Misha Collins misses 'the old Cas' on 'Supernatural' -- VIDEO

Those CW-ers are tough nuts to crack. But you can bet we tried when we snagged Supernatural‘s resident God pro tem, Misha Collins, on the red carpet for the CBS/CW/Showtime soiree last night in Los Angeles.

What Collins did reveal was that fans will likely have mixed reactions to the former angel as he conducts “clean up in aisle Earth,” but will ultimately find themselves interested. “It’ll be a love-hate relationship, but all good relationships are.”

But what did Collins think of this new side of his character? Watch the video below for the answer! (Ok, it’s hinted in the headline. But you know you’re going to watch anyway!)

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  • Flip

    I just want Castiel off this show, never to return. Honestly, he’s basically ruined my favourite show.

    • Winnie50

      Harsh! I have always loved Supernatural and the Sam/Dean brother relationship, but I think that Castiel was a breath of fresh air when he was added to the show. It brought back a little of the innocence feeling we got from Sam in season 1. It will be interesting to see how the morph in his character is received. I’ll be watching that’s for sure.

      • Flip

        You know what would make the show feel like Season 1? If the boys actually hunted monsters every week! Cas is not a breath of fresh air, he’s toxic. He’s pollution. Thank god he’s no longer a series regular.

      • Dani

        Thankfully most people don’t seem to share your opinion.

    • Johnny

      How s?. I myself & I’m sure there’s thousands others out there that would agree that Cas is one of the best things to happen to the show. You are entitled to your opinion though. Even as much as I may hate the fact that you hate Cas. How could anyone hate Cas? He’s great.

      • Johnny

        To make it clear before the grammar police hits me up I meant to say How so.

      • Flip

        He’s not great. He’s ruined the show. This show is about Sam and Dean hunting monsters, not about this angel crap. This show is called Supernatural, not Religion. If I wanted to watch a show about angels, I’d watch repeats of that Roma Downey show.

      • NIta

        I wouldn’t say better. So true.

    • Kay

      Flip, you’re clearly a flipping ridiculous person. The only thing that kept my interest in season 6 was Castiel. I loved the show before he was on it, but 3 seasons of the same thing was getting boring, until Castiel came and gave the show a new lease of life. I think it’s insane that not only are they not giving him more screen time but they’re taking him away. Insanity.

      • Coleen Fottrell

        Geez! I don’t get the people that are pissed about the “religion” on the show..just an FYI, any religious attitudes on the show would only offend believers. You guys should be happy. According to the series, God is a deadbeat bastard and angels are schmucks. Other than that there are no other religious aspects on the show.

    • Ruby

      I miss the old Cas too! Cas and Dean’s falling out at the end of season 6 absolutely broke my heart and regardless of what the haters might say, CAS IS IMPORTANT TO THIS SHOW. No, he wasn’t always on it, but what the hell does that matter? Things change! Stories GROW! If it was just Sam, Dean and Bobby and the monster of the week, week after week, it would be boring as hell. I want more Cas and I want to see Misha stick around – he’s injected some much needed freshness to a show that was starting to get a little bit stale around the edges.

      MORE MISHA! MORE CAS! More of Cas the way he used to be! We love him and want him to stay!

    • shutupflip

      shutup, you dont whats good when you see it. i noticed the show had gotten a heap load funnier when cas got introduced

    • Barry Monster

      I want the old Castiel to come back, or I’m never to return. He basically made my favorite show even better and I just can’t quit him.

    • Bobby’s Hat

      Yes, because clearly Season One was the creative pinnacle of Supernatural. Only NOT. It was season four, you knucklehead. This show became something more than a glorified procedural when it expanded the mythology to include the angel storyline. That’s what elevated it to one of the most underappreciated sci fi/fantasty shows around. Trufax.

    • violue

      Cas haters are almost always Wincesters.

      • Bobby’s Hat

        What the heck is a Wincester? Never mind- I don’t think I want to know.

