she will never have in her diary. We run backward in her timeline – everytime WE see her, she is younger. And the Library is the oldest she will ever get, Time Lady or no.

  • Duane S

    I been watch for 40 years or so my are Billie piper and David Tennant I love Amy pond too

  • dohrayme

    They may not save Hitler, but they can Save Hitler’s Brain!…. Among the classics, my order would be T.Baker, P.Troughton, J.Pertwee, P.Davison, C.Baker, W.Hartnell, & S.McCoy, the only one I really did not like at all.

  • Mitch Logan

    Who are these morons who thought that Hitler was thanking them for thwarting his suicide attempt? Idiots.

  • Michelle

    Someone should tell Moffat there’s more to a successful show than just “suspense” and “shocking” people. Things like character development. Just a thought.

    • Derry

      Yeah, because a girl with abandonment and commitment issues learning to be a wife and mother isn’t character development. Nor is a well-meaning, but somewhat bumbling boyfriend becoming a butt-kicking soldier (who threatens CYBERMEN) while still retaining his kind compassionate nature.

      It’s pretty obvious that Moffat has some idea on what makes a successful show. Doctor Who is still going strong (better than ever for some of us) and Sherlock is hardly a dismal flop.

      • Leftover Human

        Thank you for saying exactly what I meant to say. :)

      • AB

        Derry, I <3 you. You're so right.

    • AB

      Michelle, you obviously have no clue about this show. Why don’t you try actually watching and thinking while you do instead of making up your mind to hate it no matter what?
      Or just go watch something more highbrow since you think you’re so much better than Moffat and Doctor Who.

  • Sharlin

    My favorite of the classic’s was #3 – John Pertwee. My favorite of the new series is #9 – Chris Eccleston.

  • doctorwhofan

    yay!! it comes back on two days after my b-day :) thats one present that i’m totally looking forward too. cant wait to see how they are going to do the hitler story line.

  • Tony Collett

    Why is this a thing? The title of the episode is “Let’s Kill Hitler”, not “Let’s Back Cookies For Hitler”.

  • AT

    The rest of the season should be interesting. Yes, Nine (Christopher Eccleston) and Ten (David Tennant) are still my favorite Doctors, but Matt Smith is doing a great job.

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