ABC airs Nicki Minaj nip slip -- PHOTO


Image Credit: Jackson Lee / Splash News

Nicki Minaj is known for her outlandish fashion choices, but generally her wardrobe doesn’t malfunction. Today she took the stage in New York’s Central Park as part of Good Morning America‘s Summer Concert Series, and a low-cut top briefly exposed her nipple during the performance.

Jeffrey Schneider, a spokesman for ABC said in a statement, “Although we had a five-second delay in place for the Nicki Minaj concert on GMA, the live East Coast feed of the concert regrettably included certain fleeting images of the performer that were taken out of later feeds of the broadcast in other time zones. We are sorry that this occurred.”

The incident is somewhat reminiscent of one of the most notorious live incidents in TV history, Janet Jackson’s exposed breast during the Super Bowl in 2004. The photo of Minaj, above right, was snapped seconds after the slip. Watchdog group the Parents Television Council slammed the error. 

“For the umpteenth time in recent memory we have a morning news broadcast airing explicit content when millions of families are starting their day and are looking to get caught up on the news,” said PTC president Tim Winter. “With so many such instances, the network apologies are beyond hollow. Today we call upon the executive producers of the Today Show, Good Morning America and the CBS Morning News programs to meet together and establish best practices to prevent these sucker-punch moments. If the networks are sincere about their apologies, they will work together to implement meaningful solutions.”

Minaj’s performance was not posted on GMA‘s website. You can see her interview with Robin Roberts from before the performance below. (Additional reporting by James Hibberd)

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  • Marissa

    Oh no! The poor children! =(

    So what, it’s just a little nip.

    • Cygnus

      This kind of regulation is completely a waste of time and tax payer money. If there was ever a department ripe for cuts, it should be the FCC’s television censorship division.

      • Greg

        Well at least she didn’t have a penis slip. That would have been terrible.

      • rotll

        or FABULOUS!!!

      • lostidol

        Sounds like the Parents Television Council needs to get laid.

      • JT

        It is not a waste of money to keep children from being exposed to fille de joies like nicki whatshername and lady caca. People like you should be flogged until you renounce your ignorance of law.

      • Not Impressed

        JT, sounds like your major arguement is that you rely on the regulated media to raise your children. Your argument is groundless. Its concepts like yours that have corrupted our countries core values and blurred the lines between what is right, wrong or socially acceptable. Take some pride in parenting and don’t rely on others decisions and influences to raise our children.

      • Stan

        JT: Stop being a d0uche. That’s a bad JT. No cookie for you.

      • Tyrone

        “Cause I’m still hood, Hollywood couldn’t change me “?!!…Have you looked in the mirror lately??

      • Roni

        JT – I don’t see why so many people are making a big deals out of it. First of all, what kind of kid is really getting up because they can’t miss GMA? Second, mothers breastfeed in PUBLIC all the time. Are you going to walk up and put a big censor sticker on them and tell them to stop. Hey, I guess the baby doesn’t need to eat anyways. And last, it was a simple accident on both parties. Trust me it was not the first breast kids have seen.

      • darius

        Marissa? we need to see your taxes. In our opinion? you are a christian “bad-one” – that doesnt pay taxes and needs to be burned at the stake

      • Keith

        “Well at least she didn’t have a penis slip. That would have been terrible.”

        No, that would have been testicle.

      • Less1leg

        I totally agree.

      • censor TV more

        Yeah, there should be no limits on what is on TV. Let’s decide what is acceptable in the media by basing it on people with no moral values, i.e. everything is okay. You people are brilliant. There is nothing wrong with some minimal standards for decency on TV. You can order a pay-per-view service to watch your unrestricted content.

    • abadstroller

      But what if it was a tip slip–if a guy’s low-riding pants slipped and we get to see a little somethin’-somethin’? I wonder what the reaction would be from the “no big deal” commentators. Just asking the question….

      • JuliaB55

        A little nip, a little tip. No one’s the worse off, including…say it with me, “the chiiiiillldren.” If Mummy and Daddy allow the tiny twits to fawn over Minaj, I doubt that care about a nip slip. Disband the FCC’s TV censorship division. Put the responsibility back into the hands of the miserable breeders…uh, parents.

