'Survivor': Two more early seasons to be released on DVD -- EXCLUSIVE

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Survivor has made a habit recently of bringing back former contestants. And the former seasons keep on returning as well. Following in the footsteps of earlier Amazon.com manufactured-on-demand DVD titles for the Africa, Marquesas, and Heroes vs Villains seasons, CBS Home Entertainment will be releasing two more installments on DVD via Amazon’s CreateSpace: the highly regarded (and title-appropriate) Survivor: The Amazon (season 6), and the less regarded Survivor: Thailand (season 5).

Survivor: The Amazon features the show’s first battle of the sexes, as well as Jenna Morasca and Heidi Strobel infamously getting naked for chocolate and peanut butter (even though nobody asked them to). Survivor: Thailand is generally considered one of the franchise’s weakest installments, but still includes a few classic moments such as the brilliant fake merge and brutal final endurance challenge.

The addition of these two seasons to the catalog is good news for completists in that the first 10 seasons of the seminal reality TV show will now all finally be available on DVD. Extras for each set will include featurettes on the cast and location, as well as exit and Early Show interviews with ousted contestants, and a sizzle reel of highlights. Both sets will be available for pre-order this week, with the first DVDs shipping sometime in September. What say you? Will you buy either, neither, or both? And which still-unavailable season of Survivor do you most want to see on DVD? (For me, it’s Micronesia all the way.) Hit the message boards and let us know! And for more Survivor news, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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  • Joshua Spaulding

    The only two seasons of the show that I haven’t seen. Started watching in season 8 and have all the DVDs from the other seasons… Thanks for the great news.

    • Henry

      This is a great day for Survivor fans. It’s not like we don’t already own the torrents, but now we can own the official version, which is always preferable. Go CBS!

    • Nancy

      You first mission is to jailbreak the producer out of a Mexican dungeon.

      Goodluck “ladies”.

  • jeanie

    I’ll buy both. But I hope they put out season 19 (Samoa I think) Russell should have won!

    • Helena

      Still beating that dead horse, Jeanie? Russell is a troll with no social skills and zero endgame play. There’s a reason he lost every season he’s been on. You may want to go back and watch them again.

      • Nancy

        It boggles the mind that there were even 19 season made.

  • T2

    NO THANK YOU. A life that is Jenna-free is much less annoying.

    A life that is Jenna AND Parvati-free is truly worth living.

  • Joshua Spaulding

    And I’m with Dalton, would love to see Micronesia on DVD.

    • Nancy

      Now if they got naked from time to time, maybe people would still watch this show.

  • Mral

    I am one of the few, I suppose, who loved Africa! I remember Brandon, the gay guy, having to watch Out of Africa with the homophobe guy. Awwwwwwkkkkwaaard…

  • Dave

    If/when they release Micronesia on DVD, I’ll just sit at home all day and night and re-watch Amanda’s Oscar-winning “immunity idol” fake-out tribal over and over and over and over …

    • Tom

      These women look sickly too skinny.

    • Amandy Productions

      Dave, I could totally do that too. I want Micronesia just to see my girl Amanda at her best <3

  • UGH

    I can’t stand this “on-demand DVD” crap. I’ve been eagerly awaiting getting Southland Seasons 2 & 3 on Netflix but you can only buy them through Warner Brothers online store and Netflix seemingly won’t buy several copies to rent.

    • David

      Then stop complaining their cheap, stop being cheap, and buy them yourslef and support the people who made the show you love. You realize netflixing it means less money for those who made it, and less money to the company who made it, less likely for them to make anything like it again.

  • Cpaqshakur

    Are the DVDs censered?

    • Tom

      So that way you can see the entire ribcage with some skin hanging off it it.

  • Amanda C. Healy

    Yes, please! Micronesia! And of course I will buy both!

  • WillFerrellStinks

    Releasing The Amazon I can see , but the awful Thailand – why ? Probably just to get the first ten out there . Micronesia for sure and I’m probably one of the few fans of S-11 Guatemala , which is when the show was still brutally physical compared to the boring puzzle fest it has become today ! Marathon runners were collapsing during the opening race/march through the brush to get to camp ! Too bad they don’t show the old Survivors in the summer like they used to on the Outdoor Life channel (now called Versus) .

