Ryan Murphy reveals plans for 'Glee' spin-off, which is now on hold


Image Credit: Fox

The glee club is fast turning into the drama club. Earlier this month, Glee creator Ryan Murphy revealed that Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, and Cory Monteith would be leaving Glee after season 3 — only to have fellow exec producer Brad Falchuk state at Comic-Con that those actors were not leaving the show after all. The latest development: Murphy revealed late Thursday that he and his fellow Glee producers were exploring a spin-off featuring the three actors, but have put that project on hold, possibly permanently.

Murphy also notes in an interview with Deadline that Colfer, Michele and Monteith — whose characters are set to graduate in May — were not fired from the hit Fox dramedy; moreover, they were brought into preliminary discussions about the spin-off, but were asked not to talk about it while the viability of the project was explored. (An insider told EW that while Murphy’s idea had been discussed at the highest levels at 20th Century Fox TV, which produces Glee for Fox, no script deal had been made.)

The spin-off would have taken place in New York, and Murphy reached out to The Juilliard School about using the institution as a backdrop. While the actors expressed initial interest in a spin-off, some supposedly had reservations about relocating to New York, among other issues, prompting Murphy to put the brakes on the project.

Fox declined to comment on the situation.

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  • Myprettypony

    The whole thing sounds pretty awful to me.

    • Mike

      Ditto. Could care less for Colfer or Murphy, especially Murphy. He doesn’t recognize talent… Marissa is a proof! I think that he would have picked her if she was a boy…

      • Wha’ever

        “Couldn’t” care less. If you could care less it means you care at least little bit.

      • Jackie

        I totally agree with Mike except I like Colfer. All my respect for Murphy went out the window when he sent Marissa home instead of one of the GUYS who are always in the bottom 3. Glee used to be about fun, but I think this whole thing is jumping the shark.

      • SNIKT!

        THAT YOU EW!!! Where on Earth would we be without our weekly BS story on Glee? (Yes, sarcasm.)

      • Captain

        Gee, thanks for giving away that Glee Project spoiler. Was planning on watching it tonight.

    • Amir

      Not even Die-hard Gleeks would watch this…

      • Sanders

        Oh, you’d be suprised.

      • megan

        I would defienetly watch it ! i am a HUGE Glee Fan and I hope this spin off show happens, it sounds funn!

    • Jason C.

      You know, I liked this show during the first season, then last season turned out to be a mess. Now I’m just really getting sick of all the press and BS that comes out of its crappy hype machine. I hope it keeps losing viewers and dies soon.

      • AGREED!

        Jason, you read my mind!

    • Strepsi

      I kind of like the idea, honestly. But then, I love Broadway and am a sucker for Fame-type shows. Kurt and Finn and Rachel in NYC? I think I might love it.

      So in itself, it’s not a bad idea. The main issue seems to be that, while Ryan Murphy asks everyone for confidentiality while in discussions, when faced with a microphone he simply can’t refrain from blabbing his thoughts as they pass through his skull. It may be neurological.

      • stinasings

        Me 2. I like shows like Fame so I would’ve wanted to see that not exactly sure why Finn would be there but IMO its a good premise. Then he cancels it like they’re being grounded or something its ridiculous.

      • stinasings

        Me 2. I like shows like Fame so I would’ve wanted to see that not exactly sure why Finn would be there but IMO its a good premise. Then he cancels it like they’re being grounded its ridiculous.

      • RBBrittain

        I think it’s a good idea–but ONLY if Finn instead goes to Columbia on some sort of scholarship that allows him to play QB (*NOT* athletic as those are forbidden in the Ivy League), with only Rachel & Kurt at Julliard. Of course, Finn & Rachel would still be a couple–as they should be.

      • Wha’ever

        I actually loved the idea, but don’t forget next season there will be the NBC new musical show that’s about Broadway (forgot the name). I’m pretty sure that would be a problem…

  • graeme

    Ryan Murphy is such an idiot. Shut your f***in mouth and worry about making a good show. All these scoops that end up being BS are ridiculous.

