Roseanne Barr: 'I am running for President'


Move over Donald Trump.

Former sitcom star Roseanne Barr says she’s running for president. Barr made the announcement during the taping of Thursday’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

“I am running for President of the United States,” Barr said to cheers (preview video below).

According to a Tonight Show insider, Barr then claimed, “I’m totally serious,” and explained, “‘Cause I want to be part of the debates, because I want to represent the tax payer. In fact, I’m choosing the tax payers as my vice president.”

Leno asked if Barr would be debating with Sarah Palin.

“That’s kinda what got me to thinking that I too should run for president, if she can,” Barr said.

When Leno inquired if she would be running as a Democrat or a Republican she replied, “I’m not for either party because they both suck and they’re both a bunch of criminals.”

She continued, “So I made up my own party. It’s the Green Tea Party.”

Like Trump with Celebrity Apprentice, which saw large ratings gains during his flirtation with a presidential run, Barr has a reality show to promote. She just launched a series on Lifetime titled Rosanne’s Nuts, which follows the actress as she runs a Hawaiian nut farm. The first episode debuted to a healthy 1.6 million viewers a couple weeks ago, but this week’s latest episode had dropped to 785,000.

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  • Dan Uff

    Hmmm…. She can’t do any worse then Bush and Obama.

    • Nikki

      Agreed. I don’t think the country could get any worse.

      • Shannon

        I wouldn’t lump Obama in with Bush, but yes, this country has gone down the crapper. But, Roseanne as a presdential candidate… SNL couldn’t write anything better than that.

      • Mr Eko

        You would lump Obama in with Bush. Obama has spent trillions more tax money than Bush and what does he have to show for it – more unemployment, a worse economic and record debt. Obama has this country on the brink. Roseanne would be a big improvement.

      • Alyssa

        ^^^HA! thats funny. @Mr.Eko and @Myausev- Republican Democrat or Independent let us add it up shall we. Basic government here now. BUSH declared the United States a part of ” A War against Terror” after 9/11. Yes that was a somber day for everybody no matter what class, party, race, religion, we all were affected. BUT-he jumped the shark because Bin Laden threatend his father Bush Sr. Every idiot knows that. So he spends the entire US surplus plus borrows from THE FUTURE of the US Treasury and it explodes in his face and goes no where in 7 years. 4,000 plus dead and Trillions and Trillions from HIM wasted. President Obama inherits this wasteland of a government and gets blamed left and right because he is something new and historic being the first African -American. -YES that is the truth. Plus Republicans had both the Senate and House until 06 of Bush’s presidency. So 8 yrs. of Bush and 6 yrs. of Republicans, yeah….I think I will stick with President Obama thank you very much. Hope and change are going fine. Slow….but fine. Better than Pandora Palin, and the witch coven leaders of the Tea Party.

      • madame x

        oh alyssa….poor, stupid, naive alyssa. you can say all you want about bush. but to actually sit there and say things are ‘going fine…slow but fine’ makes me question if you should be allowed to even go outside without a healthcare worker. to actually sit there and defend obama and his failed policies with the lame azz response of ‘he inherited it’ is so beyond laughable. yes, he inherited a problem (that was not all of bush’s fault btw) and made it EXPONENTIALLY WORSE. things are not FINE. things are NOT getting better. they just ARE NOT. everytime he tells us, ‘we need to do this or the sky will fall’ just means we pass it and the result is 10Xs worse what he predicted. i don’t know who would be better up there, but a trained money would do a better job at this point. furthermore, i’m no palin fan, but to hear all these people bash her when you have bozo biden up there as the current VP just adds to the craziness ya’ll are spewing. you can hate bush all you want, hell you can even blame him all you want. but, at some point the president has to grow a pair and admit that he has no clue what he is doing and EVERYTHING he is doing is FAILING. as a business owner, i can ASSURE you i was MUCH better off under bush (even tho he did A LOT that i didn’t like).