      • WWLL

        NO, not true. Cas haters are all sorts and are a very small minority and some just hate angel/demon/god storylines (Gabriel/Raphael/Zachariah as well). Personally, I think the Wincest relationship has room for a three-way.

    • Mary

      Flip you have a big problem. Cas was a big part of the show and there are a lot of people who also love him. If you don’t like cas don’t watch it.

    • ellen

      r u a f**king idiot, u even seen the show? Catsiel is one of the greatest things in the show, and don’t bring Chuck into this!

  • Mia

    Love Cas and love Misha Collins. Such a great addition to the show. Hopefully he will be back to old Cas soon enough!

  • Dilys

    Aww Misha, your fans miss the Old Cas too. Sniff! Love him and Love the character of Cas. Please redeem him showrunners.

  • Laura

    With ratings like they were in S6 Sera would be crazy to let Misha go. It also goes against all the themes of brotherhood, forgiveness and redemption if Cas isn’t forgiven and redeemed. It sickens me to see fans baying for Sam and Dean to kill him. That isn’t the brothers I know and if it happens I will never be able to stomach watching them again.

    • Liz

      Thank you Laura. I don’t know how a show can go from acting like family is so important to treating someone both brothers called family so horribly. If they kill Cas, not only will it be a great loss for the show, but it would be totally out of character for Sam and Dean.

  • Mia

    If you are not following his twitter you should. He is really funny.

  • Lois (from Smallville) STINKS!

    SLURP! =P

  • Kay

    Awww….. Misha, I miss old Cas too! What a brilliant and entertaining character! He redeemed the show for me after the weak Season 3.
    The CW should seriously consider a Castiel spin-off or put Misha in one of their new shows.

  • Kelly

    I miss the old Cas too. I would love to see a Castiel spin off.

    • Blucola

      I would watch that! I love Castiel.

  • EV

    Yeah, that’s just the way he rolls….

  • Melanie

    I love Misha! :) What’s with the sourpuss lady next to him? I’m looking forward to this storyline. I just hope that Dean, Cas and Sam work things out eventually, and that CAS DOESN’T DIE or stay “evil/darkside.”

  • NIta

    I think Sera isn’t running the show so well. She did a big mess last season, almost got lost. Too many elements and now this whole stuff of change Cas. And the possibility of him leaving the show? Plaese! And the CW president says the it’s not the last Supernatural season. With no Cas, for sure it’ll be. At least for me.

  • sam

    No ones ruining the show guys. In support we should love everyone thats made the show what it is. Honestly Each character makes the show more unique.

  • Zee

    I started watching in March and I really enjoyed the show.

    I went through two brothers chasing monsters and an absent father, two brothers chasing twenty-three years of vengeance, and then a righteous man going to Hell, but I never became devoted until an angel raised him from perdition.

    Castiel is what made me dedicated to the show.

    And what I don’t understand is…why in the world do they need to get rid of him? I understand the whole “characters have always moved in and out of the Winchester’s lives”, but look at Bobby, he’s still around and he’s done good for the show. What makes Cas so different?

    Even if Castiel’s role was diminished, it would be better than killing him off as a villain, when he ultimately did what had to be done to save the world and the Winchesters. Ascending to Godhead could just as easily be a redemption story that brings the Winchesters full circle (since family is clearly such an important value to them), rather than a kill mission for one of the most favored characters on the show.

    Why in the world would they push crappy season six through just to kill him off in the beginning of season seven?

    I would’ve much preferred he went out helping save the world with Sam and Dean (like Jo and Ellen and everyone else’s wonderful sacrifice plot), over becoming this out-of-character, heartless thing that makes no sense outside of their crappy context.

    • Neinka

      Thank you! I wouldn’t write it better than you did!

  • Janie Bishop

    Castiel is one of my favorite TV characters of all time, and Misha is such a wonderful person. I really hope the writers realize how important Cas is to so many of us, and that keeping him on the show would be a very wise decision.

  • Ilana

    Dude. Cas made this show. Misha is incapable of doing anything other than being perfect.

    • Daniella

      right?! I am so happy I’m drinking with you right now.. Misha is awesome.

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