  • jimmy

    This is really sad cos I would have loved a spinoff of just Rachel and Kurt in New York! It would have just been so good! I hope its not it still has a chance!

    • Ash

      Is a spin-off really a spin-off is it’s every main character just in a new place? I mean when Weeds moved from AGrestic was that a spin off? No it was a relocation. Let’s call a spade a spade any ideas from Ryan Murphy are just money grabs now. He knows he ruined the show last season so he’s trying to make as much as he can before the public catches on and the show flames out.

  • Scott

    Ryan Murphy, I hate you. after this whole glee show fiasco, always and forever I will hate you.

  • Annette

    Ryan Murphy plays the lead role in a summer’s eve commercial. The show was fun the first year and hopped up on meth the second year and I had to quit watching the show. Why does this guy thing spin offs are going to help the matter or graduating people, but then not graduating people. This is all when he’s not bashing bands for not being a part of the carnival ride. Original Glee will soon see its demise.

  • sam

    Is this just a new story to cover up how badly the stars were being treated? Or just a foolish idea? Who knows–there will be a new story leaked tomorrow.

  • Woot

    I hate to admit this… but Ryan Murphy, you have single handedly ruined the once great show of Glee. Even with the few and sporadic bright spots of season 2 (more Heather Morris and Naya Rivera, the addition of Darren Criss and Dot-Marie Jones… even Chord Overstreet) it was a steep decline from the first half of season one. It is now even more clear, based on this article, that you really don’t have any sort of vision for this show. I don’t know if the show can be saved at this point…

    • Jan

      Once Rachel found her long lost mother and they loving ly sang Poker Face to each other, it was all over for me.

      • Jan

        And I LOVED the first half of season one.

      • Woot

        Ha! Yeah, I love that arrangement of Poker Face and all but a mother and daughter really shouldn’t be singing “bluffin’ with my muffin” to each other.

      • Tajah

        @Jan, I totally agree! I mean, Poker Face with her Mom??? Yeah, I loved Glee the first season and the second season I only watched sporadically because I found it so bad. I don’t expect to really be watching it come September.

      • jmm

        Yeah – I hated the Poker Face duet too. But to me the biggest problem in Season 2 was just dropping the story line of Rachel’s bio Mom adopting Quin and Puck’s baby – I do you just forget that??

      • jmm

        *how do you just forget that?

      • ann

        I completely agree, that was one of my big annoyances. Puck and Quinn didn’t even share a look this season, with that much history it just doesnt make sense. Season 2 had so many flaws. HUGE flaws.

    • Love and let live

      Does it really suprised you. This man ruined a far superior and underrated show of his creation called Nip/Tuck. I liked glee and I knew he’d do the same so I didn’t bother to get too invested bc he ruins everything.

      • Amy

        @Love and let live: I couldn’t agree with you more. I loved Nip/Tuck and then it started getting into strange territory where the plot lines made absolutely no sense whatsoever. I liked the first season of Glee and had hopes that Murphy would learn his lesson from Nip/Tuck, but apparently not.

      • eyeheartnyc

        Agreed with both you. I told myself not to get too attached to this show because of what he did to Nip/Tuck. This guy needs a muzzle.

  • jb

    Ugh, he really should of just kept his mouth closed. The whole story was starting to die down and now he’s gone and created yet another mess.

  • Doug

    Lol, Ryan Murphy is listening to the fans again. Ruh roh.

  • Trey

    If anything, Sue Sylvester should have her own spin off, not Rachel and Kurt.

    • Jessie’s Boy

      I agree! Well, just the Kurt thing, I hate him so badly! Sue has become a crazy bitch, so nobody deserves a spin-off, besides Chord, Dianna or Naya, becoming bisex obviously, because she is hoooooooooooot!

