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UPDATED: It’s official: Sarah Michelle Gellar will return to All My Children for a guest star appearance during the show’s final batch of episodes — but not in her previous role as Kendall.

“I can today officially confirm that I will be doing a guest spot on All My Children,” Gellar told critics. “When I heard that the show was canceled, I didn’t understand. Like, ‘forget it, it just doesn’t make sense to me.’ And I called Judy Blye Wilson, who is the casting director and has been since I was there, and I said, ‘I want to do something.’ And I was very specific — I don’t want to be Kendall. That’s Alicia’s role, but I just wanted to be a part of it. I have no idea what I’m going to be doing. So we can take suggestions, but I will be doing one day. Yeah, I’m excited.”

The show will end its run on ABC Sept. 23 and is expected to return in some form on the internet, though not details have been released.

Gellar was on hand to promote her new CW show Ringer and says she was relieved when the show was passed on by CBS and instead landed at The CW.

“CBS, that network has these huge numbers and there’s always a concern that if you can’t hit that number, you don’t have the same time to develop a fan base that you necessarily can get in a smaller network,” Gellar says. “And honestly, like I said, I truly believe it’s a blessing, and our fear was always ‘do we fit in at CBS,’ when the answer was we know we fit in at CW.”

Ringer co-creator Nicole Snyder told the critics they “have an idea” where the serialized show is going. “We know where we’re going, our goal is to sustain the gasp moments and the big tease in the pilot until the big punch at the end of the season.”

Added co-creator Eric Charmelo: “When we pitched the series, we had three seasons mapped out, and much like Damages, we wanted to play with time and perspective, and because you’re playing with both of those, that gives you a lot of latitude. So essentially you’re able to tell the same story but from a different perspective. And when it’s from a different perspective, it’s a different story.” Whoa…

Finally, Gellar was asked about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and whether she ever felt uncomfortable being so closely associated for so long with one TV show.

“I’m proud of the show,” Gellar said. “I’m proud of the work we did and I’m proud of its legacy, and so that’s nothing but good things. Sure, as an actor you want to play different things, but I was also really fortunate. I think a lot of times when you start a show at a young age, you get stuck. You get six years of high school. And I didn’t have that. Buffy grew. She was a student. She went to college, and then essentially she became a mother — she was a mother to all the slayers. So I didn’t feel that I was trapped because I got to do so much. And then, I played all these other characters for a while. And, you know, how many times in any actor’s life do you get to be a part of something that has a legacy like that? So I think it’s only fortunate. I don’t see the negative. And if people think that I can save the world and kick butt, like, I’m okay with that.”

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  • Beauty

    Hmm, I’m sure the “stars” find this easier to do since Franco made it ok to be a soap star.

    • Ray

      Uh, “stars” have been doing guest shots on soaps for a long, long time, especially those who started out on soaps. It began long before Franco did his gimmicky turn on GH. But that’s okay, Beauty. It’s not your fault you’re young.

      • Cindy

        Actually, Elizabeth Taylor guest-starred on GH in the 1980s. It’s not like James Franco was the first or biggest star to do it.

      • Cindy

        Sorry, that reply was meant for Beauty.

      • Mika

        Just curious Ray with the perfectly condescending SMG Kendall attitude. I am not “young” perhaps but as an avid soap watcher for over 30 years, what other A-List movie star has acted on a soap in their prime than has actually been more than a cameo?

      • Mika

        Elizabeth Taylor standing in a doorway cursing the Spencers is not the same as what James Franco did. And besides, Ms. Taylor was hardly in her prime at that time.

      • Diane

        @Mika Elizabeth Taylor was a legend by the time she was GH–and like Franco she had a multiepisode arc. Lee Meriweather had already been Catwoman and had a long career as a TV and movie actor before she was on All My Children

      • james franco

        and it’s not your fault you’re a douche, ray. you make it sound as if stars frequently do this, just so you can stick your c*k in beauty’s ear. beauty has a point. i made it cool to gellar, who wants to jumpstart her career.

