NBC's groovy bunny-stuffed 'Playboy Club' art -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

It’s a psychedelic bunny burrow! NBC’s brass stuck up for its fall drama series The Playboy Club yesterday, but nobody needs to defend the show’s new artwork. Below is a rather groovy 1960s-inspired poster that makes you feel like you’re tripping in the famous Chicago club (and, dude, everybody can tell!). The blurry encroaching shadows on the bottom of the image are a particularly sly touch, it feels almost like you’re about to black out. Check out the “more colorful” EW exclusive below:


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  • Pogi

    I am so confused…? Is this show going to air on NBC? I thought that they removed from their fall TV schedule because of the “raciness” of the show. I know that they still showed previews for it even after that…but huh?

    • Soup

      It was removed from NBC in Utah, but even there MyNetworkTV picked it up. It is on NBC.

      • guo

        AM going to watch it. I have no idea why this show has so much hate…… I saw the trailer and it looked good.

    • Grubi

      That was just on one local station. I think it was somewhere around Utah.

  • Monty

    The guy in the middle is trying too hard to look like Draper…or NBC is trying too hard to make him look that way. Be a Leader, not a Follower, NBC

    • Trey

      what? Every male dressed like that in the 60s.

      • Andy

        It’s true, there is a very monotonous style amongst men of that era. But I think Monty meant that this show looks like Mad Men, looks like it’s going to have a lot of similar themes too…

  • BJohnson

    He will always be Matt Clark from Young and the Restless. LOL

    • cajo


  • cultural ignoramous

    another miscalculation made by NBC, a show that will definatly be doomed for early cancellation.

    • Jeff C.

      yeah…it might actually end up being a decent show but I just don’t think it’s going to find an audience, especially not on a network. Maybe if it was on cable or showtime or something.

      • Jake

        Yeah on Showtime they would already be talking about this show getting Emmy awards.

  • Joshua

    AM going to watch it. I have no idea why this show has so much hate…… I saw the trailer and it looked good.

    • kl

      yeah looked pretty entertaining. people will always find something to hate.

  • nunya

    Not sure how I feel about Eddie Cibrian in the lead…my knowledge of him is pretty much limited to stories on gossip sties.

  • Megh

    I also think it looks like a good show. I’m from Chicago and love it when shows are set here.

    • Chloe

      I, too, am from Chicago and have been IN the original Playboy Club (yeah, I’m old). It was after it’s heyday but it was still a neat place. I’m looking forward to this show and the one about the Pan Am “Stewardesses”.

      Make note all you youngsters out there: Just like “Mad Men”, women looked like women and weren’t all tatooed or pierced up.

  • The Realist

    Its sad how low america has fallen…I am not a Christian, or a Conservative….but a new fall series about the subjugation of women is something that I will not be tuning in to

    • Grubi

      I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that that is not the only thing this show is about. Also, that was a pretty shortsighted and idiotic comment.

    • John

      You’re acting as if its porn or something. Get over it. Rather watch this than some stupid reality show about fat people losing weight.

    • Ziggy Stardust

      Have to agree with The Realist. And it seems that misogeny isn’t dead. A woman objects to women being objectified and gets called an idiot. So the female-haters will be watching this show based on comments from @Grubi & @John. Good going, NBC. You’ve pulled the chauvinists out of the closet. I could say they’re repulsive, but gosh that’d be fightin’ words.

      • Grubi

        Interesting that you assume “The Realist” is a woman. I think, you Ziggy, are what people refer to as “The Pot.” Perhaps you have meant John and I before. We’re often referred to as “The Kettle.”

        Also, I didn’t say I approve of the objectification of women. In fact, I said that the show will most likely NOT ONLY be about the objectification of women. I’d also like to point out that the women that Amber Heard and the others are portraying are women that CHOSE to be Playboy Models. Its not like Hefner picked random girls off the street and put them in front of the camera.

    • Chloe

      Realist: It’s a TV SHOW, Moron!!! And back in the 60’s, women were just starting to stir the pot so the women of today have what they have. If you don’t like the idea of this TV show don’t fruckin’ watch it!!

      • Henry

        @Chloe, baby, sweetheart, why the name calling, honey? Now be a good girl and get me a beer.

      • Squishmar

        Only if she does the ‘bunny dip’ when she serves it though, right? ;)

      • Chloe

        Henry and Squishmar:

        As a matter of fact, I CAN do the Bunny Dip!!! But you don’t want to know what I would do with the tray after I am finished!!

    • Kyle S.

      Shows “about” the objectification of women are important and should be both produced and watched. Shows “glorifying” the objectification of women should be upsetting. From what I’ve seen of this, I think we’re looking at a lot of column A, in a setting based around column B, with a healthy dash of crime-thriller mixed in.

  • besimon

    Playboy Club starring Eddie Cibrian didn’t sound appealing to me, until I read that Amber Heard is in the cast. Playboy Club starring Amber Heard – I will definitely watch.

  • Marshal


    • Wyn

      YES! YES! It’s unreal how beautiful Laura Benanti is in this picture!

      • halley


  • Solange

    It looks okay but just okay

  • abadstroller

    Regarding the panting enthusiam of the writer: Oh, ick. Also FYI: The “Bunnies” were underpaid cocktail waitresses who had to buy their own outfits from the corporation and had to diet like mad to “stuff” themselves into their costumes that had heavy cardboard-like stays that jammed them under their boobs (to boost that cleavage) and into the tops of their hipbones so that they would get that “sexy” profile. They could not bend from the waist or take a full breath of air. To get down to eye-level with a sitting patron, they had to bend their knees while wearing uncomfortable high heels AND balancing a tray of drinks. It hurt like hell, but everyone (the “girls” and the customers) bought into the look and the image of the glamourous and compliant American-style geisha. Think of it what you will….

    • Chloe

      Hey, it was the 60″s. Womens’ underwear, which the Bunny outfits were designed after, were very uncomfortable. Pantihose wasn’t around yet. Women still hooked their nylons to garter belts. It was ALL very uncomfortable but that was the style,

  • Me

    No thanks.

  • frank

    I have a crush on Amber Heard, but i think i remember reading that she came out as a lesbian. But when she first came out about that, i had no idea who she was. Now, after seeing her in several movies, i have fallen for her. I wonder if she has totally given up on guys? Either way, i am going to watch this show just to get a weekly dose of her.

    • Squishmar

      Because you’d have a real shot at her if she weren’t a lesbian?

  • halley

    I love Laura Benanti!!

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