      • breeder

        unless you pooped out of a test tube, you were bred as well!!! show some class… don’t be an ass!!!

      • Count Yob

        My answer would be the same: NO BIG DEAL!!

      • HUUF ARTED

        A breast and/or nipple isnt a sex organ you dimwit…

      • Gigity

        It’s anatomy. Does the human form really upset you that much? Moron.

      • Oliver’s mom

        A nip is not comparable to a tip. The comparison should be “what if a man’s shirt slipped and we saw HIS nipple”. That, of course, would be no big deal. So, why are women’s nipples off limits? And, saying that it’s to protect the children is a bit silly, considering how many healthy children have been breastfed.

      • Tyrone

        That doesn’t look very human to me.

      • Liz Lemon

        LMFAO @ Tip Slip. Best thing I’ve heard all week.

      • DonM

        televisions must come with an off button! This kind of foolishness must end, lest unsuspecting children be exposed to it.

        Televisions do have an off button.

        Oh. Nevermind!

      • Bert

        TVs need a delete button. A cancel button.

      • Izzie Nutz

        that already happened on Survivor a couple of years ago. It was replayed extensively on the internet, and the world didn’t end. Nobody’s in therapy.

    • kl

      and its not even real.

      • Stu Cozza

        Even the nippon is fake??? What is this world coming to?

      • AcaseofGeo

        This is RIDICULOUS. It was an accident. And even if it wasn’t….ITS A FREAKING NIPPLE. EVERYONE has a nipple! Little Lucy and JohnJohn are NOT gonna be damaged beyond repair by seeing a nipple. Its part of the anatomy. Even if it was a penile shaft exposure or a woman’s upper vagina, IT DOESNT MATTER. It was not sexually explicit. PLUS, Men walk around with NO SHIRT on all summer long, why can’t a woman??????

    • LOL

      Everyone knows that nipples are evil. Everyone.

    • richromancvb

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      • Quenten

        Sounds like you are shallow and nothing but a gold digger so good luck with finding true love cause all you will ever find is a sugar daddy.

      • Groov

        Quenten, you’re speaking to a spam message. That’s akin to walking past a brick wall and then giving it a talking to because it has graffiti on it.

        Probably shouldn’t throw stones is all.

      • LenLen

        You must not be too damn beautiful if you need to go on news boards and advertise your skank self.

      • Inscrutable

        I am Spam Bot. I waste your time. Only the stupid are unable to spot the useless static I shoot onto message boards. I have no real world talent, so I sit on my rear and try to scam people with imaginary products. I am really a criminal, but I think I’m entitled to do this.

    • Yeah what about it

      Yes yes by all means, let’s make fun of folks who understand that a “lil nip” is so innocent today, but tomorrow it’s the whole tit, then the next day its complete nudity and all of society yawns….

      Look, society has set standards whether you like it or not. Society for millenia has set aside female breasts as private and not to be exposed. Get over your “who cares about standards” attitude.

      It IS a big deal. It’s a slippery slope just like all other morals and those who said one slip will lead to another have been proven to be right. We ARE going to draw a line in the sand and dare you to overstep it. If you don’t like society’s moral standards then go live somewhere else! It is IMMORAL for women to expose themselves and yes, we ARE unapologetically offended! We will continue to complain to the FCC and others who are in a position to do something whether you like it not.

      • Bachstar

        It’s a slippery nip alright, that’s how it got out. The FCC like the EPA is a waste of taxpayer money, don’t get me started on the Department of Education.

      • Gigity

        And we’ll continue to mock provincial braindead morons like yourself.

      • FattyJ

        No, it isn’t a big deal. I’m sorry, but your opinion is simply incorrect and invalid. Slippery slope arguments have no intellectual merit, and are universally incorrect. Grow up and calm down, this isn’t that offensive. If you don’t like what you see on TV, change the channel. The beautiful thing about capitalism is that nobody is forcing you to watch TV. You chose to watch this thing which offended you, therefore you being offended is entirely your fault. And just to correct you, not all previous societies have been as offended by breasts as you are. I’m sorry, but pretty much every part of your comment is incorrect.

      • Jessica

        There are some societies today that don’t consider the breasts to be shameful. Ever seen National Geographic?

