'Desperate Housewives' to end its run in May


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Time to move off Wisteria Lane: EW has learned that Desperate Housewives will end its eight-year run on ABC in May. The network is expected to make it official on Sunday, when it meets with the nation’s TV critics in Beverly Hills.

News of the show’s series finale doesn’t come as a huge surprise, since the four stars recently went through a protracted — and pricey — salary renegotiation to return for another season of the Sunday drama. (Earning north of $400,000 per episode, they were already among the highest-paid actresses in prime time). Still, the drama’s core cast — which includes Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria — were reportedly shocked by the decision, as creator Marc Cherry had indicated that he wanted the show to extend through a ninth year.

Housewives — which has earned multiple awards since its 2004 premiere, including Emmys for Huffman and Kathryn Joosten– certainly isn’t the most-talked about series on TV right now but it remains a stable player on ABC’s lineup. Though not as competitive as it used to be, the series averaged 11.9 million viewers last season (down from 14.1 million the previous year) and a 3.9 rating among adults 18-49 (down from a 4.9).  It’s been averaging a drop of a full ratings point each season over the last three years.

Meanwhile, Cherry has begun to focus on ABC’s future. He developed a drama called Hallelujah that didn’t get a pickup for fall. He’s now rewriting the high-concept show about a Tennessee town that finds itself being torn apart by forces of good and evil. There’s even a musical element to the show.

In addition to his duties on Housewives, the new project no doubt provided a welcome respite from the drama that’s currently winding its way through the court system involving ex-Wisteria Lane resident Nicollette Sheridan. The actress alleged that she was wrongfully terminated from Housewives after getting into an argument with Cherry. Though the initial news of Sheridan’s departure was a shocker, the show continued without losing a beat, especially after it added Vanessa Williams as Renee Perry to the neighborhood.

Next season’s premiere on Sept. 25 should be particularly interesting to fans since it will address this season’s big cliffhanger. All of the women are hiding the murder of a man who raped Gaby when she was a child. The baddo was actually Gaby’s stepfather, played by Ugly Betty’s Tony Plana. Gaby’s husband Carlos was the one who killed him but all the women witnessed the murder.

Housewives has always been at its best when all four of the women are knee-deep in some sort of hot mess.

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  • Brad

    Thank God !! They should have buried this predictible and tired series many years ago.

    • LMFAO

      Amen. I gave up on this crap about 3 years ago.

      • Tim

        They have decided to end the show early in December. I hope you are happy.

      • AcaseofGeo

        As a gay man, I guess I should’ve LOVED this show but I never watched it. Its premiere was up against Sunday Night Football and by January I just didn’t care to start watching. Thankfully the existence of DVR will help me keep up with “The Good Wife”.


      About time! Shouldve thrown in the towel 3 yrs ago!

      • Carly

        Once they killed off Edie I quit watching. It broke my heart.

      • Matt

        The first season, though, is one of the best stretches of TV ever. Few shows – mainly Alias, Lost – not even BSG – start great right from the start, but Desperate Housewives WAS pretty great right from the gate. offering lots of laughs, drama and a compelling mystery that only got more interesting as the season rolled on.
        The next seasons were uneven until they introduced Dana Delany, but then they completely ruined her character the following season. Still, this is a show that will hopefully go down in history as a really good series.

      • Ally

        It’s one of the worst shows on TV right now.

    • KikiD

      I agree. Why wait til May to end it.

      I wonder if MJ will make an appearance or if he will be conveniently absent again while his parents are out and about.

    • Martillo

      I bailed after they started making Katherine so crazy. I know she briefly dated Mike, but it just didn’t make sense that him going back to his wife and child would make her so unhinged. Also, I always detested the Lynette character, I could usually fast forward through her plotlines, but then they started becoming more entertwined with the others, and I just had no interest in her character.

    • Greg

      Thank god!! Praise the lord that this show is over!

      • Desiree

        No one is making anyone watch this show. You have the liberty to switch to oher channel or turn off your tv.

    • Ash

      The first 4 seasons were amazing, after that the show became crappier and crappier. Season 7 was a huge improvement, but it didn’t really have that magic that the first 4 seasons had. Will be watching season 8 though, coz I’m a loyal fan, and I’ll prolly cry like a baby during the finale. Ah well.

    • Tom

      Worst show on TV. Even jersey shore is better than this crap.

      • Parker

        There is NOTHING on TV as awful as JERSEY SH#T.

      • TorontoTom

        NOTHING in the HISTORY of television is worse than Jersey Shore.

      • Cheryl

        DH has nothing on snooki and jersey shore.

    • satchels of gold

      If only all the “real housewives” would go away too

      • Karen

        Amen to that SOGold!

    • @Brad

      It’s predictable? It’s so over-the-top (not in a good way always, mind you) that I don’t think that can be said.

      • Brad

        You have a point there. When I wrote “predictible” I was thinking that, with the exception of Nicolette Sheridan’s character offing herself, there was never any sense that any of the characters were in actual peril or that they were going to grow beyond their thin one-note characterizations in any way. It was just busy stories without any consequences. I think that’s why many of us bailed on it; the more that happened, the less it seemed like anything compelling or significant was actually happening.

