'House' EP says House will share 'a connection' with new doc

The dust is barely settling from Lisa Edelstein’s exit from House, but is Dr. Crankypants already on the rebound? Not exactly. But when Brothers & Sisters alum Odette Annable crosses paths with House in the season premiere on Oct. 3, there will be “a connection” says executive producer David Shore.

“She’s working in prison and there’s a bit of a connection — not a physical connection. But she doesn’t really know House. He’s just a prisoner. Then things change,” he says. “He changes her, and she changes him.”

With Edelstein’s unexpected departure, Shore said the team is looking to return to “the basics” of the show and “the fundamental questions of right and wrong.” But in doing so, the show added two new faces — both Annable and Knocked Up actress Charlene Yi will be joining the team this season.

Shore says of Annable: “She’s great, she’s smart, she’s funny. We’re excited about it.”

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  • Ellen

    This sounds like the kind of fluffy comment that Katie Jacobs usually makes. Neither of these new hires has gotten me excited enough to watch again. Just give me a good medical mystery and the original six characters and I’m happy. At least I can watch those on USA repeats.

    • chiara

      ”Just give me a good medical mystery and the original six characters and I’m happy.”

      I’m with you.

    • Matt

      I miss Dr. Cameron so much; she added a much-needed dimension to the show.

      • Cleide

        Yes! Cameron is the best. I really miss her :(


      I can’t believe it.
      When they understand that nobody care about NEW character?
      Totally quote Ellen: *Just give me a good medical mystery and the original six characters and I’m happy. *
      And i add, Bring Hameron Back.

      • Serk

        lolololol hameron was so lame that even Hugh Laurie run in the opposite direction

    • jerry

      The 2 things I’ve noticed Ms. Annable in, I thought she was extremely annoying–I can’t be sure if it was her, or her characters. I hope she can tone it down regardless.

    • Pat

      The original six characters were what made the show great. Ever since Shore made the changes that got rid of the original team and started the House/Cuddy ship he’s been trying to reproduce the magic but it’s never worked.

  • Jake

    I assume this is going ot be the last season? No-one cares anymore.

    • Liz

      I do, and I know enough other people who do care. As long as Hugh Laurie is in, I’m in. So don’t say no-one.

      • Gwen

        Me, too. It’s Hugh Laurie (and especially his interaction with Robert Sean Leonard) that has kept me watching.

      • Dicazi

        Agree. The show is called HOUSE. It’s a character study of House. All the other stuff is gravy, or broccoli, depending on your tastes.

      • Daniel

        To me HL is not enough a draw to continue watching.I loveed House’s interaction with original team.If they will focus on these new characters in S8 I’ll be so done with the show

      • Paula

        So So agree, and also with Gwen re RSL. As long as HL continues to play House as brilliantly as he does and looking as gorgeous as he does, and the House/Wilson dynamic is still there, don’t care how many newbies/lame actresses they bring in, I am in it to the end! (If I had given up on the show the first time they brought an awful character played by an uninspiring actress in, I would have given up in S4 with Amber/Anne Dudek!)

      • Carolyn


    • Cheery

      How can people care when TPTB keep throwing away everything viewers have invested in?
      DS just can’t weave a coherent narrative to save his life. He fights the momentum of stories by saying “people don’t change” and then runs characters into the ground. Then when it all falls apart and actors leave he changes his tune to conjure up more half-baked drivel.
      There’s no “getting back to basics” because they’ve already DESTROYED THE FOUNDATION.

    • Ron

      I think I have to agree. When a cast gets dismantled the way this one did, it becomes harder to get locked in to following the show. I think “House’s” interactions with “Cuddy” were poorly written in to a corner. It would have been better if, over time, they bounced into and out of a relationship, instead of him running his car into her house. Dumb. Some of the writing has suffered in the recent past. Too bad really. In just one year, they’ve lost 4 main players in the cast. Hard to recover from that. They also should have kept “the honest one”, on alongside “13”

    • E

      Its gonna get crushed in the ratings – Fox has stupidly moved it opposite Two & a Half Men.

      • Samantha

        oh yeah, 2 1/2 men is really gonna be a blockbuster. i bet they cancel that fiasco mid-season.

      • Rose

        Two and a Half Men is going to tank with Ashton Kutcher.

    • Samantha

      Seems you are getting no support Sean for I too still adore House and yep, because of Hugh Laurie. But how is this gonna work ? Is he going to be the prison doctor now that he is in prison? *scratches head*

    • Samantha

      ooops, i meant Jake.

  • chiara

    ”Shore said the team is looking to return to “the basics” of the show and “the fundamental questions of right and wrong.”

