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The CW’s new president isn’t thinking this will be Supernatural‘s final season.

Despite being in its seventh year and getting shifted to Fridays last season, the network’s new chief Mark Pedowitz seems fairly optimistic about the show’s chances. “It’s not intended to be the last season,” he told critics at their press tour in Beverly Hills. “We will see where the ratings go. I personally hope, and I think we all at The CW hope, that this show keeps on going. So at the moment we look at one season at a time.”

Asked why the show has lasted so long, Pedowitz replied: “It’s not about the demon of the week. It’s about the love of two brothers and these two really good looking guys. And I think that transcends the supernatural piece at the end of the day.”

Pedowitz gave some clues as to the direction he wants to take the network, saying he’s definitely looking to develop a superhero show (taking advantage of one of The CW’s parent companies, Warners Bros.) and is “open” to doing comedies (noting the upcoming CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls would have been appropriate for The CW) and isn’t against doing remakes (citing Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica and The CW’s own 90210 as fine examples).

Critics asked, With all The CW shows getting additional episodes next season, why Vampire Diaries didn’t get any more hours? Response: Kevin Williamson, who’s also producing the new witchy series Secret Circle for the network, didn’t feel he could deliver more without impacting quality. Asked if there’s any chance that One Tree Hill will get more than 13 hours, Pedowitz was doubtful.

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  • Dilys

    Without Castiel I have little interest in whether SPN has another season or not. Misha Collins is the person that has kept me watching this long.

    • Laura

      Castiel has only been on the show the last couple seasons, I love him too but c’mon. Besides, he’s still on the show, sooooo, I don’t know where you’re getting the ‘without” Castiel part. He won’t be in every episode, but then he never has been.

    • marla

      LOL..I love Castiel too, but the guy only joined the show a few seasons ago. The show is about the brothers, and while Castiel was an interesting character, the show isn’t about him, it never was, and it never will be. He’s a supporting player who will be back next season. It’s not like he was in this last season a lot, so I’m not sure what the histrionics are all about now all of a sudden. But instead of being happy to have some Castiel, it’s about looking for the negative in a series that hasn’t even aired YET. LOL… But hey, if it makes you happy to stomp your widdle feet and hold your breath until you turn blue, have at it. That’s what kids do.

    • rob

      They should have god take away Cass’s power and make him a man, then give him a spin off show about finding his humanity and blah blah blah… Angel with an actual Angel instead of a vampire. Maybe team him up with a few other “fan faves” that have been killed off. Supernatual’s Exiles!

    • topazbean

      Honestly, Collins hasn’t confirmed that he’s leaving. Everyone is misinterpreting what he’s said, which was that he’d miss seeing the Supernatural cast and crew “on a day to day basis”. He’s brilliant and I’d be gutted if he went, but why don’t you wait and see with no expectations. If Castiel ends up going then lets hope they do it in a dramatically and emotionally satisfying way that does justice to the brilliant way he’s been written and played. Besides, if he’s not a regular, there’s always a chance he’ll get a lead in a new show at some point, which I would be super happy about. As long as it’s not any kind of murder mystery cop show or procedural. At all. No really, please. Too many actors with great range have ended up stuck in that creative dead end. I can’t cope with it any more.

      • A

        If you factor in that Bobby was indeed a ‘re-occuring role’ this season and actually featured in more episodes than Cas himself, it doesn’t really say much that Cas contract has changed. I think it can still be with hope that he will return in near enough most episodes. Their gonna have to bring him down a peg or two. Dean and Cas have such a great friendship on the show, regardless of what’s happened, I don’t think they’d just throw that away.

    • Dave

      I agree with you for the most part but with a show like supernatural nobody stays gone forever.

    • null

      I don’t think that I’d keep watching SPN if Castiel stays dead & gone. I liked the first 2 seasons, but only started watching again *because* of Castiel. Dean and Sam are OK, but if the show goes back to being only about the two of them again, I don’t think I’d keep watching. Plus, Sam has always annoyed me & Dean’s not enough of a buffer for me.

  • Anno

    Sounds like you were never a real fan of the show in the first place.

    • King Lion

      That’s what I’m saying. + 1 this.

    • Dilys

      Or it could be that I am tired of the show killing off every interesting character and appreciate the depth the character of Cas added to the show. I’ve watched it since season one and fell in love with it in Season 4. I found last season mostly dismal with the exception of a few episodes so I am not looking forward to another claustrophic season that does not allow the boys to have anyone else in their life.

      • Dave

        Uhm, they only killed off maybe 10 semi-regulars over the course of the entire show. The show is all about Sam, Dean, and Bobby. Everyone else is expendable and killing off characters makes for better storylines and plot arcs.

      • Liz

        ^^^This, exactly this. I’m not saying I’m not going to watch anymore, but it’s getting ridiculous now. How can they claim to not want to be “redundant” and at the same time try to take the show back to season 1? The show has grown past simple monster of the week stories. Doing that again IS redundant. The show is going downhill. And btw, no one is a “true fan.” That’s just bullcrap; so you’re saying that in order to be a “true fan” you can’t express any thoughts that are contrary to those of the people in charge or difference of opinion? Get over yourselves.

