Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn talk return to 'Days of Our Lives'

Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn are back! Well, not yet. But they’re looking forward to Sept. 26, which will mark the pair’s return to Days of Our Lives and, they say, hopefully a return to the reality-based storytelling that once kept fans coming back for years.

In the video below, the pair chat about their big return and the show’s plan to get viewers back. Hall, who was controversially let go from the show in 2009, says she’s glad to be back after a period of experimentation with “science fiction-y” storytelling. “Everyone is taking chances trying to find out where the audience is. When it gets down to it, they want the simple story,” she says.

Click the video below for more.

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  • Jesse

    So ridiculously excited for this!! (although I admit I’ve enjoyed the sci-fi elements in the past). My life has been missing some John & Marlena for years!

    • Flip

      I enjoy the supernatural/sci-fi elements of Days and won’t be watching if they get rid of all the “out there” stuff I love.

      • Dawn

        All the Scifi oriented stuff is why Days is in the tank as it is in my opinion. They need to get back to the more realistic stuff and leave the scifi stuff for the Scifi Channel. Just my opinion.

  • dee123

    I’m guessing Marlena will be helping Sami deal with Will being gay. Cause’ we all know she’s going to flip out over it.

    • Rob

      dee123, Sami will flip out more over Will being GAY??? Are you insane? This is a woman who shot EJ in the head, had her mom be possessed by the devil, and oh yeah, her boyfriend was kidnapped a double was put in his place…among other way out-there plots. Will being gay is the least of her worries. If anybody will be the bad guy in this it’ll be Lucas.

  • Kim

    Love the DH’s, can’t wait to see them on Days again!

  • The Rest Of The World

    Sami will be supportive of her son.

    • It’s leviOsa, not levioSA

      Yes, but this is Sami. She’ll ‘flip out’ as stated above.

      • Michelle

        I acutally see Sami only flipping out because Will keeps it from her. I see her supporting him. I really see Caroline flipping out and Sami confronting her about it.

      • Marilyn S.

        Yeah, my prediction is Sami will initially flip out over Will being gay. Will, feeling hurt, will turn to Carrie and Austin for support and we’ll get to see heated arguments between Sami and Carrie again (only not about Austin this time, thank God). Then Marlena will talk things over with Sami, and she eventually comes around.

    • mikeman

      after a few months of flipping out and over reacting…

  • Dave

    Sami’s son is gay? Good Grief. Always trying to shake things up. Dumb

    • cassandra

      I’s not sami’s son that is gay i’s adrine son that is gay, get it right.

      • CarolH

        Cassandra you are not up with the scoop…Will is gay and will be partnered with Sonny.

      • Rob

        How could you be a fan of the show and NOT know how to SPELL the characters names????

      • Michelle

        No, the show is setting up Will to be gay as well. They’ve been planning this for over a year.

  • ray

    I cant beleive that in the middle of the DH’s talking they showed a clip of the crappy Hernandez brothers hugging. Who cares about them? Dario is leaving and Rafe kind of sucks.

    Now just bring back Lucas to help Sami deal with Will being gay and have that storyline turn into a rekindling of a Lucas/Sami relationship.

    • kitkate444

      Dario is leaving? Thanks god. He sucks. I agree that Rafe sucks too — he’s just so milquetoast.

      • Michelle

        The show got rid of Carly, Chloe, Vivian, Dario and Taylor. All of them will be gone by Sept 23rd.

      • Momma

        I like Rafe a lot. He is the only actor on this show who did a great job playing 2 different personalities. Hope did her best and Marlena totally sucked at it. I hate that she is back again to bore us.

  • sidnei

    ahhh lucas and sami..loved them as a couple..i stopped watching after a long time..perhaps ill pick it up again

  • kari

    I can’t wait till John and Marlena and Jack comes back lately Days have been so boring with this stupid war between the Dimeras and Kirakases I don’t know how to spell that moving on hopefully with some beloved characters maybe Days will be watchable again.

    • Momma

      Boring IS John and Marlena. I was very happy when they let the 2 over-actors go. Now for some reason they are back. Having 2 gay characters on this soap is a huge mistake. I don’t want to see that. Looks like 2 very big strikes against the show in my opinion.

  • cassandra

    thank you jesus they are back YA!YA!YA!YA!AAAAA

  • Cab91

    Sci fi? Was it an Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl reboot?

  • Jesse

    I hope with the return of the tried and true good characters that Stefano Dimera returns to being truly evil and scary again — he’s been often muted lately just attending to his son Ej’s custody battles — blah! Let the full might of the Phoenix rise agan!

    • cm

      Agreed…”Grandpa Stefano” is a looong way from the almost mythical “Phoenix” in the 80s and part of the early 90s. Either Stefano needs to be truly evil again or they need a new main villain on the show. This show truly went off the rails with the whole “Gemini Twins” thing…but I did enjoy the supernatural storyline when Marlena was possessed. But the whole “they’re dead, no…they’re on an island” thing was terrible…I watched it all and still I’m not sure what exactly happened there.

      • Demond

        You both are so right that Stefano needs to return to being the definition of true evil.He is the greatest soap opera villain of all time to me.I’m glad that John,Marlena,Jack,Carrie,and Austin are returning.The quality of the show will be great again with their returns.

  • Lily

    This is so exciting! Love that Days is turning away from depressing, abusive stories and bringing back family and love. The clip of the Hernandez brothers hugging is a perfect example. Heartfelt moments make us turn in. We want to see families overcoming adversity. I’m also ready to see heroes rule again.

  • devsmom1206

    I knew it!! I told my mother that Will was going to turn out to be gay, but I hadn’t read it anywhere to show her. Thanks to the fellow Days fans for helping me out! As for John and Marlena, I hope they can breathe some life into some of the current storylines. They’re getting a little stale.

    • Rob


      Where you in a coma the past several months??? All the soap magazines and online have written about the gay storyline on Days…specifically involving Will and Sonny. BTW, if you comment online like you just did, you could’ve showed your mom the Will is gay snippet when EW posted it weeks ago.

  • cm

    Hopefully this current storyline with Will is going to be dropped come September. In fact, hopefully ALL of the current storylines will be dropped come September.

    • Flip

      They are going full-steam ahead with gay Will and that is a good thing.

    • jm

      I really am hating all this Gay stuff, I’m trying to be understanding, but I hate it shoved in my face and now on my favorite soap…ugggh

  • TCin NJ

    While I have nothing against Dierdre Hall, I actually find her to be campier than Susan Lucci. I know Dierdre is also an icon, but her acting is awful.

    • Demond

      Deidre Hall is a way better actress than Susan Lucci.Lucci is godawful.

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