    Cameron fight for ”the fundamental questions of right and wrong.” So sad Shore forget her.

    • Sally


      • Cleide

        This! [2] I want Cameron back!

    • Iris

      David Shore is so full of it.
      EVERY female character has a connection with House, doesn’t she??
      Cam was attracted to him because he’s damaged, Cuddy carried a torch for him since college, 13 is connected to him because they’re both “outsiders.”
      And now this new doc is “connected” to him as well? Because the other ladies are gone, right?
      Jeez, where does it end.
      DS & Co really just can’t stop with the crap; “She changes House.” Oh, really; I thought people never change?? Isn’t that the mantra DS repeats ad nauseum? Yet this new doc will “succeed” where better/more developed characters failed? In under one season? And they wonder why people are deserting this show…

      • BabyGoz

        I Lobe you!! :D

      • Matthew Moore

        I’ve gotta say that of course all the women on the show have a “connection” to House. Because what other woman would put up with his BS? Men will do it sure, alpha male pack mentality, but most women would quit and file a lawsuit. The only exception is Masters but she was a glutton for punishment. She probably thinks the whole time there was a learning experience, which, of course, it was.

  • nitemar

    I really feel no “connection” with House anymore. Bet they will probably do to get the new doc fall for House, rebound or not, yawn. But since Shore wants House miserable, the romance will not get anywhere, like all the others on this show. This show needs an end date.

    • Liz

      This show was never about romance in the first place, if you’re looking for that you’re wrong with House.

    • Amy

      Go watch soap operas or read harlequin romance if you want a romance. House was much better than that until the huddy nightmare destroyed it

    • Amarntha

      Shore tried transforming House from a medical mystery into a romance drama and it was a disaster. Foreman and Thirteen was dragging the show down even before the Huddy mess. . Shore hasn’t learned anything from declining ratings or critical disdain. Instead of compelling medical mysteies, he’s giving us warmed over Harelquin romances. It’s new girl, exactly the same as the old girl.

  • Jasmine

    I will watch The Good Wife for the first time to see “Cuddy”, and I will continue to watch House as long as Omar Epps is on the show.

  • Sam

    “Shore said the team is looking to return to ‘the basics’ of the show and ‘the fundamental questions of right and wrong’.”
    This makes me really look forward to season 8. I’ve missed the basics, the medicine, House working with his team…

  • Polly

    Hey Shore, what happened to people dont change?
    So you have House say that Greman cheater from Mayfield changed him and then this new prison girl will as well but he wasnt able to even change a tiny bit for Cuddy?
    Yup, more BS here.
    Btw you already changed your charssss too much in the course of the past 3 seasons to still own up to your mantra that nobody changes.

  • Nancy

    I think House change a lot for Cuddy. It’s Cuddy who didn’t change for House. IMHO. I will watch HOUSE as long as HUGH LAURIE is on it. I also very much like WILSON and CHASE. That’s all the cast I’d need!!

    • Lucy

      I partially agree, Cuddy didn’t change for House. She’s an immature romantic idealist and House coudn’t give her what she needed. She made one only change: she started the relationship. It wasn’t a small step, but she exhausted her courage in it.
      As for House, no, he just pretended to change, because he was in love and wanted to be happy, but he lied to her and to himself.

    • merkof

      I also agree and I also mainly watch for HUGH LAURIE.
      He carried “Broken” alone, with none of the usual cast and it was one of the best episodes.

      As for House, he, at least, tried to change for Cuddy. It remains to be seen how much change is there, taking into consideration the car crash as well. Which I enjoyed a lot!
      All these make me eager for season 8.

      By the way a little less bitterness is good for our health. Try to see the funny side. It’s just a TV show after all, not our lives.!!!

  • Anoif

    Sigh…..Wash, lather, rinse repeat. You’ve killed your own show dude nothing can be done to fix it.

    I’m switching to The Good Wife this season.

  • reel_deal

    What gets me excited is that Mike Ausiello reported on TV Line that the new Dean of Medicine will be an old character, and potential candidates being Big Love, Wilson, all of House’s team and Vogler

  • Diane

    House will change…um yeah. We’ve been down this road before Shore. You’ll have him be decent for a few episodes then go back to screwing hookers, popping pills and being even more pathetic. Good luck w/that.

  • Flor

    Well, well… Do I smell resentment in the air? How petty you turned out to be, David Shore! Pathetic!

  • Jessica

    Another pathetic PR attempt by TPTB to regain our interest. Sorry Fox folks but you really screwed it up in season 7.

  • Martha

    Shore, what about people don´t change? Now this dumb bimbo is changing House. Ok right.


    shore a compass urgent

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