'Chuck' scoop: Joshua Gomez says of Morgan as the new Intersect: 'The potential is there for it to go a little haywire'

At the end of last season, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) became the new Intersect, and while it’s been said that Chuck will become a mentor of sorts, there’s also tough times ahead for Chuck’s BFF.

“There’s that whole growing process for Morgan as the intersect, and like what happened with Chuck, we don’t know exactly what effect it’s going to have,” Gomez told EW during the Television Critics Association press tour. “It, obviously, doesn’t run and work in everyone’s brain the same way. The potential is there for it to go a little haywire. And I’m sure — if I know these writers — I’m in trouble.”

Regardless of what transpires, Gomez says Morgan (at least starts off) loving his new abilities. “I think that in true Morgan fashion — and this is a scary thing — I don’t think he knows how scary it can be,” he says. “He’s completely gung-ho. It’s something he thinks is the coolest thing ever. It’s every nerd’s dream, ‘I can be a superhero! Chuck, I can do it!’ Chuck, meanwhile, is, like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down.'”

For more from Gomez about the end of the season, check out our video from the NBC All-Star Party below! 

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  • Jeff M.

    If Chuck Isn’t the intersect then they should have just ended the show last year. Man that hurt to type because I love Chuck. I don’t like the Morgan view that they are taking. I hope it is good.

    • Paul C.

      I agree with Jeff. I like where the show was going.. but as soon as it started to look like Morgan was getting the intersect, I honestly kind of cringed. I hope this is a short term thing and that Chuck would go back to being the intersect for this final season.

    • Jason C.

      It’s not just about Morgan though. There’s still a large part of the show having to deal with Chuck going back to normal and having to rely on himself rather than the Intersect to get out of jams, he’s also running a spy business, and he has to train Morgan on how to use the Intersect properly. It’s still very much a show about Chuck, it’s just that he’s in a different place now.

      • erika

        i totally agree with you Jason C., very well said..that’s exactly how i feel about the last season..

      • SDW

        meh…just not the same if Chuck isn’t the intersect. Really disappointed. I love Morgan, but not as the intersect. It was a big turn-off for my hubby & me. I really hope it is just a couple episode thing.

      • Shane Cooper

        A great fan of chuck…in its previous form. If Morgan (who is not “Special” and shouldn’t have even been able to upload the thing) retains the intersect and Chuck becomes a story of a new beginning without the intersect, then I will simply switch off. Too be blunt, most fans live vicariously through the lead role; and as I am already normal, I’ll give chuck a miss. Shame…I was a huge fan. Series 5 will be to chuck what Eposide 1 was to starwars fans…which is why I never watched Episodes 2 and 3.

  • DavidJ

    Should be fun, although I hope it’s only a 2-3 episode thing.

    • Scott

      My thoughts exactly. Or maybe have Chuck get Intersected and have them work together.

  • Kate

    Yeah, I hope it is just a two or three episode thing and maybe only leading to Chuck discovering he still has all his skills (also, consistency complaint…didn’t Stephen Bartowski tell a young Chuck when he first had the intersect tell him that his brain was wired specially for it to have worked – I don’t get how it has been able to be duplicated in a similar type fashion, heck, isn’t that why Bryce sent it to Chuck in the first place?)

    • Scott

      It hasn’t … Volkoff/Middelton lost his mind, daddy went a bit bonkers, Evil Shaw started showing sighs of going nuts, The Gretas were always following orders to the letter almost resulting California being nuked … If I were Chuck, I’d worry. Chuck has been the only one it worked with.

  • SirLizard

    “Chuck, meanwhile, is, like, ‘Woah, woah, woah. Slow down.’”

    In true spelling nerd fashion, I’m going to have to tell you TV Guide “writers” and “editors” that the word is spelled “whoa”, not “woah”.

    • SirLizard

      I meant “Entertainment Weekly”, not “TV Guide”… I’m used to this same bad spelling at the TV Guide site too, so I guess they’re becoming one entity in my mind.