      • Cari

        It amuses me that there was Democrat and one Republican bot. Even spam is PC these days…

      • Alyssa

        you say something? Truth hurts doesnt it ” Madame X”… you guys fail to accept the truth so dont worry I could give a $h!t what you think. The truth and my opinion does not make me retarded Beeatch.

      • InternJack

        LOL I think she should run. It’s been less than 24 hours since she announced her intention to run and already folks are debating the issues.

        Yay! Roseanne Barr for Prez in 2012

        Oh wait. She might be disqualified because she’s an outspokien female. Plus what if she and Michelle Bachman AND Sarah Palin were in the same debate.?
        I don’t think that she’d be as nice as Hillary.



      • Jackie

        haha i can’t believe how dumb Alyssa is. It’s people like her who are to blame for this country’s ignorance regarding how “fabulous” obama is. puh-lease he doesn’t know sh*t.

      • Barack

        I love her style and seduction and was amazing

    • Rush

      Tom Arnold for VP!

      • InternJack


        “Tom Arnold for VP!

        And Roseanne for Prez?


        You know I seriously hope that they do.

        Would be interesting and the good Lord knows it could be interesting.



    • marla

      has-been runs for president–Oh how original. Well, it was way back in 60’s when Pat Paulson did it. with that kind of brillant and original thinking, no wonder she’s down to doing bad reality TV on a network with tens of dozens of views

  • Gregoire

    She’s no more a joke than 2/3rd of the present Republican nominees.

    • Caitlin

      At least she’s a funny joke.

    • bubbablu

      Didn’t we send you out to pasture……???

    • Mary

      I can’t remember the last time we ever had a serious election in this country with candidates who actually looked like they could run a country.

      • meg

        I completely agree with you!

  • Shannon

    Barr and Palin in a debate would be TV gold.

    • Javadude54

      They could show the debate after Dumb and Dumber, you betcha (wink).

      • alan of montreal

        Roseanne isn’t dumb, just crazy

    • rcadia

      To DIE for(lol)!!! That would could be the only thing that could turn this country’s spirit around. Just hearing her say it brightens my day.Roseanne is hilarious and this country needs a good hearty laugh to lift the spirits of all the retirees, and citizens that were financially raped throughout the Bush years,and his residue still lingers!

  • Jen E.

    Compared to Palin, she’s…well, anyone but Palin — which is already a step up.

    • Mr Eko

      That’s funny. Palin actually IMPROVED the economy in Alaska. Google it. She has a record of accomplishment. Can’t say the same thing about Obama.

      • Adam

        Before or after she decided she could no longer hack it and quit?

      • Alyssa

        What Alaska are you talking about. Every political blog, People beg us not to think of Alaska as ” Sarah Palin’s Alaska” as she goes around claiming like she owns it.
        She ruined the economy in Alaska, as Bachmann and Pawlenty did to Minnesota-THAT I DO KNOW for a fact. I live right next to Minnesota, we hear news for both North Dakota and Minnesota. So dont say” Bachmann and Pawlenty did good.” BS.

      • rcadia

        And she held a polar bear at gunpoint and made him write that bogus record.

      • SDTim

        Thanks, Adam – I was thinking the SAME thing!

      • Dave

        If the Alaskan economy improved under Palin, it was probably none of her doing. Besides, improving the economy in Alaska doesn’t take much more than a couple of people buying a new iPhone or a caribou.

  • Andrea

    Oh yeah lets have 4 more years of Obama with his unemployment, debt, over reaching government, and high gas prices! Yeah HOPE AND CHANGE baby!

    • LMFAO

      We are all now more stupid for having read your post.

      • Andrea

        LMFAO at the stock market falling 513 points today and unemployment being at 9.2%

      • Grubi

        You are a bit of a simpleton, huh Andrea? Did you really think unemployment, the economy, and the stock market would magically get better overnight? I’m not saying Obama is the ideal president. Far from it actually. For one thing, he needs to man up and stop trying to compromise when the Republicans refuse to do so, but if you really think our current predicament is his fault, you need to wake up. In order to bounce back from the economic crisis we were in when he took office 3 years ago, AT LEAST 6 or 7 years will need to pass and Obama will need to stop pulling his punches.