      • b

        FatJ you are a pompous idiot. It is not someone’s fault if they are offended by an image which they would never expect to be seen on a given program. Yes, the viewers chose to watch, but they had no idea they would see partial nudity. And by the way, I can tell you want to sound like a philosophy major, but your statement that slippery slope arguments are universally incorrect, etc. is what a real philosopher would call begging the question.

      • no

        Shut the hell up, you inbred twit.

      • levelheaded

        I get what you mean by moral standards. But the fact that it was an accident, not an ‘accident’ tells you something. She didn’t rip off her shirt and start pole dancing in front of the children.

        And it is also a slippery slope when it comes to making people ashamed of their bodies. It was a nipple and we all have them. It showed and then was immediately covered up. Why are such prudes?

      • pete

        down time in history the human body has been considered beautiful . check out historical art displays, the greeks, romans, and yes the artists in your own country, national art collections.

      • Tyrone

        “down time in history”…

        Do you actually talk like that in real life?

      • Fluidizer

        Exactly right. What body part is going to plop out next, and what kind of pervert would be titillated by it? The media thinks we are all a bunch of ignorant heathens, and that this kind of things turns us on. Reading the posts here, I guess I have to agree.

      • FDRjr

        No it is not a big deal. It is beautiful. Stop terrorizing the rest of the world with your sick point of view. Do what ever you want with your poor kids, but leave mine alone. Who told you that you could speak for majority that doesn’t agree with you. I am proud parent of two great kids that were allowed to watch anything they wanted and who were taught that human body is beautiful. Hypocrisy, violence, killing and terrorizing other people or nations is wrong and that is what I wanted my kids to know it is wrong. And that was my job to teach them, not anyone else’s. What is wrong with human body? On every beach in Europe women are topless everywhere and still they have much less of violent crimes or abuse than it is the case in US. What that tells you? Teach your kids to think with their own head, and to enjoy life. But if that happens they will discover that their Daddy is hypocrite.

      • amy

        how does a tiny part of a woman’s body exposed equate to “immorality”?? If you want to argue slippery slopes, then this certainly is it. Where does the line of acceptable exposure begin and end? Is an ankle acceptable? A leg? Or is it just the breasts, which clearly mark the boundary between the morally safe and the morally bankrupt? Then I pity all the mammogram techs in the world who are clearly bound for the hotter climates in the afterlife.

      • Bobby

        “Society for millenia has set aside female breasts as private and not to be exposed.”

        Wrong, just plain wrong. Civilizations in the past and many different cultures that exist now are much less concerned with tits than we are.

        Yes, a majority of “civilized cultures” in the world today typically want boobs kept hidden in public and it has often been this way through history for these groups. But, many countries today have a lot more nudity on TV than we do in the US. Not on shows for kids, not on TV when kids would likely be watching, and not on the major networks usually. But, they allow it in the evenings and it is not this disaster of morality when a tiny bit of a nipple is seen on TV for a brief period of time.

        The argument that common sense relaxations of your so called “standards” would lead to nudity on morning shows is an extremist view.

        People can be parents and explain that while most of the time people try to keep their nipples covered in public, that occasionally there are accidents.

      • Josh

        It’s time to grow up, America. They’re little nubs of slightly darker flesh and they look like suction cups. 99.999% of people have 2 of them. Animals have even more. Life is so short and we’re going to spend this time arguing over an incidental nipple slip?

        Also, can you explain why it’s okay to see a man’s nipples but not a woman’s? I can’t.

      • Mike Xenbaba

        What about Germany? They have full nudity on TV – even on commercials. No one makes a big deal of it. Same thing with much of Europe. It’s those darn Pilgrims that settled our country that brought all this prudishness with them and it’s stayed here ever since. We make a big deal out of “protecting” our children from sex, and yet we have one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the developed world. Something is wrong here.

      • C

        Where I live… Columbus, Ohio… it is perfectly legal for women to go topless…. a nip slip is no biggie here!

      • C

        In Columbus, Ohio it is perfectly legal to go topless :) You don’t even need to go oversees to find places where the human body is not feared.

      • Blonde South

        It’s not like she did it on purpose for one. And everyone has nipples sweetie, and nipples are everywhere. Just calm down. It was an accident. It’s not weird and sexual unless you make it weird and sexual.