      • Buffy Freak

        And Carol Burnett (AMC) and Snoop Dog (OLTL) as well. Granted neither are Angelina Jolie-level “stars” but still…

      • Mika

        I am not trying to take anything away from Elizabeth Taylor or Lee Meriweather. Nor am I trying to compare James Franco to anyone. All I am saying is that the comparison would be more similar if Ms. Taylor guest starred during her Cleopartra days versys 20 years later when she could only get TV work.

    • kristen

      she is probably doing it for the same reason most stars have been going back to soaps recently. to pay homage to the genre that gave them their big break. julianne moore did it, josh duhmel is going back, and now SMG. with the announcement of AMC’s cancellation she probably just wants to show her support. i think it is very cool. :-)

    • cameron

      please don’t compare james franco to elizabeth taylor. your embarassing yourself

      • commentor

        no, you are. *you’re

    • alan of montreal

      Sarah Michelle Gellar, Julianne Moore and others got their start on these soap operas they’re returning to. It’s their way of thanking their fans and the creators for launching their careers. Franco just did it on a lark.

      • JR

        this. thank you alan.

  • Annie

    Woo Hoo!!! I loved SMG portrayal of Kendall Hart, I knew when I watched her on my TV Screen, she would be a big star!!! Anyone remember the scenes when she confronted and stopped her father Richard Fields when he was about to attack young Bianca? Truly amazing acting!!! Can not wait to see her guest appearance.

  • james franco

    gellar is doing it for the publicity. i did it because i can face the fire and change things up.

    • Lauren

      And change things up you do Mr. Franco. I love to watch you on GH (as well as in your movies); you bring darkness & light to the scene with your dark sense of humor.

      • Trixie

        um lol

  • All My Attitude

    Well it’s really awesome that she’s coming back to AMC, but not as Kendall? Really?! What’s the point then?

    • Marissa

      How can she come back as Kendall, though? Kendall is played by a different actress now. I mean, I guess that’s a silly question as it’s a soap opera, but you know.

    • Zoe

      Aren’t they doing something inventive in the same way on One Life to Live? From what I can tell from commercials, “Todd” has been played by a different actor for awhile, but the beloved actor who played him years ago came back, and the current Todd has been revealed to be a fake. (Anyone who knows the details, please clarify!) I thought, wow, what a great twist to handle a recasting situation. Maybe AMC could do something similar with Kendall.

      • Janelle

        There hasn’t been any reveal about who the imposter is yet. But the original OLTL recast was handled with a plastic surgery storyline and the show has been building up to the Tale of Two Todds for almost a year. AMC did a recast with no explanation and there hasn’t been any buildup. Besides, she’s coming back for a guest appearance, if she was going to be Kendall, then the character would have to exit for good.

      • Lala

        Uhm, hate to break it to you, Janelle, but the final episode of AMC is airing late September. So the character IS exiting for good, along with all the others

    • Rob

      Sure it’s great publicity for all involved, especially AMC. I think if anything it shows how much these celebs value the show that basically took a chance on them and showed them the ropes. I appreciate the show doing this and I’d consider it more of a wink-wink gesture to their loyal audience. This just shows how much ABC will REGRET cancelling its soaps. I don’t think The Chew or Katie Couric will be able to convey such audience devotion that AMC & OLTL continue to do with both its audience and the actors who have been employed by them at some point.

    • Rebecca

      Eden Riegel (ex-Bianca) tweeted a suggestion that she and Sarah Michelle should show up in a scene with the current Bianca and Kendall, even if it was as extras.

      So, even if SMG doesn’t come back as Kendall (she’s right in that it’s Alicia’s part now and has been for a while), I think if she did something with Eden, that would be a really cool TV moment.

      • Tess

        I saw that mentioned elsewhere and thought it’d be a great idea too (if Y&R would be willing to loan out Eden for a day, that is)…but so long as SMG can have some interaction with Erica and the current Kendall then I will be happy. Makes me squee with delight when old characters/cast members return…I’m sad the show is ending (on tv) but I’m happy to see all these familiar faces coming back, even if it’s just for one quick scene.

  • Zach

    She was soooo awesome as Kendall! I remember when she first appeared on AMC I thought she was Becca from LIFE GOES ON!!!