      • lana

        Just seems like a convenient excuse by Obama supporters so that he won’t have to take the blame for his hand in ruining the country as well.

      • Grubi

        Ur right. It is convenient. But its also true.

    • Michael

      You obvious are a robot follower of the right.

      • Mr Eko

        So what does that make you? A sniveling sheep of the far left. I bet that you voted for Obama because he sounded good on TV. Palin actually improved the economy in Alaska. What has Obama done?

      • Alyssa

        Given me and others Medicare we can afford. The job rate has improved in my state and it fluctuates not cause of him but because of EVERYONE in Washington stupid.

        BTW Dems. think for themselves…that is a difference between the left and right. I voted for him because of the 8 yr. ” Black Plague” as I call it.

    • Michael

      “over reaching government” says a woman who seems to support a party that wants to tell women what they can do with their bodies and who we all can and cannot marry. But god forbid everyone have access to health care.

      • Andrea

        Spin away Michael. Spin Spin Sping. Unlike 2 and a half years ago this man has a record now…and it sucks.

      • claudenorth

        So true, Michael. I’ve always been fascinated by those who claim to want “smaller government” yet have no trouble with government trying to legislate human relationships. Basically, “smaller government” for those folks means lower taxes for rich white males.

      • Mr Eko

        Obama has been one big wet blanket on American Business. He wasted a year passing a health care plan that has effectively halted corporate spending, which means less jobs. Roseanne could not do a worse job. A monkey could not do a worse job. I choose the monkey.

      • Roger

        When you are commenting about what women do with their bodies, I assume you are talking about abortion. Prolife supporters don’t want to dictate what happens to women’s bodies. It is not now nor has it ever been about women’s bodies. It IS now and has ALWAYS been about the bodies of the unborn. Libbers made this about women’s rights and the public have been naive enough to listen. Get over the smoke and mirrors and protect the unborn.

      • Grubi


        “Bodies of the unborn”. Thing about that phrase. Does it make any sense whatsoever? If they are unborn, their bodies are not living. As a result, they are not in existence yet.

        Also, you saying that “ProLifers don’t want to dictate what happens to women’s bodies,” but also saying that you want them to, as you call it, “protect the unborn,” makes no sense because by doing the latter, you are also doing the former. Dictating what comes out of a woman is dictating what happens to women’s bodies. Your comment is full of contradictions.

      • lana

        Read a medical report Grubi, those babies are alive in there. They have heartbeats, they have brain waves. They can get scared at sudden noises, they feel pain. Just because they’re unborn doesn’t mean they’re not alive.

      • Alyssa

        Agree to Disagree people… I agree with you Grubi. If I was raped and got pregnant by the rapist I would not want the child. Sorry folks that is MY CHOICE over MY BODY. Just as you think Libs have turned this into some ” Womens Rights ” thing. You Republicans have always turned everything into something about GOD…when majority of you are as sinful as the rest of us. Especially the Parading Politicians who use religion as a ploy to get the fickles votes.

      • Ana

        The health care plan DID NOT halt corporate spending. It’s ridiculous to think so. The lack of consumer demand halted corporate spending. With the middle class saving instead of spending, there’s no incentive for business to hire or spend. The rich have money to spend but can only own so many yachts. The solution is, of course, to get people back to work but now that the right has pushed through all these spending cuts, it’s not likely to happen. In fact, the unemployment rate will probably go much higher once the government starts laying people off.