      • Hi

        I agree w/ this comment. As a parent, I AM offended at this and who is anyone else to tell me I don’t have a right to be!! The Governer of Texas can’t have a prayer service w/o everyone yelling OFFENSIVE but a rapper on GMA can expose her breast and it’s “no big deal?” C’mon it’s time to RAISE THE STANDARD!!! I don’t live in Germany or Europe, I live in America and although there are very few and what few there are disappear more every day, but we still have SOME morals! I don’t want my kid seeing ANYONE’S boob!!

      • old guy

        DO NOT GO TO EUROPE! You will have to tape your eyes shut and your scarred children will have to be placed in a home when you get back. Oh wait, just tune into the fourth hour and have a cocktail with Kathy Lee to wash down that “mother’s little helper.” I know you live in America and we are perfect, right? Or are we just human? I just don’t get why this is a big deal … wait yes I do because we are afraid to talk to our children .. they lean at school and from their friends, the best and most accurate sources, right? If this accidental exposure offends you, tell the kids why and discuss it with them. Don’t wait for the government to raise your kids, active parenting is more than complaining.

      • wolly wong

        @ “Hi”

        Since when does being religious imply morals? Historically, its been a flare in teh sky for corruption. I do have a problem with political leaders pushing their personal beliefs on me due to this. It makes sense, though, that most politicians fancy themselves christian.

        So this “rapper” flashed some tittays you say? Guess who employs her? Guess who has the cash to buy her products? I guarantee its the demographic you represent. People who rely on reason call that hypocrisy.

    • WUZZ UP

      So are you advocating for hardcore porn on T.V.?
      Well I guess we can flush moral standards even more down the hole, and nobody should be exposed to that ugly creators body parts.

      • FattyJ

        Way to fall into the same slippery slope. Besides, its already on TV anyway, ever heard of PPV? That is how it should be. However, nipslips aren’t porn, that’s apples to ballgags, This isn’t porn on national TV, it is an accidental exposure of a body part some might find offensive, but it isn’t a big deal. It isn’t like she flashed the crowd, or showed off unashamedly. You people think that networks do this stuff on purpose, but could it be, GOD FORBID, an accident? Ever heard of people just being human?

      • LenLen

        Why doesnt the interviewer dress the same way? Think her carreer will skyrocket? NO!

      • Blonde South

        Her boob accidently slipped out of her shirt, it’s not like she had sex with someone on stage. This incident’s a long way from hardcore porn.

      • Shaking My Dong

        There is a DIFFERENCE between NUDITY and PORN – namely the SEX act. There is nothing “moral-less” about the human body. Grow a brain.

      • Inscrutable

        The entire “art” industry in inseparable from Pornography. Both operate in the same way and both do not possess human moral qualities because they are merely simulations. Why do you think horny teen boys who hate this stupid buy it anyway? They just want to whack off to it, JUST LIKE PORNOGRAPHY. Art without pornography is difficult to find and impossible to market because it has no use. This “art” only functions as a tool to separate the mind from reality and money from your wallet. JUST LIKE PORNOGRAPHY. Get it?

      • Josh

        Hardcore pornography is on tv and all over the Internet. I realize how frightening sex is to you, but it’s more than likely how we all got here (my apologies to lab babies).

      • God

        *facepalm*…. just watch the 700 club all day, and here about how gay people are ruining America..

    • tom


    • bill

      The rest of the world finds it funny how uptight Americans are regarding their bodies. Unreal, and sad actually.

    • James

      I feel the same way,. I mean, it’s just a nipple for crying out loud. We all have them. I’ve explained to my 3 year old already what they are and why we have them. Quit being uptight, PTC, and go after what’s really wrong…

    • Fluidizer

      ..And a grotesque one at that.
      By the way Marisa, do you have any kids? Bet not.

      • Josh

        Yeah Marissa! You don’t understand how hard it is for people with kids, like us, to hide their own nipples from them, much less the ones on national television. We have to body paint our children’s nipples every morning to blend in with the rest of their chest and Nicki Minaj just whips hers out? WHERE’S OUR MEDAL?!

    • abadstroller

      New things for NM to learn about: Double-sided tape and sports bra….

