'Jersey Shore' Italy ratings are immenso!


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Are you really surprised?

MTV’s Italy edition of Jersey Shore debuted to the show’s largest premiere audience ever — 8.8 million viewers. That’s down just a hair from the reality mega-hit’s previous all-time best of 8.9 million viewers last January.

Shore also easily beat everything on broadcast last night, including CBS’ Big Brother (7.3 million viewers). If the season follows the same pattern as season 3, the next two weeks will see additional gains as more fans catch up. What did you think of the return of Shore? Of Situation telling Ronnie millions of viewers he hooked up with Snooks? Of JWoww’s boobs getting bigger while the rest of her gets smaller? Of the fact that Florence seemingly has better nightclubs than Miami?
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  • Amelia

    That’s a sad an pathetic fact. The fact that people watch this crap is why I’m not surprised this country is in the crapper.

    • Klatu

      Entirely symptomatic of a society in decline.

    • Rick

      America has gone full retard, we deserve what is coming.

      • Beth

        No, not America.

        Actually if you read the vast majority of internet comments (other sites too) everyone despises this stupid show (more kids came out to defend “Skins” than this show, NO ONE is defending this stupidity)(no one is really watching)

        I wonder, who is that “they” claim is watching,
        These ratings numbers are rigged, the 8.8 is a lie.

      • Carly

        In that picture I wish they were running the other way. And just kept going.

      • AcaseofGeo

        You’re talking 8.8 million people out of 300+ million. So you cannot generalize a country based on 2% of its population. Furthermore, I’m sure a good size of its audience simply enjoys the “train wreck” factor of the show. I watched the first season and really enjoyed it for the trash it was. I’ve not seen any of the subsequent seasons and don’t plan to. Apparently others enjoy this repetitive stuff but one season was enough for me.

    • t.t

      People should go see rise of the planets of the apes to prepare for whats coming…

      • Jessica

        @t.t….already saw it. Last night at 10 p.m. on Mtv.


      @amelia- im shocked you took the time to comment (first, i might add) on such a “sad” and “pathetic’ thing!

    • Jay

      I really am ashamed to be an American. I am sorry I ever served in the Marines.
      I’m starting to think the world would be better off without us.

      If you watched, you should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Justin P.

        If this show makes you feel ashamed to be an American, than you are a DISGRACE to the Marines.

    • Cheryl

      This is why I cancelled cable tv. There is nothing to watch that’s any good anymore.

  • AMCking


  • LOL

    America loves crap

    • Mike

      I was actually sad that the first time I came to this page this comment wasn’t here yet. And I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t somehow fit Italy into your commentary. Oh well:

      LOL hates originality.

      • Bert

        LOL is right for once. This show is terrible.

  • KJ

    Good, now can you move the show over to Italy, so that I don’t have to watch us glorify morons who make way too much money?

    • Matt

      You do it everyday for corporations… why not Snooki?

  • JimmyH

    It’s nice to know there are 8.8 million idiots that watch this show.

  • silk

    That shows how stupid so many people are!

  • Clete

    I don’t know why everyone is so down on this show. However, if aliens pick up the broadcast of this show, they would conclude that intelligent life doesn’t exist on this planet.

  • teri

    why are all these people commenting on a show they supposadly don’t watch? if it is so stupid why are you looking at this site? it is a reality show after all

    • Klatu

      Because some of us realize that reality shows like this are detrimental to society, essentially dumbing down the masses by presenting this “lowest denominator” entertainment. Watch NOVA, or the history channel; try improving your mind rather than accepting mindless, brain numbingly pointless television. Bet you’re a big maury and jerry springer fan as well?

      • Realist

        The History Channel is basically Bible Prophecy Channel now. It should get back to actual history.

      • Not so dumb it seems

        I watch NOVA on PBS everytme I can catch it and NOVA science now, Nature, Frontline…basically all the other educational programs on that channel. I also am an avid fan of Natgeo and the history channel and heavy reader of fiction and nonfiction. I’m actually majoring in physics and math in university at the moment. Notwithstanding all that, I still watch the Jersey Shore. You don’t have to be stupid or moronic to like it. In many ways the show is so intensely ridiculous and bad that it’s actually good.

      • SCBR

        My husband and I watch the Discovery Channel, NatGeo, A&E, etc, yet we both enjoy watching these morons from Jersey act like…morons. It’s terrible that Americans are portrayed in this light, but it’s insanely entertaining! (And sadly representative of a large portion of the American population.)

      • MC

        It’s not detrimental to society in any way. Self-righteous people like you need to get a grip. People who actually idolize this cast don’t need the extra incentive to behave like them; that’s just who they are. I would say, though, that most people who watch this show do so with no delusions that it’s anything more than trash entertainment. Many of the show’s viewers are far from idiots, and many of the people who make the same exaggerated claims about the demise of the American intellect are far from intelligent.