    • Sandra Gonzalez

      Thanks, SirLizard!

  • SirLizard

    I meant “Entertainment Weekly”, not “TV Guide”… I’m used to this same bad spelling at the TV Guide site too, so I guess they’re becoming one entity in my mind.

  • askew37

    The show is called Chuck, not Morgan, and Morgan is really only tolerable in small doses. Hopefully Morgan-as-the-intersect won’t last.

    • Jason C.

      The show is still about Chuck, Chuck has a lot of adjusting to do not having the Intersect and running a private spy organization.

  • Kay Lhota

    You are right that the show is called “CHUCK” and as much as Morgan being the Intersect will be a huge part of next Season, I am not worried as to who the star of the show is going to be. Looking forward to Friday Oct 21, and episode 1 “Chuck vs the Zoom” on NBC!

    • SDW

      with Morgan as the intersect, it isn’t really Chuck vs. anything…

  • Andrew

    I like this for 3 episodes, max. We need Chuck as the intersect!

    • Robert

      Completely agree. Seems like a great and effective plot twist for the beginning of the season, but seriously Morgan can never be the intersect Chuck was. I mean the freaking show is called CHUCK. And its been successful because of the reluctant, nervous, nerdy like charm Chucks character mixed with his “hero-ness”. Its a completely different recipe with Morgan, and I can’t see it working for a long term. The show needs the Intersect, Chuck needs the intersect, and morgan needs to be the plucky sidekick. I’m all for plot twists, just hope they don’t drag this one out until it ruins the show!

  • amy

    Chuck must be the intersect.

  • WillFerrellStinks

    Moron should be killed intersect or not !

  • Jason C.

    Why does everyone think that Chuck has to have the Intersect to still be interesting or for the show to work? The show is still going to be very much about Chuck, he’s got a lot to deal with even without the Intersect.

    • SDW

      awww he’s growing as a person…nope, not interested. wanna see him kick some booty! lol :)

      • will

        how did u sit thru the first 2 seasons as they lacked the booty kicking expectations of you its just going back to its roots is all and its trying to show that chuck has gone from the student to the mentor

  • Jacki

    I know the writers are good but … In Highlander fashion … ‘There Can Be Only One” and IMHO that’s how it should be. I love “Chuck” …. I will watch anyway tho so I hope it is gonna be a kick butt last year! And I hate that it’s ending by the way :D

  • Beth

    OK, I’ll go out on a limb here and say that I think Morgan as the Intersect will be hilarious! So many people thought CHUCK had “jumped the shark” when Chuck got the bonus kung-fu superpowers, but it didn’t! Have some faith people–the show has fantastic writers! But personally, I have always thought the Intersect was meant for ELLIE!!!

    • NancyinNM

      I agree Beth….Morgan with intersect will be hilarious!!

    • Robert

      I was waiting the whole last season for their dads computer to accidentally turn Ellie into the interesect while she was working on it. Before it all played out, I actually thought she was going to be deemed “agent X” in kind of a sleeper fashion. I think that would have been way cooler than how they wrote it out. I agree, Ellie would have been a WAY smarter choice as the new interesect instead of Morgan. Keep the intersect in the Bartowski Family!

  • Bill E

    This is not like Sandy Duncan replacing Valerie Harper as Valerie Harper, or Darren getting Samantha’s powers. It is a paradigm shift only. Chuck still needs to manage the intersect, but from a different POV. Think of Enterprise, showing us stuff we already knew from Star Trek, but shiny and new. Morgan will see the intersect and shiny and new, and Chuck can give us perspective while trying to keep Morgan in check. Should be fun.

  • Drocker

    I kinda cringed at the end of season 4 too, but the more I think about it, the more I’m like “lets go all out and have a fun last season!”. Maybe part of Bartowski’s new spy team will be for all his crew to have the intersect. However, I think it’ll have to be more towards the end of the season to not be to corny.

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