    • amy

      i can not stand SMG! I watch AMC once in awhile i definitely will not watch the day she’s on. Yery sad that AMC and OLTL have been cancelled by ABC, will not watch them online!!!

  • jill

    she won an emmy for playing kendle. something she never got playing buffy (totally robbed!). good for her for paying her respects to the show.

  • Fabian

    Whoo Whoo!!! Yeah! I love SMG. I can’t wait to see what she does on AMC! Also, I can’t wait for Ringer!!!

  • zena

    I like SMG but she comes across as self-righteous in her interviews when she’s being herself and its actually come across in her roles IMHO. I think that the success of Buffy gave her a big ego. Yes she is talented but she’s not the most talented actress out there.
    Also why does she keep comparing Ringer to Buffy? I’ve never heard anyone else do that with their new shows constantly. Its annoying. And when I actually watch Ringer which does look interesting enough, I’m going to keep comparing it to Buffy which is not good. The show should suck you in, not get you into compare/contrast mode.
    I quite like Alicia Minshew as Kendall actually.
    Also, SMG was not the solo force that made Buffy a masterpiece. Joss Whedon, Willow, Xander and Giles were great. Without them, the show wouldn’t be as good as it was. Also, Spike and Faith. Buffy has some of the best supporting players ever. Buffy was bright, not brilliant and she would be nothing without her scooby gang.
    Also, Alexa Havins is a better actress than SMG and shw does it all without being a snob IMHO.

    • Carrie

      Oh, please. SMG seems lovely in interviews. She’s not the one who keeps comparing her new show to “Buffy”. The interviewers keep bringing it up because “Buffy” made her famous and this is her big return to television. She may not be solely responsible for creating Buffy, but a big part of the show’s success was her portrayal. She was outstanding as Buffy and equally good at the comedic, physical and dramatic stuff. I also wouldn’t say that Buffy was nothing w/o her friends. They certainly made her stronger, but Buffy was very smart, quick-witted and independent. Didn’t you see the episode “Helpless”? She had to prove that she could survive w/o her Slayer powers and rely only her wits. Buffy was always creative and clever, which had a lot to do with her surviving for so long. And, Alexa Havins a better actress than SMG? Come on. Most people don’t even know who she is, so I really don’t understand the comparison.

      • Kevin

        the problem with zena’s comment is it tries to pit SMG against everyone else, true fans can appreciate it as a whole. And no one was more persistent that Buffy was an ensemble piece than SMG herself.

  • Ann

    Very cool! I love SMG. She’s the reason I started watching AMC in the first place.

  • AN

    SO HAPPY she’s doing this! I have watched (and loved) SMG since Swan’s Crossing!

    • Ms. Chanandler Bong

      OMG! Swan’s Crossing was amazeballs!

  • tomm

    “AMC” trained her to do ‘Buffy’.

  • PanicMoon

    She keeps bringing up Buffy b/c that’s what her fans want to hear, and this is her first post-Buffy t.v. project since she took a break to raise her daughter. Kind of a no-brainer to me, Einstein. Besides, Ringer is a warmed-over plot from a 1990’s Stephanie Power’s miniseries and the best shot it has is for BtVS fans to follow.
    As far as her return to AMC Erica probably has yet another child out there she doesn’t remember giving birth to, or she will be the daughter of the faux Erica.

  • SisterZip

    Julianne Moore visited As The World Turns before it went off the air in 2010. She played Frannie & Sabrina Hughes from ’85 thru ’88. I’m glad to see Sarah Michelle wants to go back.

    I like the daughter of faux Erica idea!

  • Elle

    WHY????? This makes no sense at all. I can’t wrap my head around it.

  • george

    general hospital needs something , it is consistantly the most poorly actted show of all

    • topoftheworld18

      false. You clearly don’t watch when Jonathan Jackson/Rebecca Herbst is on.

    • Gh Fan

      George, I don’t understand how you can say GH is most poorly acted show.

      Since Jonathan Jackson has been back there is magic now. Steven Burton, has been great. No I have to disagree.

      Good for SMG regarding All My Children, I really respect her and can’t wait for Ringer.

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