    • Kristin


  • shoujias

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  • Laurie

    I’m giving up on trying to figure out what’s going on with Glee. All I know is wherever Lea Michele goes, I go. I’ll watch as long as she’s on and when she leave I’ll watch her new projects but not Glee.

    • Free

      Amen. Amen.

    • maxie

      I’m going when Cory Monteith goes and I hope Cory gets more better offers in other projects so he can say goodbye to Ryan Murphy’s a$$.

    • maz

      in total agreement with laurie. i’ll watch until lea michele leaves.

    • Cat

      Me too.

    • angie

      And I’m the exact opposite– I’ll watch the show again once she’s gone. Even that *%$( HP commercial makes my skin crawl.

      • Penny

        Lol! I love that commercial. You kinda have to, they play it religiously.

      • Lin

        Oh please. As if you don’t watch the show now.

  • Brett

    Honestly, I like the idea. I feel like the spinoff could deal with adult issues and the realism of the “real” world. Whats funny though is that allegedly Ryan claims some of the cast dosen’t want to do a spinoff. Not to bust any of their bubbles but no one from Glee is a bonified star (no, not even you Lea Michele). Its silly to think you wouldn’t want to continue with the project that launched your career, considering none of them have the star power or notority (no, not even you Lea Michele) to call any type of “shots”. Ryan said he’s talking to all 3 about a spinoff, ugh no Cory Montieth, well maybe if they do his character justice. As much as I love (well really like) Glee, and Lea Michele and Chris Colfer I don’t want to see a sloppy spinoff or a filler show to keep Glee relevant after The Big 3 are gone.

    • Ann

      I would only watch the spin-off if Cory is there. Kurt and Rachel are really polarizing characters. They need Finn to balance them out.

      • Brett

        I think they all need each other to be balanced out. And yes, but Rachel and Kurt are the stars of Glee, which is why the spinoff talks revolve around them. I think it would make sense to have Finn there too, because he’s Kurt’s stepbrother and because in Season 1, Emma pushed the idea of Finn getting a musical scholarship so its sensible.

    • Jake

      Lea has family and Friends in New York and before Glee lived there so to go back to NY and have a show there was probably not something she was against. If Anything it was probably Chris and Cory whos lives are in California. But it doesnt matter Ill follow those 3 to any future projects they have especially Lea. Because she is amazing.

      • Brett

        Ditto. But work is work. Alot of people (not even actors) have to relocate all the time. Why cry the blues about it. Alot of actors are one hit wonders and alot of people starting out in the buisness would love to have an oppurtunity like that. None of them are big enough celebrities to walk away from a potential successful project and immediately pick up something else. Yeah, I’ll follow Lea anywhere to, I know tons of people who are anticipating ‘New Years Eve’ just for her.

      • maxine

        Cory is from Vancouver Canada and he doesn’t have any ties with LA. But maybe he hoped to stay in LA because he’s looking for more movie roles, and I really enjoyed him in Monte Carlo (I only went to see COry) I hope to see more Cory on the big screen.

      • April

        Chris has said on a number of times he’d love to work on Broadway after Glee if given the chance (Golden Globes). Cory is already out of Canada. I wouldn’t believe anything Ryan says now very seriously.

      • Blonde South

        I’m having trouble believing that this actually has to do with the actors. This sounds like a Ryan Murphy problem to me.

      • Jenny

        But maybe Lea wants to do more movies and Broadway? Cause with the Glee schedule all she has time to do outside of Glee is a role in a most-likely mediocre ensemble movie.

    • A

      to be fair, if it is to deal with re-locating issues as Lea’s bf is in NYC and she could pretty much get on Broadway, with a voice like that, I don’t think she’s the one dragging her heals..

  • Karen

    “Put the breaks on”? Seriously? Does no one edit copy anymore? Try “brakes”.

    • bobster

      Best comment of the whole thread!

  • joe luck

    A Glee spinoff is what I call what’s floating in the toilet after I eat a bowl of chili.

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