    • Allobidallo

      My son saw that nip slip on good morning America, then he went out and climbed up the watchtower and killed several people with a long range rifle! Thanks ABC!!!

      • LenLen

        Well, the Trans-crowd will want exposed trans breasts now on beaches. See, the country has gone to hell. ok? While trailer-trash see’s nothing wrong with it, and has hip hop dances in the Rose Garden etc., the dignified part of mankind wants this crap cleaned up, and our factories moved back to the U.S. FROM China, and lets get this country back to its grandure that it once celebrated.

      • Squishmar

        How far back LenLen? Slaves and all?

      • @Allobidallo


      • Monty

        I hear the Civil War was less about slavery and more about the fact that Mary Todd Lincoln accidently slipped a nip during Lincoln’s innaguration speech.

    • Bobby’s Hat

      I’m more offended by that butt ugly blonde poodle wig she’s sporting. My eyes, MY EYES.

    • InternJack

      Yes, but did she feel empowered?

      Because it’s my understanding that the Fall 2012 schedule is full up with “empowered” women characters on shows like Charlie’s Angels.

      (Confused? Please see Ken Tucker’s Aug 8th blog post about ABC and it’s editorial emphasis concerning women.)


      • Monty

        Fall 2012 schedule eh? I’d be surprised if the new Charlie’s Angels lasts that long…

  • KC

    Tit for tat.

    • LOL


      • NotLOL

        wasn’t that funny

      • Tyrone

        Her nips are the size of mutant pepperoni slices

    • Solange

      LOL :D

    • Gigity

      I got a pocket full of tat. Let’s trade.

  • Don

    Yawn! If this country can’t get used to a little nip slip once in awhile there is absolutely no hope for Democrats and Republicans ever gettin cozy.

    • Fluidizer

      Why would we ever want them to? The more they bloviate at one another, the less damage they can do to the country.
      After the last two years of nation wrecking, why would anyone, anywhere want Washington to anything at all.
      Make those clowns stay at home until 2012 when we can fire them all. If the Post Office stays alive until then, we can send them their paychecks by mail.

  • Lauren

    Eh, I mean probably not what most people wanted to see first thing in the morning but it’s not like it was intentional. She pulled her shirt right back up. Probably a good idea for ABC to apologize, but it would seem a little much for the FCC to get involved. It’s live TV, s**t happens.

    • Huck Pituey

      They had it on a *five second* (very long) delay. That gives them time to edit it out before it hits your TV. On the other hand, they would still have to *want to* edit it out for that to happen. If nobody is manning the switch, the delay doesn’t affect anything.

      • Jessica

        Or maybe the censors aren’t big ole pervs that feel the need to stare at her chest.

      • AcaseofGeo

        They bleeped out a couple words in “Super Bass” (I think it was that song), so the censors WERE paying attention. And you could argue that since she kept pulling up her top, they shoulda been even more vigilant. But at the end of the day, its just a nipple, its just an accident, its NO big deal, no matter how much prudists sound the alarm.

    • LenLen

      Government cuts need to cut the assistant to the assistant and gold leafed invitation cards to parties and the like. Dont cut stuff we friggin need.

  • srsly

    Truth. It is pretty sad how everyone flips out everytime this happens.

    • Agreed

      We should discuss instead why we need a black Lady Gaga.

      • ElvisP

        We’ve had a black lady gaga for a long time. Her name is Rupaul!

      • @ElvisP

        That would make the Gaga a white RuPaul…

      • Joon

        Except Rupaul, as fabulous as he is, can’t sing to save his life, doesn’t write his music, and hasn’t been relevant since the mid nineties. Plus, he was never Lady Gaga, he was a typical drag queen, selling traditional, femme fatale-ish, old-school Hollywood glamour. Gaga is anything but old school or traditional.

  • DS

    In our world, exposing a nipple for half a second is the least of our worries – at least it should be. Military personnel die every day in the line of duty and we never hear about it or read about it – but let one nipple fall out and it’s front p[age news. It makes you wonder.

    • Bachstar

      Is this why we were down graded to AA+ from AAA?

    • AtlasWept

      If this is the least of worries, then what specifically is the greatest? Starvation? Child pornography? Drug Abuse? Genocide? Nuclear proliferation? War? Debt? What is at the top?