      • Liz

        I was talking about Dilys’ comment, not Dave’s.

    • Barry Monster

      That’s bull. It’s perfectly reasonable to prefer the show WITH Castiel than without and highly immature to start yanking someone’s “real fan” card for expressing an opinion. Here’s my opinion: far as acting talent, I think Jared is on a lower tier than Jensen, Jim, and Misha, yet the show hangs on to him. Misha adds a lot to the canvas and I suspect he won’t be going anywhere. If he does, I will be ticked.

      • Emma

        I second everything you’ve said!

    • Emma

      Sweetheart, go ahead, please define a ‘real fan’? And then, once you’ve tried and failed, maybe you’ll remember this and won’t put people down for expressing opinions different to your own…but I doubt it.

  • SJ

    Love the show, I hope the next season gets back a bit more to its roots exploring urban legends and creepy stuff. A little less angel-lore and demon politics. Although I do think the supporting cast is excellent. And no more silly meta-episodes. The ones where the actors played themselves was just too much for me.

  • Ferniesfreckles

    I can easily see the show going another 2 or 3 years.

    As long as the guys (Jensen and Jared, only) sign on for more seasons, they will keep the show going.

    It is truly one of the only hits on the CW.

  • Kat

    I love this show, but the creators need to take a page from the Vampire Diaries and stop going for quantity over quality. I know that if the suits want more seasons to make them more money, there’s very little they can do, but I always thought the show should have ended after its fifth season. I think it was a natural and fitting end place.

    • Wil

      From what I read during Comic-Con, they had a 2-part season finale for season 7 in mind for a while now. Adding 1 hour to the season let’s them have more time to have their 2-part finale while keeping 21 pre-finale episodes. I do agree though that this shouldn’t be done just because they can, only if it ADDs to the season. I’m hoping season 7 is a return to form for SPN.

  • Carla Houston

    As a fan who also watched all 10 seasons of Smallville, I could easily see Supernatural going that long. I’m hoping for more Castiel in the future, but as long as Jared and Jenson are on board, so am I. I think there are plenty of interesting places they could take the stories. Good vs. Evil has many flavors.

    • ChristineLA

      I agree with you, except the show would not be complete for me without Bobby. Jim Beaver perfectly completes Supernatural for me.

      • Barry Monster

        Castiel and Bobby are equally important. As are Jensen and Jared. Team Free Will has to stay intact.

  • annie

    I LOVE Supernatural, have seen every episode, but I wish the quality of the women characters would improve; they all seem so cookie cutter and then they are gone…For example the women in TRUE BLOOD are great actresess, good looking but real characters. Some of the women on Battlestar Galactica were powerful and engaging. I thought the actess in the episode about the blind healer was really great, (she had a strong reacurring role on Angel) but she was only in that one episode. Get some heavyweight actress that will blow the boys minds, make them both fall in love with her, and then have her own arc, like Castiel…..oh and don’t kell her. the old boy fest that it is won’t be shaken by a strong actress. (The last women who played the reacurring demon was sorta there but not quite)
    GET SOME STRONG CHARACTER ACTRESSes on the show. The boys are all grown up they can handle it.

  • nk8950

    Good about One Tree Hill…they need to end it. Remakes…the CW should buy the rights to Instant Star and continue it. Add some new characters and wrap up the old character storylines. Perfect show to replace One Tree Hill and its ratings.

  • Robin

    Glad to hear the CW support Supernatural!!

  • Drew214

    CW should buy the rights to Sliders and make that series into something great and fix what Fox and the SciFi channel completely destroyed. We need a good Inter-dimensional sci-fi drama on prime time again.

    • BeagleMom

      I vote for you as head of programming at CW! Great idea! (We are talking Jerry O’Connell Sliders not his brother Sliders right?)

    • Barry Monster

      That was a great show, but after awhile I was anxious for them to slide back to their own reality.

  • kathy60

    Love Supernatural! Have not missed one episode from its inception (I even watch reruns on TNT daily). I read somewhere that this coming season the boys may go into space (PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!) Get back to their roots – fighting monsters and urban legends!! That is what makes Supernatural – not going into space!!

  • Ann

    I’m liking this new guy so far. First, he snagged SMG’s new show “Ringer”, then he gave SN an extra episode and now he’s talking about another season. Cool.

  • kari

    I love Supernatural but I don’t know how I feel about season 8 I guess I have to wait until I see season 7. By far Supernatural to me is by far the best show on television.

    • kari

      Supernatural to me is by far the best show on television. I really need to proofread before I post.

  • aa23

    Maybe he should reboot birds of prey that old wb show. It’s based a comic book and should be pretty interesting. Nothing could be worse than the melrose 2.0 reboot.

  • Kat

    I’m thrilled that they’re not planning on ending it after this season if the ratings hold up. Season 6 was definitely not my favorite but I still love the show and look forward to seeing where they take it in Season 7.

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