    • Tracey

      I was pretty happy to read about this. I have watched since the beginning, but I have been ready for it to end. I watched last season out of habit, but it is time to let go now.

    • Desiree

      Those who are complaining about this show must have been forced to watch it???????

  • meh

    Good. The can write an ending and stop having to come up with over the top storylines. This is good for everyone.

  • FallonLatrece

    They had a good run. It was great in the beginning, but it soon went down hill. *Guy trapped in basement, anyone!*

    • Brad

      Yep, Betty Applewhite and her effed up kid were a complete failure of a plotline. I knew the show would jump the shark, but I didn’t think it would happen right at the beginning of season two. LOL.

  • McProphet

    I used to be so all about this show, and then they did the whole “five-year jump” thing and it just lost me. This show ran out of steam like 3 or 4 seasons ago.

  • Dee Jones

    It`s time, the show had its day and did everything and every kind of storyline. You don`t want to be the last to leave the party, you must know when it`s time to leave!

  • Mike K

    Finally!!!! Theres a lot of shows that end too early, this is a show thats been on too long.

  • MWeyer

    Love the show but agree past time to end it, at least they can go out on their own terms.

  • yup

    Haven’t really watched it often, but 8 seasons is plenty. A good, long run. Besides, shows always seem to suck in their 9th year. Roseanne, anyone? Seinfeld?

    • truly09

      Don’t forget X-Files Season 9….bleah!!!

      • Shabeer

        My addicting shows are DEFINITLY:- Ugly Betty: The show awalys makes me smile and has a great message about loving yourself for who you are. And it doesnt hurt to have some hilarious scenes, amazing writing great cast! It’s in its 4th season right now and I think it’s the best its ever been Fridays ABC lol. Its very different from anything out there right now and I have to say it’s probably my favorite show..it has comedy, drama and heart, and its honestly the only show I watch where I think about it after its aired. It is probably the strongest show out there in terms of talks about Life Lessons.- Pushing Daisies: It’s bright and bold just like Ugly Betty and it has this cool fairytale mystery story and its just awesome. Its such a shame that it got cancelled but it is REALLY different from anything out there which makes it unique. Its only 2 seasons so I’d definitly reccommend you buy it. Its really good.- Gilmore Girls: While a lot of people cant stand the show because they talk so much, Lauren Graham is an amazing actress and this show is honestly a great drama and comedy show all into one and talks about the relationships between peopleOther ones that I’ve awalys loved/love are:- Eastwick it got cancelled but so far so good! ABC should air the remaining episodes- Friends- Project Runway haha, its just so different from other reality tv shows

  • Michael

    It needed to end but now we can get these girls on a better show

    • Greg

      Golden Girls (remake)

  • chris

    maybe they will replace it with a winter edition of wipeout or the bachelor 3 or something that is cheap and doesnt require actors or a writing team.

    • TorontoTom

      My thoughts exacty! I was reading all of the negative hate-hate-hate posts (this is ew.com, after all…) and I was wondering what people think will take its place on ABC’s schedule? A well-written drama? NO. A clever comedy? NO. Something even half as good as Housewives was at its worst? NO, NO, NO. It’ll be some cheap-to-produce, mind-numbing reality garbage. And the posts will be “They took off DH for THIS?!?”

      • Borry

        PREACH!!! This show will live forever!!!

      • Barry Monster


  • t f

    interesting how you wouldn’t credit Deadline Hollywood that actually broke the news. Media outlets that practise real journalism usually make reference and do attribution to the platform that breaks the news first.

    • Sparky

      Oh, TF, Lynette Rice doesn’t do such silly things as attribute sources! Like when she stole a quote a few weeks ago at the Daytime Emmys and didn’t give the “lowly blogger” any credit. That would be…..professional!

  • Dave

    I stopped watching for the most part over the past few years, especially after they killed off Edie. I’ve only seen a small handful of episodes over the past couple seasons. Since its the final season, I may tune in this year to see how things get wrapped up.

    • Kimmy

      They killed Edie? I liked him, I stop watching that show eons ago though.

      • leslie

        Appreantly you stopped watching too soon to know that Edie was a WOMAN!!! Played by Nicollette Sheridan.

  • ceebee

    biggest mistake was getting rid of Edie – she was the Perfect foil to Susan….Renee doesn’t have the same “spark”…..

  • cj

    DH is the last show I watch on the networks. When it ends it will be all-cable for me.

    • Cheryl

      Actually I cancelled my cable tv and just use Hulu online for free occasionally. I gave up on this crap last year.

  • Deborah

    Thank GOD…I watched this show for 2 hours and it was a typical evening soap opera …I would think after playing these characters with such a horrid plot line that the stars would be happy it is coming to end…..minus the $$

    • Amanda

      You watched it for two hours so I hardly see how you can have an educated opinion about it. If none of you like the show, keep your worthless opinions to yourself because there are people out there who liked it.

      • Anthony

        ur right about that Amanda, the show is awesome, I would watch every season! I love how they leave the cliff hangers. The show can be predictable at times, but this season was pretty good. I hope Tom and Lynette work.

      • Anita

        Haven’t missed an episode! I love it and wish it would continue. They always come up with some wild plots but it keeps your attention. It’s my guilty pleasure!

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