      • Stuart

        History is also a reality channel now, along with aliens.

      • Cheryl

        Hitler’s Underpants Revealed on The History Channel Tonight at 8pm.

  • Manuela

    It’s immensi (plural), not immenso.

    • Lala

      Thank you, I was just about to say the same.

    • PDDB

      Sigh…..I wish these writers would get their facts straight.

      Anyway, it’s no surprise that the show did well in the ratings. It was heavily hyped, various members of the show have been in the news and there wasn’t anything remotely buzz worthy airing at the same time. It’s unfortunate that it is popular because we will probably be subjected to more of the cast and the show outside of MTV. Ugh.

  • mary

    When they shot in Miami they weren’t allowed in the best clubs that Miami has to offer

  • becky

    if none of u care about it why are u the only ones so far that have commented? why are u even reading it…

    • Klatu

      Because some of us realize that reality shows like this are detrimental to society, essentially dumbing down the masses by presenting this “lowest denominator” entertainment. Watch NOVA, or the history channel; try improving your mind rather than accepting mindless, brain numbingly pointless television. Bet you’re a big maury and jerry springer fan as well?

      • nixs

        Ladies and gentlemen. You all mostly claim to be intelligent so maybe u should stop and think for a second … These people are there for 2months … You do not see 2 full months worth of footage u see highly edited pieces . And while some times what they do is not the classy behavior unless u grew up Mormon who here is going to tell me they never went out drinking and did stupid stuff … If I were u I would worry more about jackass and the stuff they do when sober then the jersey shore people and what they do when drunk …

  • Jason

    hey, don’t hate cause maybe you all a lil jealous. and DON’T think that i love it…..but let’s face it…..to be young and be able to make tough decisions like “what to wear? who am i gonna ‘smash’ tonight/” you have to admit it must be nice to make money while partying it up!!!! the show is entertaining and makes ppl think that is how life is really like….that equals 8.8 million viewers and all the hating

    • Palooka Jones

      “..people think that is how life is really like”
      You really believed that when you typed it. WOW!

  • Bryan

    What I want to know is what parent would let their child watch this ‘show’. Its an incorrect representation of the real world. I don’t want my kids to think you can be almost 30 and still drink all day and party all night. As much ‘money’as these morons obtain you’d think they’d be able to look better. The cheap extensions, spray bottle tans, numerous graffic t’s (that only teenages should wear), gel-ed hair which reminds me if jelatin because it dosen’t move is such a turnoff. The show itself is impossible to watch because its so noisy! Its like an episode of Jerry Springer times 100. I heard one of them didn’t even know where Italy was on the map. A first grader knows that. Its even more embarrasing to see Americans indulge in crap like Jersey Shore and the Kardashians people who live off being famous and their looks (if you will call it that). This is why most kids make a living in the retail buisness, they cant seperate fake from reality. Its as if the people behind MTV/VH1 want us to be dumb, why even put a show like this on televsion? Sorry for the rant, but I just really get heated up about this.

    • Mike

      Sounds to me like you want television to do your job as a parent. But hey, what do I know? I’m just a father to be. Maybe some switch will click on in my head that tells me that these television shows are brainwashing our children and they can’t figure out how to live a normal life vs. the absurd lives featured on television. Television (“reality” or scripted) is ESCAPISM from our every day lives. I would like to think that the majority of people who watch TV don’t aspire to be like those “characters” portrayed.

      • Klatu

        Agreed, except “escapism” can be intelligent or educational; and not mind numbingly retarded and pointless…

      • Mike

        Hey, there’s all different kinds. I would like to think that the same person that watches the Jersey Shore also watches excellent television programming like LOST, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Community, The Wire, Sopranos, etc… all intelligent shows. Somehow, I found a way to watch both. I like to watch television that challenges me and sometimes I like to watch TV where I can be doing 20 other things while watching it. (e.g. The Jersey Shore) Not ALL television has to be intelligent.

      • Mike

        Oh never mind, you’re a history channel buff. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that but Entertainment is okay in life too!

      • Capt. Obvious

        Yes, a switch (so to speak) actually will turn on when you become a father. Why set bear traps in the nursery in hopes that you child is naturally smart enough not to crawl onto them, when you could:
        1. Keep him/her away from the traps yourself, or . . .
        2. . . . get rid of the traps.
        That will, hopefully, make since to you one day.

      • Mike

        Oh I get it now. But I think with good parenting a kid can probably figure out where the traps are!

  • Kyle

    I enjoy watching it because while I work my ass off all week, and I’m not into partying, I let these people act like morons for me, and I’m not the one with a hang-over the next morn. :)

  • Dolce

    8 million morons added to the morons on the show. Idiotic, stupid morons

    • LMFAO

      TV for idiots.

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