'House' casts 'Knocked Up' co-star for season 8


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Dr. House is paging a revitalized female cast for fall.

House producers just hired actress-comedian Charlyne Yi to join the show as a series regular. Yi will help repopulate the female cast of the Fox medical drama that’s seen departing names over the years, such as Lisa Edelstein and Amber Tamblyn, especially now that Olivia Wilde is part time.

Yi joins the team playing a young doctor on the show, coming on the heels of House hiring another new female full-timer, Breaking In co-star Odette Annable, who will play a prison doctor. Yi had a scene-stealing role in Knocked Up and recently was in NBC’s Love Bites. She’s repped by UTA, Christie Smith at Mosaic and Lev Ginsberg. Here’s Yi from a guest spot on Conan:

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  • TopherGraceSucks

    AT least it’s not Topher Grace. He’s the absolute worst!

    • guo

      I’m a BIG House’s fan, but i think that this season it’s going to be HORRIBLE!..I hope not but I can feel it.

      • Jethro

        Who’s she?

      • alan of montreal

        She was also on 30 Rock for a few episodes as a page and a love interest for Kenneth

      • alan of montreal

        And she made a quirky “documentary” about love called Paper Heart.

      • Melody

        I agree! What are they thinking, and why is everyone leaving????

      • Melody

        What are they thinking, and why is everyone leaving?

      • DEBBIE


    • sidnei

      i love topher!!

    • Richie

      I agree with the previous comments about Season 8 being horrible. For me House’s attitude has been getting a bit old. And what he pulled in the last episode of last season was unforgivable. He should be locked up for good.

    • krystamae

      shut the hell up! you have no idea what you are talking about! Toph is better than Ash ever will be in TALENT!

  • iggy

    A welcome and much needed breath of fresh air.

  • Benoreno

    Shouldn’t House be in jail for destroying Cuddy’s house?

    • sydney

      He is going to jail for the beginning of the season, then somehow he’s going to get his job back. David Shore is an idiot.

      • Benoreno

        He could’ve killed 4 people because he was mad that Cuddy had moved on with her life. It would’ve been better for him to have mail her back her hair brush. No matter how brilliant he is as a doctor, he needs mental help. Letting him out of jail and giving him his job back sends the wrong message.

    • Anne

      I hate to bring reality to you sheltered people but real doctors get away with real crimes and retain their medical licenses all the time. My father in law’s lung surgeon nearly killed him and subsequently DID kill 4 patients afterword due to prescription pill abuse and is now happily practicing in another state.

      • Mellissa

        And then there are doctors who commit crimes like rape and loss their licenses and go to jail.

        It sounds like your father in laws lawyer should be in rehab, not surgery.

  • coolrepublica

    Is Oliva Wilde so hot that they need her around the set to do not much and act not that well just so they can be comforted by her pretty face. Olivia Wilde is a wasted salary that could have gone to hiring someone better and full time. Hollywood is really a weird place.

    • Captain

      What? A House fan that doesn’t like Olivia Wilde? Shocking! Seriously guys, yall are worse than SNL fans with Kristen Wiig. Just can’t resist an opportunity to bash her. The point has been made, there’s no need to drill it in.

      • Caroline

        She’s the reason that I stopped watching – that and the whole Huddy mess. Maybe I’ll come back now…

      • jj

        actually, the fact that they keep her as a part time cast member is both weird and noteworthy. You don’t have to be a OW hater to think that. The majority of television series throughout history do not keep an actor on the roster like this when they are not working. it is odd and i don’t know what it’s about. but House has always been weird about their hiring and firing practices.

      • Anna

        I’m a House fan who LOVES Olivia. Have loved her since the OC days, and started watching House with the first episode.

        Actually, in the real world, I rarely hear people bashing on OW. It’s only in this nameless, faceless abyss do people moan and complain about something they cannot change and hate on beautiful women.

        That said, while I do not mind this actress, Yi, in occasional comedy roles, I really do not see her fitting into House whatsoever. :-/

    • Fidelio

      If she’s only going to stay for ‘like one or two episodes’ as Shore puts it, why do they even bother? I don’t hate her, but she accepted a contract. It’s one season. Stick it through.

    • chuck

      I don’t understand all the Olivia Wilde hate. I happen to love thirteen and being hot is a bonus. Bet most of the Thirteen haters are fugly hags that are so jealous it hurts

  • Javadude54

    I wonder how long before House says the line” How you make operate with chop-sticks? it not hard make cutty-cutty, ah so?”.

  • lisa

    gosh this yi person is awkward looking, to put it as favorably as i can

    • René De Beaumarchais

      Yeah, she’s not particularly pleasant to look at.

      • jp

        SWEET JEEBUS!! Stop judging people on thier looks, you shallow morons! Charlene Yi is adorable and funny. Give her a f*cking chance!

      • AltDave

        Oh yes, because we know that ALL real doctors are such beautiful people!

  • Gaby

    I’m a BIG House’s fan, but i think that this season it’s going to be HORRIBLE!..I hope not but I can feel it.

    • Cheery

      Well they’ve thrown in everything but the kitchen sink. I suspect they can feel it too.

    • alan of montreal

      @Gaby Why do I think you’re the same person as Guo up above? If you’re going to troll, at least come up with a new line

  • Aaron

    She is painfully unfunny. And a bad dramatic actor as well. Ugh!

    • alan of montreal

      She’s more of a performance artist than an actor or comedian

  • Bob Frapples

    About time. If there’s one thing that can save “House” it’s a lot of awkward silences.

  • Amanda

    Didn’t Yi go on Conan and joke about what a terrible actress she is?

    • Amanda

      you know, I should really read the whole article before commenting

  • Freakinfatone

    The part that bugs me is Odette as a prison doctor. Really? What jail would hire her?

  • Ryan

    Whew, glad you told us who her agents are. I hate not knowing who reps actors! Now, on to more important facts. Who is her lawyer? Does she have an accountant? WHO IS CHARLENE YI’S ACCOUNTANT?

    • Squishmar

      This was obviously taken from a press release and Hibberd didn’t even edit it. Ooof!

  • ALex

    This show is so over. they couldn;t even hire someone who us attractive? WTF! This show is stupid and they should have a POTW with David Shore having a tipped uterus!!

    • Anne

      And I’m sure you are the most attractive person in the world. Why don’t you post your picture for the rest of us to judge?

  • Squishmar

    What’s with putting her agents/managers in the article? Very odd.

    • maggie

      I think they just copied a press release from the show and didn’t even bother to edit out that info.

  • zimzyma

    House is starting to remind me of Scrubs…in the sense that the last several seasons of scrubs were so bad that they retroactively ruined my love of the first 3 seasons and I can’t watch it at all any more. Hoping that doesn’t happen again with House.

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