    • Andrew

      I thought “Guatemala” was actually good. I consider it to be the last season of the GOLDEN DAYS of “Survivor” until that AWFUL “Panama: Exile Island” was shown.

      • WillFerrellStinks

        Yeah Terry physically dominated that game only to lose the final challenge that was geared towards someone smaller balancing on those small pads in a swimming pool . Danielle who won that final challenge would have been smarter to pick Terry and she might have had a chance against him in the jury votes . Instead she picked one of the most bland players ever to win – Aras ! Not a good Survivor , but Redemption Island was the worst with all the non-competitors laying down for Rob !

      • Ben

        Really? I quite liked Panama, and the following season Cook Islands. I also quite enjoyed Fiji, casting wise, although I think that Fiji was the beginning in a downwards trend for production values, in terms of being fresh and innovative and casting normal people instead of stunt casting people like Coach, Russell and Phil Shephard.

    • JAM

      SURVIVOR THAILAND RULES!! ..I think Dalton, you Jeff Probst..all had something funky go down there in Thailand….this was the season that got me hooked on Survivor if you can believe this….never underestimate the power of reruns!!..it’s how we & future generations will get to know and love Seinfeld, Gilligan’s Island, The Sopranos..etc…this was how I found it…on oln when they showed reruns in blocks of 3 hrs..I came upon it and loved the show..Brian was a stealth winner..Robb reminded me of Kelso..and Erin had the best bod ever on Survivor …so in the interim I have met Big Tom, Lex, Jenna, & Ethan …and wouldn’t have meant anything to me unless I saw those reruns – so don’t knock it!

  • AJ

    Amazon is one of my favorite season, so I would consider buying it. I still think Rob Cesternino is one of the best players ever. Thailand? No way.

    • Andrew

      Rob Cesternino got really obnoxious after a while.

    • tim

      Yes, Amazon is one ofthe best seasons ever–even though i can’t stand the jenna–but there were lots of twists and back stabbing.

  • Andrew

    “Thailand” was a lousy season. It’s tied as my least favorite season with “Panama: Exile Island.” “Amazon” was pretty good up until my favorite contestant was voted off in the final 6 episode. I won’t say who it is for those who haven’t seen it. Jenna Morasca has a bad taste in poeple other than her boyfirend Ethan Zohn. For her to believe that Colby Donaldosn was the most annoying person on “All Stars” tribe instead of Rihard Hatch and Lex Van Burge shows she has terrible taste in people. “Amazon” also features a contestant who should have bene on “All Stars” and “Heroes vs. Villains,” Christy Smith (the deaf girl). I would rather have had her on “All Stars” instead of Jenna Lewis and Jenna Morasca and she should;ve been on “Heroes vs. Villains” instead of Candice.

  • Lindsey

    I have no interest in buying either Amazon or Thailand, but would definitely be stoked if they released Micronesia or Panama! I don’t think Panama(Exile Island) has been released yet, and I would love to get me some Austin Carty on DVD!

    • Andrew

      “Panama: Exile Island” was TERRIBLE! 90% of the cast had bad morals! It was also the first season to fall of the top 10 watched shows of any television season. No wonder the producers decided to divide the tribes by race in “Cook Islands. However, I thought “Cook Islands” was a HUGE improvement over “Panama Exile Island.”

  • Lindsey

    Ha! Right after I post my love for Panama I see someone posted above me about their hate for it! How could you not have loved watching Terry of the “old guys” tribe demolish the young guys?? Great season!

    • Andrew

      Aras Barachus and Shane Powers are the two of the most annoying players EVER! And almost all of the cast had bad morals.

      • Lindsey

        Totally disagree about the morals! Shane and Aras were super annoying, but Austin Carty is actually a Christian motivational speaker and very inspirational! And Terry, Nick and Dan all seemed like really great guys!!! I think as a whole the cast had better morals than most!

      • Andrew

        All of the good people were voted off too soon because they listened to that twirp, Aras. Danielle was also a huge witch.

  • bigfranky75

    we NEED Samoa, Micronesia, and Redemption Island… just release em all already!

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