      • Mr Eko

        @ Ana – I respect your opinion. However, the fact is unemployment is caused by a lack of corporate spending, which in turn is caused by corporate fear of increased government programs and regulations (including heatlhcare). 0bama policies have crippled American Business. Google Steven Wynn, a prominent business leader who happens to be a Democrat

    • Betsy

      If you’re a republican, I don’t know why you would have a problem with Obama, he gives the republicans at least 80% of what they want. We’re still in Iraq and Afghanistan, and have started a new war in Libya. Even the healthcare plan republicans say they hate is an old republican health care plan that Obama dusted off. Gee, I sure am glad McCain lost. I guess at this point it’s like a home team thing for you, you just don’t like him because he’s got a D in front of his name. Heck, at this point, I’m beginning to not even care if a repulican wins next year, even Bush didn’t get this many draconian right wing policies passed.

      • Andrea

        I couldn’t stand Bush either and am an independent. I cannot stand the Neo Con war policy which Obama has continued. It’s gotten this country no where after spending billions not to mention the thousands of lives lost!

      • Mr Eko

        The Bush wars were a small percentage of this county’s spending. Google it. The out of control debt was created by government entitlement programs such as – you guessed it – Obamacare.

      • Alyssa

        ^^^Dude, I dont like saying this, but your are really really stupid if you think the Bush Wars were a uh…” Small percentage” as you call it of this countries spending. I would not believe everything you read on google search anyway. Just count how many times in the last 3 yrs. you have seen Bush,Cheney, Rice or Rumsfeld? Just think about it…they know what they did.

      • Martillo

        Obamacare? Are you nuts? The whole health bill was written by the insurance industry, it’s not government run healthcare, it just forces us into the loving arms of health insurers. I don’t know what wackadoodle sites you’re googling, but they’re selling you a bill of goods, and you’re one gullible person to believe it. Now, you shouldn’t like the healthcare bill, but at least don’t like it for the what it is, not what some whack job tea party site imagines it is.

    • poop

      I was firmly independent before Obama became president. I voted for him. Now that he’s in office, I have to say I’ve decided my political party. And it’s Democrat. Why? I’ve decided that I hate Republicans, because of people like Andrea. People who imply that Obama is the reason for unemployment, debt, over reaching government, and high gas prices. Frankly, it’s annoying. Really annoying. So I hate Republicans now.

      • Andrea

        Ladies and Gentleman….Emmy nominated actress POOP.

      • Sam J


        Join the USA Today message boards. There are plenty of RepubliCAN’Ts on there to be your friend. You can find me beatin ‘em at debates under the name Sam J. Good luck.

      • AaronSch

        Good we don’t want imbeciles like you in our party.

      • poop

        Okay Andrea. I appreciate that you recognize my recent Emmy nom, though I’m not female.

      • Mr Eko

        Obama is the reason for the CONTINUED unemployment and INCREASED debt. Check your facts. Obama has made it more difficult for companies to hire people thru gov programs and regulations ie – Obamacare

      • Lemme Tell YOU

        how is it BUSH iS nOt BEING HELD RESPONSIBLE ~ for THIS MESS he PUT America IN??? people really show how uninformed and uneducated they really are!!!!! OBAMA IS TRYING TO FIX BUSH’s MESS~

      • Alyssa

        ^^^ he should be, apparently 89% of the country thinks that cause he left office with his ever beautiful 11% approval rating. You got to be nuts to stand up for ” Dubya” the dummy.

    • Dgently

      Yeah, and it’s not like he inherited any of this from Bush, or anything. And it’s not as if your terroristic tea party pals chose to hold the economy hostage during the recent debt ceiling disaster.

      • poop

        Well put.

      • Grubi

        See my post above. I hadn’t read this comment yet when I wrote it, but its basically what you said, except you were much more concise and opted for sarcasm, lol.

      • Mr Eko

        Check your history people. Unemployment numbers have double under Obama. He spent trillions and has NOTHING to show for it, but more unemployment and unprecedented levels of debt. Roseanne would be an improvement.

      • Poop

        I’m watching the show right now. Seems like the first thing she’ll do is invade Mexico, so that’s another few trillion in debt. Then she says she’ll get rid of all the the taxes, so no revenue. This is an improvement?