      It seems reasonable that all these things germinate from the same seed. If we turn a blind eye to one, it is in fact a ‘slippery slope’, whereas immorality begins with a spark of indiscretion coupled with indifference. The spark in turn becomes a small flame and in turn a fire and in turn a malestrom that is incomprehensible. Perhaps it is better to address the spark then be faced with something that historically destroys societies. Indulgence, wantonness, indifference.

      Evil flourishes in the indulgences of societies understanding.

      • dHan

        Perhaps it would be a good idea to cover every woman in a piece of cloth. Let’s call it a ‘burka’. That’ll prevent widespread moral corruption, and there’ll be no more slippery slope.

      • NOT sarcasm

        You’re so right! One person’s nip slip is EXACTLY what will cause all wars, and give all the kids drugs, and starve everyone in the world forever. You know, all of this immorality stems from the counter-culture which is only alive to be an affront to the morality taught to society by the church. If the church hadn’t forced these individuals to fight the teachings none of this would ever happen, and there would be no slippery slope! Everyone, band together under the guidance of AtlasWept and stop immorality by getting rid of the church!

      • b3

        Just getting ypur Victprian groove on

      • Monty

        One may argue that if there were more nip slips world hunger would actually go down… :D

  • MikeyNYC

    I can’t believe that we are actually having to deal with such a ridiculous and moronic subject once again. There are real problems in the world – war, our economy, the unemployment rate, yet a singer’s nipple is what we should be concerned with? When any child with internet access can view pornography any time he or she wants in a matter of seconds, the very idea that an unintentional view of a boob is somehow going to erode the moral fiber of our nation is going WAY too far!

    • Matt W.

      If you are concerned with all of that, why are you on and not

      • Rod Anders

        Because CNN is a Communist News Network

      • Carly

        CNN is full of ____.

      • b3

        As Fix News is the fascist news organ

  • Strepsi

    The nipple was clearly misquoted and taken out of context.

    • Monty

      The nipple did not inhale…

  • CG

    Here is a thought: Wear.A.Bra. or a pasty or something. I understand the need to be…ahem…fashionable, but you can also be senisble.

    • milo

      Exactly. This isn’t the networks’ fault, they didn’t know this was going to happen. I hate how the networks get chased after by the FCC when the only person to blame and that should get fined is the performer themselves. In their urge to be edgy and dress scantily to attrack attention, they are basically walking around naked, so if they expose themselves–however accidental—they should be the ones to get fine, and you’ll see how quickly the start remembering to wear bras and panties again.

      • NoiNoi

        Trash does what trash is. Your kids are going to idolize this crap. Its been put out there to start sh*t, and its working. Meanwhile our tropps are getting their heads blown off overseas while their kids go parentless over here.

      • Hi

        The network should inforce stricter wordrobe requirements to ensure that this DOESN’T happen. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that in THAT top (or lack thereof) that’s it’s literally 1/100 of an inch from showing before she even got on stage. COVER THAT CRAP UP!!

  • Dexxxter

    that ain’t no little nip! Thats a yummy good sized dark sukable Nicki Minaj nip! I would attack my self to those tits like a catfish to the sea floor!!!

    • Kingfish

      WoW, looks like the hind teat on my camel, Clyde.

  • Dexxxter


    • JuliaB55

      Wow–a grammar-conscious “perv”–see, everyone, things aren’t as gutter as we think.

      • milo

        best comment ever! lmao

      • Josh

        Yes. People sexually attracted to breasts and willing to admit it are perverts! What next, EYES? Those are for seeing, not sexually idolizing! You can only look at my shoulders!

  • char

    big deal

  • asher

    Her singles from “Pink Friday” are mostly great. Also a few good album tracks, looking forward to seeing what lies in her future.

  • PN

    I think with all the dancing in that performance, maybe the outfit tore and she didn’t even know it. But Nicki Minaj had a good performance. Would have been different if it was taped rather than live and the tape rolling. They didn’t post it on the GMA website because they like to keep everything clean and presentable. Well, there’s always YouTube if you can find the performance.

  • hopelovehateinc

    Ugh…..that is one nasty beast…I could have gone a lifetime without seeing that on TV. Why couldn’t it have been one of the good looking ones?

    • Kingfish

      Enough ta gag a maggot.

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