      • Alyssa

        Eko is delusional…ignore him and Andrea they flunked economics and basic Highschool government. I thought my C+ and B was bad…oh well, got my diploma, all that matters. I agree with all of you above…except Eko. There is always hope for learning I mean look at Bristol she learned after she screwed up and got a GED. OH wow, Im smarter than a Republican. So happy.

    • Titus77

      If you think for a minute that Obama can fix the messes he inherited from Bush in a few years, or even 2 terms, you’re NUTS. He’s 100% better than what we had. Open your eyes. As for Rosanne, I welcome her candidacy!

      • Alyssa

        Well said. He can HELP, as a supporter of his even I know he cant wave a ” MAGIC WAND”…sometimes as dumb as this sounds, Republicans think he is more powerful than we his supporters do if he can fix that fiasco in 3yrs or 2 terms. Dont bother talking to them, they all have selective reasoning and hearing.

      • Mr Eko

        @ Alyssa – Obama’s problem is that he is taking us in the wrong direction. He passed a bloated heatlh care plan that has only served to further cripple corporate growth and spending, which in turn means less jobs for uneducated and (stunningly) uninformed sycophants such as yourself.

      • Alyssa

        Im informed believe me. Uninformed to you means that I share the truth. He Passed a health care bill that helped me AFFORD health care. And millions of others. You nutjobs on the right like to call it ” Socialism” and ” Obamacare”. Our Government has turned into High-school….no no, thats too nice. Middle-school. For every so called ” Socialist act” there is a ” Capitalist act” around the corner. You know what Capitalism is? Basically Greed. AND NO I DO NOT watch Michael Moore, or TV -very much. Bush crippled everything before President Obama was even heard of.

  • sv

    You’ve got to be kidding.

  • J-Jam

    Oh lord help us.

  • allie

    as much as i like roseanne, she can’t be serious…

    • amy

      i love Rossanne! Always thought she would be so much fun to hang out with. But, she’s not serious just trying to get publicity for her new show.


    i have actually always thought she was intelligent, but this can’t be real

  • plante

    Hell to the no.

  • nitemar

    Is she for real? -like if this country will take her serious. Well some voted for Sara Palin…

  • TorontoTom

    SHE’S PROMOTING HER REALITY SHOW, folks! Read the article – they even mention how Trump did the same thing when The Apprentice was airing. Gets attention, stir the pot, get your name mentioned and, voila, ratings start to climb. You can expect Kim Kardashian to be named as her running mate as we get closer to her wedding hot mess on E!.

    • allie

      wow, how did i miss that torontotom, lol. i’d still vote for her tho. she’d probably make more sense than half the people in politics now.

  • Sam

    People on this website should not debate politics. It’s akin to Obama and Palin having a debate about who’s the best contestant on Project Runway.

  • sock monkey

    Wow. I’m so glad I’m Canadian.

    • Alyssa

      Im joining you in Canada if President Obama is not re-elected. But…I dont know, probably too close, could still see the damage. Maybe across the pond.

      • Clark Narkulis

        Leave now.

      • Alyssa

        NOPE…why would I do that. I have to cast my vote in November of next year. Plus I am proud to be an American, People just need to realize the where the blame goes…and his name is G.W. Bush.

        It was called sarcasm anyway.

      • Nyarlathotep

        I hate to break it to you, Alyssa, but up here in Canada we’re currently governed by the Conservative Party, which currently holds a majority. Incidentally, our dollar is now worth more than the greenback. I’m not saying that correlation is causation, but draw your own conclusions.

      • Alyssa

        whatever….I dont care, I was kidding.

  • Nicole

    Yeah, and I’m putting my name in the running for Queen of the Unicorns.

    • Dgently

      LOVE this!!!!!!!!!

    • Doug

      Another vote to Nicole for Queen of the Unicorns!

    • bubbablu

      Count me in……Nicole for Queen!!!

      As far as Rosaaanna…United Stupid Alliance Pac is with you…..USAP!

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